Over the past few weeks, we are receiving tons of requests to pen down some of the best commuter motorcycles that are currently ruling the market.

We understand why so many people are into commuter motorcycles and the reason is simple- in terms of pure cost-effectiveness, a commuter bike is one of the best ways to reach the office and other daily places.

It is not only about motorcycles being much financially cheaper than cars but they also regularly stay ahead of even the most “eco-friendly” models for miles per gallon.

At times when everybody else is trapped in traffic, bike riders can steer off to the side and head quickly and easily towards their destination.

10 Best Commuter Motorcycles

  1. BMW F900XR
  2. Honda NC 750X DCT
  3. KTM 390 Adventure
  4. Honda CB 500
  5. Piaggio Medley 125
  6. Kawasaki Z400
  7. Zero SR/F
  8. Yamaha MT-07
  9. Honda CB300R
  10. Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

We have further elaborated on the features of the above-mentioned bikes in this article so that you can opt for the one that perfectly fits your needs.

1. BMW F900XR

best commuter bikes


The new BMW F900XR is considered to be one of the best motorcycles for commuting in the world. But due to its all-rounder features, it’s considered to be more than just a commuter.

It is sporty but also provides you comfort while riding and hence is also perfect for everyday rides on all sorts of roads. I have ridden the S1000XR for some days– it feels amazing, but when it comes to uneven or bumpy roads, it gets a bit rough.

When riding through the traffics of the city, you may face a bit of a heating issue. But the new F900XR manages it well- it is much more friendly, provides comfort, as well as a good punch to make you smile always– it is indeed one of the best commuter bikes with a fuel tank capacity of 15.5 liters.

2. Honda NC750X DCT

best commuter motorcycles


Honda NC750X is our long-time favourite bike. It may not be as cool, breathtaking, and gorgeous as the BMW F900XR, but hey! at least it does not hurt your pockets!

It is super affordable to buy and use – it consumes about 35% less fuel as compared to other commuter bikes. The NC750 also comes with a compartment for storage.

If buying one, try to opt for the DCT version – the standard one comes with short gearing, and honestly speaking, that is irritating.

Also, we are sure that shifting gears constantly when riding through the traffic of the city, is not something that you would like to put on your everyday hobby list.

3. KTM 390 Adventure

best commuter motorcycles

Adventure 390

KTM 390 Adventure is considered to be the best entry-level adventure bike in the market.

Though first of all, it is an awesome commuter bike. It is very affordable to buy and run (3.6 – 4.0 liters/100 km fuel consumption), also it does not require very frequent servicing.

Considering the class, this bike is quite impressive. The KTM 390 Adventure comes with abs and traction control at a lean-angle, variable suspension, a TFT dash that allows smartphones to connect to it, as well as a quick-shifter that could be adjoined like a power part but that is optional.

The engine does not vibrate at all. It feels thrilling to commute on this bike.

4. Honda CB500 Range

best commuter motorcycles

CB500 Range

Speaking from a long time of experience in riding, Honda does know how to make good commuter bikes. It has got the capability of keeping a balance between gorgeous looks, price, and practicality which makes its mid-segment motorcycles a perfect choice for a day-to-day commute.

The CB500 range became a huge success. The Rebel 500 and CB500X are the two best models from this series, and these are our personal favourites as well.

The CB500X is more of an adventurous bike and comes with a front that measures around 19 inches. It also provides weather protection.

The Honda Rebel 500, on the other hand, comes with bobber lines and offers a much lower seat height for short riders, however, the same engine is used in both of these models.

Recently in the year 2020, the Rebel 500 got an update. The bike’s suspension has been modified a little. The headlight now has a LED on it.

5. Piaggio Medley 125

best commuter bikes

125 Medley

It may not seem, feel, or sound fun. But it is not even made for that because here we are focusing on the best commuter bikes. If you want an efficient bike then the Piaggio Medley 125 is made for you.

It has big wheels, comes at an affordable price, and has a huge storage segment under the seat. It has a great fuel economy, that ranges around 2.3 liters/100 km of fuel.

It gives you an option to add up a leg-cover and big windscreen to stay warm during winters, you can use them for the entire year as well. The Piaggio Medley 125 has been upgraded recently, it got a new dash and certain technical upgrades.

6. Kawasaki Z400

best commuter motorcycles

Z-400 Series

Kawasaki carries a long story of success for a long time now with its Ninja and Z lines of motorcycles, and the Z400 runs on that same road of success.

Even though the Z650 which is considered to be its bigger brother is a great naked bike in true terms, when it comes to the best commuter bikes the Z400 is the king.

It comes with a heart-throbbing 399 cc parallel twin that produces 49 HP. It comes with a low seating height, and a lot of its weight dips to the lower side and is near the center of gravity.

The wheelbase of this bike is around 54 inches. The tank size of this commuter bike is quite decent and is capable of holding up to 3.6 gallons. The bike is super affordable as well and its starting price is $5,000 only.

7. Zero SR/F

best commuter bikes

Zero SR/F

The Zero SR/F  is an electric motorcycle that comes with numerous modes of riding. It covers various biking aspects. Out of all, the sports mode is the most thrilling one.

For me, I generally prefer to ride in street mode. This bike needs to be charged from time to time. A standard model may take around 8 hours to get fully charged from a basic outlet of 120 V.

The Zero SR/F has its premium version that can make use of supercharger stations. They come with inverters that have fast charging technology, and that can help the bikes to get fully charged within 4 hours only.

When it comes to price, we would honestly say that this bike is more on the expensive side. The bare-bones, long model, and the standard, without even any taxes, admin fees, registration, PDI, or delivery expenses, start from $19,500, The starting price of the premium is $22,000 too for just a few extra features.

8. Yamaha MT-07

best commuter motorcycles


Yamaha gets to make it in this list of the best commuter motorcycles because of one main reason and that is utility. MT-07 is kind of a hybrid one that takes a large part of the suspension and bits of the engine from a super sportbike, the YZF-R1.

Initially, it may seem a bit extra when it comes to a parallel twin of 689 cc’s creating 75 HP. But it was a deliberate decision of Yamaha to make the throttle and the takeup of the clutch, less sensitive as compared to the Yamaha R6.

Due to this, the riders get an extremely low-end delivery from the torque. If you compare the Yamaha MT-07 with all the other bikes in this list of best commuter bikes, it will prove to be the largest one.

Despite its size and due to its very limited profile as well as the no-nonsense carrying grunt, it is suitable for commuting purposes.

Its tank capacity is 3.7 gallons. The bike also has a heart throbbing efficiency of 65 + MPG and hence it will perform in an unbelievably awesome way.

9. Honda CB300R

best commuter bikes


This list of best commuting bikes shall remain incomplete without mentioning the Honda CB300R. Even though it is a small hunched-up naked bike you will feel like it is one of the best models in town.

It is a 286 cc bike. And it weighs 320 lbs which makes it quite lightweight. But what does it means to us, the commuters?

It’s exceptionally fast, agile to the point of demeaning Supersports, and comes with some super comfortable riding positions. I don’t understand what unicorn feathers they put in the paddings of the seat, but in one word, the cushion is magical.

The capacity of the bike’s fuel tank is relatively quite small, that is 2.6 gallons. But it comes with incredible efficiency, which strikes around 80 MPG. Due to this, you can have an unforgettable ride every time you sit on this bike.

With a full tank, it can let you cover a distance of around 186-200 miles. It is a basic commuter for the weekdays and is a ride of fun for the weekends.

10. Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

best commuter bikes

Ducati Sixty2

We know you did not believe it at first glance, but seriously we have brought to you a Ducati in this list of best motorcycles for commuting!

While being best known for fire heart-throbbing Supersports and rough-and-tumble naked bikes, the main matter of fact is that the road traffic conditions in several cities and towns could be quite frantic.

Keeping that in mind, Ducati has developed the Scrambler series to handle the restlessness in the cities. This bike has been recently introduced and is perfect for everyday commuting purposes.

It is not very heavy and also quite narrow, hence, wonderful maneuverability. However, it is also broad enough to provide stability and reassurance while riding through the Italian streets, most of which are made from real cobblestones dating back to Roman times.

This bike is not a perfect fit for the race track, rather it is crafted for commuting and surviving traffic. Because of the badge that is on the tank of the bike.

Anyways you have to pay a premium. The starting price of the Scrambler Sixty2 is $8000. But owing to its Pedigree one may feel like it’s worth it.

How Do I Choose A Commuter Motorcycle?

Because of a vast range of options, it usually becomes tough for a first-time buyer to decide. To make it easy for them, we have penned down certain points that you must keep in mind before you choose a commuter motorcycle.

  • Fuel Saving Modes- Some bikes come with throttle-activated indicators or certain modes to give you an indication when you step out of the economic zone, and that helps you extract the most out of every last fuel drop. Go for these models if you desire to consciously increase the efficiency of fuel in your motorcycle.
  • Multi-rated Springs, Convertible absorbers at the rear shock- Similar to almost everything in this world, one size for all is a myth in the case of suspensions as well.
  • The shock absorption and comfort provided by your bike depend on various kinds of factors such as the condition of the road, your style of riding, your body weight, etc. Hence it is preferable if your motorcycle offers a suspension that can be altered to fit your needs.
  • Modern Styling- Every bike deserves to look good, even if it’s a basic motorcycle, you should never compromise with the looks. Every motorcycle, including the ones of the entry-level, is crafted in such a way that it looks stylish and meaty.
  • Proportioned panels, one big headlamp, mountain decals, extremely good paint quality, and attention to the smallest details can help any motorcycle look way better than any other bike that is not properly styled. Perfectly styled exhaust, tail lamp, grab rails, and alloys can also help to modify the look of a motorcycle in a great way. Make sure that you choose a commuter bike that is well-styled– citing price for a lack of aesthetic value is nothing but just an excuse.
  • Higher Efficiency With Higher Power- As these days the engine technology has become advanced, we can now construct or craft engines that can offer much more torque and power as well as be highly fuel-efficient. It is very obvious for anyone to get surprised once they see the huge difference between efficiency figures, torque, and power of bikes that come with similar cubic capacity as well as similar prices. Also, it is now known to everyone that, low efficiency and power figures refer to the usage of outdated technology by the makers. Always make sure that you compare the right specs before you choose a commuter motorcycle.


I hope with all the information that we have given in this article, you will now be able to choose the best commuter motorcycle for yourself without having any doubts in your mind.

While many bikers ride motorcycles for fun sake, take it as a sport, or even consider riding as their hobby, many of us instead see and use them as a means of daily urban transport method.

For those who don’t care much about long drives on the mountain slopes or any such things, and all they care about is a simple point A to point B commute, or a visit to the grocery store, for them commuter bikes are the best thing that has ever been created.

Though there are countless options out there for motorcycles in general, not each of them was crafted with keeping the urban traffic in mind. Hence, commuter motorcycles are sort of a lifeline for daily urban commuters.

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