Accidents happen when you least expect them especially to motorcyclists who are more exposed as compared to someone in a car. A motorcycle dash camera can be a savior in case of an accident to prove yourself in a court or to identify a vehicle in a hit and run case.

Motorcycle dash cams are similar to the ones used in cars except they are used outside which means they are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Motorcycle DashCam
Innovv K2
Thinkware Sports M1
Blueskysea DV688
Vsysto Fish Eye
HaloCam F1
Blueskysea XB701
Vsysto No Screen Dash
MotoWolf M6

5 Features to Know about Motorcycle Dash Cams

Power Connection: Unlike motorcycle action cameras, dash cams are intended to be hard-wired directly to the motorcycle’s battery, or ignition switch. Dash cams do have a small powered battery which is used to save the last recorded file when the ignition is turned off.

Auto On-Off: Since the dash cam on motorcycles is wired to the ignition you don’t have to worry about switching the camera on or off. The dash cam turns on when the ignition is started and will turn off when the ignition is killed.

Auto-Loop Recording: Motorcycle dash cams are designed to take footage in 1, 3, or 5-minute loops. When the SD card is full it overrides the older recordings and replaces them.

Gravity Sensor: G Sensors are capable of detecting crashes or collisions and help to permanently save the footage disallowing the auto-loop function to override them.

Smart Parking: Few dash cams have this feature to monitor your bike when you’re away. Smart Parking automatically starts recording if it detects any sudden movement or pressure on the motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Dash Cam in 2021

1. Innovv K2

Innovv k2 dash cam for motorcycle

Innovv K2 Motorcycle Dash Cam

Maintaining the environment of motorcycling the K2 is a dual-channel camera system that is made from CNC aluminum. The camera has a G6 lens with a 120 angle degree view of the front and back to keep you safe from both ends.

Innovv K2 system is designed to be hard-wired and lets you free from worrying about switching the device or checking the battery status. It also has its proprietary app for both iOS and Android which lets you watch live recordings and share your shots with friends and family on social media.

The camera lenses are IP68 water and dust resistant while the main controller (DVR) is IP65 water and dust resistant. Once you set up the device you can forget it as the system is guarded with water, dirt, sand, or foam.

The K2 features a Sony Exmor R-CMOS sensor which lets the front and rear camera capture footage in full HD 1080 at 30 fps. Also, the maximum supported memory capacity is 256 GB.

What makes the K2 special is the device automatically detects parking mode and starts monitoring your motorcycle for any movements when you’re away. Also, the GPS comes as standard which helps you track and share your data via mobile app. The speed and location are logged in each of your recordings.

2. Thinkware Sports M1

Thinkware Sports M1 motorcycle dash camera

ThinkWare Sports M1

The Sports M1 by Thinkware follows a start-and-go setup that operates with the ignition. Once the device is connected with the motorcycle’s battery you can forget it all. The M1 will automatically start recording when the ignition is turned on and stops when the ignition is killed.

The two-channel camera system shoots full HD 1080P for both the front and back of your bike with its wide viewing angle and wide dynamic range (WDR) for the right contrast and exposure under any environment.

The dashcam features a Sony STARVIS sensor that helps to capture cinematic full HD 1080 videos of both front and rear view with Super Night Vision 2.0 technology that reduces noise and enhances the image quality in low light conditions.

Equipped with the advanced electronic image stabilization (EIS) feature the camera reduces motion blur and vibrations to ensure smooth video recordings. A built-in GPS helps you to track your speed which is logged into each video file.

The motorcycle dash cam has its proprietary mobile APP that helps to review recorded videos and configure the dashcam settings. The M1 is IP66 rated for water resistance and integrated with thermal capacitors to handle extreme temperatures.

3. Blueskysea DV688

Blueskysea DV688 motorcycle dash cam

Blueskysea DV688

The DV688 is a two-channel camera system with front and rear lenses with a 130-degree wide-angle view. The device equips Sony 323+6 light sensors on both front and rear cameras to shoot high-definition 1080P videos.

Both the cameras as well as the DVR is IPX-6 rated which means you don’t have to worry about rainy days since the system is waterproof and can handle heavy rains. The device supports a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB.

DV688 has a loop recording feature that automatically overrides the older files once the SD card is full. Also, the loop recording time can be set accordingly as 1-2-5 or 10 minutes. The GPS features come as optional in the device while it has a built-in microphone that can be controlled remotely.

The blueskysea has a small 2.35” LCD screen on the DVR which is comparatively bright at night. It also features a G sensor lock which automatically locks the video footage in case of an event and saves them permanently.

4. Vsysto Fish Eye Cam

Vsysto Fish Eye dash cam for motorcycles

Vsysto Fish Eye

The Vsysto dash cam has excellent image quality with its 6 Glass Camera lenses on both front and rear camera. The 150-degree wide-angle fish eye view captures multiple lanes.

The camera features a Sony IMX323 sensor that shoots videos at 1080P resolution with a super night vision feature to capture crisp video at low light conditions. The dash cam is IP67 rated which is resistant to water whereas the DVR has a 3” LCD screen to watch the live footage when needed.

The device is designed to be hard-wired with the motorcycle battery or can be also connected via a USB port on the motorcycle. With built-in wifi and a proprietary mobile APP, the videos can be shared and transferred easily.

The Vsysto also features an auto-looping system to save memory storage and reuse them, and a G sensor to automatically detect any motion changes to save the captured video permanently.

5. HaloCam F1

Halocam f1 best motorcycle dash cam

HaloCam F1 Dash Cam

The best motorcycle dash cam should be able to provide ultimate riding safety and pleasure. And that is what the Halocam F1 promises it to be with its dual 1080P full HD resolution cameras. Fused with the Sony IMX323 CMOS sensor to enhance imaging performance in a dark light environment.

With the F1.8 large aperture, the cameras can capture 30% more light to serve super night vision. The dash cam is designed to capture more scenery with its 155-degree wide-angle for a large view.

With its mobile APP and built-in Wifi, the device is easy to connect and share. Users can watch real-time videos, download, edit videos – add music to them, and share directly from their phone.

The device comes with a GPS antenna that tracks your riding route which lets you know where you’ve been. There’s also a snapshot button that lets you take pictures along with a 15-second video at a single click.

The device can be connected to the motorcycle’s ignition switch, or to a USB port giving you peace of mind to forget it. Apart from the main unit (DVR) both the front and back cameras are IP67 waterproof and dustproof.

The maximum storage capacity of the unit is 256 GB and has a loop recording with a lock protection feature meaning it does not overwrite the video which is locked.

6. Blueskysea XB701

Blueskysea XB701 motorcycle dashcam

Blueskysea XB701 DashCam

With the XB701 Blueskysea is one of the best motorcycle dash cam manufacturers in the industry. The dual camera features a 1080P Sony IMX307 CMOS sensor high resolution 6G all-glass camera with AR optical coating. United with an F1.8 lens to capture more light to provide superior night vision.

The main unit has a 3” monitor with a dual interface system; a video display interface and a data table interface that displays altitude, maximum speed as well as real-time speed, compass, and air pressure. The entire dash cam system is IP67 fully waterproof along with the monitor screen.

The XB701 is built with G sensor technology that automatically saves and locks footage during collision; there’s also a manual remote control button to lock important footage. Not to forget the device has a maximum storage capacity of 256 GB with a loop recording feature and a parking monitor which secures the bike when you’re away.

Blueskysea has a built-in Wifi to connect with its mobile APP which makes it easy to control the device and share videos directly from your smartphone. The GPS tracking feature displays speed along with latitude & longitude on your monitor.

For a better video experience, electronic image stabilization is added to stabilize the footage and make it smooth in case you decide to go off-roading.

7. Vsysto No Screen Dash Cam

Vsysto motorcycle Dashcam

Vsysto DashCam

As the name suggests this motorcycle dash cam from Vsysto does not have a monitor screen which I guess is not much of a deal-breaker. The dual 1080P high definition camera with a Sony IMX323 sensor and 6 layer glass lens shoots an excellent image quality even at low light conditions with a 140-degree wide-angle view.

What makes the Vsysto BL6 unique is the IP67 waterproof metal shell of the unit which makes up for better heat dissipation as compared to plastic. With inbuilt Wifi, the user can watch real-time videos, download and edit them, and share them from their smartphone APP.

The dash cam also features G sensor technology that is instantly activated in case of a collision. There’s also a manual wire-controlled remote to take pictures and videos. The maximum storage capacity is 128GB along with an auto loop recording feature that can be set to record video at a frequency of 1-3 or 5 minutes.

8. MotoWolf M6

motowolf m6 dashcam for motorcycles

Motowolf M6 Dashcam

Rounding off with the last best motorcycle dash cam is the MotoWolf M6 which shoots 1080P full HD videos and images with both its front and rear cameras. A Sony IMX323 CMOS sensor is used with a 155-degree view angle to cover multiple lanes. Also, the F1.8 large aperture captures 30% more light for excellent night vision capabilities.

The DVR unit has a 2.7” LCD monitor which can be used to display real-time front and rear footage. With a built-in G sensor, the device can automatically lock the footage in case of an impact. The GPS antenna can record your riding routes and display them in the video footage.

With a dedicated mobile APP and inbuilt Wifi, you can transmit videos and images to share them on your favorite social media platforms. There’s also a wired remote controller to lock 15 seconds video and 2 photos so you never miss exciting moments on the streets. Except for the DVR unit the cameras are IP68 waterproof with excellent anti-fog performance.

What to consider when buying a Motorcycle Dash Cam?

  • Build Quality

Dash cams for motorcycles are completely exposed to an open environment at all times and should be ready to face extreme temperatures and vibrations in the outside world. The device should be able to dissipate heat since they have to remain functioning while facing harsh weather conditions.

  • Video Quality

The whole reason to get a dash cam is to get great footage. Or what’s the use if you are not able to identify the vehicle’s license plate or any major detail that can be used in court. Make sure that the dash cam has a good lens to shoot in High Definition.

Also, make sure that the cameras come with great night vision capability and can capture crisp videos/images in detail.

  • WaterProof

This particular aspect remains mandatory as dash cams for motorcycles are not like the ones in cars as they are always inside and protected from weather conditions. Motorcycle dash cameras demand to be waterproof since they have to sit right outside. Note that the DVR unit of most motorcycle dash cam are not waterproof but they can be kept under the seat or toolbox to protect them.

  • Size

The size of the cameras plays a very significant role since they are exposed on the motorcycle attracting the eyes of thieves. You don’t want to get a big camera that can be easily identified instead it should be small as possible that is easy to hide.

  • Easy to Operate

Almost all the motorcycle dash cams come with their proprietary mobile APP that can be used to configure and make changes to the settings along with watching real-time footage, downloading, and sharing videos/pictures on social media platforms.

To make it simple and convenient most of them also have a remote controller to permanently save videos and take pictures while controlling other functions as well.

  • Additional Features

Few dash cams have additional features provided which is a major plus point such as EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) which is quite helpful to stabilize the footage and make it smooth.

Another cool feature is the Smart Parking Mode, this technology monitors your ride when you’re away. The device detects if there is a sudden movement or pressure and starts taking footage with its inbuilt battery.


Which is the Best Motorcycle Dash Cam?

Innovv K2 is the best dashcam for motorcycles with great build quality, smart parking mode, is water and dust resistant, and shoots crisp day and night HD footage. However, for the best value for money, the Blueskysea DV688 also features all the specs suitable for a motorcycle dash cam.

How to test and install a Motorcycle Dash Cam?

Before you start installing a dash cam on your motorcycle make sure to test the device with a USB cable. Also do not insert any SD card before you check the device whether it is powering and functioning well.

That way you won’t drain the motorcycle battery testing and figuring out the cam.