The Best Motorcycle Jacks for all types of Motorcycles

The Best Motorcycle Jacks for all types of Motorcycles

The Best Motorcycle Jack is a tool that lifts a motorcycle from its resting position to a raised position; these tools use compressed air, a hydraulic system or perhaps a combination of both.

There are various types of jacks and lifts that are designed for specific weight ranges. Some are easily movable with attached wheels and others are fixed.

Motorcycle Jack usually consist of a base with wheels, a flat platform that moves up and down, and a hydraulic system that is normally operated with a hand bar.

Why Use A Lift Or A Motorcycle Jack?

The elevators/plugs repair, service and all types of motorcycles repair. When you raise the height of a motorcycle, it is much easier to work.

In wheeled lifts, you can easily lift a bike and move it around the garage for easy storage.

Why should you have your own Motorcycle Jack? The answer is simple. Whether you start riding or an experienced veteran, you can save a lot of money on your own work.

Best Motorcycle Jack

When using a motorcycle lift, adequate safety must be ensured. When we say important, we are referring to life. There is a serious risk of injury if you don’t pay attention to the details. Always use common sense as well as make sure:

  • You should know how much your bike weighs and select a motorcycle lift that is suitable for the load.
  • Never overload the motorcycle jack.
  • Raise a motorcycle and employ the appropriate lifting points.
  • You want to keep your feet and hands away from nips.
  • Use security locks (if available).
  • You want to know your surroundings.
  • Make sure your bike is stable when sitting down on the motorcycle jack before work.

Once you find out what kind of capacity you need, you can start shopping for your motorcycle lift! To help you get started, here are our reviews of the three best motorcycle lifts on the market:

#1. Extreme Max Jack

best-motorcycle-jack-1 (2)

This Extreme Max motorcycle Jack is a scissors connector designed for simplicity and affordability.

In fact, this low-cost motorbike lift is also very easy to use and durable, and its frame is made of steel, which guarantees it’s a durable fit for motorcycles.

The best thing is that the seat is provided with rubber stuffing so as never to dent your bike all through the lifting procedure. Lifting your bike lift itself is indeed easy by turning to the right of the handle.

When not in use, the Extreme Max becomes an unobtrusive motorcycle connector that can easily be stowed away.

And best of all, even the design is quite simple, it has an excellent carrying capacity of about 1100 pounds, so you can lift almost all motorcycles

Lifting range: 3,625 to 14 inches
Material: Steel


  • Affordable value for money.
  • The flat inlet for motorcycles can be easily stored when not in use.
  • The platform of the seat is covered with a rubber material so as not to damage your motorcycle.
  • Durable as well as strong with a steel frame.


  • Components such as screws could have been of better quality.


#2. Black widow Motorcycle Jack

best-motorcycle-jack-1 (2)

As the name implies, the Black Widow motorcycle jack is a black steel motorcycle lift. In fact, this is a very durable and strong motorcycle jack with a decent weight capacity of 1100 pounds.

With this carrying capacity, this bike jack can lift almost all types of motorcycles with exceptional ease. It uses a scissor design, which makes this model quite cheap and easy to use.

In addition, the base is quite large and is also secured with two protruding brackets that make them even safer and more stable.

And again, this model uses a double saddle system with a rubber lining that would protect your motorcycle during jacking.

Best of all, this very black widow motorcycle jack boasts a great bendy as well as flexible reef range from 3.80 inches to 16.25 inches. That allows you to actually work with your very own motorcycle at different heights for different types of repairs.

Also, the Black Widow Motorcycle lift has a one-year warranty that gives you peace of mind. This is a purchase you will not regret!

Lifting range: 3.75 to 16.25 inches.
Load capacity: 1100 lbs.
Material: steel.


  • Steel structure for Durability and stronghold.
  • Double saddle system for a secure hold of your motorcycle.


  • The price could have been a bit more competitive.


#3. PowerZone 380047 Jack

best-motorcycle-jack-1 (2)

This very product can easily lift all kinds of motorcycles as well because the jack is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, you can lift this motorcycle lift easily and quickly.

This model is equipped with a pedal that couples the hydraulics system. Therefore, you can operate this hydraulic jack without hands.

The best part is that the frame is gummed so your motorcycle will not be damaged. The use of this motorcycle jack is quite simple. All you have to do is pump the handle up and down to activate the hydraulic system and lift the motorcycle out there.

In addition, this model is equipped with 2 front wheels and rear wheels, so you can move it comfortably in the garage or workshop.

A lot of people love this very motorbike jack for its style, convenient and easy to use when compared to the rest out there.

Lifting range: 4.5 to 14.5 inches.
Carrying capacity: 1700 lbs.
Material: Steel.


  • A fast and efficient hydraulic system.
  • Equipped with 2 front wheels and 2 rear wheels so you can move it easily.
  • Not necessary to use your hands to activate the hydraulic system.


  • The price is slightly higher than other models.



Another note is that motorcycle lifts are not brand specific for certain motorcycles, nor are they style specific.

Therefore, you can usually use the same jack for different motorcycle brands and types. A good motorbike jack works for Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley, Honda and BMW without having to look for another motorbike jack!

You can also use the same jack for your normal and sports bike without worrying about it.

The Best 4 Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

The Best 4 Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

Sometimes we know that super Bikes are not available to all of us, those with limited budgets and so on. Just because you cannot get the new 20k+ motorcycle does not mean you have no options. Here You can find the best motorcycle helmet under 200 USD as per our expert research and feedback from our community riders.

The same applies to motorcycle helmets and equipment. We all love light, expensive helmets with many features, but sometimes these technologies and materials bring the price of a helmet through the roof.

Cheap helmets are typically made from great materials, don’t have that many features, but still meet the same standards required for legal US sales.

The most expensive helmet is not the safest helmet for every situation, whereas the best motorcycle helmet under 200 would be the best choice under your budget.

List of Top 4 best motorcycle helmets under 200 USD

#1. Modular Helmet HJC CL-Max 2 – under $ 200

best motorcycle helmet under 200

The HJC CL-Max 2 for $190 is very good. What I love about CL-Max 2 is that it cuts the right corners.

Without an extendable umbrella, this saves weight and means that the liner and the EPS housing need not leave room for the extra lens!

We also have very little ventilation: small active ventilation grilles on the chin bar and forehead, with a small passive exhaust vent in the back. This, in turn, helps the sheath to stay soft and flat.

The result is that this extra large reaches 1.700 Kg, which is very lightweight for a modular polycarbonate. I also suspect that the CL-Max 2 is safest thanks to the unitary design of the case.

I noticed some highlights that I did not expect a budget option. For one thing, there’s a screwdriver in the box. We also have a chin bar that works with a glove and this quick release shield.

The CL-Max 2 has this Bluetooth connection for a Chatterbox XBi2-H intercom system, but to be honest, I think Chatterbox is a horrible communication system. I would prefer to forget this connection and just place a SENA.

As I said, at the beginning I would not buy a cheap module. But if I had to, Cl-Max 2 is the best option for me. It’s a great round helmet, by the way, but my noggin fits well

#2. The GMax GM11D helmet under $200

best motorcycle helmet under 200 $

Next: an adventure helmet. This is the GM11 GMax and it really is a four-station multi-purpose lid.

For a summer adventure trip and snowmobiling in the winter, I was skeptical at first, because it’s a $ 150 item on the work of two helmets. But as far as I can tell, GMax has done it.

In that case, it will take a while for the credits to be awarded.

Detachable sunscreen, removable face shield, anti-fog dual lens, speaker pockets, removable and washable lining, chin curtain, respirator, 6 chin bar openings, 2 chimneys, 2 frontal openings, and 6 vents escape.

One thing you will not find in the statistics: This face shield opens very wide, so I can use almost any pair of glasses here, whether I remove the face shield or not.

The weight is also impressive: 1.83 kg for this size, which is light enough for a plastic case with full sight and extended chin bar.

Of course, I have some complaints. I wish GMax would give us screws instead of Philips heads as the sun tip is not very aerodynamic and I’ll probably remove them often.

In addition, the helmet has only the DOT rating, and I personally have more peace in an ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) or perhaps Snell cover.

But hey, it’s a 50-50 functional adventure helmet that also works on a snowmobile. It’s a medium head shape that can be adapted to many people, including me.

And it only costs $ 150. My only objection to them is to provide a few screws and a safety sticker, else I should not complain at all.

#3. The bell Custom 500 under $200

best motorcycle helmet under 200

Well, my first choice for a helmet is easy. The Bell Custom 500 is my favorite open face on the market and fortunately, it’s under one of the best motorcycle helmet below 200 USD.

Bell loves this helmet especially. Probably because the 500 was the first one, which was formed by the company founder Roy Richter.

As in 1954, this is a simple cube made of fiberglass. No ventilation, no removable lining, nothing.

The Custom 500 is the minimum, and minimalism is what it does best. This size is a featherweight of 1.1 kg and is incredibly thin.

Bell offers five different case and EPS sizes throughout the range to ensure my head has the lowest profile of the helmet. By the way, it fits better with the shape of the intermediate head.

What else do I have to know? It is approved by DOT and ECE, so my really covered head is pretty safe. The Custom 500 is available in a million colors and this label will even decrease if I want to work with a blank canvas.

These are compatible with a large number of shields and visors from Biltwell or, of course, Bell. And finally, the interior is upholstered.

#4. Bell Pit Boss Helmet – under $200

best motorcycle helmet under 200

When it comes to the very top helmets, the king of the hills also registers a price below $ 200. Of course, I mean the Bell Pit Boss. Everything you need to know about this helmet can be counted on your fingers.

Easy Select System- It is stolen directly from the world of the bike: just turn this wheel and the inside of the helmet will be adjusted to create an individual fit with the noggin.

That’s why the Bell Pit Boss is usually the helmet I recommend to people with round and oval heads and is just $130.


Some helmets can cost as much as the bike you wear them with, but it does not have to be that way. You can find safe helmets at reasonable prices. That’s why we’re releasing this post so you can find a great helmet within your budget.

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Helmet Speakers?

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Helmet Speakers?

Are you looking for buying the Bluetooth helmet speakers but confused about how to buy the best one for you? Are you looking for a list of best features that a Bluetooth helmet speaker must have?

You are just in the right place because this article is going to help you in this aspect.

You will learn about how to choose the best Bluetooth helmet speaker for you in this article. Along with it, this article will also tell you about the best and Top-selling Bluetooth helmet speakers.

Let’s go through the following details in order to have a clear idea about it.

Things to consider for buying the best Bluetooth helmet speakers

Before you go to buy the Bluetooth helmet speakers for you, make sure you look for the following things in your helmet.


  • Specify your budget


It is important to specify your budget before you go to buy any Bluetooth helmet speakers. There are available in the market in a wide range of prices. There are a number of helmet brands that are offering different Bluetooth helmet speakers at different prices.

Whenever you are going to make a purchase, keep in mind that it must be within your specified budget. Although most of the Bluetooth helmet speakers are not much costly, still it is important to set a maximum limit under which you would buy one for you.


  • Multi-device supporting capability


It is very important that a Bluetooth helmet speaker must support the multiple devices. It must be capable of supporting different models of mobile phones and allow you to easily switch between them.

The Bluetooth helmet speakers that allow switching between multi-devices are the more demanding and top selling.


  • Durability


It is also important that the Bluetooth helmet speakers must be highly durable. Being durable means that they can easily bear or withstand with hard-wearing, pressure or any damage.

Almost all the good brands and high-end companies are manufacturing the Bluetooth helmet speakers with more durability feature. In this way, the demand as well as worth of their Bluetooth helmet speakers greatly increases.


  • Ergonomics


It is recommended to buy the Bluetooth helmet speakers from a company that focuses on its ergonomics and layout design.

There are a number of such speakers available in the market, but when it comes to ergonomics, almost half of them fail to meet this criterion. Therefore, it is recommended to pay special attention to it to make the best purchase.


  • Aesthetics and style


Not only on the above-discussed features but also focus on their aesthetics and style. Along with their functional capabilities, your Bluetooth helmet speakers must also look adorable and classy.

Buy those that you like the most and those which are beautifully designed.


  • Battery Life


Considering the battery life of Bluetooth helmet speakers is the thing that most of the people ignore and then regret. Although there are a great variety of these speakers, when it comes to their battery life, most of them fail to meet this feature.

The battery time for the Bluetooth helmet speakers must be longer than usual. This is because you may have to use them during riding for hours. Even if you have little stays during riding your motorcycle, you may not always find the time to recharge them.

In such cases, you must have those Bluetooth helmet speakers that have extended battery timings. In this way, you would be able to use them for hours without worrying about recharging them.


  • Volume controls


Another most important feature of the Bluetooth helmet speakers is that they must have volume controls. This is very important because they may be so much road noise that you fail to clearly hear the voice from speakers.

In such cases, you must have the option to turn up the volume high in order to listen to the voice. Almost every Bluetooth helmet speaker offers this feature but most of them only allow limited volume controls.

Prefer to buy those Bluetooth helmet speakers that have more-louder volume options along with an embedded buffer system.

By paying special attention towards all these features, you would be able to choose the best Bluetooth helmet speakers for you. Make sure to analyze various models of these speakers and compare them against these above-discussed features.

Then, buy one that would meet your desired criteria and the one that would meet with almost all of the above requirements. In this way, you wouldn’t end up wasting your money, but you would be happier to make the right purchase.

Top selling Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

Now that you are aware of how to choose the best Bluetooth helmet speakers for you. Make sure you also know about the top-selling Bluetooth helmet speakers. Some of them are as follows as:

  • Sena 20S-01
best bluetooth helmet speakers

Sena Helmet Speakers

They are among the best and top-selling Bluetooth helmet speakers which allow Bluetooth communication with as more as 8 people at a time. They can easily be paired with more than one mobile phone at the same time.

For example, you can pair up two mobile phones at the same time and enjoy listening up to the music or calls etc. their audio range is about 2 kilometers. Another best thing about these speakers is that they effectively block out the noise of the ambiance.


  • Cardo PackTalk Duo
best bluetooth helmet speakers

Cardo Duo Bluetooth Speakers

They are also top selling and offer amazing features to its users. For example, by using this type of Bluetooth helmet speakers, you can easily connect to almost 15 people at a time.

They also offer parallel audio streaming and supports the communication range up to a distance of 8 kilometers. They also offer you the choice for self-adjusting radio feature and handles voice commands and voice recognition features.


  • UCLEAR Digital HBC200
best bluetooth helmet speakers

Uclear Digital HBC 200

They are also most selling Bluetooth helmet speakers in which allows an unlimited number of communications. Their duplex intercom works effectively in minimizing all the noises from the environment and thus makes the hearing more effectively.

Their stereo speakers are of very high quality and have a very long standby time, around 400 hours. If you can have a continuous talk over them, their battery would last till approximately 10 hours which is great.

Due to these enhanced features, these Bluetooth helmet speakers are expensive than others.


  • Heneng LF-HY
best bluetooth helmet speakers

Heneng Bluetooth Speakers

They are also widely selling and highly demanded Bluetooth helmet speakers which are being sold all over the world. There most important feature is that they come up with a warranty of around 1 year. They are also highly compatible with almost all of the Bluetooth devices.

They also allow you to control them through the wrist watch controls and also the finger remote controls. Their battery can last up to straight 6 hours if you involve in continuous talk through them.

However, the disadvantage of using this type of Bluetooth helmet speakers is that they can be used with only those helmets which are full faced.

There are a number of Other Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet speakers that you can buy from the market. Not only the above-discussed ones, but there are many others which are the best selling, highly demanding and provide amazing quality and features.  

5 Best Loudest Motorcycle Speakers You can purchase

5 Best Loudest Motorcycle Speakers You can purchase

If you are a motorcyclist, you must be looking for a good speaker to cater your entertainment needs while you ride. That’s where the loudest motorcycle speakers can assist you with.

It has been identified that the motorcyclists are specifically looking for the loudness offered by the speakers. That’s because ordinary speakers cannot provide audible sounds when they are riding.

#5 Loudest Motorcycle Speakers

To make life easy for you, we did some research on the loudest motorcycle speakers that are available for your purchase in the market. You can simply go through this list and invest your money in purchasing the best speaker out of them.

MTX MUDHSB-B Universal 6-Speaker

We gave the first place in the list of loudest motorcycle speakers to MTX MUDHSB-B Universal 6-Speaker. This is an all in one speaker, which comes along with an elegant appearance.



It has the ability to go all the way and connect to the handlebars of the motorcycle. Therefore, you will be able to get the installation done without any hassle or frustration.

The MTX MUDHSB-B Universal 6-Speaker is made out of 2 x 3 full range speakers. In addition, you will also be able to discover four different 1-inch tweeters among them as well. Therefore, you will be able to get a decent audio experience with the help of it.

You will be able to get the level of loudness that you expect due to this reason. Therefore, listening to your favorite music on the go will not be a major hassle.

The entire speaker is a weather resistant product. Therefore, you can install it on your motorcycle and enjoy the rides without any hassle.

Whether you ride your motorcycle in rain or wind, you will be able to get an outstanding experience with the assistance of this speaker. However, you should also keep in mind that this is not submersible in water.

Bluetooth connectivity can provide you with a convenient experience while you ride. That’s because you will be able to overcome the hassle associated with wires. You can play the music track directly from your mobile phone, which is located in the pocket.

This can deliver a smooth experience. Bluetooth will also be connected automatically when you come near. Therefore, MTX MUDHSB-B Universal 6-Speaker can be considered as one of the most user-friendly products available for you to consider.


BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth Audio System



BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth Audio System is not the most compact speaker that you can get to your motorcycle. However, it has the ability to deliver a louder sound output. Therefore, you can also think about using this speaker without having any doubts in mind.

It has also been provided with weatherproof and a waterproof design to complement your outdoor rides. This is one of the strangest looking Bluetooth audio systems that you can find out there in the market as well.

In fact, it looks pretty much similar to a PVC u-bend. The speaker is not attractive or interesting, but you will be able to get the desired level of sound quality at the end of the day.

This is the main reason, which has contributed to the popularity of BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth Audio System, regardless of its design.

BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth Audio System is a distinct looking speaker when compared to its brother, which is the ATV20 speaker. That’s because the speaker that we review in here has Bluetooth.

Therefore, you will be able to get an extra level of assistance when you are trying to play your music tracks on it. In other words, you will be provided with the opportunity to stay away from the hassle of wires.

Even though BOSS ATV25B Bluetooth Audio System is a bulky product, you will be able to connect it to your motorbike with minimum hassle.

You will be impressed with what it can provide to you. Therefore, you must go ahead and add this into the list of loudest motorcycle speakers that are available in the market for you to consider.

You can also get it for any other vehicle, even of a jet ski or an ATV.


Shark SHKC6800SME



Shark SHKC6800SME is another huge speaker that you can get to your motorcycle. It deserves a place in the list of loudest motorcycle speakers as well. It is not so bulky for your bike and you will be able to get the installation done on your own.

The loudness of volume offered by Shark SHKC6800SME is catered with four different speakers. When combined, these speakers are in a position to provide you with audio output of 1000W.

This speaker is Bluetooth compatible as well. Therefore, you will be able to play the audio files with a cable or without a cable.

Another impressive feature that you can discover in Shark SHKC6800SME speaker is that it has a built-in USB port and a card reader. You will be able to connect your USB flash drive and play music directly from it.

On the other hand, you will also be able to connect your SD card and play the tracks located in it. Another great feature is that this is a waterproof product.

However, you need to be careful to mount this speaker accordingly to ensure the waterproofing capabilities offered. Then you can take your bike on all outdoor adventures, without having to worry about the Shark SHKC6800SME speaker.

You can also discover a built-in FM antenna in the Shark SHKC6800SME speaker. Therefore, you can also listen to your favorite radio station while you are riding on the bike.

With the purchase of Shark SHKC6800SME speaker, you will be provided with two wireless remotes. The rider can use one wireless remote out of them, whereas the pillion can use the other.

As you can see, individuals who are interested in purchasing the loudest motorcycle speakers with a variety of features will be able to go ahead with this product.

BOSS Audio MC400 Chrome 600W Speakers



Boss has been able to maintain an excellent reputation in the market by giving life to the loudest motorcycle speakers that people can purchase.

If you are looking for a great product offered by them, you can go ahead and purchase BOSS Audio MC400 Chrome 600W Speakers.

It comes along with a large number of impressive features, such as an FM radio tuner and Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you will be able to get a convenient experience while you are using this speaker as well.

In BOSS Audio MC400 Chrome 600W Speakers, you can discover two chrome speakers. They are designed to look great once installed on your motorcycle. You will also be able to get them to your scooter due to the unique and impressive design.

This is a water-resistant product. But you need to keep in mind that this is not waterproof. Therefore, you will have to think twice before you ride your motorcycle in heavy rain conditions with this product.

You shouldn’t submerge this speaker in water under any condition. The BOSS Audio MC400 Chrome 600W Speakers has got multiple inbuilt speakers. As a result, it has been able to get into the list of the loudest motorcycle speakers available in the market as well.

You will be able to power up the speakers with the 12V line available in your motorbike. The installation process of BOSS Audio MC400 Chrome 600W Speakers is relatively easy as well.

All the instructions will be provided along with the package and you just need to follow them. If you can do the installation correctly, you don’t need to worry about anything when you are riding on the highway with it.

That’s because the motorcycle speaker will not lead you toward any frustration, even under very high speeds.

Familyus Stereo Sound System

Familyus- loudest-motorcycle-speakers

Family us-loudest-motorcycle-speaker

Family us Stereo Sound System comes to you in a compact package, but you will be able to add it into the list of the loudest motorcycle speakers available in the market to consider as well.

You just need to install this speaker into your motorcycle and connect it to the 12V plug. If there is no 12V plug, you will be able to connect it directly into your battery as well.

This speaker uses very low power and it will not cause the drain of battery juice as well. You will be able to purchase Familyus Stereo Sound System at an affordable price.

The loudness it can deliver to you for the amount you spend is totally impressive. You will be able to hear the sound loud and clear when you are using it.

This speaker has Bluetooth connectivity as well. Therefore, playing music tracks on the go will not be a difficult thing to do. Moreover, there is FM radio, WAV support, and MP3 support available in Familyus Stereo Sound System.

Therefore, you can connect a USB drive and play music directly from it. When you are using these speakers, you will never get frustrated due to the sound output that you will be able to receive. It fits perfectly well into both scooters and motorcycles.

Therefore, Familyus Stereo Sound System has received a lot of attention among the loudest motorcycle speakers that are available in the market to purchase.

If you want an easy and a neat sound, this is a great product available for you to go ahead with. The sound is velar and you can make sure that you are not draining your battery when you use it in the long run.

20 Popular Royal Enfield Accessories

As an owner of a Royal Enfield, you would have always felt a sense of pride and power in owning one. And it is an unsaid dream of every Enfield owner to go on long road trips with their special people. Here we look at the necessary suggestions and basic royal Enfield accessories. To add the most efficient and stylish looks to your bike.

#1 Digital Speedometer for Royal Enfield Accessories

royal enfied accessories

Digital Console for RE

We bet you would just be stunned as we got when we came across this accessory. This is something which just completes our Royal Enfield.

The digital speedometer console is something we can now show off to other bike owners. Apparently, there are various other design models available.

#2 Lights Grill Cover

royal enfied accessories

RE Lamps Grill Cover

A matte-black grill mask (also found in other designs & colors) for the head and tail lamps and even available for indicator light as well, to give that perfect macho outlook to the royal beast.

What I gotta tell you is, the main function of this is to protect your headlights and all other lights especially while traveling or when kept in an unsafe neighborhood.

But, it is also used up as a stylish accomplice for your bike. This is a great tool to consider in the list of Royal Enfield Accessories.


#3 Handle Bar LED Royal Enfield Accessories

royal enfied accessories

Bullet HandleBar LED

Bar End LED has been one of the most highlighted accessories which have been used on most Custom bikes. The ultra bright led light accompanies handlebar turn signal too.

Providing that laddish look when riding through the night. The installation process seems to be hassle-free.

#4 Premium Motorcycle Cover

royal enfied accessories

Cover for Royal Enfield

This is something of a necessity, but not many follow this. How many of us put a cover to protect the bike from dust, rain, slush, and pollution?

Though we do it when we are going on a long holiday or while transporting it.

This is something which you might have to consider to use on a daily basis. Provided if you want a long-lasting shine and protection of your Bike.

#5 Crash Guard Rope

royal enfied accessories

Royal Enfield Crash Guard Rope

Even though there is nothing wrong with the default chrome crash guard. But, if you use a rope it further adds the cruiser style factor to the bike.

While it protects the crash guard from scratches, dents, and corrosion. Look for high-quality material as you may come across different prices depending on the quality.

#6 Rubber Exhaust Cap

bullet accessories

Thundering Exhaust Rubber- RE

The sound of a Royal Enfield stands out. Though default exhaust noise is sweet and yet you feel it’s a little too common? Then get this exhaust tip cover.

Made of rubber. It enhances the exhaust noise slightly and put’s a vibe to that big gun silencer. Don’t worry the rubber cap is heatproof and won’t create any problem.

#7 USB Mobile Phone Charger & Holder

royal enfield custom

Phone Holder and Charger

When on long bike trips, and traveling to strange places whether to meet your loved ones or just to explore the world.

All you have as your hope is google maps to guide your way and that your cell phone does not die. You can make your ride turn into a portable phone charger and holder. Ride and let it charge.

#8 Chain Cleaner Brush

royal enfied accessories

Chain Brush Cleaner

Royal Enfield bikes are built to tackle all types of terrain, be it in cities or off-roading. All that puts the bike’s chain unit on pressure and receives a lot of dust and damage.

It is good to keep the chain neat and clean using this chain cleaning brush. Cleaning the chain after every 500-1000 kilometers may extend the performance and long life of your bike.

#9 Pillion Backrest

royal enfied accessories

RE Pillion Back Rest

Next in our list of best Royal Enfield accessories includes pillion backrest. Few people believe that Royal Enfield bikes are not to be best known for comfortable pillion seating.

This accessory helps the pillion rest their back and makes the long and exhausting journey way more manageable.


#10 Alloy Wheels

royal enfied accessories

Custom Alloys for Royal Enfield

Being said alloys can just change the entire look and feel of the bike. The factory rims can be too simple and common for some.

You can find an infinite number of alloy wheels on the market. Which gives you the choice to give your own touch of customs to your ride.

#11 HandleBar Rear-View Mirror

royal enfied accessories

HandleBar with Rear Mirror Glass

The most prominent lag made by Enfield Riders experience is too much amount of handle vibration.

This means your view is obstructed in the rearview mirrors and makes riding in the city a lot tougher. The handle-mounted mirror helps a long way to reduce the mirror vibration and also enhances the look factor.

#12 LED HeadLamps

royal enfied accessories

RE Custom Head Lamps

Another thing about Royal Enfield is that the default headlamps given by the company aren’t exactly enough. So, a few modifications are surely needed.

And with these modern days LED headlights, you get better brightness and longevity. And not to worry it doesn’t tire out the bike’s battery.

#13 Royal Enfield Handlebar

royal enfied accessories

Custom HandleBar for Bullet

To reduce the vibrations, Royal Enfield handlebars are fitted with a rod/bar connecting the two handles.

You may also fill this hollow handlebar to increase the style factor of your majestic ride and still get the same increase in efficiency.

You can find a huge variety of handlebars on the market as per your choices.

#14 Autosol Metal Polish

royal enfied accessories

Body Polish for Royal Enf

It’s been a while riding your bullet. Slowly the glow and shine start fading away. Even after washing some spots can be very hard to get off. We have found this product to be really amazing.

Autosol Polish can literally sparkle your bike into a new one. From chrome, body to the engine, this award-winning product has become one of the important Royal Enfield accessories across the country.

#15 Fog Lamps

royal enfied accessories

Custom Fog Lamps

Its no doubt that if you own a Royal Enfield, You probably take it for long rides. Facing different weather conditions, rough terrains, etc.

The particular accessory can assist you to get a clear bright view.
Its low beam light gives you a clear vision especially when it’s raining or to peek through the extreme foggy weather.


#16 Custom Exhaust

royal enfied accessories

Custom Exhausts for RE

We really don’t have much to say about this. As you definitely would have come across different exhausts types accustomed to Royal Enfield bikes thundering in your city.

Though there is a wide variety to choose from just make sure you keep traffic rules in mind before buying one. As nowadays the cops are getting hold of bikes with loud custom exhausts.


#17 Saddle Bags

royal enfied accessories to style

Saddler Bags RE

Long rides generally come with luggage and the necessary things to keep us moving. Now you can find saddlebags exclusively made for Enfield bikes.

Found in various shapes and sizes. Just look out for good quality and strictly go for water resistant.

#18 Tank Cover

royal enfied accessories

Tank Pad/Cover

Another Enfield accessory which gives a new detailed look and serves a purpose to carry your important things with you as well.

Mainly used for keeping documents, gadgets, etc. You can get your own custom-tailored tank cover made. While there is a selection of varieties available in the market.

#19 Leather Key Cases

royal enfied accessories

Custom Leather Key Cases RE

This particular accessory is kinda unique from all. The leather key cases are made by a Thailand firm “Vitme Handcraft”.

Which means that the leather case is flawlessly handcrafted. Protecting your keys from dirt while providing an additional attractive look.

#20 Exhaust Wrap

royal enfied accessories

Exhaust Pipe Wraps

Our last list of Royal Enfield accessories includes wraps. Exhaust wraps are used to shield the heat from the exhaust pipe connecting the engine.

It further helps to reduce the temperature which results in cooler air intake for enhanced performance. The silencer wrap also helps to protect the rider and pillion rider from accidental leg burn from exhaust pipes.

Tell us your favorite Royal Enfield accessory in the comment section below.

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