Do you know that constant noise exposure of 80 decibels(dB) and above results in permanent hearing loss? And did you know that cruising at 100 km/hour generates 94 dB? Apart from the engine and exhaust noise, it’s the wind noise that affects our ears.

Most of us unknowingly think that wearing a motorcycle helmet prevents ear damage from wind noise but that’s not the case. The wind rushing inside the helmet creates pressure on your ears which is why you should look for the best motorcycle earplugs for wind noise.

Motorcycle earplugs are designed to block out or reduce noise levels with high frequencies while allowing you to hear traffic sirens, horns, and Bluetooth intercoms. Before we dive into the best earplugs for motorcycles there are a few terms you should know.

SNR: Single Number Rating is an International Standard for hearing protection attenuation.

NRR: Noise Reduction Rating is an American Standard for hearing protection attenuation.

These ratings are used to estimate the level of noise reduction that a hearing protection device can provide.

Best Motorcycle EarPlugs
Noise Reduction Rating
Eardial HiFi
11 dB
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16 dB
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19 dB
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12 dB
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Alpine Motosafe
17 dB
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Earos One
17 dB
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Loop Experience
12 dB
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31 dB
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Surefire EP4
24 dB
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Plugfones Hybrid
26 dB
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15 dB
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Brison Plugs
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Best Motorcycle Earplugs Reviews 2022

1. EarDial HiFi Plugs

Motorcycle Earplugs

EarDial HiFi is a smart earplug that can be used for motorcycle riding, concerts, and other loud environments. With precise noise filtration, the earplugs allow you to hear music, and talk to people while filtering harmful loud noise.

The soft hypoallergenic silicone with exclusive ear wax protection makes it suitable for most sensitive ears and helps to stay comfortable even after wearing it for long hours. The low profile design and high transparency make it invisible to notice them in your ears.

EarDial HiFi fits right and seals the ears comfortably though people with small ear canals have issues with displacement after a few hours and need to adjust them. In that case, you can trim off the outer flange area of the earplugs and that should seal your ears perfectly.

The compact aluminum case is provided to store the earplugs so you never lose them. The companion mobile APP detects the noise level around you and lets you know how long you can stay safe.

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2. Eargasm High Fidelity EarPlugs

Best earplugs for motorcycle riders

The high-fidelity earplugs feature attenuate filters that help to reduce noise evenly without dampening voices or music allowing you to listen to conversations and music on your helmet speakers.

For the perfect fit, the Eargasm comes with two different-sized earplug shells which make it convenient for people to adjust the earplugs according to the size of their ear canal. The hypoallergenic plush silicone earplug shells are designed to not cause itching, pressure, or pain in your ears which makes them comfortable to wear for long hours. The rubber seals are waterproof protecting them from moisture, dust, and debris.

A small lightweight aluminum case is provided to store the earplugs and secure them with your keychain. The Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs have an NRR rating of 16dB while the company’s test data shows expected noise reduction to be 21 dB.

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3. EarPeace Motorcycle Earplugs

Best earplugs for motorcycle riding

Used by Metallica and Rebull the industry-leading earplugs by EarPeace offer hearing protection while delivering clear, crisp sound at a safe volume. Depending on your choice of sound reduction the EarPeace comes with three high fidelity filters Medium, High, and Max reducing noise between 17-26dB.

The earplugs are small and low profile which makes it go completely unnoticeable while the small tab makes them easy to remove. The dual flange design makes the plugs comfortable for long hours and does not demand to be adjusted every now and then.

What makes EarPeace the best earplugs for motorcycle riders is it dampens the wind noise while you can listen to your exhaust note or communicate clearly on your intercom. With a premium aluminum case, the earplugs can be stored and conveniently clipped to your keychain or belt.

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4. Etymotic Research ER20XS

Motorcycle earplugs for wind noise

The ER20XS is specially designed to be used under motorcycle helmets. The discreet and stem-less style fits snugly on the outer ear making it comfortable under any type of helmet. Etymotic earplugs are known to reduce sound evenly across frequencies.

A lot of people with sensitive ears are impressed with these attenuating buds since they reduce the noises substantially while you can hear a nearby conversation resulting in an optimal listening experience.

The earplugs are comfortable though it may take some time for you to insert them the right way. The company has specific guidelines on how you can insert it correctly for optimal effectiveness.

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5. Alpine Motosafe Earplugs

Best earplugs for motorcycle helmet

The Alpine Motosafe attenuates ambient and wind noises without dampening the traffic, intercom, navigation, and the motorcycle itself. Thus, making it the best motorcycle earplugs for wind noise.

The ultra-soft earplugs are comfortable under any motorcycle helmet and do not cause any irritation or pressure. The hypoallergenic silicone buds adapt to the ear canal for the best fit which prevents the earplugs from rolling over while wearing or removing the helmet.

The Motosafe earplugs are tested and certified to reduce noises up to 17dB NRR and 20dB SNR. The earplugs are comfortable and can be used for long hours without any issue and come with two sets and a cleansing liquid.

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6. Brison Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

Best motorcycle earplugs for wind noise

The high-fidelity earplugs by Brison are effective at reducing the noise evenly without distorting the sound quality and maintaining a full range. As compared to foam plugs it does not block the entire sound thus allowing you to hear traffic sirens, horns, and your motorcycle engine.

The noise-cancelling earplugs are designed with precise triple flange membranes that are soft, gentle and do not cause any pressure or itching which makes them convenient enough to wear for extended periods.

Brison earplugs are made of non-toxic, medical-grade silicone material that is completely safe for long hours and is ideal for sleeping. A stylish aluminum case with a keychain clip is provided to store the earplugs and protect them from dirt and dust.

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7. Earos One High Fidelity Earplugs

earplugs for wind noise

What makes the Earon One special is its patented design which makes it stand out among other earplugs. The design is engineered to replicate how the inner ear resonates while preserving audio fidelity and providing a noise reduction rating (NRR) of up to 17 dB.

Maintaining the natural audio experience Earos earplugs are tuned to reduce noise and avoid muffling and distortion. Delivering a unique combination of sound clarity and hearing protection the earplugs are designed to reproduce the sound of your natural ear.

The fit and feel of the earplugs are super comfortable allowing you to wear them for 10+ hours. Though some people say it needs some adjustments in between, it depends on the size of the ears. With two sizes of tips included you can personalize according to your needs.

They form a good seal providing better protection and sound fidelity enabling you to talk and listen to conversations.

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8. Loop Experience Noise Reduction Ear Plugs

earplugs for motorcycle riding

The reusable high-fidelity earplugs are specially designed for people with sensitive ears to protect from harmful noises without compromising on sound quality, allowing you to hear and communicate clearly.

Featuring a unique filter to reduce noise by 20 decibels the Loop earplugs prevent intense volume levels from damaging your eardrums. These noise-cancelling earplugs include 8 ultra-soft silicone tips of different sizes to help you get the perfect seal for all-day comfort and a snug fit.

With multi-uses such as motorcycle riding, music festivals, meditation, work, sleep, etc. The unique round shape is designed to expertly dampen and filter out the noise. The loop earplugs come with a carrying case and keychain clip-on.

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9. Decibullz Custom-molded Earplugs

earplugs for motorcycle riders

Decibullz custom molded earplugs are meant to take the exact shape of your ear. With superior noise isolation, these earplugs create a perfect fitting that will never hurt and never fall out.

To get going just heat the Decibullz thermoplastic molds in boiling water, let it cool for some time and then shape it the way you want it for your ears. And if you don’t get it fitting for the first time you can repeat the process and remold them as much as you want.

With a noise reduction rating of 31 deciBels, the earplugs can be used for multiple situations such as shooting, motorcycling, loud concerts, and traveling. The Decibullz comes with two custom molds, three sets of a triple flange, and a carrying case to store and protect them.

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10. Surefire EP4 Earplugs

earplugs for motorcycle

The Surefire EP4 is a reusable high-fidelity earplug with a filter cap that provides two levels of protection from harmful noise levels above 85 dB. The soft, adjustable triple-flanged stem design fits ear canals with maximum comfort providing a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB.

The EP4 filters out harmful noises thus allowing only safe sound levels into your ears. Made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer that’s soft, durable, and long-lasting providing secure seals.

The low-profile design helps to keep the earplugs in place while wearing a helmet. The Earlock retention rings use 7 contact points to lock them in place and fit the same way every time.

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11. Plugfones Hybrid Earplugs

motorcycle earplugs

Plugfones have combined a high-quality earplug with noise-cancelling earbuds to serve the ultimate hearing protection and listening experience. 

The company’s idea was to enhance the motorcycling experience without the need to carry extra headphones. Making it ideal for various other activities such as using it in the gym, or while traveling.

The Plugfones have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 26dB. The SoundSeal noise-suppressing technology minimizes environmental noise to give you an immersive, unparalleled listening experience while pumping your favorite music inside your ears.

The earplugs are sweat-proof and moisture-resistant and feature a double-reinforced jack and flexible wire casing.

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12. Vibes high fidelity earplugs

earplugs for motorcycle helmet

Vibes reusable earplugs are equipped with noise-canceling plugs with the best attenuating filters that lower volumes via filter-specific frequencies protecting high decibel levels without hurting sound quality.

The low-profile silicone earplugs with clear outer shells and form-fitting make them virtually invisible. The earplugs are comfortable for long hours and snug fit for all ear types with multiple adjustable silicone ear tips to match your size.

Vibes lower the volume of your environment instead of muffling and blocking sounds, allowing you to hear clearly and communicate with those around you. The earplugs are ideal for clubs, festivals, motorcycling, concerts, etc.

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Earplugs for Motorcycle Riding – Guide

Comfort: Everyone’s ear is different so you need to find the right earplugs that fit snugly into your ears and make a complete seal. The best earplugs should be comfortable inside the helmet and should not roll off while wearing or removing the helmet.

Apart from that the earplugs should be pleasant enough to wear for long hours and should not cause any sort of skin irritation. Also, the plugs should not create any form of pressure on your ears.

Noise Protection: All earplugs come with an NRR or SNR rating, depending on your choice of use pick the right one but do consider that the earplugs should let you hear the traffic horns and emergency sirens from vehicles.

Staying Grip: Failing to get the right size or fit for your ears may result in earplugs falling off and needing constant adjustments. Make sure that you check the grip of the plugs and get the right size according to the size of your ears. The earplug should be able to form a perfect seal for the best experience.

Are motorcycle earplugs illegal?

Nationally speaking earplugs for motorcycles are not illegal but before investing in one you should check out your state’s rules before investing in one. Though it may not be completely banned, a few states such as Maryland, Ohio, and California do have restrictions.

Riding with motorcycle earplugs in California is legal as long as they don’t inhibit the rider from hearing horns and emergency sirens from oncoming vehicles. The law in Maryland is similar but further restricts the use of custom earplugs.

Ohio is the only state with a ban on wearing earplugs on both ears while operating any vehicle but the legislation is being revised considering the safety of ears.

What are the Best Motorcycle Earplugs?

The top 3 best earplugs for motorcycle riding are:

  1. EarDial HiFi is a smart earplug that tells you the current noise level and how long you can stay safe.
  2. EarPeace Moto EarPlugs are great for reducing wind noise.
  3. SureFire EP4 allows you to adjust the noise level according to your needs.