During the day, riding is more straightforward since you can spot obstacles easily due to light availability. But when it’s dark, it is also essential to pay attention to your eyes, along with other safety factors. Moreover, riding your motorcycle at night is an activity that requires more focus and a highly- alert mind.

The mind works harder to focus on the road at night, sometimes assessing whether that spec of light far ahead on the dark road is a scooter coming your way or a lorry with one non-functioning headlight. The mind continuously tries to analyze objects under low light as the eyes struggle to focus between them.

When done for a long time, this exercise could strain the eyes and tire the mind. Soon enough, fatigue could kick in, proving detrimental if not dealt with appropriately. Motorcycle glasses for night riding often have features that reduce the load being brought upon the eyes.

The glasses are designed specifically to mitigate night-time riding risks and help a rider focus for longer durations at night. I’m listing the best motorcycle glasses for night riding that make it easy to pay attention while riding at night.

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Best Motorcycle Glasses For Night Riding

 1. Philips Extreme Riding Glasses

best motorcycle glasses for night riding

These are great pair of riding glasses with suitable eye protection. Not only are they polarized, but they’re also photochromic, meaning that the lens would turn dark when it is bright outside and turn transparent when it is dark. In addition, polarized lenses would eliminate any glare from oncoming traffic at night.

At the same time, the greenish-yellow tint is ideal for reducing highlights and for transitions from dawn to day and day to dusk. The glasses fit well and are comfortable, too, thanks to their lightweight construction and pre-curved shape. They also protect from harsh UV light during the day.

In addition, there is an anti-reflective and an anti-scratch coating on the frame and lens to prevent scratches as they too could hinder a rider’s vision at night. This has all the kit that needs to be in motorcycle night riding glasses except one- wind protection padding around the lenses to protect a rider’s eyes from dust and wind.

night riding glasses for motorcycles

 2. Bertoni Photochromic Motorcycle Goggles

night riding motorcycle glasses

Bertoni has nailed it quite well with its extreme sports goggles that are almost tailor-made for motorcycling. Their wrap-around design and strap to fasten the goggles offer an excellent and stable fit. Also, no plastic frame rests above the ears, meaning they sit perfectly inside the helmet without moving. The lenses are impact-resistant CE certified.

The lenses are also anti-distortion and photochromic, meaning that the curved shape does not create a distorted view. The lenses react consistently to light and UV rays and rapidly go from CAT.0 (fully clear) to CAT.3 (dark grey).

This would protect the eyes at night from bright headlights and streetlights. The glasses also provide excellent protection from wind despite being anti-fog at the same time. The only drawback to this pair is that the lenses are not polarized, so glares could sometimes get annoying.

motorcycle glasses

3. WYND Blocker Motorcycle Sunglasses

motorcycle glasses for night riding

As the name suggests, WYND Blocker sunglasses do an excellent job of protecting the rider’s eyes from wind and dust. With an impact-resistant coating and a plastic frame, the glasses are comfortable to wear inside the helmet, given their lightweight and minimalistic design.

They also come with the added convenience of being converted into goggles since a backstrap is also provided. UV400 anti-scratch lens protection also blocks 100% of the UV rays from hitting the eyes.

These are great for night riding due to the wind protection and Yellow tint that helps dim existing light. But, the lenses aren’t polarized, so glare could be an issue for many riders. Also, the absence of photochromic vision would make it a less preferred pair of sunglasses. Nevertheless, these are a pretty good option for budget sunglasses.

riding glasses for motorcycles

4. Outlaw Fugitive Motorcycle Glasses

best glasses for riding motorcycle at night

These are some of the best night-riding glasses that I would suggest to a rider fond of heading out on night rides. Everything on the glasses screams quality and durability. Fugitive glasses are worn by defense personnel due to their sturdy, light aluminum frame and shatterproof lenses.

The glasses have achieved an ANSI Z87.1-2015 rating for impact protection compliance. These are highly recommended for motorcycling at night, primarily due to their robust build quality and secondly- due to their rider-friendly features.

Fugitive glasses provide a snug fit, help in wind protection, and are used by many skydiving professionals. They also offer several tint options and a day/night transition lens option if you want to ride from dusk to dawn. The lenses are polarized to prevent light glares, a great feature to avoid distractions while riding at night.

The glasses are anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective since they are built for challenging situations. The entire frame is adjustable to achieve the best fit, and the glasses come with a soft cleaning cloth/bag and a hard case. The Outlaw Fugitive glasses tick all the boxes to be the best motorcycle glasses for night riding.

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5. Bikershades Motorcycle Bifocal glass

best motorcycle glasses for night

Yellow-tinted glasses by Bikershades are a value addition for bikers looking for non-expensive sunglasses for night-time riding. The tint aids in better light distribution and prevents the halo effect from excessively bright lights. In addition, the lenses boast an ANSI Z87 safety rating that suggests they protect the eyes from debris and insects at high speed. This point could instill a rider with confidence.

The glasses also come with padded foam protection around the lens that aids in blocking out high-speed winds and debris. Rubber padding near the ears and nose and a snug fit are features that suggest a decent level of comfort for long riding hours. The lenses also feature an anti-glare coating, but they may not be as effective as polarized lenses.

motorcycle glasses

6. Choppers Night Riding Motorcycle Glasses

anti glare night motorcycle glasses

These night-riding glasses are the most basic pair you can use. They are lightweight, thanks to the plastic frame, and should easily fit inside a helmet. The glasses have foam padding around the lens for wind and dust protection. The foam provides a comfortable, snug fit, but it could trap moisture if the temperature outside is high. Luckily, that is acceptable at night since the temperature is comparatively lower.

The glasses come with a red and yellow tint that reduces highlights from bright lights and helps the eyes to focus better. The downside with the lens is that they aren’t polarized. Reflections and glares could bother a rider at night by disrupting his focus. The absence of photochromic features makes these glasses less superior in functionality.

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7. AULLY PARK Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses

best motorcycle glasses for day and night riding

The Aully Park riding glasses come with a lot of kits for a reasonable price. The glasses are offered with four interchangeable lenses- polarized grey lens, non-polarized clear MLC, Cadmium Yellow, and Copper lens! That is a good range of lenses for you to test and see while riding at night as to which suits you best.

The work is a bit tedious, and photochromic lenses are better. However, interchanging lenses on these glasses would require you to stop and take a break at night, which is a great thing to do while on a long ride. Frequent breaks on long rides, especially at night, could be a life-saving thing to do.

UV400 lens protection is excellent if you decide to use them during the day. The frame is made of lightweight plastic with rubber bits around it for comfort and a firm fit. The glasses are also equipped with wind and dust protection around the lens. The glasses come with a sports headband, a pouch, a cleaning cloth, a soft case, and a hard case!

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8. FAGUMA Sports Polarized Sunglasses

night vision motorcycle glasses

Night-riding glasses from Faguma provide 100% UV protection and polarization. The brand focuses primarily on reducing distractions like glare from bright lights on night rides. The glasses are lightweight and flexible for ease of use inside a helmet. A scratch-resistant coating prevents micro scratches on the lens.

The glasses are impact-resistant, making them ideal for wearing under an open-face helmet. Silicone padding on the nose makes the glasses a comfortable option. However, the absence of a transition lens and a basic feature like wind protection could make the glasses less preferred among riders.

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9. BLUPOND Night Riding Motorcycle Glasses

best motorcycle glasses for night riding 2021

Yellow tint glasses that provide maximum UV protection and anti-glare coating- these offer great features for motorcyclists riding at night. UV protection might not be that useful, but the Yellow tint would help cut all the highlights. It is not clear if the lens is polarized or has an anti-glare coating over it, but the glasses do the job of keeping glare at bay. However, a polarized lens is a better option to have.

The frame is slim, impact-proof, grippy, and lightweight- good enough to fit inside the helmet and provide the rider with enough comfort. The package offers some goodies, which is a great value addition. Still, wind protection is almost absent despite the snug fit- an essential feature that is a must for night-riding glasses.

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10. Global Vision Motorcycle Riding Glasses

best night riding motorcycle glasses

Motorcycle Glasses from Global Vision are budget goggles that do a primary job of protecting the eyes from the elements at night. The lenses are shatterproof polycarbonate but are of a clear tint providing UV protection only.

A Dual-injected rubber at the temples and rubber nose pads ensure a non-slip fit. These would mostly not shake on those pot-hole studded roads. Vented EVA foam padding around the lens provides a good fit and blocks dust and wind that irritate the eyes.

However, the lenses are neither polarized nor photochromic- meaning glare and bright lights would continue to be a problem. These average riding glasses should be chosen only if you’re on a budget.

motorcycles glasses for night riding 2021


  1. What to look for when buying Night Riding Motorcycle Glasses?

    I’ve listed the best night riding glasses for you that belong to different brands and are offered at various prices. Below are some points that act as a buying guide to help you choose the best night-riding glasses.

    • Lightweight, impact-proof

    For glasses to be worn for a long time, they need to be as comfortable as possible. Lightness reduces the burden on contact points, whereas a robust construction ensures that the glasses protect the eyes. These are essential points that must not be compromised.

    • Polarized

    The glasses need to be polarized to be the best night-riding glasses. Glares need to be eliminated while riding to focus properly; they can tire the eyes and irritate the rider. This is an essential feature that cannot be ignored.

    • Photochromic, UV protection

    Transition lenses take care of the eyes by automatically adjusting to incoming light. They maintain a level of delicate equilibrium and prevent sudden surges of light from affecting the eyes. UV protection protects from the sun’s UV rays but is hardly helpful for night riding. These features are good to have but aren’t necessary for night riding.

    • Wind protection

     Protecting the eyes from wind, dust, and pollution is essential. Good motorcycle night riding glasses protect the eyes so that the eyes from the elements are undisturbed. This is a must-have feature to ride at night, mainly if you use an open-face helmet.


    Which type of lens is best for night riding?

    Motorcycle Glasses with anti-glare and Anti-reflective properties are a must as they reduce headlight beams’ glares and increase night vision in low-light conditions.

    Other features like rubber contact points and optional straps to replace the frame are great additions that make minor differences. Whatever you choose to buy, ensure that your glasses include the ‘must-have’ points mentioned above to remain safe, and comfortable, and enjoy the ride.

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