We all love to recall memories. Being a motorcycle owner it’s just so exciting to watch & share yourself touring and creating beautiful memories of your adventure trips. People often think all action cameras are the same. Although the best GoPro for motorcycle riding demands a few features to be mandatory.

In this article, we would edify you with the features you need to look at before getting yourself an action camera for motorcycle vlogging. Also after using several action cameras by our team of street bikers we have shortlisted & reviewed the best GoPro for motorcycles.

If you are not much of a reader we have listed down a table below.

Best GoPro For MotorcyclePriceBest For
Hero 8 Black$300Most Popular
Hero 7 Black$250Best Under $250
Hero 5 Black$170Best Budget GoPro
YI 4K+$220Best Value for Money
SJ7 STAR$200Great Hardware
Akaso V50 Pro$150Best under $150
Campark X30$110Best under $110
Sony FDR-X3000$368Best Stabilization
Drift Ghost 4K$240For Extreme Use

9 Best GoPro for Motorcycle

#1. Hero 8 Black

Hero 8 Black GoPro for motorcycles

One of the most popular GoPro for motorcycles is the Hero 8 Black. The latest Hero 8 is probably the best option for moto vlogging. With tons of amazing shooting options, the hero 8 will capture your every stunt without losing its cool. From hardware design to software updates GoPro has made several changes to the Hero 8 as compared to its predecessors.

Though being the most expensive GoPro on the list the Hero 8 packs incomparable features such as electronic image stabilization which is outstanding with Hypersmooth 2.0 stabilization.

Another great feature is the Timewarp 2.0 which automatically adjusts lighting and motion stability. The Hero 8 Black has a better noise reduction feature with its inbuilt mic.

Not to worry it also has a 3.5 mm jack in case you want to use an external microphone. The action camera is waterproof up to 10 meters and holds a gorilla glass lens. If you have the budget then nothing else can be better than the Hero 8 Black.

It’s super vlogger friendly, helps you to take stunning footage at extreme motorcycling conditions, and is built with strong hardware. 

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#2. Hero 7 Black

Hero 7 Black action camera for motorcycles

Right next to GoPro Hero 8 the Hero 7 Black is no Joke. The GoPro is built for rough use making it the best action camera for off-roading shoots.

The hyper smooth feature is a 3 axis electronic stabilization which is equivalent to a handheld gimbal stick which helps to take more stabilized shots.

Another interesting feature of the Hero 7 Black is the voice control feature where it recognizes over a dozen voice commands covering main tasks. As compared to the GoPro Hero 6 the audio performance has been revamped on the Hero 7 Black. 

You also don’t have to worry on a rainy day as the Action cam is built up ready to go on rainy rides as it is waterproof. The Hero 7 features a low-light feature that produces great picture quality at night. The only downside of this GoPro is the touchscreen which occasionally fails to respond to touch.

The Time Warp feature is a stabilized Hyperlapse which helps a lot if you want to take time-lapse videos on your motorcycle trips.

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#3. Hero 5 Black

Hero 5 best gopro for motorcycle 2021

No matter how old it gets, the Hero 5 Black remains the best budget GoPro for a motorcycle. The company keeps on updating it with new features through its APP. You can take amazing 4K, 2K at 30fps, and 1080 at 60fps according to your choice and still have an amazing image quality. The action camera is waterproof up to 33 feet without a case.

Featuring a built-in GPS and voice control feature which understands commands than any other action camera with over 7 different languages. Though due to wind and other noise you may have to struggle sometimes with voice control. The Hero 5 has a 1220mAh battery which gave me around an hour and a half video footage when shot at 1080P at 60FPS.

GoPro has also updated the software which now eliminated lens distortion. The electronic image stabilization is good enough not to disappoint you on your motorcycle trips. 

I had to wait a long time to get my first action camera. Back then  I figured out how to make some quick money with my motorcycle. It took me a while but I was able to get the GoPro Hero 5. Since then I was never disappointed with my Hero 5. 

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#4. YI 4k+

YI 4K+ best gopro for bikers

Titled as the World’s best value-packed action camera. The YI 4k+ is just as good as the Hero 6 Black. Having a much bigger touch screen the YI is lighter than the Hero 6.

What makes this action camera so appealing is the 12 MP Sony CMOS Sensor with Exmor R integrated with Ambarella H2 + Quad-Core ARM cortex A53 processor which gives super-fast responsiveness and interface.

The YI 4k+ is capable of shooting up to 4k at 60fps. Another amazing thing about this camera is its 1400 mAh battery which lasts up to 2 hours when shot at high resolution. The only downside of the YI 4k+ is that it is splashproof but with an added waterproof housing case that can be solved.

With built-in electronic image stabilization, it also adds up voice control features. The mobile app is quite user-friendly which allows us to control every setting on the action cam.

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#5. Akaso V50 Pro

Akaso V50 Pro

The Akaso V50 Pro serves a lot when you look at its price. The action cam has a shooting specs of 4k at 30fps, 1080P @ 60fps and 720P @ 120/60fps.

The built quality of the Akaso V50 Pro is nice and the well-designed waterproof housing lives up to 98 feet. The camera is capable of shooting up to 20 MegaPixel and houses an 1100 mAh battery. The best part of Akaso is that it is compatible with any GoPro accessory.

For better usability, the V50 has an App to take over its control. With built-in WIFI, an adjustable field of view, and electronic image stabilization it’s really impressive what you get at a fraction of a price.

From my personal experience, the Akaso V50 Pro is best for 4K shooting, though at 1080P and below it loses its quality. Also, the V50 Pro lacks detail in low light conditions.

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#6. Campark X30

Campark X30 best action camera for motorcycle

This action cam is surely a deal-breaker. The Campark X30 could be your beginner GoPro at an affordable price. The X30 can shoot raw footage up to 4k at 60fps. It also captures 20 MP shots with great details.

The best part of the Campark X30 is that you get 2 batteries right out of the box which may last up to 2 hours each depending on your usage.

For motorcycling, the X30 features an advanced electronic image stabilizer to ensure smooth and steady footage. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting the cam out in the water as the X30 is waterproof up to 130 feet deep.

Talking about the design, the X30 is built for durability with a good appearance. A lot of customers are impressed with the impressive quality of videos and images provided by the Campark X30.

In terms of usability to the X30 has a 2-inch touch screen that is quite responsive. Overall in this price bracket, there is one winner and that is the Campark X30.

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#7. SJCAM SJ7 Star

SJCAM SJ7 gopro for motorcycle riding

Let’s call the SJCAM SJ7 Star a solid performer. The SJ7 Star is built with an aluminum casing metal body. What’s best about this action camera is the combo power of the Ambarella processor and Sony sensor.

The video quality of the SJ7 Star is crisp, capturing a ton of detail. With built-in Wifi and gyro stabilization, the camera would do a good job to stabilize your motorcycle rides.

Another plus point is the 2-inch touch-responsive screen which also works with the waterproof case on. The SJ7 Star features a fisheye lens with a 166-degree field of view.

According to the usage the 1050mAh can last between 1 to 2 hours. You can shoot up the video resolution up to 4k at 30fps. The SJ7 Star is a budget GoPro for motorcycles with great build and video quality.

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Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Almost all GoPro’s can be mounted to motorcycle helmets. But not everyone likes to chin mount since they don’t work on most helmets (at least when you have limited accessories ). Also in the event of an accident, it is more likely to hit something since it sticks out.

Though it is a personal choice we have picked the best GoPro for motorcycle helmets with excellent image stabilization, minimum distortion, and great low light footage.

 #8. Sony FDR-X3000

Sony FDR-X3000-best action camera for motorcycle

Being almost 3 years old the Sony FDR-X3000 is the only action camera with a 3.5mm jack and Zeiss Tessar lens. The unique feature of the FDR-X3000 which no other action camera has is the Field of View, Optical Image stabilization, and audio quality.

The Sony FDR X-3000 holds a 12MP camera with CMOS Sensor which helps to shoot good videos in low light conditions.

The FDR can shoot 4k videos at 30FPS and 1080P at 120FPS. It has a separate focal length video option to record in wide, medium, and narrow mode which helps to avoid fish-eye distortion, unlike the GoPro Hero Series.

What makes it the best GoPro for a motorcycle helmet is its sleek design which can be neatly mounted to the side of the helmet. Unlike all other action cameras that come with Electronic Image stabilization, the FDR comes with Optical Image stabilization which means that the lens adjusts on its own to stabilizes the footage.

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#9. Drift Ghost 4K

Ghost 4K Drift Action Camera

The Drift Ghost 4K is a killer GoPro for motorcycle riders. If you are into extreme action then this is the best GoPro for a motorcycle helmet. The modular and compact design makes it so lightweight to be attached to a helmet. By its name it shoots 4K ultra HD with 30 fps, also it serves stunning slow motions in 1080P at 120fps.

The best thing about the Ghost 4K is that you can align your view up to 300 degrees with its rotating lens. What would concern some people is the 2-inch viewing LCD screen but considering its sleek design it’s not much of a deal-breaker.

There is an inbuilt mic and in case you want to use an external microphone, there’s a microphone jack available for it. Also, the device has a dashcam mode to be used as a motorcycle dashcam.

Another plus point of this action camera is that its battery lasts up to 4 hours when compared to other GoPros for motorcycles. The Drift Ghost 4K features a Clone mode where you can sync up to 10 Ghosts via Wifi and control recording with one device.

The company also provides a wrist band 2 way led remote control which is used to start and stop recording. Rolling towards the quality there’s no doubt about the Ghost 4K, it’s robust, ready to be used under extreme conditions, and to take amazing actions.

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Every action camera has its pros and cons. Always look at what you want from an action cam. The best GoPro for motorcycle riding should be easy to use while you are riding.

Depending on how long you would be using it take note of the battery performance. And make sure that the built quality is really good as you will be dropping it here and there. Apart from that you can choose anyone from the list and get going.