With the rate at which technology is constantly evolving, the best GoPro for motorcycles can perform similar tasks that a high-end video camera could once do. Action cameras are so pro- adventure today that their mounts, functions, user- interface, build quality are all suited for adventures like motorcycle riding.

Motorcycle riders can now share amazing clips of their rides back home with their family, who is a thousand miles away. Thanks to some of the best action cameras being WiFi-compatible. Modern action cameras provide excellent photos and video output along with a very unique perspective since they use wide-angle optics to get as much action in the frame as possible.

I’m a tech-savvy rider, and I intend to share my adventures with the world. I’ve been riding for many years now and have used the best action cameras that cost nearly $400 to action cameras that cost a mere $50. I will help by listing out the best GoPros for motorcycles today and help you choose the appropriate one based on your purpose and riding style.

Best GoPro for Motorcycle Reviews 2022

 1. GoPro Hero9 Black

best gopro for motorcycle riding 2021

GoPro has been around for a long time, and it is the brand that often comes to the minds of people who think of an action camera. The Hero 9 Black is a fully loaded action camera that was launched in September 2020. With that, GoPro has once again proved that it makes the best action camera in the world.

The Hero9 comes with upgraded features of Hero8 and sets a new benchmark for action cameras. The basic Hero9 kit includes one battery, one cable, and one mount.

The Hero9 is also slightly more significant than the Hero8 to accommodate a bigger battery that provides 30% extra battery life, a front screen, and a larger sensor. The result of the upgrades is evident to people who are in this field for a long time. Some highlights make the GoPro Hero 9 Black the best action camera in the market today. This is my recommendation to someone who is looking out for a quality vlogging camera.

Starting at $350, the GoPro Hero 9 isn’t exactly what one would call cheap. Still, with the features on offer and the action camera being so robust with 5K resolution, Hero 9 would be the best GoPro for motorcycle vlogging.

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2. GoPro Hero8 Black

best gopro for motorcycle 2021

The Hero8 Black from GoPro is yet another example of how good GoPro’s really are. The Hero8 is priced much lower than the Hero9 (obviously!) and provides an excellent value for money. If someone isn’t too keen on the tiny quality difference between Hero8 and Hero9. In that case, the Hero8 is definitely a great option to consider.

This is also a great option for vlogging if the Hero9 is not within reach in terms of budget. The Hero8 has excellent abilities to capture motorcycling rides without a glitch. The stabilization on it is great for off-road rides as Hypersmooth 2.0 ensures that the footage is captured without any shake.

This action camera captures excellent video at 4K 60 FPS and shoots great 12 MP photos. The biggest difference between the Hero7 Black and Hero8 Black was that the Hero8 is slightly larger with better resolution, stabilization, and battery backup. 

The biggest physical difference is that the lens cover on the Hero8 is fixed and can’t be replaced, unlike on the Hero7, a feature that many riders don’t look forward to because a detachable lens cover helps to replace it in case of damage or a crack. On the Hero8, though, the entire action camera might have to be replaced if the lens cover is cracked or damaged.

The Hero8 is a robust, vlogger-friendly action camera that won’t let you down even on the harshest motorcycle ride. Starting at $280, this is a value for money package for riders considering an excellent, high quality, and robust action camera under the $300 budget.

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3. GoPro Max Action Camera

best gopro for motorcycle

The GoPro Max is not your regular action camera. In fact, it has the power of two GoPro Hero’s combined but is available for a price that is equivalent to two GoPros. The Max from GoPro is a 360-degree action camera and is one of the best to launch out of GoPro’s stable.

Equipped with a high-end processor excellent at stitching footage and photos from content captured by two lenses, the Max can record at a whopping 6K resolution and is compatible with generic action camera mounts.

Though it is the fusion of two lenses, the GoPro Max isn’t that large and heavy. The action camera is built tough for any adventure and is also waterproof up to 5 meters. This is an ideal GoPro for motorcycle tourers and travellers since they could capture their surroundings will a single camera while focusing on the ride.

The GoPro Quik app lets you connect with the Max over WiFi so you could transfer content and edit it on the go. The mobile app is super easy to use and enables you to edit 360-degree videos the way you want. A 1600 mAh battery powers the Max and provides a decent recording time.

For $400, you get one of the best 360-degree cameras, a rechargeable battery, a replacement Hard Shell Camera Case, a curved adhesive mount, 2 protective lenses, 2 lens caps, a microfiber bag, mounting buckle, USB-C cable, and a thumbscrew.

If 360 is too much for you, you could also use this as a GoPro and record one side of the view. This is the Ducati of motorcycles; you’ve got to have one!

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4. GoPro Hero7 Black

best action camera for motorcycle riding

The GoPro Hero 7 Black is officially discontinued by GoPro. However, many sellers still have stock to clear, and hence, I report this to you. The Hero7 Black is still a worthy contender despite it being discontinued officially. The video and photo quality come very close to that of the Hero8’s output quality.

The Hero7 Black features a hyper-smooth stabilization that has a three-axis stabilization equivalent to a handheld gimbal. The Hero7 Black also has a voice control feature that recognizes over twelve voice commands. A port for a GoPro external microphone also exists on the Hero7.

The touchscreen responds to touch immediately, while the action camera itself is robust and waterproof up to 30 meters. Low- Light performance is ideal for capturing content in the wee hours while heading out on early rides. The TimeWarp feature on the Hero7 Black captures excellent time-lapses of motorcycles or beautiful scenery you come across on your rides.

Available for prices ranging between $250 and $290, the Hero7 Black is available on certain E-commerce websites. If the price you get it for is less than what GoPro Hero8 costs, then it would be a great deal to consider.

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The above action cameras from GoPro are the best lineup of action cameras from the best action camera manufacturer in the world. However, there are a few issues with some units of the GoPros, like over-heating and the touchscreen being frozen on rare occasions. 

But these complaints have been reported from some units and not all. Hence it is not a common problem. GoPro provides a one-year warranty on its action cameras, which should come as a relief to a rider if you’re planning to buy one.

However, if you feel GoPro’s are a bit too much for you regarding what they have to offer and considering their selling price, read on and know about the other action cameras you could use for motorcycling and other adventure sports. They are compatible with generic action camera mounts and cost much lesser than a GoPro.

5. DJI Osmo Action

best action camera for motorcycles 2021

If you’re a tech-savvy rider, you’ve definitely heard of DJI. Known for the different kinds of drones that it manufactures and markets, DJI jumped straight into the action camera market and launched Osmo Action in 2019. It wasn’t just any ordinary launch. With the kind of aggressive pricing Osmo Action received against its features, you could say that DJI is right behind GoPro to attract its customer base.

With the ability to record HDR videos at 4K 60 FPS and 12 MP still photos, The Osmo Action is the same as a GoPro in terms of resolution! It sports a 1/2.3” CMOS Sensor and a wide f/2.8 lens which suggests it would do well under low lighting conditions. 

With touchscreen displays at the front and back, slow-motion video recording at 1080P resolution at 240 FPS, DJI’s RockSteady Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), time-lapse and hyper-lapse modes, option to click RAW or JPG 12 MP photos, and an auto-rotate feature- this action camera is packed with tech that is motorcycling- friendly.

GoPro and generic action camera mounts are compatible with the DJI Osmo Action. The action camera also sports two microphones, two speakers and is waterproof up to 11 meters. With a pretty robust build quality, buttons that are easy to operate while wearing motorcycle gloves, a great battery backup- the Osmo Action could be a rider’s great action- companion.

The package contains a DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera, one Mounting Frame, a 1300mAh Li-Ion Battery, a Battery Case, a USB Type-C Cable, one Quick Release Base, one Curved Adhesive Mount, one Flat Adhesive Mount, and a Connector Screw. All that could be yours for 200$, a price which could be termed as a steal.

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6. Insta 360 One R Twin Edition

best action camera for motorcycle 2021

This is a very unique concept for an action camera that helps a rider choose the kind of lens he/ she would want. The action camera is a primary configuration for the modular ONE R action camera system, consisting of the core module, a 4K wide-angle mod, a dual-lens 360 mod, and the battery base that holds both modules together. 

So the rider has the option of using the 4K wide-angle mod or a dual-lens 360 mod apart from the core module and battery base that come as standard. The two mods can be swapped with each other depending on the nature of the content a rider intends to capture. 

The One R Twin edition allows you to approach different applications with one system, and that to me is a very smart thing to do. Conventional action cameras look very similar these days. In contrast, the Insta 360 One R Twin Edition is a completely new, out-of-the-box design.

The ONE R system is designed to be waterproof without any waterproof housing required but needs to be installed in the Mounting Frame. With the Core module and either one of the mods attached to the Battery Base and then installed in the Mounting Frame, the system can be used up to 5 meters underwater.

The Core module has a touchscreen live-view display and can be used with the wide-angle mod if you want a wider screen. Also, the insta360 App features an AI video editing tool that edits your shot in minutes using Shot Lab.

In the Box: Twin Edition includes 1x Dual-Lens 360 Mod, 1x 4K Wide Angle Mod, 1x Mounting Bracket, 1x Lens Cap, 1x Core, and 1x Battery Base,

The Insta 360 One R is a great option for a tech-savvy rider looking out to capture high-resolution content with an action camera that isn’t conventional in any way! But, at $479, it sure is a pricey deal.

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7. SJCAM SJ8 Pro

best motorcycle gopro

The SJCAM SJ Pro star a solid action camera with its H22 Ambarella Chipset S85 processor and a Sony IMX377 sensor producing 4K resolution videos at 60 FPS. A 1200 mAh high capacity battery powers this smart action camera for at least 90- 130 minutes, depending on your settings.

It takes 12 MP crisp stills in RAW or JPEG, and a 170-degree field of view will ensure your handlebars and the road ahead are well within the frame. The SJ8 comes with an external waterproof case which makes it waterproof up to 30 meters. Yes, it needs a case, unlike other expensive action cameras that ate independently waterproof by themselves.

The 2.33-inch touch-responsive screen makes it easier to see and choose the right settings. The user interface is very adaptive and simple to use. You could also choose to use the app and control the action camera from your smartphone. A six-axis built-in stabilization is satisfactory.

The SJ8 Pro from SJCam ticks most boxes that a rider would require. At $239, it is an affordable action camera that comes with many accessories in the box. A great option to choose if you’re looking for an action camera with loads of accessories around the $250 price range. Wait, but there’s the Osmo Action as well for a lower price. You choose!

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8. Yi 4K+

best gopros for motorcycle

The YI 4K+ is the world’s best action camera for the value it offers at a $200 price point. The picture quality comes close to that of the GoPro Hero 6, which is great praise for an action camera.

The 12 MP Sony CMOS Sensor with Exmor R integrated with Ambarella H2 + Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 processor provides super-fast performance and a responsive, smooth interface. Videos can be shot at a maximum resolution of 4K at 60 FPS. Battery backup of the Yi 4K+ is the best- a 1400 mAh battery that lasts 2 hours when shot at a high resolution.

Stabilization is built-in and does a decent job. Voice commands have basic functionality. The action camera is not waterproof, but it does come with a waterproof case that protects it up to 30 meters. Like the Hero7 from GoPro, the Yi 4K+ is officially discontinued but is still available in the market.

At $200, this is a steal considering its fluid touchscreen, battery backup, compatibility with generic action camera mounts, and of course, the quality it offers.

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9. Akaso V50 Pro

action camera for motorcycle

The Akaso V50 Pro does a lot when considering the price it is offered at. Capability to record at 4k 30 FPS, 1080P @ 60fps, and 720P @ 120/60fps- the V50 Pro can perform various tasks for different types of riders. Out of the given options, it performs at its best at 1080P 60 FPS.

The built quality of the Akaso V50 Pro is better than average and trumps the build quality of other budget action cameras in the same price range. The action camera can achieve waterproofing with a waterproof housing that protects it up to 30 meters.

In terms of the photos it clicks, the V50 Pro can shoot images of up to 20 MP, which is excellent considering this is a budget action camera. An 1100 mAh battery powers the V50 Pro for up to 100 minutes with the best settings.

The V50 also has an App to take over its control since it can be paired with a smartphone over WIFI. You also get an adjustable field of view, electronic image stabilization, a variety of accessories with the action camera. Another big plus of this action camera is that it can be used for vlogging since it comes with a provision for an external mic.

At just a $110 price point, the Akaso V50 sells at half the price of a trending action camera. With so many features and accessories it offers, I can vouch that this is the best action camera at this price point.

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10. Campark X30

best helmet camera motorcycle

This action cam is indeed a deal-breaker. The Campark X30 could be your beginner GoPro at an affordable price. The X30 can shoot raw footage up to 4k at 60fps and captures 20 MP shots with great details.

The best part of Campark X30 is you get two batteries right out of the box, which may last up to 2 hours each, depending on your usage. For motorcycling, the X30 features an advanced electronic image stabilizer to ensure smooth and steady footage. Also, with the waterproof case, the action camera can be immersed underwater up to 130 feet.

The X30 built quality is durable enough with a good appearance. Many customers are impressed with the impressive quality of videos and images provided by the Campark X30. In terms of usability to the X30 has a 2-inch touch screen that is quite responsive.

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11. Drift Ghost 4K

best gopro for motorcycle riding

The Drift Ghost 4K is an ideal action camera for motorcycle riders. It fits excellently onto a motorcycle helmet and causes less drag due to its streamlined, aerodynamic shape. The Drift Ghost 4K can shoot 4K ultra HD video at 30 FPS and captures stunning slow motions in 1080P at 120 FPS. In terms of photos, it can capture 12 MP still shots.

The best feature of the Ghost 4K is that the field of view can be aligned to 300 degrees with its rotating lens, which is a great deal for motorcycle riders. The action camera comes with is an inbuilt mic. In case you want to use an external microphone, there’s a microphone jack available for it.

The Drift has a dashcam mode where it can be used as a motorcycle dash camera. The biggest plus point of this action camera is its 1500 mAh battery that lasts up to 4 hours, almost double what any other action camera can offer. This would prove very handy on a long motorcycle ride where charging ports are not readily available. 

If you’re with a group of riders having the same action camera, the Drift Ghost 4K can be paired with up to 10 other Drift Ghost action cameras in Clone mode and could be controlled with one device.

The company also provides a wristband two-way led remote control to start and stop recording. While the action camera isn’t waterproof, it is water-resistant to be used while riding in the rain but cannot be submerged underwater.

Retailing at $250, this is a unique, no-nonsense, and purpose-built motorcycle helmet camera. If you prefer an analog-ish action camera with a simple interface, then this is the one.

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12. Sony FDR-X3000

gopro for motorcycle

Almost 5 years old, the Sony FDR-X3000 is the only action camera with a Zeiss Tessar lens. The unique feature of the FDR-X3000, which no other action camera has, is the Field of View, Optical Image stabilization, and audio quality.

The Sony FDR X-3000 holds a 12MP camera with CMOS Sensor, which helps to shoot great photos & videos in low light conditions.

 The FDR can shoot 4k videos at 30FPS and 1080P at 120FPS. It has a different focal length video option to record in wide, medium, and narrow mode, which helps to avoid fisheye distortion, unlike the GoPro Hero Series.

What makes it the best GoPro for motorcycle helmets is its sleek design which can be mounted to the side of the helmet. Unlike all other action cameras that come with Electronic Image stabilization, the FDR comes with Optical Image stabilization, which means that the lens adjusts itself to stabilize the footage.

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Quick Summary:

Best GoPro For MotorcycleHighlights 
GoPro Hero 9 Black5K ResolutionCheck on Amazon
GoPro Hero 8 BlackBest OverallCheck on Amazon
GoPro MaxBest 360 GoProCheck on Amazon
GoPro Hero 7 BlackBest Under $250Check on Amazon
DJI OSMO ActionRockSteady StablizationCheck on Amazon
Insta 360 One R Twin360-Custom ModsCheck on Amazon
SJCam SJ8 ProAdvanced Image SensorCheck on Amazon
YI 4K+Budget GoProCheck on Amazon
Akaso V50 ProBest under $150Check on Amazon
Campark X30Best under $110Check on Amazon
Drift Ghost 4KFor Rugged UseCheck on Amazon
Sony FDR-X3000Zeiss Tessar LensCheck on Amazon

Which is the Best GoPro for motorcycle riding?

The GoPro Hero 8 is the best action camera for motorcycles with an excellent value for money. The stabilization is impressive no matter if you go off-road riding or cruise at high speed. While the DJI Osmo would be a suitable option for moto-vlogging with its dual touch screen display.