Over 45% of riders are troubled with back pain around the world. Why Does it happen? I’d say back pain develops with wrong riding patterns and conditions not favouring the rider. Being on the list with a bad back I did research on the best bike for back pain, its many causes, and prevention.

Which is the best bike in India to avoid back pain?

You can always go for a Standard or Street Bike, but never a sportbike. Under Standard bike, you can go for Honda CB Shine, Bajaj Discover Comfortec, Honda Unicorn. And under Street Bike there are Suzuki Gixxer, Yamaha FZ Series, and KTM Duke.

Suzuki Gixxer‎₹1.2LComfortable Riding
Honda CB Shine‎₹72,225Smooth Ride Quality
Yamaha Fz Series‎₹84,042Exceptional Suspension
Bajaj Avenger‎₹1.17LRelaxed Riding
Honda Unicorn‎₹95,0498Most loved Bike
Bajaj Discover‎₹59,136Budget bike with comfort
KTM Duke Series‎₹1.72LPerformance Bike

Top 7 Best Bike For Back Pain

#1. Suzuki Gixxer

best bike for back painThe Gixxer by Suzuki is a good choice for daily rides with style. The Suzuki Gixxer comes with a plush suspension which does a good job handling bad roads. The riding posture of the bike is straight and is comfortable for long rides too. The handlebar is a bit away yet it has a great posture.

#2. Honda CB Shine

best bike for back pain

Known for the all-rounder award the Honda CB Shine is a bike with great comfort and reliability for city rides. The CB Shine is powered with a 125cc butter smooth engine with great mileage. The Riding position is straight and easy to take the shine anywhere.

#3. Yamaha FZ Series

best bike for back pain
The Yamaha Fz and Fazer models are personally my best bike for back pain removal. Yamaha has designed excellent ergonomics with great shock absorbers. The ride quality of the Yamaha Fz segment is superb with a comfortable riding position.

#4. Bajaj Avenger 160

best bike for back pain

For those who prefer a relaxed riding position. Bajaj Avengers are great for short to heavy riders who don’t have to hunch their back. Quite comfortable for touring and long journeys. Though few riders feel Bajaj avengers are not comfortable and cause back pain, I would say it actually depends on the height and weight of the rider.  

#5. Honda Unicorn

best bike for back pain
Honda Unicorn is the most loved bike among riders with bad backs. The bike features a kickass mono-shock suspension. With unmatchable ride quality, the bike is comfortable with great riding posture. I would say Honda Unicorn is the all-rounder bike for busy streets, long rides, and commuting.

#6. Bajaj Discover Comfortec

best mileage bikes in india
A liter-class bike with great mileage and excellent ground stability. Being a budget-friendly bike the Discover Comfortec is lightweight and comfortable. The Shock absorbers of Discover Comfortec handle rough roads quite well and is a good day-to-day bike.

#7. KTM Duke Series

best bike for back painIf you are into performance bikes you can go with Duke which is the best bike for back pain. The KTM duke series is definitely making you happy. The Suspension setting of KTM dukes is great with ration to its weight. The riding posture is also straight forwards with comforted handlebars.


#Tips To Reduce Back Pain while Riding

  • Exercise

Always Stretch your body before going for a ride be it a short one but stretch. Twist your Upper Body and Hip after and before riding. Simple exercises reduce back pain.

  • Good Helmet

A good helmet will certainly get you rid of neck aches and extra weights. Always go for lightweight helmets with great aerodynamics.

  • Adjusting Suspension

Considering the roads in India if you feel your suspension gives jerks. It’s time to adjust your suspension. I always keep a semi-soft setup on a rough road and a hard setup on a smooth road.

  • Riding Conditions 

Take notice of where you are heading. Cold Wind may be the cause of your back pain. Keep yourself warm and prepared for your journey.

  • Taking Breaks

While on a long journey it’s always a good idea to take frequent breaks. I always take 10 minutes to break after riding 50+ kilometers.


Causes For Motorcycle Back Pain 

  • Height and weight

Depending on the Rider’s height and weight the type of bike must be chosen. Height Problems lead to slouching while riding. Whereas weight problems cause lower Backaches while dealing with motorcycle weight.

  • Riding Position

Where there is discomfort, there is pain. Always ride with your back upright, Shoulders pushed back, and avoid hunching.

  • Motorcycle Weight

I personally feel pressure on my back while moving heavy bikes. Your choice of a motorcycle should be proportional to your weight.

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Summing up all the best bikes for back pain comment below if you want me to add any other bike. Also, Lets us know what is your way of avoiding back pain while riding a motorcycle.