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Top 9 Bikes with Gear Shift Indicator

Top 9 Bikes with Gear Shift Indicator

Bikes with gear shift indicator give more accuracy to perform the perfect gear shifts. It gives you a united level of confidence especially when you want to go fast as light.
Motorcycle manufacturers are including this feature on almost all their upcoming bikes. Currently, only a handful of budget bikes are available in the market.

9 Bikes with Gear Shift Indicator feature

Apache RTR 160 4V

top-bikes-with-gear-shiift-indicator (1)

The new TVS Apache RTR 160 4V gets powered with a 159 cc SI, 4 stroke, oil-cooled engine which generates 16.56 bhp of power and 14.8 Nm of peak torque. The beast can perform 0-60kmph in 4.8 seconds and has a high speed of 114 kmph.

The 2018 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V relies on an entirely fresh 4-valve platform, giving it new styling and layout, new chassis and suspension and important upgrades to the engine too.

The newest Apache RTR 160 4V is offered in 3 Distinct models and comes with a price tag starting from Rs.81,500.

Suzuki Gixxer

top-bikes-with-gear-shiift-indicator (1)

Suzuki Gixxer is powered by a 155cc, single cylinder, two valves, 4-stroke, air-cooled gas engine. The engine is capable of producing maximum energy output of 14.8 PS in 8000 RPM and high torque of 14 Nm at 6000 RPM.

The motor includes an electric starter program and a 5-speed gearbox. The Gixxer is priced at Rs.81,000.

Yamaha R15 V3

top-bikes-with-gear-shiift-indicator (1)

The 2018 Yamaha YZF-R15 V3 comes in the brand new 155 cc, liquid-cooled engine which generates 19 bhp at 10,000 rpm and 15 Nm of peak torque at 8500 rpm.

Additionally, it will come with varying valves actuation that assists in supplying torque at low rpm. The motorcycle is assisted with a slipper clutch to get a smoother performance. The R15 V3 is tagged with a price of 1.40 Lakh.

TVS Apache RR 310

TVS Apache RR 310

The Apache RR 310 is powered with a four-stroke, four-valve, single-cylinder, reverse-inclined 312 cc engine. That makes 33.5 bhp in 9700 rpm and 27.3 Nm of peak torque in 7700 rpm.

The steel trellis frame employs a split chassis layout and is thought to offer greater dynamic stiffness and much better management and handling. The flagship bike from TVS has been launched at a price of Rs 2.10 lakh.


Royal Enfield Himalayan

top-bikes-with-gear-shiift-indicator (1)

The adventure tourer from Royal Enfield is powered by a 411cc, single cylinder, air-cooled engine. With a power of 24.5 bhp at 6500 rpm and peak torque of 32Nm to 4250rpm.

The Himalayan is the first motorcycle from Royal Enfield to serve with a gear shift indicator. The Himalayan comes with a price tag of 1.82 Lakh.

Apache RTR 200 4V

top-bikes-with-gear-shiift-indicator (1)

The RTR 200 4V gets 197.5 cc single-cylinder engine which generates 20.71 with torque output 18.1 Nm. The Apache RTR 200 4V is the first bike in its course to get a slipper clutch.

It reduces the power used to run the clutch by 22 percent which makes the upshifts faster and reduces wheel-hopping. The motorcycle would cost around Rs. 95,185 for the Normal variant.

KTM Duke/RC 200

top-bikes-with-gear-shiift-indicator (1)

KTM has always built its bikes with gear shift indicator. KTM 200 features 199.5cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine which generates 25bhp of greatest power.

The engine comes mated to some six-speed gearbox which assists in smooth gear changes where the bike maintains a top speed of 138km/h.

KTM Duke 390

top-bikes-with-gear-shiift-indicator (1)

In the case of KTM 390, the engine is powered to a 373.2 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine which generates 43 bhp of power with a torque reaching up to 37 Nm. KTM 200 is priced at 1.62 lakh whereas the new 390 would cost around 2.58L.

KTM Duke 250

top-bikes-with-gear-shiift-indicator (1)

The engine comes from the KTM 390’s 373 cc unit and is tuned to fork out 30 bhp and 24 Nm of torque, paired with a 6-speed transmission. The 250 Duke comes with a slipper clutch but doesn’t acquire levers. The bike is tagged at 1.92 Lakhs.

How to remove scratches from bike

How to remove scratches from bike

No matter how careful you are you cannot avoid that one scratch on your ride which just ruins your day. Dealing with scratches has been one of the worst nightmares among vehicle owners.
Though it is not always possible to spend hefty amounts to remove scratches off your bike. We have covered a list of 4 simple hacks on how to remove scratches from a motorcycle.

Layers of Paint Coating on Motorcycles

# E-Coating – This is the first layer of primer coating which prevents the painted body from corrosion and rust.

# Primer – The second layer of coating which levels out any unevenness of the underlying layer. Also protecting E-Coating from UV radiation.

# Clear Coating – It is the last layer which is applied to increase paint’s durability, keeping its gloss and shine. Clear Coating protects the body from UV radiation and minor scratches mainly caused by pebbles or dust.

Understanding Different Types of Scratches

#1. Clear Coat Scratches – are the most common type of superficial scratches. The layer that lies on top is affected. These type of scratches are the easiest to remove.

#2. Primer Coat Scratches – are those which go deeper than the clear coat and the paint itself. Since the scratch has affected the paint layer, it cannot be completely removed unless you repaint it. The most you can do is to polish it to an unnoticeable level.

#3. Paint Scratches – are when you see a silver color which means that the scratch has hit the metal removing the clear coat and the primer. These are the worst type of scratches which if not fixed shortly, the surface will slowly begin to form rust.

#4 Hacks on How to Remove Scratches from Bike

Candle Wax

For scratches on your bike paint, using candle wax is a terrific way to make the scratches undetectable. Start by cleaning the scuffed area and allowing it to dry, then, rub a light coat of the candle wax onto the damaged region. The wax coat will cover and seal the undesirable mark. This method is a short-term solution to the problem.

Nail Polish

If you want an instant solution. Then using nail polish is the cheapest way ever. As soon as you’ve recognized the colour closest to that in your bike, wash out the place and let it dry. Then use the polish to the scuffed place evenly. You are able to apply several coats to be certain that the scratch is not observable.

Super Glue

Super Glue is used to simply level the scraped area together with all the untouched regions since it’s translucent and blends evenly with the surrounding surfaces. Apply a thin coating of super glue on the affected area and give some time to dry. Once it is set you can touch it up with nail polish to cover the scratch.


Most formulations used in toothpaste contain abrasive components which could be implemented to wash minor scratches on painted surfaces, basically functioning like a sanding tool. That is the reason you can always use it if your bike has undesirable marks you need to erase.

  • Thoroughly wash and dry the scuffed area.
  • Put some toothpaste to a dampened microfiber towel.
  • Using circular motion rub the toothpaste into the scratched area.
  • Rinse off any excess toothpaste.
  • Repeat the process two to three times.

For best results, use a good polishing agent after removing the scratch. Also, check these two popular Automobile polish which makes deep scratches go less noticeable.

Sheeba Scratch Remover

Sheeba Polish leaves a long-lasting protective film that protects and glows for an extended time. It can also be implemented to helmets, powder coated accessories, head, and tail-lights.

Sheeba High gloss includes a unique mix of ingredients that provide extra bright glow and pay for protection. It is actively formulated to provide extra bright glow & fresh appearance to scratched surfaces.

Formula 1 Scratch Out

remove-scratches-from-bike (1)

Formula 1 Scratch Out eliminates minor to medium scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings, and tree sap out of your vehicle. Simply apply some amount into the scrape and rub vigorously with a sterile cloth. Keep rubbing until you find the scratch evaporating.

11 Quick ways to Earn Riding Motorcycles

11 Quick ways to Earn Riding Motorcycles

Making good money while riding bikes all the time is a dream for many. Well, you don’t have to be a MotoGP Rider to earn stacks of money. We have covered a list of 12 Proven ways to earn big money while you ride on the streets.

Best Ways to Make Money Riding Bikes


#1. Write Paid Reviews

You can get paid to write good reviews by sharing your opinion on the internet. A good way to start is by writing online reviews to help other shoppers (riders) to make an informed purchase. Such as writing reviews on biking accessories, spare and custom parts and products. If you’re good at writing you can sign up for Amazon Product Review and Famebit.

#2. Create a Youtube Channel

Cruising all day and night would get you a good income from youtube. Go ahead and create a youtube channel and start motovlogging. Shoot Yourself, Show off your ride and make interesting videos.

Share your experience, your best bike ride destination, riding skills and help other riders. Once you get your first 1000 subscribers you can start monetizing the videos and earn from youtube.

#3. Become a Motorcycle Test Rider

If you think you have got enough experience on two wheels. You can opt to become a Test Rider. Motorcycle manufacturers look for official bike testers to test the bike on varying conditions and terrains before they hit the showrooms.

The job role includes one day a week riding the concept models. Riding 100+ kilometers and sharing your opinion to the engineers so that they can make necessary tweaks and changes.

#4. Bike Tour Guide


If you have a touring style bike, and experience in leading and managing groups. Then you may be eligible to host a motorcycle tour guide. You can show foreign riders the best bike ride destinations in your town and as well share your experience.

#5. Promote Affiliate Products

Sign up for an affiliate program and you can start promoting affiliate products among your followers. Every time someone buys a product using your affiliate link you get a percentage of commision.
Affiliate Promotion is one of the most popular ways to earn with endless opportunities. You can sign up at Amazon, Clickbank, etc.

#6. Create Social Fan Page

Create a fan page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Next start posting interesting and viral posts about motorcycles, rides, trips, etc.

After you have a decent number of followers you can start earning by doing promotional posts, promote affiliate products and by joining the Youtube Partner Program.

#7. Do Advertisement Films / Photoshoot

Motorcycle manufacturers need a lot of advertisement videos and pictures to market their newly launched bikes. Getting into this needs a bit of professionalism and lots of experience. You can apply and be a featuring rider in the company’s video and pictures.

#8. Blogging

Start your own blog on motorcycle and riding. Blogging is one the best way to earn cash. I have seen people who blog full time while buying new motorcycles and living the life to the fullest.

There are a ton of ways to monetize from a blog. Like writing product reviews, promoting affiliate links and through advertisements.

#9. Support Bike based Business

Get into a partnership with your local motorcycle based business. And start promoting their products and services while you ride through the highway. On every recommendation, you get a percentage of the commision. You can also promote it on your social media channels.

#10. Courier Stuff

If you keep moving between places. You can help people by delivering their package on your bike. A lot of people would have to courier things asap. Take the opportunity and make sure you meet the said deadlines.

#11. Stunt Shows


If you are into stunting. You can make money by doing stunt ride shows at sponsored motorcycle events. Join a professional stunt group to improve your skills and get exposure.

Have patience and give it some time to any of the tips mentioned above. Earning money takes time and since you are cruising high all the time you will make it soon.

Good Luck!

19 Tips on How to Increase Bike Mileage

19 Tips on How to Increase Bike Mileage

As the fuel price is going high day by day., it has become a matter of concern for every rider. Especially the ones who use their ride to commute daily.
Getting the best out of our bike is something every rider craves. Since this is about how to increase bike mileage, we have listed every single tweak which you can do to punch up the performance of your bike with enhanced mileage.

How to Increase Bike Mileage ?

#1. Get the best quality fuel from your trusted station. It’s never a good idea to get fuel from unauthorized dealers. I have heard that they contaminate the fuel with other solvents which might rupture your engine.

#2. Next time you go to fuel your bike. Make it a point to get a full tank refill, rather than refilling it often. Opening the fuel lid frequently may result in loss of fuel as vapor.

#3. It is advised to fuel the bike on early mornings or late nights. During the hot time of the day. the fuel remains warm. Remember Fuel burns faster when it is hot.

#4. In my experience, it is one of the most neglected factors to improve the bike’s mileage. Correct tyre pressure lets your bike set free. Thus, resulting in less power used by the engine. Get your tyre pressure checked every week.

#5. Always keep an eye on your motorcycle’s chain. Frequent cleaning and lubricating the chain would keep the bike’s performance top notch. Also, it helps to keep your gearbox free of dirt deposits so you can do smooth gear clicks.

#6. Keep in mind the chain should remain tight and not slacking down. Or else it would result in loss of power.

#7. When it comes to pick up the carburettor plays a very vital role. Cleaning the carburettor will get the bike its peak performance and pickup. Make sure you clean the carbon deposits thoroughly.

#8. One of the important aspects on how to increase bike mileage is to avoid quick acceleration from 0 to 60. Sudden acceleration tends to put more pressure on the engine and will pull more fuel.
You should do a smooth and steady pickup which puts minimal pressure on the engine.

how-to-increase-bike-mileage (2)

#9. How you use the brakes reflect a lot about the bike mileage. Never perform unwanted harsh braking as long as you don’t have to stop. Know the streets well to avoid traffic, potholes and use minimum brakes.

#10. Never ride for long on high RPM. Ride at a uniform speed. Maintain your speed between 40-60 kmph which is also known as the economy speed.

#11. Getting your bike serviced on time as recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer is a must. Get your air filter cleaned, engine oil changed, coolant level checked, and loose parts tightened.

#12. How fast you cruise depends on How you switch between gears. The best way to push your mileage is by riding at high gears. A vehicle consumes more fuel in low gears. Avoid shifting gears at high RPM.

#13. Smooth shifting of gear below 4000 RPM is suggested. A good practice is to avoid constant shifting of gear which puts a heavy load to the clutch.

#14. Go for the best quality engine oil for your bike. Every bike is different so Choose the Best Engine Oil for your Bike. Change the engine oil on time to prevent engine corrosion. Also never overfill the motor oil.


#15. Timely cleaning of Spark Plug and air filter needs to be checked, in order to get the best performance and unwanted engine noise.

#16. Though it does not impact directly. But parking the bike under direct sunlight for long hours is something which should be prevented.

#17. More load to the bike means more fuel to be burnt. If you want an added mileage never have a pillion rider.

#18. Don’t make unnecessary modifications as long as it does not enhance the performance to the bike. Keep your bike free from unwanted weights and leave it like factory standards.

#19. Never change the tyre with a bigger size other than the recommended size. As it will reduce your pick up and would make a huge impact on your mileage.

Following these tip on how to increase bike mileage will help you push the mileage and performance a bit higher.

GPS Tracking Device for bikes In India

GPS Tracking Device for bikes In India

If you are looking for a GPS tracking device for bikes, you must be aware of the fact that around 2-3 bikes are stolen every minute. We all hesitate to leave our ride in an unsafe neighborhood. Back in the day I lost my motorbike and found out near the beach after two days with dents and scratches. Guess things have gone worse with many others.

Thankfully things have changed now. Technology has blessed us with Gps tracking devices for bikes and mostly for any vehicle. Which can now do a hell lot of things one can ever imagine.

Gps tracking devices have become a lifesaver for many bikers and automobile owners. You can leave your bikes anywhere without any worry. And track its location and activity anytime from your smartphones or desktop.

Benefits of using GPS tracking device for bikes


  1. Real-time GeoLocation tracking.
  2. Mobile Application Accessibility.
  3. Engine Ignition Detection Alert.
  4. Geo-Fence – Notifies when the bike leaves a certain area.
  5. Overspeed Alarm.
  6. Alerts on Motion detection.
  7. Notifies on sudden acceleration and harsh braking.
  8. Helps to cut off the power of the engine.
  9. Smart Artificial Intelligence technology to detect activity.
  10. Sends real-time location address by google link or on apps.
  11. Emergency Alarms.
  12. Driving statistics.

Buying Guide:

There are a lot of varieties in the market. To be unbiased you might want to consider these points before purchasing a GPS tracking device for bikes.

  • Hardware warranty.
  • After sales and service support.
  • Anti-theft feature.
  • Repairable (Just in Case).
  • Network Flexibility: Look for a device that supports both GPRS and CDMA wireless networks.
  • Battery Life.
  • Mobile Application.
  • SMS and E-mail alert.
  • Vehicle Engine Power Cut feature.
  • Geo-Fence Feature.

We have selected 5 best affordable GPS tracking devices for bikes in India.

#1. SAM GPS Security Pro

gps tracking device for bikes

Sam GPS security pro @ Rs. 5900

Sam GPS security pro is one among the top GPS Positioning device which packs all the features required by any GPS tracking device for bikes. The cutting-edge technology used in the system helps the user to switch off the bike’s engine with one swipe.

The security pro by SAM comes with highly sensitive GPS chip which sends precise location on cloud servers, helping the user to watch vehicle’s live location plus full day driving history with their user-friendly mobile application.

The device features anti-theft alarm which alerts instantly in case of vehicle theft. The app allows you to set a geo-fence/safe zone where you get notified when the vehicle leaves the marked area.


  • First year free after that subscription at Rs.1000 per year.
  • Free Sim card with 1-year subscription.
  • Geo-Fence marking.
  • Over Speed Alerts.
  • One Touch Vehicle engine ignition access.
  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Travel history video.
  • Excellent customer after sales service.


#2. Akari GT02A GPS Tracker

gps tracking device for bikes

Akari Gps tracking device @ Rs.2000

The GT02A from Akari is based on GSM/GPRS Network which connects to global positioning systems. The GPS device sets multiple functions of security, positioning, emergency alarms, monitoring surveillance and tracking in its entirety.

Along with real-time tracking, the smart device also supports past summary where users can access previous month’s history. Such as travel route, the total number of kilometers driven and other helpful details on google map. The company provides a decent customer and installation support.


  • Anti-theft protection.
  • Track old month history summary.
  • Mobile Application and Web portal available.
  • Customer Support.
  • 1-year free app and website license, after that Rs. 500 per year.
  • The system will serve a lifetime for free on SMS reporting.
  • Does not support Jio sim.
  • Track by SMS.
  • Supports dual GSM/GPRS Network.


#3. ZAICUS ST-901

gps tracking device for bikes india

Zaicus Gps tracking device @ Rs.2800

On the third list of best GPS tracking device for bikes is the ST-910 by Zaicus. What makes this brand so special is the device supports 4 frequency levels.

Such as the GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 Mhz. Which makes the GPS eligible to function anywhere in the world. Another specialty of Zaicus ST-901 is that it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damages caused by rain.

Apart from the basic GPS features, the device supports GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Compass which are the four different satellites to give you the accurate tracking details.
One drawback with the St-901 is that it only works with 2G sim cards.


  • In-built battery lasting up to 4 hours.
  • Decent Customer Support and service.
  • Mobile Application Available.
  • Overspeed Alarm.
  • Low Power ALarm.
  • Waterproof.
  • Detects engine Ignition.
  • Geo-Fence Alarm.
  • Main Power off Alarm.

#4. Lets track DOS GPS Tracking Device

gps tracking device for bikes in india

LetsTrack GPS tracking device @ Rs.3000

LetsTrack is an award-winning GPS tracking device for bikes in India. Their simple to use mobile App gives access to statistics on its simple to use dashboard.

The company has a powerful web portal which extends your reports telling you everything from fuel consumed to distance traveled. The company reassures that if something goes wrong, a team of dedicated customer support will resolve your issues quickly and professionally.

 The hardware is of the highest build quality and reliability. LetsTrack app and web solutions are constantly updated to give better customer experience and support.


  • Unlimited Geo Fence Marking.
  • Real-time Tracking.
  • Great Customer support.
  • Inbuilt 400mah battery that lasts for 8 hours.
  • Advance Mobile Application and Web Portal.
  • Several Award Winning GPS tracking devices in India.
  • Comes with Airtel Sim Pre Installed.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Engine Power cut off feature.
  • Installation and demo videos available.
  • First year free, after that subscription Rs.1200 per year.

#5. SAM GPS Security Mini Waterproof GPS

gps tracking device for bikes

Sam Mini GPS tracking device @ Rs.5000

Another Product by sam on our list is the Mini GPS tracker. Going by its name, Sam Mini Gps Tracker is a compact GPS tracking device that helps you manage your bike and make it ultra secure.

The compact size of the device makes it easy to hide underneath almost anything. Don’t get fooled by its small size as it packs a ton load of features. The device is of top-notch hardware quality which is also waterproof and lightweight.

You can get daily stats on your mobile application about total distance traveled, run time, idle time, max and min speed, etc. The Gps system can be used for tracking multiple vehicles on a single mobile dashboard. A user can also get access to driving history and watch full day video in 20 seconds to see where your vehicle went.


  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Daily Statistics.
  • Driving History.
  • Waterproof.
  • Geo-Fence.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Great Customer Support.
  • Daily Analytics.
  • Travel History Video.

# How GPS Tracking Device Works?

gps tracking device for bikes in india

gps tracking device for bikes in india


# How to use or Setup a GPS Tracking Device?

There are two types of GPS tracking devices

  1. Wired tracking devices are supposed to be connected with the vehicle’s battery or any other power source for the device to function.
  2. Battery Powered tracking devices are the ones to function on a battery which also serves as a portable device.

Depending on the tracking devices you have purchased, your options may be different but you most will require:

  • Activate the GPRS/CDMA network on the device. To do that, you may have to insert a SIM card with a subscription.
  • Next, you may have to log on the GPS tracking provider website or Mobile App to activate it.
  • Place it on your asset or any object you want to track.
  • Lastly, you can access it from your smartphone or desktop using the web portal or mobile application.
  • It’s always a good idea to consult your user manual for more information on using your GPS tracking system.

Note that in most of the cases GPS signal can penetrate glass, plastic, foam, wood, fiberglass, etc. But will not penetrate metal.

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