Castro Raj

Merging passion for motorcycles with writing, exploring the essence of freedom and adventure.

My Journey

From my earliest memories, motorcycles weren’t just machines to me; they were the essence of freedom and adventure. My name is Castro Raj, and I’ve been fortunate enough to merge my childhood passion with my professional life, writing and exploring the world of motorcycles since 2017.

My educational journey began in the corridors of Dr. Graham’s Homes, where instead of the usual math and science homework, my art classes were filled with sketches of motorcycles. This passion was more than just a personal interest; it was a family legacy, with my dad’s enthusiasm for motorcycles and riding igniting my own.

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It was during these years my fascination found a new dimension. Discovering a race track near my university was a turning point, sparking dreams of racing that were, at the time, just out of financial reach. This challenge, however, opened a new door for me – writing.

Diving into the motorcycle industry in 2017, I began sharing my insights and personal riding experiences. My work spans a variety of topics, from the best motorcycles and accessories to practical advice for fellow enthusiasts.

Engaging with communities on forums like Quora and Reddit, I’ve been humbled to see my contributions attract over 52,000 views, connecting with readers who share my passion.

Let’s Ride.Together