The 5 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders

The 5 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders

It’s not always easy to find the bike you like. A task that can be even more complicated when one does not enter the standards of size and that one must contend while choosing their best motorcycles for short riders.

Height and width of saddle associated with the weight can, in particular, make things hard for short riders; the maneuvers with low speed and other half-turns in do not put in confidence.

Some manufacturers, including Suzuki, offer low seat motorcycles for short riders.

It hurts the heart to make a pose of the bike, even if it’s equipped with crankcases. However, this is not an impossible mission and it isn’t necessary to be satisfied with the small engine.

Especially since some motorcycles offer lowered versions, even if it is often at the expense of thickness saddle and comfort.

Best motorcycles for Short Riders

The accessibility for the short riders is not just a seat height. The width of the seat and the angle at which he rests his legs are also an important factor.

With reduced leverage, weight and center of gravity are also a problem. So you want a short, thin, lightweight and centralized bike.

5 Best Motorcycles for Short Riders

#1. Suzuki SV650 / S
short riders motorbike
Smaller than the TL1000, classical worship, the SV has long since conquered an admiring audience – and with good reason. The Suzuki V-Twin Engine is so flexible that it can be tamed by novice drivers or tormented by experienced riders as well.

The maneuverability is so good that it started an entire race at the beginning of the season with the Minitwins class Century.

Available as a Careen (S) machine or as a blank machine, there’s an SV for all, with good first models as cheap as a few hundred pounds for the more angular model.

Suzuki stopped producing the SV and launched the Gladius in 2009. The Gladius was much better than the previous, but it was not as popular as the SV and urged Suzuki to bring the SV back again.

Whether you are looking for a new or used Street or Sportster bike, with its low, slim fit, the SV is a great choice for the short riders.


#2. Harley-Davidson Sportster

cruiser motorcycle for short riders

If you’re more interested in cruise bikes, no brand has more gravity than Harley-Davidson. The Harley Sportster has been around since the late ’50s and is widely known as the entry point to the Harley-Davidson lineup.

Both in terms of price and ease of use for new riders. The Iron 883 is one of the newest Sportsters, and we believe the Black Denim version with its matte black stealth look and details is one of the coolest yet.

The engine is soft and agile with this Harley exhaust note. The driving position is more conventional than many cruise motorcycle with average controls instead of advanced controls.

Your feet are therefore more aligned than your knees and not stretched forward, which makes handling much easier for men and smaller girls.


#3. Honda CB600F / S Hornet

honda short rider motorcycle

The hornet may have changed slightly over the years, but it has not lost the characters that have made it so popular with a wide range of bikers – and even the saddle height of less than 800 mm does make them a favorite choice among few short riders.

A new CBR600 engine and first-class ergonomics and handling make the Hornet as fun on the track as it does through traffic.

The design quality is as good as possible and the very reliable four-cylinder engine, which has been developed for many years, offers a wide performance.

The name Hornet is no longer there, but the rumor continues: The CB650F enters the last row of Honda, although the seat height is slightly higher than 810 mm.


#4. Triumph Bonneville T100
triumph motorcycles for short riders

This very Bonneville T100 is indeed the entry point to one of the great emblematic names in the motorcycle industry: the T100. With a seat height of 790 mm, it is just the ideal bike for short riders.

The Bonneville, however, is one of the best beautiful traditional motorcycles. The Bonneville is spiced up with full of characteristics.

The 900 cc twin-cylinder engine delivers 55 horsepower and a quick but very relaxed ride thanks to a 90-nm pair that forgives the lazy left foot.

The flight note (even better with the accessory whistles that are included in the wide range of Triumph products) and the driving feel will make the older pilots feel nostalgic for a time when the British were the best in the world.

I hope that the production of bikes in England will win the World Cup. However, we never believe they are too disturbed by modern handling and efficient braking.


#5. Ducati Monster

ducati motorcycle for short riders

Like the Suzuki, the Ducati is a V-twin. It also has a seat height of less than 800 mm and a narrow waist, making it ideal for people who don’t have enough limbs.

The engine sizes vary from the old air-cooled 600 cc and 900 cc machines to the latest modern monsters, which benefit from the filtering technology of the exotic bikes in Bologna.

The range is pretty confusing, but the engine sizes vary from 696 to 1200 cc, which means there is something for most users.

The first models did not withstand very well and can work hard in the city with bumpy fuel at low speeds and heavy claws.

Later models are much more versatile and easier to manage. So if you can extend the budget to a newer model, it will be well rewarded.



While many motorcycles are suitable for short riders, these are the motorcycles of the world that attract riders of all skill levels, which are suitable for short spears.

It’s important to focus on yourself and your driving skills rather than constantly thinking about what you need to do to change everything on your bike to handle it better.

This is the reason why motorcycles for shorter riders like us are indeed popular.

Best Motorcycle Lock for Ultimate Security of 2019

Best Motorcycle Lock for Ultimate Security of 2019

Do you know what hurts the most? Getting your dream motorbike stolen. So, it is always good to not let a single chance away from your hand by securing your motorcycle with the best motorcycle lock ever or also by putting other good security measures.
Thieves are always on the urge of stealing your motorcycle whenever they get a chance. So, it is important that you have put enough security measures on your bike.
That if any thief got a chance to put their hands on your bike, your security system would give them a tough time to steal.

Why buying the Best Motorcycle lock is Important?

Do you know? Every 3-5 hours one bike gets stolen every day. Most of the thieves are joy riders and usually, they steal for breaking down the parts of your bike to sell them out of the country.
Before you know where your bike is, the parts of your bike are sold and export out of the country. But despite this fact, half of the bikes are protected by some kind of locks.
But an unprotected bike can never be secured. An unsecured and unlocked bike is the number one target of thieves. The more you put security measures on your motorbike, the more it is protected.
Locking devices can help you preventing your motorbike of being stolen. There are certain Motorcycle locks that are ideal for your motorbike security.
Traditionally there are three types of bike locks that are used in almost all motorbike security systems.

Types of Motorcycle Locks

There are particularly three types of locks. U-locks, Cable locks and Chain locks. Each has its own feature. Let’s take a look upon them
  • U-locks
 U-locks are widely used by bikers. It is an excellent deterrent. The heavy mechanism makes it resistible against chisels, hammers and things like that.
This lock reduces the space that can be used by any thief to insert a hammer, leverage, and crowbar to poop the lock apart.
Also, the horseshoe-shaped do not make it to oversize for motorcycles. U-locks are available in various sizes.
Large model locks both the wheels and the frame bike into a fixed object and small to medium models lock the frame and one wheel into a fixed object.
  • Cable locks

Cable locks are designed to be versatile but they are do not offer as much deterrence as U-locks offer.
Because bolt cutters can easily cut cable locks. Yet, they are good to use with a U-lock as the second lock to provide extra security to your motorcycle.
You can never go wrong by using a cable lock with a u-lock.
  • Chain locks

Chain locks are highly recommended for high crime locations. These locks use a special kind of chain link that does not allow any chisels, hacksaws to break through it.
The chain is made up of heavy metal that provides enough resistant for a thief to break through it. Just like cable locks, chain locks also work along with padlocks that make it hard resistant to any criminal activity.
It is very important that you invest your money within such locks that give you the best security.
There are multiple motorcycle locks available in the market that sometimes it’s overwhelming for so many people to choose the best out of them.
Are you also considering buying a motorcycle lock but unsure which one should you choose for your bike security? Well, we heard you.
We have picked some of the best motorcycle locks for you that are available in the market to secure your motorcycles from thieves. Let’s take a look down below.
  • Kryptonite Evolution Series 4
best motorcycle lock 
Kryptonite evolution series 4 is the best lock that assures you to secure your bike at the place you put it. This lock comes with three keys which are stainless.
One of these keys is equipped with a bulb of high intensity. This lock is well designed and easy to install and use. This lock is made up of heavy material which ensures the good holding power.
The holding power of this lock’s double deadbolt mechanism gives a tough time to the criminals.
  • Kryptonite 000884


If you are looking for quality of locks for your motorbike in a less expensive budget then believe us, Kryptonite 000884 is best out there.
Kryptonite 000884 is an efficient alternative to any expensive high-security lock. The diameter of the pin approximately measures about 5mm.
Thus it could be a perfect fit for bikes that are in smaller size. This lock comes with two keys that are made up of steel. The ergonomic design of this lock reduce the amount of torque and hence keep it prevent from breaking or bending.
The lock is weightless and weatherproof, and you can carry this lock easily in your backpack. This lock is best for those who do not remember to start the engine without unlocking the dis lock.
This lock uses a cable which is a reminder usually in the orange color. This feature prevents the rider of the bike from starting the bike when the disc lock is engaged. The kryptonite 000884 is good quality and budget-friendly lock.
  • TCMT disc brake lock
 best motorcycle lock

If you are looking for a good security lock on a budget then TCMT disc brake lock will be the best choice for you to choose.
This lock is made up of the high quality of metal and steel. This lock is indestructible. TCMT disc brake lock comes with an electronic alarm which is waterproof and can work in any weather condition.
 TCMT brake lock is not only used for a motorcycle but it can be utilized for many other vehicles and bikes as well.
The detector which is a part of the design of this lock is sensitive enough to prevent any kind of criminal activity. The volume of the alarm is high enough to make you alert.
By having this lock on your motorcycle, you can freely go anywhere without having any fear of your motorcycle get stolen.
  • BigPantha Handlebar

For those motorcycles whose diameter is of up to 1.5”, then the feature of this product would go best for that motorcycle
This incredibly convenient design takes you only a few seconds to get installed. The design of this lock is adjustable so that you can use not only this single lock for your motorcycle but you can also use it on your bicycle as well.
The material of this lock is highly resilient and makes it indestructible. Its weight is less than one pound. It is highly convenient. The compact feature allows you to carry it to anywhere inside your backpack or pocket.
The versatility and durability that this lock offer makes it perfect security for your motorcycle or bicycle.
  • The Club UTL810
You can never go wrong with either a disc lock or a lock for your handlebar on your motorcycle. But having both will take the security of your motorcycle to the next level.
The club utl810 is brilliantly designed for making your motorcycle extra secure. The heavy material that is used in its design makes incredibly hard for thieves to cut it.
This utility lock is specially designed to take pressure more than of 1,500 pounds. This lock has a vinyl coating which makes it scratch resistant and waterproof as well.
Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

Using the Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers?

Are you a music lover?  Are you looking for some outstanding best motorcycle handlebar speakers for your ride? You will come across many friends and speaker-manufacturing companies that claim they sell the best speakers.
We are here you to provide a detailed guide about what you should look while buying the best motorbike handlebar speakers. You will also find the reviews of some efficient handlebar speakers.

Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers Buying Guide

When you are paying enough amount or your savings on buying the handlebar speakers, do not hurry in making the decision.
First, decide that what features matter you the most and what should the speakers include to stand as a number one or reliable. The primary thing to look at is:
  •    Construction and Material
The first thing is the material that used in their manufacturing. The material is something that provides the durability and enhances the lifeline.
You will find motorcycle handlebar speakers in various materials like aluminum, steel or metal. The best to choose is the one, which is light in weight because they have to attach on bike front handle.
If the speakers are heavy, they may disturb the bike movement while riding. The material must be strong enough that it can face harsh weather condition like snow or rain.
So, always try to buy those handlebar speakers, which are made up of good material. Because when you are paying enough amount, then this buy should prove to be fruitful.
  •    Dimensions and Mounting System
After looking up to the good material manufacturer in handlebar speakers for your motorcycle, the next thing to look at up is dimensions and mounting system.
Are you confused that how dimensions are important to consider? What if you buy your favorite speakers, but they do not fit according to your bike model.
That is something serious to consider so do not forgot to check the measurements as the company mentioned on the device.
If you find that its contract with the dimensions written on the paper and the original dimension, get back to the company and return it.
The other thing is the mounting system because this can also create problems for you. So check whether its mounting system is working efficiently or not.
The manufacturer includes all the accessories that one required in the mounting system. After receiving your parcel, check that it comes with all the accessories or there are some missing parts.

If there is any missing nuts or something, buy it on your own or return it to the company and request for all necessities.


  •    Sound Volume
How one can forget about its main purpose of buying handlebar speakers, i.e., for amazing sound. You must want to listen your favorite sound while riding on a road to enjoy that lock up all the traffic noise around you.
Even you want to enjoy loud, clear sound when you are riding at a very fast speed. Thus, when you are buying your favorite handlebar speakers must check its volume and amplifier that helps to turn the volume at high.
There are always double speakers to manage the sound so check whether the two of these are working or just one of them is playing its role.
You can look for the manufacturer’s recommendations and precaution before operating the sound system. Quality of sound is essential, and it should be clear; otherwise, the purpose of purchasing handlebar speakers will be useless.
  •    Cost Comparisons
The most important thing to consider is the cost. Set up your budget and try to find out those that meet your finances. Speakers with more specifications and features will always cost you much.
Also, research about all the handlebar speakers and make a cost comparison. Compare different companies, their prices, specifications, and features they are offering.
You can find the best speakers at a reasonable price too if you take your time in research. There is no bargaining concept in buying handlebar speakers.
If you can get the best speakers by adding some more money then, the wait is better than buying the cheap one.
  • Connectivity
What will you do if your speakers do not connect to your playlist on your mobile phone?
Always look for those handlebar speakers that comes with extra Bluetooth speakers so you can attach your smartphone and speakers through Bluetooth and can enjoy your favorite track.

Reviews of Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

Here are some reviews about the top handlebar speakers, which assist you in finalizing your decision and paying for the best of them for your motorbike.
  • Kicker 40PSM34
Are you riding in snow or rain? Kicker 40PSM34 will be the best option for you because they are waterproof and give protection from harsh conditions.
These mini, nicely built and loud in volume speakers provide the music lover the best, quality sound on a bike ride. The material used in their manufacturing is durable because of chrome enclosure.
You can mount them by yourself with simple tools because it did not require some professional work. So if you want to listen to powerful and clear sound music than go for these amazing Kicker 40PSM34 speakers.
The best thing about these is the high pitch sound, which will impress them all outside on the road. If you cannot listen to music at 50 mph, then you have to buy an additional amplifier with them.
  • Pyle PLMCS62
If you want to purchase some amazing and stylish speakers for your bike to impressive friends, then Pyle PLMCS62 prove to be the perfect option for you.
The chrome-aluminum material used in its manufacturing gives it an impressive look. They are specially designed according to the weather condition to prevent them from damage.
The outer coating helps to work best against rain, snow, winds, storm and other mechanical faults. It has the power of 600 watts to give high pitch sound.
There is no need to worry about the mounting system because it comes with all mounting accessories in the pack.
You will enjoy listening to your favorite song while riding on your motorbike.  Also, it comes with additional lifeline and durability.
  • Boss Audio MC720 B
What about Bluetooth handlebar speakers to make your ride fantastic and memorable? Try out Boss Audio MC720B Bluetooth handlebar speakers and listen to your favorite track while connecting with your phone or tablet.
Not just smartphones, it comes with the additional feature of connectivity with iPod and iPhone.
Another amazing thing about Boss Audio MC720B is the mounting brakes, which you will find in the packaging so one can adjust or move it on handle easily.
There is no need to use extra speakers with these Bluetooth speakers. Mounting is so simple and quick that you did not need professional tools. The Bluetooth feature helps a user to control the music and volume.
  • Kicker PXiBT 100.2
best-motorcycle-handlebar-speakers (7) 
Kicker PXiBT 100.2 is an excellent sound speaker set that is waterproof and durable in use. Chrome coating helps it to stand fine in rains, snow, and prevent from mechanical faults during riding.
The amazing thing about Kicker PXiBT 100.2 speakers is that you can control your songs or volume via Bluetooth or the panel that comes with the speakers to pause, play, volume up and down feasibility.
Best Motorcycle Battery Reviewed & Tested by Experts

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviewed & Tested by Experts

What is a Motorcycle Battery?

A motorcycle battery is actually the electrical storage for your motorcycle. Due to the acid in the battery, a chemical reaction takes place with the presence of lead and this battery stores the produced electrical energy.

Every motorcycle has a motorcycle battery that is compulsory for its functioning. If you are already a motorcycle rider, you would have a clearer image of it.

However, if you are new to this industry or want to know more about it, this article will help you in the best way. You will learn everything about motorcycle batteries in this article along with reviewing some of the best motorcycle batteries.

Let’s start by exploring the different Types of motorcycle batteries.

Types of Motorcycle Batteries


  • Gel Motorcycle Batteries

These types of batteries involve the gel-like substance in the battery. These types of batteries usually come in black and blue colors.

Inside this battery, a gel-like acid is filled up and the cap is properly and tightly closed. You don’t have to add-up anything into this type of battery and it will work effectively.  


  • Wet Cell Batteries

These are the acid-lead batteries in which the power is generated through a chemical reaction between the acid and the lead.

This type of battery needs to be checked after every regular interval for the level of distilled water. You have to add the distilled water into it according to the required limit.


  • Dry Cell Batteries

These types of batteries are also known as maintenance-free motorcycle batteries.

In this type of dry cell motorcycle batteries, once the liquid is filled up and caped tightly, you wouldn’t have to be worried about its maintenance.
Once bought, they continue to work as long as their life and no monitoring is required.


Estimated Life of an Average Motorcycle Battery

All of the battery manufacturers throughout the world argues that an average motorcycle battery has an average life of about 48 months.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule because the life of the batteries may vary greatly. There are some batteries which perfectly work for longer period of time, even more than 48 months.

On the contrary, there are other batteries that may need the replacement after a shorter interval of time. However, it also depends greatly on the manufacturer of the batteries as well as on how much you take care of the battery.

Must Consider Battery’s Durability and Price

It is very important that you must figure out the price and durability of the battery before buying one for you. It is very important so that you may not end up in paying a high price for less durable battery.

If it happens, it would only result in wasting your money as you would need to buy a new battery as a replacement. First of all, must determine your budget to buy the battery in that price category.

Then evaluate different batteries in that price range to see which one is more durable and has all the required features.

Then, also look for the previous customers’ reviews about that particular battery type. Once you are fully satisfied, then make an actual purchase.

Reviews of Top Selling Motorcycle Batteries

Here are the reviews of some of the top-selling batteries which have been rated high by the users. The customers have given positive feedback to them as a result of their outstanding performance.

Let’s read about the following best and top-selling batteries.


  • ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Battery


This is the top-rated lead acid rechargeable battery that can be used without any difficulty. The best thing about this type of battery is that it goes in the long run and it is also rechargeable.

Another best advantage of this type of battery is that it can be used easily for every type of bike. It works on the principle of lead-acid chemical reaction for energy generation.

This type of battery needs to be maintained and check for the level of distilled water in them. They are available in a little high price in the market but its features and performance are worth its price.


  • YUASA YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Battery


This battery is in the top of the list of maintenance free batteries and highly recommended by the users. The best thing about this type of battery is that you just need to buy and set it once, and then it will keep working for longer.

For other types of batteries, you may need to spend a lot of time on every single or alternate day in maintenance. Sometimes, you have a very busy schedule and it becomes hard to find time for battery maintenance.

In the end, you are more stressed up about what would happen if something negative happens to the battery due to no maintenance.

In such cases, the maintenance free batteries come as a life-saver for you. There is no need to worry about their maintenance because they don’t need any. Another great benefit of this battery is that it costs you less than other high-end batteries.


  • Chrome battery YTX7L-BS High-Performance motorcycle batteries


This is also a top rated battery that is made according to the demands of the motorcycle riders. This is also a maintenance-free battery with a gel cell inside it.

Once it is made, the caps of these battery holes are closed tightly and sealed because you don’t need to open them. this battery also requires no maintenance or in other words, a maintenance-free battery.

The gel pack inside this battery extends its life and make it go for a long run. Once you buy this battery and install it in your motorcycle, you would be free of tension for years.

Another best thing is that you can use this battery for any motorcycle and it would work perfectly fine.


  • Battery Tender Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


Among the best batteries for motorcycle, the battery lithium tender iron phosphate battery is a well-known name. This battery is highly demanded by riders due to a number of reasons.

The first reason is that it the almost 80 percent lighter in weight than all other types of batteries which is an adorable feature. Secondly, it is the best battery because it effectively and perfectly fits in the multiple sizes of battery boxes.

Therefore, you don’t need to worried about its fitting and installment at all. Thirdly, this battery also has a very long life and works perfectly for a longer duration.

One more amazing feature of this battery is that it is able to withstand any kind of weather conditions. Therefore, no matter where it is very cold or extremely hot weather, it would work perfectly fine.

Due to these features, it is the most widely selling battery among all other batteries.

If you are looking for purchasing the best motorcycle battery for your motorcycle, make sure you go through all the above details regarding motorcycle batteries. Also, read about the above reviewed top-selling batteries before deciding about buying the best battery for your motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Oil – Guide to help you Buy

Best Motorcycle Oil – Guide to help you Buy

Whether you are new to this industry or not, it is very important for you to have in-depth knowledge about motorcycle oils.
This article will help you in learning from A to Z about the motorcycle oils, types and which would be the best motorcycle oil for your ride. Let’s explore the details with us.

Choosing the best motorcycle oil

Choosing the right motorcycle oil is sometimes difficult for most of the people. Therefore, the best thing is to check your motorcycle manufacturer’s manual for your motorcycle.

In the manual, the manufacturers have usually recommended the best oil weight for your motorcycle. You can simply adjust this weight on the basis of weather conditions.

After that, choose the best oil based on these values while making sure that your selected oil would be approved by API standards.

The API stands for the American Petroleum Institute and all of the best motorcycle oils must meet its standards.

Furthermore, it is also important to carefully check the viscosity and choose the oil whose viscosity or thickness suits with your vehicle.

The viscosity of the motorcycle oil must be compatible with the weather conditions in which your vehicle operates.

You will find the complete details about the link between oil viscosity and weather in the later section of this article. You will also come across more details about choosing the best motorcycle oil for your bike.

Viscosity of Motorcycle Oils   

In simple words, the term viscosity means the thickness or the tendency of the fluid to flow at some rate. In oil bottles/containers for motorcycles, you may find the figure written as “10W-30”.

This figure actually shows the viscosity of the motorcycle oil. Most of you don’t know how to read this figure.

Don’t worry! Because now you will learn about how to read this for the sake of choosing the right motorcycle oil.

best motorcycle oil

In this figure (10W-30), the W stand for Winters. The first number written with ‘W’ is the viscosity of the oil in cold or how it will flow in colder temperatures.

The second number is the viscosity of the oil in hot temperature, i.e. how it will flow in hot weather.

The viscosity of the thin motorcycle oils is usually lower while the thicker motorcycle oils have more viscosity. However, it is said that a little thicker oil is usually best for the motorcycles.

The reason behind it is that the thicker oil would ensure good lubrication among moving parts. In this way, it would save the motorcycle parts from friction or any damage as a result of friction.

On the other side, it is also said that the viscosity of the motorcycle oil should not be higher. This is because, in case of cold temperatures, the thicker oil would fail to reach every part of the machinery.

As a result, it may cause damage to the motorcycle engine as most of the parts would not be lubricated properly.

They would not be lubricated properly due to the poor flow of thicker oil. When we start the motorcycle, the oil begins to heat up and gets a bit thinner.

In cold weather, it would cause issues with thicker oils as they wouldn’t get thinner beyond their limit. Due to cold weather, it wouldn’t get thinner and fail to flow in the required amount to every part of the engine.     

Types of Motorcycle Oils


  • Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

    These oils are considered the best motorcycle oils of the world. They are the best quality oils and they never degrade.
    Fully Synthetic oils are the best ones to enhance the performance of the engine of the motorcycles.They are made up from the refinement or processing or man-made chemicals.


  • Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Synthetic or semi-synthetic oils are basically the mixture of the synthetic and mineral oils. Both of these oils have been processed together in order to achieve the maximum benefits of both.

They are also the best oils for increasing the performance of the motorcycle engine. Furthermore, they also help greatly in reducing the dirt particles from the engine.

Top Selling Best Motorcycle Oils


  • Castrol 10W-40 4T Motorcycle Oil

best motorcycle oil

The top feature of this motorcycle oil is that it is the fully synthetic oil. Another best thing about this oil is that it meets with all the standards of American Petroleum Association (API), SL and JASO.

It ensures the smooth acceleration and smooth transmission. This type of oil is the best one for those motorcycles or vehicles which are 4-strokes. In situations of mechanical shear, they also resist the change in viscosity.


  • Mobil 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

best motorcycle oil

It is the most popular motorcycle oil which is famous for racing and best quality. It completely protects your motorcycle oil from all sorts of dirt deposits.

If dirt particles get accumulated into your engine, they would badly affect the performance of your engine.

However, this motorcycle oil completely makes you tension free in this regard.

It also greatly helps your engine in minimizing or controlling its noise and also ensures smooth transmission.

Another best thing about this oil is that it can easily withstand any extreme hot weather.

The price of Mobil oil is not very high but slightly higher than Castrol oil.

However, its price is worth its quality and its features and benefits make this price completely relevant.    


  • Motul 7100 Synthetic Oil 4T- 10W40

best motorcycle oil

The best thing about this type of oil is that it offers a smooth transmission for your motorcycle engine.

It works great in cleaning the dirt and fibers or any residual material from engine parts.

It smoothly reaches towards every part and lubricates them in a perfect manner.

The amazing thing about this oil is that it meets all the standards of American Petroleum Association (API), SG, SH, and SL.

However, the bad thing about this motorcycle oil is that this oil is very costly for a common man. It is overpriced and you cannot afford it for heavy use if you are an average-income person.


  • Lucas Oil 10702-PK6 High-Performance Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20W-50

best motorcycle oil

It is also one of the best oils for motorcycles. The best thing about this oil is that it provides maximum protection to the motorcycle engine.

Besides other oils, this motorcycle oil is also fairly priced and affordable for everyone.

It is famous for the fluent transmission and well known as a true racing oil. It also works best at reducing noise while improving the performance of the engine.

However, it must be kept in mind that the Lucas oil may negatively impact your engine if you put it in the wrong engine.

If it is not suitable for your motorcycle type, then it may result in creating loud noise while decreased performance.

There are many other best motorcycle oils that you can buy but make sure to read the above details first.
However, whenever you go for buying your motorcycle oil, make sure you check your motorcycle’s instruction manual.

In this, you would find the necessary details that would help you in choosing the best oil for your motorcycle. In this way, you would be able to choose the right oil for your vehicle.

As choosing the wrong oil may harm your engine or your vehicle, it is always recommended to choose your motorcycle oil wisely.


GPS Tracking Device for bikes In India

GPS Tracking Device for bikes In India

If you are looking for a GPS tracking device for bikes, you must be aware of the fact that around 2-3 bikes are stolen every minute. We all hesitate to leave our ride in an unsafe neighborhood. Back in the day I lost my motorbike and found out near the beach after two days with dents and scratches. Guess things have gone worse with many others.

Thankfully things have changed now. Technology has blessed us with Gps tracking devices for bikes and mostly for any vehicle. Which can now do a hell lot of things one can ever imagine.

Gps tracking devices have become a lifesaver for many bikers and automobile owners. You can leave your bikes anywhere without any worry. And track its location and activity anytime from your smartphones or desktop.

Benefits of using GPS tracking device for bikes


  1. Real-time GeoLocation tracking.
  2. Mobile Application Accessibility.
  3. Engine Ignition Detection Alert.
  4. Geo-Fence – Notifies when the bike leaves a certain area.
  5. Overspeed Alarm.
  6. Alerts on Motion detection.
  7. Notifies on sudden acceleration and harsh braking.
  8. Helps to cut off the power of the engine.
  9. Smart Artificial Intelligence technology to detect activity.
  10. Sends real-time location address by google link or on apps.
  11. Emergency Alarms.
  12. Driving statistics.

Buying Guide:

There are a lot of varieties in the market. To be unbiased you might want to consider these points before purchasing a GPS tracking device for bikes.

  • Hardware warranty.
  • After sales and service support.
  • Anti-theft feature.
  • Repairable (Just in Case).
  • Network Flexibility: Look for a device that supports both GPRS and CDMA wireless networks.
  • Battery Life.
  • Mobile Application.
  • SMS and E-mail alert.
  • Vehicle Engine Power Cut feature.
  • Geo-Fence Feature.

We have selected 5 best affordable GPS tracking devices for bikes in India.

#1. SAM GPS Security Pro

gps tracking device for bikes

Sam GPS security pro @ Rs. 5900

Sam GPS security pro is one among the top GPS Positioning device which packs all the features required by any GPS tracking device for bikes. The cutting-edge technology used in the system helps the user to switch off the bike’s engine with one swipe.

The security pro by SAM comes with highly sensitive GPS chip which sends precise location on cloud servers, helping the user to watch vehicle’s live location plus full day driving history with their user-friendly mobile application.

The device features anti-theft alarm which alerts instantly in case of vehicle theft. The app allows you to set a geo-fence/safe zone where you get notified when the vehicle leaves the marked area.


  • First year free after that subscription at Rs.1000 per year.
  • Free Sim card with 1-year subscription.
  • Geo-Fence marking.
  • Over Speed Alerts.
  • One Touch Vehicle engine ignition access.
  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Travel history video.
  • Excellent customer after sales service.


#2. Akari GT02A GPS Tracker

gps tracking device for bikes

Akari Gps tracking device @ Rs.2000

The GT02A from Akari is based on GSM/GPRS Network which connects to global positioning systems. The GPS device sets multiple functions of security, positioning, emergency alarms, monitoring surveillance and tracking in its entirety.

Along with real-time tracking, the smart device also supports past summary where users can access previous month’s history. Such as travel route, the total number of kilometers driven and other helpful details on google map. The company provides a decent customer and installation support.


  • Anti-theft protection.
  • Track old month history summary.
  • Mobile Application and Web portal available.
  • Customer Support.
  • 1-year free app and website license, after that Rs. 500 per year.
  • The system will serve a lifetime for free on SMS reporting.
  • Does not support Jio sim.
  • Track by SMS.
  • Supports dual GSM/GPRS Network.


#3. ZAICUS ST-901

gps tracking device for bikes india

Zaicus Gps tracking device @ Rs.2800

On the third list of best GPS tracking device for bikes is the ST-910 by Zaicus. What makes this brand so special is the device supports 4 frequency levels.

Such as the GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 Mhz. Which makes the GPS eligible to function anywhere in the world. Another specialty of Zaicus ST-901 is that it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damages caused by rain.

Apart from the basic GPS features, the device supports GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Compass which are the four different satellites to give you the accurate tracking details.
One drawback with the St-901 is that it only works with 2G sim cards.


  • In-built battery lasting up to 4 hours.
  • Decent Customer Support and service.
  • Mobile Application Available.
  • Overspeed Alarm.
  • Low Power ALarm.
  • Waterproof.
  • Detects engine Ignition.
  • Geo-Fence Alarm.
  • Main Power off Alarm.

#4. Lets track DOS GPS Tracking Device

gps tracking device for bikes in india

LetsTrack GPS tracking device @ Rs.3000

LetsTrack is an award-winning GPS tracking device for bikes in India. Their simple to use mobile App gives access to statistics on its simple to use dashboard.

The company has a powerful web portal which extends your reports telling you everything from fuel consumed to distance traveled. The company reassures that if something goes wrong, a team of dedicated customer support will resolve your issues quickly and professionally.

 The hardware is of the highest build quality and reliability. LetsTrack app and web solutions are constantly updated to give better customer experience and support.


  • Unlimited Geo Fence Marking.
  • Real-time Tracking.
  • Great Customer support.
  • Inbuilt 400mah battery that lasts for 8 hours.
  • Advance Mobile Application and Web Portal.
  • Several Award Winning GPS tracking devices in India.
  • Comes with Airtel Sim Pre Installed.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Engine Power cut off feature.
  • Installation and demo videos available.
  • First year free, after that subscription Rs.1200 per year.

#5. SAM GPS Security Mini Waterproof GPS

gps tracking device for bikes

Sam Mini GPS tracking device @ Rs.5000

Another Product by sam on our list is the Mini GPS tracker. Going by its name, Sam Mini Gps Tracker is a compact GPS tracking device that helps you manage your bike and make it ultra secure.

The compact size of the device makes it easy to hide underneath almost anything. Don’t get fooled by its small size as it packs a ton load of features. The device is of top-notch hardware quality which is also waterproof and lightweight.

You can get daily stats on your mobile application about total distance traveled, run time, idle time, max and min speed, etc. The Gps system can be used for tracking multiple vehicles on a single mobile dashboard. A user can also get access to driving history and watch full day video in 20 seconds to see where your vehicle went.


  • Anti-theft alarm.
  • Daily Statistics.
  • Driving History.
  • Waterproof.
  • Geo-Fence.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Great Customer Support.
  • Daily Analytics.
  • Travel History Video.

# How GPS Tracking Device Works?

gps tracking device for bikes in india

gps tracking device for bikes in india


# How to use or Setup a GPS Tracking Device?

There are two types of GPS tracking devices

  1. Wired tracking devices are supposed to be connected with the vehicle’s battery or any other power source for the device to function.
  2. Battery Powered tracking devices are the ones to function on a battery which also serves as a portable device.

Depending on the tracking devices you have purchased, your options may be different but you most will require:

  • Activate the GPRS/CDMA network on the device. To do that, you may have to insert a SIM card with a subscription.
  • Next, you may have to log on the GPS tracking provider website or Mobile App to activate it.
  • Place it on your asset or any object you want to track.
  • Lastly, you can access it from your smartphone or desktop using the web portal or mobile application.
  • It’s always a good idea to consult your user manual for more information on using your GPS tracking system.

Note that in most of the cases GPS signal can penetrate glass, plastic, foam, wood, fiberglass, etc. But will not penetrate metal.

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