Top 9 Bikes with Gear Shift Indicator

Top 9 Bikes with Gear Shift Indicator

Bikes with gear shift indicator give more accuracy to perform the perfect gear shifts. It gives you a united level of confidence especially when you want to go fast as light.
Motorcycle manufacturers are including this feature on almost all their upcoming bikes. Currently, only a handful of budget bikes are available in the market.

9 Bikes with Gear Shift Indicator feature

Apache RTR 160 4V

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The new TVS Apache RTR 160 4V gets powered with a 159 cc SI, 4 stroke, oil-cooled engine which generates 16.56 bhp of power and 14.8 Nm of peak torque. The beast can perform 0-60kmph in 4.8 seconds and has a high speed of 114 kmph.

The 2018 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V relies on an entirely fresh 4-valve platform, giving it new styling and layout, new chassis and suspension and important upgrades to the engine too.

The newest Apache RTR 160 4V is offered in 3 Distinct models and comes with a price tag starting from Rs.81,500.

Suzuki Gixxer

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Suzuki Gixxer is powered by a 155cc, single cylinder, two valves, 4-stroke, air-cooled gas engine. The engine is capable of producing maximum energy output of 14.8 PS in 8000 RPM and high torque of 14 Nm at 6000 RPM.

The motor includes an electric starter program and a 5-speed gearbox. The Gixxer is priced at Rs.81,000.

Yamaha R15 V3

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The 2018 Yamaha YZF-R15 V3 comes in the brand new 155 cc, liquid-cooled engine which generates 19 bhp at 10,000 rpm and 15 Nm of peak torque at 8500 rpm.

Additionally, it will come with varying valves actuation that assists in supplying torque at low rpm. The motorcycle is assisted with a slipper clutch to get a smoother performance. The R15 V3 is tagged with a price of 1.40 Lakh.

TVS Apache RR 310

TVS Apache RR 310

The Apache RR 310 is powered with a four-stroke, four-valve, single-cylinder, reverse-inclined 312 cc engine. That makes 33.5 bhp in 9700 rpm and 27.3 Nm of peak torque in 7700 rpm.

The steel trellis frame employs a split chassis layout and is thought to offer greater dynamic stiffness and much better management and handling. The flagship bike from TVS has been launched at a price of Rs 2.10 lakh.


Royal Enfield Himalayan

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The adventure tourer from Royal Enfield is powered by a 411cc, single cylinder, air-cooled engine. With a power of 24.5 bhp at 6500 rpm and peak torque of 32Nm to 4250rpm.

The Himalayan is the first motorcycle from Royal Enfield to serve with a gear shift indicator. The Himalayan comes with a price tag of 1.82 Lakh.

Apache RTR 200 4V

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The RTR 200 4V gets 197.5 cc single-cylinder engine which generates 20.71 with torque output 18.1 Nm. The Apache RTR 200 4V is the first bike in its course to get a slipper clutch.

It reduces the power used to run the clutch by 22 percent which makes the upshifts faster and reduces wheel-hopping. The motorcycle would cost around Rs. 95,185 for the Normal variant.

KTM Duke/RC 200

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KTM has always built its bikes with gear shift indicator. KTM 200 features 199.5cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine which generates 25bhp of greatest power.

The engine comes mated to some six-speed gearbox which assists in smooth gear changes where the bike maintains a top speed of 138km/h.

KTM Duke 390

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In the case of KTM 390, the engine is powered to a 373.2 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine which generates 43 bhp of power with a torque reaching up to 37 Nm. KTM 200 is priced at 1.62 lakh whereas the new 390 would cost around 2.58L.

KTM Duke 250

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The engine comes from the KTM 390’s 373 cc unit and is tuned to fork out 30 bhp and 24 Nm of torque, paired with a 6-speed transmission. The 250 Duke comes with a slipper clutch but doesn’t acquire levers. The bike is tagged at 1.92 Lakhs.

10 Best Sports Bike In India

10 Best Sports Bike In India

So, we are here to talk about the top 10 sports bikes. Something which has always been a thought or should I say a dream to many.
Owning some of the best Sports Bike and cruising down the coastline with someone really special sitting back and hugging you. Well, or just pack up and tie the load behind and just shift gears till all the loads you carry inside is let gone and set free.

Top 10 Sports Bikes In India


The Kawasaki Ninja 300 with its new Edition, was released this year. And I must say, the company fails to impress the Indian market.
The ride managed to get a few very minor changes, without being too hard on the research and development department. The most important change they have made is making the Sports Bike meet the new Indian Emission Standards.


The paint job and cosmetics are the other improvisations. The new Ninja 300 has a thicker rear tyre as compared to the other bikes by Kawasaki. It is priced at Rs 3.64 lakh (ex-showroom) and has the same 296cc parallel-twin engine.
Which hits 38 bhp and has a peak torque of 27 Nm. This is undoubtedly one of the best in our top 10 sports bikes list.


#2. HONDA CBR 650F

Falling into one of the top 10 Sports Bikes we have The Honda CBR 650F with some Stunning looks.
However, Honda doesn’t seem to be concerned about improvising on the style quotient since early 2000, those making more dashing looking.
The CBR 650F comes with a  ‘V’ shaped set of headlights in a raked fairing. Which gives the bike a conservative look, and also looks a little too sedated.

upcoming bikes in 2018

The CBR 650F has a tapered, visor that is also see-through. It is done to improve the overall riding of the bike at high speeds. Which the CBR 650F is certain of doing so.

It comes with a broad speedometer and it is all-digital, yet it is what you called old fashioned. The new CBR has an adjustable front brake, as well and they are well finished in the alloy.

Switchgear is in top-notch. Shaped to be smooth and easy to operate. They seem to have worked on the safety of the bike, as it comes with a hazard warning button, and kill switch to the engine. Because of its dashing looks, this hits our list of top 10 sports bikes.


#3. Ducati 959 Panigale

One of the higher end of the best sports bike. Riders have a craving for this highly potent machine, be it performance or looks. We take one look at the Ducati 959 and it leaves us awestruck. By the size, it is the Smallest looking Sports bike in the Ducati. The first riders have told us that the performance of the bike is as sharp and classy as the looks. It is powered by a 955 cc L-Twin engine that vents out 155 bhp and 107.4 Nm of torque.

top 10 sports bikes

Ducati Panigale 959

I imagine the expectations you have, and it will not let you down on hopes. It has a wide range of electronics gives it a more enjoyable trip for those who do are yet to harness the skills on a track.

The bike comes with three riding mode options. Race, Sport, and Wet. Each mode has a different power and multiple settings for other electronics such as ABS, traction control, wheelie control and so on.
The starting price for the 959 Panigale is ₹ 14.73 lakh (Ex-showroom).


#4. Triumph Daytona 675

The Triumph Daytona is the only 675 cc sports bike that is sold and purchased legally in India. This is not the kind of bike for everyday use, but instead, Triumph has kept the performance factor as the main focus.

The monster is powered by a 675cc motor with three cylinders and touches a whopping 117 bhp and 70.2 Nm of torque. A slipper variety clutch with a 6-speed gearbox makes it easier for us for the aggressive and quick downshifts on the road.

Sports Bike In India

Triumph Daytona 675

But what’s more impressive is the way the In-line triple hands out that power in silken refinement and an engine note that is instantly likeable.
If you are regular at the tracks, then the Daytona is sure to please you every single time you take it out on a circuit.

The Triumph Daytona is priced at ₹ 10.69 Lakh (Ex-showroom) with the 675R costing a Lakh and a half more. The Daytona 675R also has Race ABS, which allows for a slight slip at the rear, before intervening. Undoubtedly this had to hit our list of top 10 sports bikes.


#5. SUZUKI GSX-R1000

Suzuki how has contributed a lot to the making and development of the GSX-R1000. We are told that, its purest form of performance, with the only electronics being ABS and traction control. A 999 cc motor sends 160 horse kicks to the rear wheels with the manual 6-speed gearbox.

Sports Bike In India


In terms of Suzuki, the bike is not what you would call good-looking.
The looks of the GSX-R1000 could not be pleasing to the eyes. Suzuki recently unveiled the 2017 model of the GSX-R1000 globally. The prices for the Suzuki GSX-R1000 are expected to start at ₹ 16 lakh (Ex-showroom).



Kawasaki had launched the new modified version of ZX-10R in India. With a price of ₹ 16.94 lakh (Ex-showroom). The alien green colour is more than Eye-Catching for anyone to see the bike in his mirror.


However, the 2016 model got a lighter crank, titanium valves, lighter pistons and a larger Airbox, all these done to increase the performance. The engine is still a 999 cc crafting about 197 bhp with peak torque of 113.5 Nm.

New riders will be cool with such features and give them a helping hand in sticky situations as well. In our list of top 10 sports bikes, this is one of the best looking.


#7. Yamaha YZF-R1S

Following down the list of top 10 sports bikes, The Yamaha YZF R1 has always been one of the most classic Sports bikes in India.
This bike has the 2016 model available in India, it is a Sportbike focused on nothing much other than performance. The 998 cc engine unleashes 197 horse kicks along with a peak torque of 112 Nm.

Sports Bike In India

Yamaha YZF R1

The R1 has something called a Six-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which keeps feeding the beast with data and a host of rider electronic instruments, that make sure you stay balanced on the tarmac.

The current-generation of R1 is the first production bike in the world to get a slide control system which allows for the slip at the rear wheel and the level of intervention can be adjusted too.
Then, there are forms of traction control, wheelie control, ABS. All of which are adjustable. This Ride’s price starts at ₹24.75 Lakh (Ex-showroom).


#8. Ducati Monster 821

With a starting price of ₹ 9.72 Lakh, the Monster 821 is the Ducati you can buy right now, and which may suit your budget in the Ducati segment.
The Ducati Monster 821 is a bike that can easily end up as your daily ride. It has a brash, aggressive design and the roaring sound is enough to clear up the road ahead, like every other Ducati. Because it is a Ducati !


The bike has a quite comfortable seating position, you can tour on it as well. The power comes from an 821 cc twin motor that makes 110.5 bhp and 89.4 Nm of torque.
All that power is delivered to the wheel with a 6-speed gearbox. Ducati bikes are always hosted on electronics.
The 821 is featured with 9-step ABS, 8-step traction control, ride-by-wire and 3 Riding Modes. 

This year though, the Monster is expected to get more affordable with the new Ducati Monster 797 which will be the entry-level Ducati in India. Let’s continue down the list of our top 10 sports bikes in India.


#9. 2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000

The only Naked Sports Bike by Suzuki in this segment. Suzuki brings the GSX-S1000, and it has some serious ferocity.
The lines gave it a solid street presence and Suzuki has done well to make into an all-rounder street bike with good performance and practicality in equal measure.


It is very quick and can be used as a bike for daily riding as well. The 4-cylinder 999 cc engine makes 140 bhp and 106 Nm of peak torque.
The GSX-S1000 gets minimal electronics with only ABS and a 3-step traction control being offered, like most Japanese Superbikes.
The bike is the perfect blend of performance and practicality. The prices for the Suzuki GSX-S1000 start at ₹ 12.25 Lakh (Ex-showroom).


#10. Yamaha MT-09

The last motorcycle on our list of Top 10 Sports Bike in India is the Yamaha MT-09. Launched in India at the 2016 Auto Expo the MT-09 is a bike that carries a lovely minimalistic design.
Yamaha gave out statements that the bike keeps practicality and the main focus is easy to use, ahead of everything else.

Sports Bike In India

Yamaha MT-09

That does not mean the bike is less on power. It gets an 847cc 3-cylinder mill that belts out 113.43 bhp and 87.5 Nm of torque, mated to a 6-speed transmission.
Rider support has an ABS and a 2 step control for the traction which can be also be switched off. At present, this is the only naked sports model from Yamaha on sale in India.
One can purchase Yamaha MT-09 for ₹11.36 Lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi).

How to Get Into Professional MotoGP In India

How to Get Into Professional MotoGP In India

Am sure you had that feeling when you saw a MotoGP Rider racing through curves. The awe on your face when you see Valentino Rossi, Mike Hailwood, or Agostini racing and doing those bends through those tight corners. The first time you were behind the bar, you just knew that you belonged to the Track. And wanted to join a race academy.

Slowly you started that intoxication in each ride you made, be it a low displacement or a sports bike the likes of CBR and Ninja, and you just feel like you have a career on a professional level or in a race academy, but you don’t know where to begin and how to do it properly.

Here we’ll Reveal how to get into a race academy, The Federation of MotorSports, getting a license and starting a professional career.

Within these few years, India has become one of the largest automotive industry in the world. While also being a prominent market for the two-wheeler industry.
But still, how many do you think knows anything about Motorsport, Race academy or we can say MotoGP on a professional level.

MotoGP Racing race academy

MotoGP Racing

The love for motorsports and the unbeatable passion has been a dream for many. Yet we don’t find any proper information to guide us through.

Well, that is why we are here. To share our thoughts and experiences and guide you about the world of motorsport in our country.
Joining a race academy and taking Bike racing as a career has always been a dream for many, but due to insufficient information and cases of road rage.

And When this happens most of the guys on the street resort to the road racing showing their skills.
The risk without safety gears, on public roads, You can Imagine!

The few big names you got to know before you get behind the Ride on a full-time basis are:

FMSCI : Motor Authority In India

The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) is an Indian Motor Sports Organization controlled by The Apex Central body.
The FMSCI authority controls Motorsports in the country. Individuals applying for a license for any Motorsports are granted by them.

Nah, don’t panic. The FMSCI guidelines are also very reasonable and they are encouraging the younger generation of motor racing aspirants.

So the question is How do you get in their eyes and start racing on the tracks?

How to Get an FMSCI License?

Anyone holding a valid a two-wheeler license can apply to any professional racing contest held under FMSCI.

Minors who do not have the two-wheeler license, but still want to go for Professional Motorsport and intends to get the license can also apply. In terms of minors, parents need to duly sign an affidavit granting them approval.

The participants will have to appear for a test conducted by the FMSCI Club Members. Thereafter, the applicant can get their license once you pass the test.

But, before starting to race at a professional level you should get the required training and unfortunately, there are very few training schools/ racing academy present across the country.



And the people down in South India are more exposed to racing. No wonder it is called as the Mecca of Indian motorsports.
You will come across Race Academies, Training Schools, and Race Tracks with optimum Infrastructure for motorsports.

Race Academy  in India are:


Test Your Skills At Racing Events:

Joining a Race Academy and spending time on the track and after polishing your skills. The next move is to test yourself in National events such as “One Make Racing” organized by manufacturers like Suzuki, Yamaha, TVS, and Yamaha.

Yeah, It’s like the Beat-down in the world of racing in India.

One Make Racing Events:

In a One Make Race event, includes many individual manufacturers that put together a race with the help of sponsors, of course. And the best part is that, in this event, the bikes used are being provided by the manufacturer firm, itself.

Guess, That got you smiling yet?

Provided by the manufacturer, there are usually 20 or more bike units which are all Race-prepared with super technical advancement.


The participants can enroll themselves and race at this event by paying an entry fee. That’s the scene with most events. And like we said, the participants will be provided with the race prepared Bikes. Plus there will be a full-fledged crew with mechanics in the pit.

If you think that is all, you are in for a surprise. TVS does not even charge for the accidental damages done to the motorcycle. And if that didn’t get your juices flowing, the same is applicable while even practising.


Though most of us dream about racing on the tracks and your lady watching us with a slight concern and her care become so visible when you remove that helmet, possibly on the podium.

But, how many of us know about all the race tracks in India? Okay, now let me break it down for you. There are three prominent and permanent racing tracks in India. The most famous of them being the Budhh International circuit which is located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Still didn’t run out of gas, and want to cross the finish line?

Kari Motor Speedway is a famous course built for only one thing. Just to burn the rubber, it is located in Chettipalayam, Chennai, India. The 2.1 kilometers long track first had a race in 2003.


National Championship races for go-karts, Moto GP, and formula racing events are held on this track. The track also has approved by big names like the CIK and FIA to hold races up to the third category in the world of formula racing.

The category of cars and bikes that race in this track includes Formula Maruti, Formula LGB, and Formula Rolon Chevrolet. Vehicle Tests, Driver Training, Racing and Karting schools are conducted at the track.


The most famous circuit located in Irungattukottai, Chennai, India is The Irungattukottai Madras Motor Race Track perhaps. Built in the late 1980’s and was inaugurated in 1990. Since then Racing has been a major part of the southern states.



The main circuit is 3.717 kilometers long with 12 turns and 3 straight drags. With the longest one being about 250 meters. The main (club) Circuit is 2.067 kilometers long and has 7 turns. Both the tracks are 11 meters wide on average with 12 meters at the start line. Operating in a clockwise direction.

And of course, there comes the big daddy.


The Buddh International Circuit is considered to be an Indian motor racing circuit in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.


And guess what? After feedback from the teams on how the circuit could be altered to improve overtaking, the circuit design was changed. This made them make some minor changes. The hairpin turn was removed, and the track at the other side was widened to allow drivers to take different lines throughout the corner. Just to notch up the difficulty level of a not so experienced track.

Major events that were conducted :

  • FIA Formula One
  • Indian Grand Prix: (2011-2013)
  • T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship by Tata Motors
  • J-K Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship by JK Tyre and FMSCI

So, after participating in “One Make Racing” and getting podium finish or maybe if not also. Even after hitting the tarmac hard a couple of times and you know that it is just a beginning. Then you are certainly in that group of men who are born to make their name in motor racing.

Everything big, once started where you and I are now On the streets. Now after graduating from the race events like One Make Race (Organized by Yamaha, TVS, Suzuki Motors), you have “Two Wheeler National Racing Championship”. But from here the game would get real serious and expensive as well.

In events like National Racing, you need to bring your own bike. Get it modified and make it fit for the race, you also need your mechanic by your side and not to forget the understanding of your machine and the passion for the sport of racing.

But, with that unbreakable will and the stubbornness that never dies out. The love for the Ride shall always open new roads in race academy ahead.


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