How one can earn money riding bikes is a question for many. Well, you don’t have to be a MotoGP Rider to make money. We have covered a list of 12 Proven ways to earn big money while you keep riding on the streets.

11 Ways to Earn Money Riding Bikes

#1. Write Paid Reviews

You can get paid to write good reviews by sharing your opinion on the internet. A good way to start is by writing online reviews to help other shoppers (riders) to make an informed purchase. Such as writing reviews on biking accessories, spare and custom parts, and products. If you’re good at writing you can sign up for Amazon Product Review and Famebit.

#2. Create a Youtube Channel

Cruising all day and night would get you a good income from YouTube. Go ahead and create a YouTube channel and start moto vlogging. Shoot Yourself, Show off your ride, and make interesting videos.

Share your experience, your best bike ride destination, and riding skills, and help other riders. Once you get your first 1000 subscribers you can start monetizing the videos and earn from YouTube.

#3. Become a Motorcycle Test Rider

If you think you have got enough experience on two wheels. You can opt to become a Test Rider. Motorcycle manufacturers look for official bike testers to test the bike on varying conditions and terrains before it hits the showrooms.

The job role includes one day a week riding the concept models. Riding 100+ kilometers and sharing your opinion with the engineers so that they can make necessary tweaks and changes.

#4. Bike Tour Guide


If you have a touring-style bike and experience in leading and managing groups. Then you may be eligible to host a motorcycle tour guide. You can show foreign riders the best bike ride destinations in your town and as well as share your experience.

#5. Promote Affiliate Products

Another great way to earn money riding bikes is to sign up for an affiliate program and you can start promoting affiliate products among your followers. Every time someone buys a product using your affiliate link you get a percentage of the commission.
Affiliate Promotion is one of the most popular ways to earn with endless opportunities. You can sign up at Amazon, Clickbank, etc.

#6. Create a Social Fan Page

Create a fan page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Next start posting interesting and viral posts about motorcycles, rides, trips, etc.

After you have a decent number of followers you can start earning by doing promotional posts, promoting affiliate products, and joining the Youtube Partner Program.

#7. Do Advertisement Films / Photoshoots

Motorcycle manufacturers need a lot of advertisement videos and pictures to market their newly launched bikes. Getting into this needs a bit of professionalism and lots of experience. You can apply and be a featured rider in the company’s video and pictures.

#8. Blogging: Earn money riding bikes

Start your blog on motorcycles and riding. Blogging is one of the best ways to earn cash. I have seen people who blog full-time while buying new motorcycles and living life to the fullest.

There are a ton of ways to monetize from a blog. Like writing product reviews, promoting affiliate links, and through advertisements.

#9. Support Bike based Business

Get into a partnership with your local motorcycle-based business. And start promoting their products and services while you ride through the highway. On every recommendation, you get a percentage of the commission. You can also promote it on your social media channels.

#10. Courier Stuff

If you keep moving between places. You can help people by delivering their packages on your bike. A lot of people would have to courier things ASAP. Take the opportunity and make sure you meet the said deadlines. Plus if you have a commuter bike you will get more mileage.

#11. Stunt Shows: earn money riding bikes


If you are into stunting. You can make money by doing stunt ride shows at sponsored motorcycle events. Join a professional stunt group to improve your skills and get exposure.

Have patience and give some time to any of the tips mentioned above. Earning money takes time and since you are cruising high all the time you will make it soon.

Good Luck!