A good quality engine oil is a major determinant factor to keep your motorcycle in absolutely pristine condition. The challenging factor here is to determine the best engine oil for bikes. Each bike manufacturer recommends a certain type of engine oil that could be governed by commercial and vested interests.

Moreover, if you wish to go for an alternate brand, there is a lot of reconnaissance to be done to come out with the perfect engine oil for your bike.

Best Engine Oil For Bikes 2022

No.Best Engine OilBest For
1.Motul 4T 5100150-350cc
2.HP Lubricants Racer4100-180cc
3.Shell Advance AX7100-150cc
4.Motul 3000 4T100-150cc
5.Castrol ACTIV 4T125-180cc
6.Shell Advance AX5125-220cc
7.Castrol POWER1150-300cc
8.Motul 300V180-500cc
9.Castrol Power 4T600-1000cc
10.Motul 7100 4T150-200cc
11.Castrol Actevo900-1200cc
12.Motul 3100 4T150-180cc

Now, without any further ado, let’s take a detailed guide to some of the best engine oil for bikes that are available in the market. The list is compiled based on the longevity of the oil, friction reduction, and enhanced fuel efficiency.

#1. Motul 4T 5100

best engine oil for bikes

Motul has come up with a synthetic mix (Technosynthese) using ester 4-Stroke engine oil. Ester technology provides smooth gear shifting, improved shear, and high-temperature resistance.

Motul 4T is the Best Engine oil for Royal Enfield, Hero, TVS, and Bajaj. Motul 4T 5100 Oil maintains standard viscosity grade as suggested by motorcycle manufacturers worldwide.

Motul 4T line is formulated to meet the manufacturer’s specifications concerning JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) and API (American Petroleum Institute) criteria.

According to Motul, the 5100 line ensures anti-wear and equipment protection, in addition to enhanced oxidation resistance and extends engine life.

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#2. HP Racer4

best engine oil for bikes

HP or Hindustan Petroleum is an established brand for motor lubricants in India. The HP Racer4 Synth Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil comes packed with superior synthetic technology and uniquely advanced additive chemistry.

The fuel efficiency offered is unparalleled; thanks to the synthetic technology with which it is crafted. The Racer4 Synth lowers fuel consumption and ensures a smooth clutch operation which is important for rapid pick-ups. It also restricts the dirt particles to accumulate together and form a deposit.

Moreover, if your bike is a new generation four-stroke bike, then it is the best lubricant to go for.

HP RACER SYNTH significantly surpasses the requirements of the best engine oil for bikes such as Hero MotoCorp, TVS, Bajaj, Honda, etc.

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#3. Shell Advance AX7

shell advance best engine oil for bikes

The Shell Advance AX7 is by far the undisputed choice for 100-150cc bikes in India. This engine oil boosts the performance of the engine even in stressful and harsh conditions.

Moreover, it enhances the comfort level of the engine as well as the rider. The Active Cleansing Technology with which this engine oil is formulated keeps the engine protected from dirt accumulation, reduces wear and tear, and increases the lifespan of the engine.

The engine oil is bereft of any contaminants which are unhealthy to the performance of the engine or might hurt its durability. Also, this engine oil burns clean with negligible residue and also diminishes the engine noise and vibration massively.

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#4. Motul 3000 4T 


Motul is an oil brand that is synonymous with racing for decades. But that’s not where the relationship between motorcycles and Motul end. Motul has to offer something for every motorcycle on this planet.

The Motul 3000 4T Plus 20W40 HC is a general-purpose mineral engine oil. It is compatible with most of the motorcycles that are available in the Indian Market.

This engine oil is highly compatible with engines with lower displacement (cc). The increased detergent and dispersant properties of Motul 3000 4T Plus 20W40 HC does a fantastic job of keeping the engine, gear, and clutch clean.

Moreover, the Motul 3000 4T Plus 20W40 HC ensures that your motorcycles operate smoothly even at high temperatures.

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#5. Castrol ACTIV 4T Engine Oil


Castrol is a very familiar and household brand when it comes to engine oil and lubricants. It is regarded among the leading manufacturers and marketers in the world of automotive and industrial lubricants for bikes.

The new and enhanced Castrol Activ 4T comes with Active-bond molecules which cling to the engine to offer protection through all stages of a journey.

At start-up, the Exceptional Actibond molecules minimize warm-up wear and provide 75% better use protection. Castrol Activ with Acti-bond molecules clings to engine parts, for rust protection even when the engine is off.

While the engine is functioning, deposits develop with time which affects the engine performance. However, Castrol Activ fights with deposits, supplying superior engine cleanliness resulting in smooth running of the engine.

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#6. Shell Advance AX5 best-engine-oil-for-bikes

Shell Advance AX5 is among the most economical and powerful engine oil which promises to provide you with an excellent fuel economy.

Statistically, this heavy-duty engine oil from Shell increases the fuel economy by at least 1.5%. It offers an extraordinary layer of triple protection against any wear and tear.

Shell Advance AX5 Engine Oil comes with a new technology, which restrains the oil from breakdown and other rough deposits such as dirt.

It is intricately formulated with base oils which are completely made of synthetic material which include quite a few numbers of highly advanced additives.

Furthermore, the Shell Advance AX5 dedicates itself to enhance the performance of your motorcycle’s engine making it last for an extended duration of time.

Also, if you are gunning for the environment, then you are going to fall in love with the emission system compatibility of the engine oil. The emission compliance of the engine is only maintained due to the low ash formula.

Based on these categories, the Shell Advance AX5 is 2nd most preferred and recommended motorcycle oil in the market.

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#7. Castrol POWER1 Engine Oil

castrol engine oil for bikes

Castrol POWER1 Racing 4T is created with Race Derived Technology predicated on Castrol’s long and successful racing association. Which flows fast and remains powerful, reducing internal engine friction at tough riding conditions.

POWER1 Racing 4T is a fully synthetic 4-stroke engine optimization oil for modern, higher-performance sports bikes that increases engine acceleration and power up to maximum Rpm.

Castrol engine oil is specifically designed for bikers who love the exhilaration of riding beyond the limitation.

It’s been tested and proven to deliver power and acceleration making it one of the best engine oil for bikes. Functionality protection is ensured by Castrol Trizone Technology.

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#8. Motul 300V 


Motul is at it again. Another amazing product from the Motul stable. The Motul 300V Synthetic Engine Oil comes with a Double ESTER Core Technology.

The Double ESTER Core Technology increases the power output of your motorcycle. Moreover, this is achieved with zero compromisation on the wear and tear of the engine.

This engine oil is perfectly suitable for any 4-stroke motorcycle or any road racing motorcycle. If you are a person who operates your motorcycle at high RPMs, then the Motul 300V is the best.

The Motul 300V Synthetic Engine Oil is considered among the best engine oil for bikes for a reason. It is the sheer stability even when the bike is subjected to mechanical stress and extreme conditions. Also, Motul 300V has a remarkable ability to tackle heat resistance.

It is by far among the top-rated motorcycle engine oil by Motul. What is best is, unlike most of the mineral oils available in the market, Motul 300 V Engine Oil doesn’t diminish the life of the engine. This synthetic oil is free of harmful contaminants which hamper the performance of the engine oil and the bike.

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#9. Castrol Power 1


The Castrol Power 1 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil is something, which is designed for four-stroke bikes specifically. Now, there are quite a handful of reasons why this oil is included in the topmost engine oils. The most prominent one is its advanced Race Derived Technology which ensures faster airflow.

Also, this engine oil minimizes internal engine friction even under extreme situations. Moreover, the Trizone Technology used behind the creation of this oil protects the critical areas of your motorcycle, namely the engine, gear, and clutch.

Another fantastic thing about the Castrol Power 1 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil is that it is smoothly compatible with both fuel-injected and carburettor engines. It offers impeccable resistance against heat thus, giving an air-cooled performance.

That’s not all, the race-derived technology I mentioned earlier, is also helpful in engine acceleration at its optimum level. So if you are a racer, a daily rider, or a mile-muncher, the Castrol 06112 Power 1 4T Synthetic Engine Oil is the best value for money engine oil for your bike.

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#10. Motul 7100 4T 

best motorcycle oil

The Motul 7100 4T is a fully Synthetic motor oil with ester technology. Formulated to meet with the latest in bike manufacturer specifications with relation to API and JASO.

Designed with the perfect synergy for less petroleum consumption, reduced engine internal friction, and extreme pressure performance, for much greater power.  Motul 7100 4T is highly recommended for heavy engines, twin-engine, oil-cooled, air-cooled, or liquid-cooled engines.

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#11. Castrol Actevo-Engine Oil


After 100cc, engines between 125-180cc displacement are the ones that are mostly sold in the Indian market. These engines show an accurate amount of durability and also offer performance. Thus, a cozy little place between 125cc and 180cc motorcycles.

Castrol has the perfect product for these engines. The Castrol Actevo 10W 40 Part Synthetic Engine Oil. First of all, part synthetic and semi-synthetic are the same types of engine oil.

The best thing about the Castrol Activo 10W 40 Part Synthetic Engine Oil is that it reduces the wear and tear possibility of engines by more than 65%.

This efficiency is achieved due to the sticky nature of the oil. In simpler words, it forms a membrane that keeps dirt off the engine. Castrol has offered this oil with thermal stability which makes the engine operation smoother even at higher temperatures.

The most awesome thing about the Castrol Actevo 10W 40 Part Synthetic Engine Oil is that it is compatible with the old-school carburettor engines and the latest fuel-injected 125cc motors.

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#12. Motul 3100 best-engine-oil-for-bikes

Using fully synthetic oil on small capacity motorcycles is not recommended. Trust us and listen to no one else on this. However, semi-synthetic oil might be the right fit for low displacement (cc) engines.

We present to you, the Motul 3100 4T Gold Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil. This engine oil is built using the latest technology which is very capable of handling and resisting heat in severe conditions.

Since this engine oil is carved using the ESTER Core technology, the Motul 3100 4T Gold Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil offers stability and also ensures smoother transmission shifting.

The Motul 3100 4T Gold Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil helps in keeping the engine clean and forbids the deposition of dirt particles. This bike engine oil is suitable for every season, and it is made for round the year usage.

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#Tips on Engine Oil for Bikes

1. Before changing the engine oil start your engine and leave it idle for at least 3-4 minutes, and then drain the oil out of the motorbike.

2. First up is the timeframe to change engine oil in your motorcycle. For motorcycles between 100-200cc, the approximate distance after which you should change the engine oil is in the range of 1000-1500 KMs.

3. For motorcycles between 200-500cc, the average distance between engine oil change ranges between 1500-4000 KMs. 

4. Please note that the above figures are approximate and cumulative calculations are done without keeping any single motorcycle into consideration. Your motorcycle’s instruction manual will have the details in a crystal clear format and we seriously suggest that you follow them to the letter.

5. Always make sure to use the correct grade and service rating for your bike.

6. Check your bike’s manual guide for API and JASO recommendations.

7. Your riding style matters a lot when it comes to changing motor oil. If you regularly ride at full throttle, it’s a good idea to change the oil way before the deadline.

8. If you are a daily rider, then timely engine oil change is a must. However, if your motorcycle remains in the garage for months at a stretch, then before starting the bike, check the quality of the engine oil inside the bike. We recommend that you pour a fresh can of engine oil.

9. For long-distance riders, who cover 1000-1500 KMs at a stretch, we suggest that you change the engine oil immediately after the journey as your bike’s engine tends to be under more pressure compared to the ones which are ridden within the city limits.

10. Changing the drain plug once a while is a good way to prevent unwanted oil leaks.

11. Always go with engine oil grading rather than going with the brand name. Remember engine oils should be quality certified by API and JASO.

12. To get the best performance from your bike, always change the oil filter every time you change the engine oil.

13. Use the engine oil which is recommended by the manufacturer. However, if you wish to deviate, then do your research thoroughly and then move in with the best engine oil for your bike.

Types of Bike Engine Oil

  1. Conventional Engine Oil/Mineral Oil.
  2. Synthetic Engine Oil.
  3. Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil.

#Conventional Engine/Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is usually poured into brand new bikes. This oil is of the lowest grade. Then Why do we use it, you may ask?

Well, That’s to ensure proper mating of the running portions of the engine. The oil acts like sandpaper and polishes the metal parts on the inside making it smooth.

One thing you should be fully aware of is that conventional engine oil is the perfect lubricant for old school motorcycles. So basically, if you own a 2-stroke, then this is the engine oil for you. Its pocket-friendly and it does the job effortlessly.

#Synthetic Engine Oil

Compared to conventional oil, the viscosity of synthetic engine oil is lower. This helps in reducing the friction and wear and tear generated between parts inside the engine. This in turns increases the longevity of the engine.

Another amazing thing about synthetic engine oil is that it contributes to increasing the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle. All these benefits come at a price and honestly, it’s worth it.

#Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Well, it is a balanced mixture of crude oil and synthetic elements. Being hybrid oil, its cooling nature is flawless and it also degrades slowly compared to mineral oil.

However, it is not recommended to use semi-synthetic oil on a high-performance engine. It results in premature wear and tear of the engine thus reducing its life.

# How The Engine Gets Impacted Without Your Knowledge?

By now you should also know that weather plays a massive role in the wear and tear of mechanical parts of all machines.

So places with dry weather result in more dust accumulation whereas cold places result in more friction within the engine if revved roughly. Moderate climate results in slower cooling for normal carburettor engines and humidity also has a role to play.

# What is Bikes Engine Oil Grades?

Engine oil grades is a measuring scale developed by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) to indicate the performance of Engine oils during changing temperatures. It gives us a measure of its viscosity during operation.

  • Viscosity is determined by the fluid’s resistance to flow at different temperatures.

For Example, let’s take:

5W 30

  • W stands for WINTER
  • 5 stands for low-temperature viscosity; The Lower the number the better for the engine to start at low temperatures.
  • 30 stands for high-temperature viscosity; The Higher the number the better for the engine to start at high temperatures.