Standing out from the crowd has its flaws. Maybe that is the reason behind the rising demand for bike wrapping. They say a lot of attention is to be paid when thinking to get your bike wrapped. So let’s get into it but first how much does bike wrapping cost?

Mainly two things are involved in Bike wrapping. Material and labor. In India, Bike wrapping would cost under  10,000 considering good quality material.

The quality of the material starts from Rs. 600 up to Rs. 20,000. What determines the price is the quality of the material and the labor cost that is either you get it done at your local motorcycle shop or a Bike Wrap Store.

For example in terms of a Wrap Material, a KTM Duke 200 wrapped would cost less than a Honda CBR 250 because of the body it has to cover. Wrap materials are sold per square foot ranging from  400 to  1500.

In India, we have a limited option when it comes to Bike Wraps. Most of the Bike Wrap stores would use 3M Wrap Film. However, you can still find a lot of designs for your bike. You can find options where you can have your designs made. Consulting with your dealer may help you find a unique design of your choice.

Things to know before Bike Wrapping

  • Always Go for a good quality wrap film material. After some time cheap wraps start to stick out. And trust me that’s annoying. A decent quality Wrap such as 3M would last longer and stick well on your bike.
  • Prices may differ due to the quality standards and what grade bike wrap you use. It may also depend on the city you are getting your bike wrapped. But overall there is not going to be much of a difference.
  • It depends on the person who is wrapping the bike. Bike wrapping is not as easy as wrapping a car. It takes a lot of time, patience and attention to be paid to the design. A lot of small body surfaces need to be covered without disturbing the wrap. A professional Wrapper is a must who can sort out your design to stand out on your bike and apply it well.
  • Bike wrapping is not something you go get and forget. It requires a lot of maintenance & cares for your bike. Keep in mind that you have to look at the wraps from time to time. To check whether the wraps are not sticking out.
  • Many online stores sell ready-made custom wraps. You can find quite stand-out ones and get them stuck by your local dealer.
  • What most of the riders do is instead of getting an expensive permanent wrap they stick to medium to low-quality wrap and keep changing every once in a while.
  • To avoid traffic law problems, get your bike wrapped similarly to the factory color of your motorcycle.

Is Bike Wrapping illegal in India?

Yes, wrapping a bike is illegal in India. As long as the factory color mentioned in the RC Book of your bike does not match the colour of your bike you are in trouble.

So what can you do now? Well, you can get your bike wrapped in a similar color to your bike. That way you can talk your way out with the officer. I know, it depends on the officer too but I believe you can do it.

bike wrapping

How much does Vinyl Bike Wrapping Cost?

If you apply it yourself then the material itself would cost you between 700 to 25000 depending on the quality. I believe you can get it done for under 4000 considering the type of bike you have.

Going to a Wrap store would vary depending on the store and the material. Anyway with good service and decent quality wrap such as 3M. It would cost under 10K.

How Can I Apply Bike Wrap?

Getting a bike wrapped is no joke. Either you do it with a hell of a lot of patience or you leave it to the pros. You only need a heat gun and bike wrap to get started. But that’s not only the thing.

Wrapping a bike is not like wrapping a car, things get quite complicated while working on a bike. For a finished look, the parts of the motorcycle need to be removed for a perfect finish of the wrap.

Motorcycle parts have different sizes, and applying the wrap without getting wasted is pretty complicated. Also unlike a car wrap, which is solid in one piece, it is quite the opposite of a bike wrap design.

It would be best if you had good sight to figure out the design so that the bike holds the right design as desired. A good amount of attention needs to be paid in detail to the wrap. Also note that a slight mistake can ruin the entire wrap, therefore you either get it perfectly done or redo it.

Wrapping a Bike VS Painting

I would say both have their own positive and negative sides. A motorcycle paint job would be beneficial if your bike has got paint scratches on the body. A permanent promise to the new look forever. Whereas Vinyl Wrap is a temporary or more of an optional way to keep customizing your bike.

Paint Job

  1. Back to brand new shine with the custom paint job. (Bike Painting Cost)
  2. Layers and layers of paint have amazing detail at a close-up.

Bike Wrapping

  1. Cheaper than painting a bike.
  2. Can add creativity to your designs.
  3. Option to switch over designs.

Where can I buy Vinyl wrap for my bike?

If it’s about getting up your design, you can go to your nearby moto shop and discuss it with them. They would give you an idea of what it would look like and the price for it.

I personally transported my BMW RR 310 to Bangalore for custom design.

You can also look for bike wraps online and provide them to your local bike shop and they would put them up for you.

You can also find ready-made bike wrap designs available on the internet or at any Wrap Store. So you have to buy the wrap kit for your bike and get it done by your local bike store.


In my personal experience level, getting your bike wrapped looks cool only if you take care of it. Go for a decent-quality wrap and have a well-experienced person apply it for you. You may end up spending a few hundred extras but it would be worth it. I’m sure nobody wants wraps sticking out from the body parts making it look not very good.