If you have an Android mobile and are even a little bit passionate about bikes, then your Google Playstore history must be filled with searches related to the best bike racing games for Android. And you also must know that these days there are plenty of such games available on the internet and thus it becomes really hard to understand which is the best. 

Hence to make this job of choosing a bit easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best bike racing games for Android based on positive comments, user interface, ratings, and many such things. 

Best Bike Racing games for Android 

  1. SBK16
  2. Asphalt 8 Airborne
  3. Racing Moto
  4. Gravity Rider
  5. Racing Fever
  6. Traffic Rider

Further in this article, we have talked about the feature of these games. Each of these bike racing games includes heavy competition, traveling in sports motorcycles, challenges regarding enormous speed, leader-board, winnings, etc. 

We are quite sure that your long-time search for the best bike racing games for Android will finally end here. 


1) SBK16

This game comes with a bunch of great features such as a supported controller, four different maps, and bikes that exist in real life. The music and graphics are really amazing. You can opt for a player of your choice in the game. The game has four varying modes which include Test ride, Time attack, Championship, and Quick Race. 

Despite all the good aspects, the game also has some cons. Firstly, speaking from personal experience, they should enhance the game’s features rather than coming up with meaningless new updates every time by fixing certain negligible bugs.

The second thing which we found annoying is the pop-ups as they are unpredictable. Many reports suggest that the game is not properly handled and there have also been many complaints regarding the dropping of its performance from time to time and it is needed to be fixed. 

2) Asphalt 8 Airborne

This bike racing game for Android fulfills all of your needs when it comes to bike racing games. It comes with cross-play, multiplayer and single modes, online and offline modes, seventy-five different tracks, races that are packed with action, vehicles that are Licensed, and much more.

Starting from the deserts in Nevada which seem to be blazing to Tokyo’s sharp turning roads, this game itself is like a mini world filled with challenges, arcades, enthusiasm, and joy.  

This game provides an experience of stunt racing and comes in HD quality. So if you think that speed and stunts are your bae then the Asphalt 8 Airborne is totally for you. 

3) Racing Moto

Next in this list, we have the Racing Moto. if you’re someone who is looking for a simple bike racing game then this might be the perfect one for you. This game is ruling Google Playstore for quite a long time. But despite being an old game, it has yet not lost its credibility and is considered super addictive.

Controlling this game is quite easy. For steering, you have to tilt and for increasing the speed you have to tap. It comes with only three motorcycle options to opt from and honestly speaking, this thing was quite a turn-off for us. 

Owing to its simplicity the game doesn’t come with many features and that is ok because we have already mentioned that this is for someone who’s looking for a simple game. The speed of the bikes in the game increases along with your progress and with every passing second, the game becomes tougher and tougher. 

4) Gravity Rider

It is a super challenging and fun bike racing game that comes in 3D visuals and the most unique thing about it is that it’s based on space. Special attention has been given to the graphics of this game and due to that, it’s very pleasant to look at it.

Along with several great challenges, the game also provides an option for the players to customize the design of their bikes as they wish to. Several parts of the bikes such as the tires, engine, etc are upgraded.

This game has a lot of breathtaking moments in it such as making it across the traps to be victorious. The mechanics of this game is quite impressive. Controlling it is very easy which makes the game very convenient. B

5) Racing Fever

When it comes to bike racing games, Racing Fever is considered to be super popular. This game lets you choose from 16 varying motorcycles. Each of these bikes has its unique handling and speed capacity and they differ a lot from each other.

Another thing that impressed us a lot was the fact that you can customize all these bikes on your own. The graphics of the game are great and everything that is placed on the game’s scenario is visible, the game’s background also looks quite amazing. 

It offers four different angles for the camera and four options for the control. It is also very well optimized and as a result, you can see no drop in the performance of the game even when played for very long hours.

6) Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is considered to be one of the most addictive and best bike racing games for Android and there are several reasons for it. Firstly, it comes with more than 70 missions for the players to complete, and all of them are crafted like a story.

Secondly, unlike many other games, it has no limitation on petrol usage and as a result of that, you can ride through the traffics of the city for an infinite time. The game also provides above 25 motorcycle options to opt from, such as Vespas and Hayabusas which are inspired by real life. It also lets you customize them.

The creators of the game claim that motorcycles from real life were used to record the sounds of the game. The game also offers a leaderboard for online players where they can compare their skills against other players and which results in increasing competitiveness. 

However, this game still has certain areas where they can improve. The game could be much better if it could provide more angles for the camera and also certain further additional customization.

The display graphics is good but still, there is room for improvement in that as well. Though even without these improvements the game is still very interesting. The bikes can be driven fast and wheelies can be performed in it as well. 

Best Offline Bike Racing Games For Android

The plus point of offline racing games is that you don’t need to search for an Internet connection if you want to play them, rather you can play them anywhere you want to. Some of the best offline racing games for Android are further elaborated with their special features below:

  • Traffic Rider
  • Dirt Bike Racing Xtreme
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne

7) Traffic Rider

best bike racing games

The traffic racing game offers a mode to the players that lets them design their vehicles or customize them as they please and they can even upgrade and include races on their own.

If dodging traffic on bikes is your thing then you can blindly go for Traffic rider. This game offers mind-blowing 3D features and because of that, you can feel yourself sitting on the bike as if it’s happening in real life.

8) Dirt Bike Racing Xtreme

best bike racing games for android

This game offers various unique types of vehicles for gamers. You can enjoy off-road trails while sitting in a vehicle in this game. It has sandhills, canyons, and mountains so if you are someone who loves extreme landscapes when racing then this is the perfect game for you. The mechanics of the vehicle you choose shows an effect on the game. 

 9) Asphalt 8: Airborne

best bike racing games for android

It is a very addictive game and once you try it you are gonna love it. Asphalt 8 airborne is a part of the series of Asphalt games. The graphics of the games are HD quality hence the players get to have an amazing experience while playing.

There are various levels in the game and the experience is never-ending. Previously this was not available offline but now it is, so without wasting any more time download it from Google Play and try it out. 


  • Test Drive Unlimited
  • Trials Fusion
  • Valentino Rossi The Game

The 3 above-mentioned games are considered the best bike racing games for PC. Further, we have reviewed why these games are considered to be the best bike racing games for PC.

1) Test Drive Unlimited

best bike racing games for android

In this game, the players get an option to ride both off-road and on-road and they can compete with any other player that they find while playing. The racing track in the game replicates real-life images of O’ahu Island.

The game can be played in different landscapes such as sandy beaches mountains and rainforests. It lets you ride on certain mini islands which are a little bit away from the actual Island. The 360 version of Xbox has let you steer the controllers of the wheel.

2) Trials Fusion

best bike racing games

In Trials Fusion two different planes exist for the gameplay, in other words, it’s 2.5D. A series of trials from real life provides a base for this game in which the writer has to go through different kinds of situations and obstacles to complete a race. The visuals of the game are mind-blowing and the sound is amazing as well.

But the main thing that attracts gamers towards Trials Fusion is its level of hardness and trust me when I say that it’s hard to play it, I mean it. It is super tough to beat the other competitors and it gets even harder when you finally get to the last levels of the game.

3) Valentino Rossi The Game

best bike racing games

This game was first launched in 2016 and by the name, it is easily understandable that it is dedicated to Valentino Rossi who has been a world champion that too for 9 times! You can participate in the MotoGP World Championship in this game and walk from the beginning till the present time on the career path of Valentino.

A minimum of 4GB RAM should be there on your PC if you want to play Valentino Rossi the game. But if you want to see the complete potentiality of Valentino Rossi the game must have RAM with a capacity of at least 8GB If possible, make sure you have 8 GB.


That was our list of some of the best bike racing games for Android and along with that, we have also jotted down the names and the features of several other racing games that can be played offline and on PC. These days the gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace and people have already started to look at gaming as a career path.

Our technological capacity is increasing every day and so are the groups of talented gamers. Young minds all over the world are crazy about both creating and playing racing games, be it on their PCs or smartphones. The future of the gaming industry seems to be in the right hands and hence looks bright.