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Top Bikes To be Launched in 2018

Upcoming Bikes in 2018

A lot of companies have decided to Launch their best motorcycles in the upcoming year. Be it a cruiser, sports bike, or a Streetfighter. A couple of head turners are on the way. We have listed some upcoming bikes in 2018 which are surely going to hit the streets.

Bajaj Pulsar RS400

Pulsar RS400

One interesting thing about this bike is that we get to see KTM’s 373cc engine, fitted in the Pulsar RS series. The RS400 is borrowing the engine from the Austrian company. This should make the KTM more enthusiastic, and for those who were waiting for Pulsar RS200 to have an increase in power, but not in the price.

Price: The Estimated Price of the upcoming pulsar is around Rs. 1.6 lakh
Specs: Special specifications are that they come with a Fuel-injected single cylinder 373.2cc

Bajaj Dominar 200

Dominar 200

The Dominar 400 has proved successful for Bajaj. It does not only offer up a KTM 390 engine at a lower cost than a Duke or RC bike, but it also offers it in a comfier economical package. And it still offers a number of first-in-class features.

Price: The Estimated Price of the upcoming pulsar is around Rs. 80,000 – 90,000
Specs: Special specifications are that they come with a Fuel-injected single cylinder 199.5cc

Bajaj Boxer X150

Boxer X150

Bajaj has a number of bikes coming up in 2018. Boxer X-150 is likely to launch in India by mid-2018. The X150 is the adventure skilled motorcycle that, gets offers features like on-off road tires and a higher front mudguard. The same 144.8cc single-cylinder engine is powered on the motorcycle as the Bajaj Discover 150. Prices are expected to start around Rs 50,000 approximately.

Estimated Price: Rs 50,000 – 55,000
Launch Date: Mid of 2018
Engine: Single-cylinder, carbureted, 144.8cc
Specs: Power: 12 BHP, Torque: 12.26 Nm, Transmission: 4-speed Manual

Royal Enfield Himalayan 650cc

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield has decided to up its game and wants to fight with the big bad higher CC Bikes, and is all set to launch a 750cc Himalayan. The Himalayan version is the most recent bike made by the company.  SO, changing it with a bigger engine will be easier than to do it for any other bike. And, this may be the first time Royal Enfield uses a two-cylinder configuration on its bikes than its usual single Thumper.

Price: Rs. 3.5 – 4 Lakh
Special specifications: Fuel-injected twin cylinder 749.6c

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

Other upcoming bikes in 2018 are 650cc Royal Enfield is headed all the way in 2018. Currently, the Continental GT has a 535cc single-cylinder engine. Though this bike has not gained enough popularity as the other RE bikes. Maybe, that’s why RE thought it was necessary to give it a new engine. The Continental GT 650 features fuel injection which outputs maximum power of 46 BHP and 62 Nm of Peak Torque. Where the current model, the Continental GT 535 outputs a max power of 29.1 BHP and a peak torque of 44 Nm. The new bike is expected to have a twin-exhaust, each on either side of the bike.

Estimated Price: Rs. 3.5 Lakh
Special specifications: Air/oil-cooled, parallel-twin, SOHC, four cylinde

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V (Launched)

TVS Apache RTR 160

For an average Indian biker, the new Apache RTR 160 could be one of the most looked forwarded new launch of 2018. It will also be the most significant TVS bikes of 2018. The next Apache RTR 160 will be based on a completely new model bike with a fresh style and plenty of new features, re-tuned engine and many more.

Price: Estimated Rs 80,000 – 86,500
Special specifications: Carbureted, single-cylinder, 159.7c

TVS Apache RR 310 (Launched)

The Apache RR 310 is one of the most awaited bikes. Why? Because Of its Racing Capabilities and has the same engine as the BMW G 310 R. Yes, that also means that its pricing may not be the same as a typical TVS model. However, the Apache RR 310S is expected to make a mark on the Indian streets. This is a great bike in our list of upcoming bikes in 2018

Estimated Price: Rs. 1.7-1.9 lakh
Special specification: Fuel-injected single-cylinder, 313c

Honda CBR300R

Honda CBR 300

Honda finally built this bike in the sub 500cc range to substitute the aged CBR 250. As we know the old CBR 250 was running behind its competitors such as the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Yamaha R3. Which had left behind Honda with latest updates and technologies used. Compared to their features and overall rating, they are a bit costly than the CBR 300.

The CBR 300 hosts a more powerful and refined engine compared to CBR 250. Honda has given a completely new design to the bike. And also have made the bike lighter in weight than 250.

Estimated Price: Rs. 2 – 2.2 Lakhs
Special specifications: Fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 286c

Honda CBR250RR

Honda CBR 250RR

This is the bike many would be eagerly waiting to lay their hands on it. A Sports bike with an enhanced engine and unmatched looks. With a majority of people opting for low displacement motorcycles, the CBR 250R is the bike that would break the trend.
KTM RC 390 and Yamaha R3 are the top rivals for Honda in this category.
No wonder this will be a successful bike in all of the upcoming bikes in 2018

Estimated Price: Rs. 1.8-2.1 lakh
Specifications: Fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 286 c

2018 Honda CBR650F

This a middleweight sports type bike from Honda and is similar to CB650F, which is a streetfighter bike. However, Since it isn’t a complete sports bike. It also has quite fair comfortable ergonomics and that makes this bike the best choice for daily commuting than most bikes in a similar category. 650F can be used with the same performance in both traffic and freeways.

Estimated Price: Rs. 6.5 – 8 Lakh
Special specifications: Fuel-injected, four-cylinder, 649c

Honda CB Hornet 160R

Honda Hornet 160

This could easily be one of the most important new motorcycles for Honda in 2018. The upcoming Hornet full fairing model will try to compete heavily with the New Suzuki Gixxer SF in the Indian market. Specifications are mostly the same.  Prices are expected to start at roughly Rs 95,000. This upcoming Honda bike will most likely be the only fully-faired Honda motorcycle below Rs 1 lakh.

Estimated Price: Rs. 95,000
Special specifications: Carbureted, Single-cylinder, 162.7c

Yamaha YZF-R15 V3.0 (Launched)

Yamaha R15 Version 3.0

Following down the list of best upcoming bikes in 2018 we have  R15 V3. This one is a treat for all the R15 lovers. As the bikes are set to get a whole new level of much-needed upgrades. Other than a new 155cc engine. Version 3.0 is expected to have a new look, new features, and new color options. It is also said that the bike will be getting a more comfortable handle.

Estimated Price: Rs. 1.2 – 1.4 lakh
Special specifications: Fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 149cc

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