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Tamburini T12 Massimo – A SuperBike that Costs 6.83 Crores

Massimo Tamburini T12

Holding a price tag of a whopping $1 Million. The exclusive motorcycle called The Tamburini T12 is designed by one the most iconic idol in the industry. Massimo Tamburini, an Italian motorcycle designer who was the man behind the two popular motorbikes, the Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4.

Being the Chief designer for both Ducati and MV Agusta he was also the founder of Bimota. Constantly looking for perfection Tamburini always wanted to build a bike which would be as light as possible for its displacement class.

In 2008, Tamburini left MV Agusta with a contract to not work for 3 years with any other bike firm. On 2012, he secretly started working on his dream bike, later on inviting his old friend who worked at Ferrari, as a chief engineer.

Tamburini T12

On April 2014 Tamburini passed away as he was diagnosed with lung cancer leaving the project incomplete. That is when his son Andrew Tamburini, decided to fulfil his father’s dream and decided to give the final touch to the masterpiece.

If you remember, the Tamburini T12 prototype was showcased in 2016.

The T12 Masterpiece

The bike holds a sporty, sharp-edged look where aerodynamics plays a major role. If you notice, the bike slightly mirrors the look from the MV Agusta F4. Starting from the heart, the T12 churns an incredible 230hp which is powered by a BMW S1000RR In-line 4-motor engine.

While the motor has been tuned to world superbike specifications. Given its performance, the BMW engine was the best 4 cylinder motor at that time, being the reason why Massimo Tamburini chose for his creation.

Tamburini T12 Massino

The Tamburini has an unbelievable kerb weight of 154.5 kg. The motorcycle owns a military grade bespoke trellis frame that allows adjusting the rigidity of the structure without changing any components.
Contributing to its decreased weight the trellis frame is mated to cast magnesium swingarm plates and steering head.


Exclusively built for T12 is an underbelly 4 in 1 custom built titanium exhaust system by Arrow and Robert Marchesini forged magnesium rims.
Being a track only bike, the Tamburini T12 is featured with Pirelli slick tyres. The bike also gets Motec engine management system and a race-inspired instrument cluster from BMW S1000RR HP4.

Tamburini T12 Highlights

Following the T12 highlights are the electronic dash, rear sets and top yoke which are created from billet aluminium. MotoGP spec Brembo monobloc brakes. The cabling running all around the machine is aerospace graded.
The suspension units on both ends are sourced by Ohlins (the number one suspension manufacturer). And Staubli has provided with rotors and master cylinders with quick release lines.


The Tamburini body panels are crafted from carbon fibre. And all other components are CNC machined from high strength aluminium alloy. It also has an adjustable steering axis rake, trail and triple clamps offset.

Overall the bike is equipped with top-shelf parts and is a race-ready superbike. Tamburini T12 is a work of art projecting the future. The production of the bike is exclusively limited to only 12 Units.
Currently, the T12 is a track only bike with no road version planned at the moment.


The exclusive motorcycle is under the first production by San Marino based Tamburini Coarse. With a price tag of $1 Million, the Tamburini T12 Massimo is one of the most expensive bikes in the world.

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