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As an owner of a Royal Enfield, you would have always felt a sense of pride and power in owning one. And it is an unsaid dream of every Enfield owner to go on long road trips with their special people. Here we look at the necessary suggestions and basic royal Enfield accessories. To add the most efficient and stylish looks to your bike.

#1 Digital Speedometer: Best Royal Enfield Accessories


Royal Enfield accessories

Digital Console: Royal Enfield accessories

We bet you would just be stunned as we got when we came across this accessory. This is something which just completes our Royal Enfield. The digital speedometer console is something we can now show off to other bike owners. Apparently, there are various other design models available.

#2 Lights Grill Cover

Royal Enfield accessories

Lamps Grill Cover: Royal Enfield Accessories

A matte-black grill mask (also found in other designs & colours) for the head and tail lamps and even available for indicator light as well, to give that perfect macho outlook to the royal beast.
What I gotta tell you is, the main function of this is to protect your headlights and all other lights especially while travelling or when kept in an unsafe neighbourhood.
But, it is also used up as a stylish accomplice for your bike. This is a great tool to consider in the list of Royal Enfield Accessories.


#3 Handle Bar End LED: Best Royal Enfield Accessories

Royal Enfield accessories

Handle Bar LED: Royal Enfield

Bar End LED has been one of the most highlighted accessories which have been used on most Custom bikes. The ultra bright led light accompanies handlebar turn signal too. Providing that laddish look when riding through the night. The installation process seems to be hassle-free.

#4 Premium Motorcycle Cover

royal enfield accessories

Royal Enfield Cover

This is something of a necessity, but not many follow this. How many of us put a cover to protect the bike from dust, rain, slush, and pollution? Though we do it when we are going on a long holiday or while transporting it. This is something which you might have to consider to use on a daily basis. Provided if you want a long-lasting shine and protection of your Bike.

#5 Crash Guard Rope

Royal Enfield accessories

Crash Guard Rope: Royal Enfield Accessories

Even though there is nothing wrong with the default chrome crash guard. But, if you use a rope it further adds the cruiser style factor to the bike. While it protects the crash guard from scratches, dents and corrosion. Look for high-quality material as you may come across different prices depending on the quality.

#6 Rubber Exhaust Cap

royal enfield accessories

Exhaust Rubber: Royal Enfield Accessories

The sound of a Royal Enfield stands out. Though default exhaust noise is sweet and yet you feel it’s a little too common? Then get this exhaust tip cover. Made of rubber. It enhances the exhaust noise slightly and put’s a vibe to that big gun silencer. Don’t worry the rubber cap is heatproof and won’t create any problem.

#7 USB Mobile Phone Charger & Holder


When on long bike trips, and travelling to strange places whether to meet your loved ones or just to explore the world. All you have as your hope is google maps to guide your way and that your cell phone does not die. You can make your ride turn into a portable phone charger and holder. Ride and let it charge.

#8 Chain Cleaner Brush

royal enfield accessories

Chain Brush Cleaner

Royal Enfield bikes are built to tackle all types of terrain, be it in cities or off-roading. All that puts the bike’s chain unit on pressure and receives a lot of dust and damage.
It is good to keep the chain neat and clean using this chain cleaning brush. Cleaning the chain after every 500-1000 kilometres may guard your peak performance and long life of your bike.

#9 Pillion Backrest

royal enfield accessories

Royal Enfield Pillion Back Rest

Next in our list of best Royal Enfield accessories includes pillion backrest. Few people believe that Royal Enfield bikes are not to be best known for comfortable pillion seating. This accessory helps the pillion rest their back and makes the long and exhausting journey way more manageable.


#10 Alloy Wheels

Royal Enfield accessories

Custom Alloys: Royal Enfield Accessories

Being said alloys can just change the entire look and feel of the bike. The factory rims can be too simple and common for some. You can find an infinite number of alloy wheels on the market. Which gives you the choice to give your own touch of customs to your ride.

#11 HandleBar Rear-View Mirror

royal enfield accessories

Handle Bar Rear View Mirrors

The most prominent lag made by Enfield Riders experience is too much amount of handle vibration. This means your view is obstructed in the rearview mirrors and makes riding in the city a lot tougher. The handle-mounted mirror helps a long way to reduce the mirror vibration and also enhances the look factor.

#12 LED HeadLamps

royal enfield accessories

Royal Enfield Head Lamp

Another thing about Royal Enfield is that the default headlamps given by the company aren’t exactly enough. So, a few modifications are surely needed. And with these modern days LED headlights, you get better brightness and longevity. And not to worry it doesn’t tire out the bike’s battery.

#13 Royal Enfield Handlebar

royal enfield accessories

Royal Enfied handle bars

To reduce the vibrations, Royal Enfield handlebars are fitted with a rod/bar connecting the two handles. You may also fill this hollow handlebar to increase the style factor of your majestic ride and still get the same increase in efficiency.
You can find a huge variety of handlebars on the market as per your choices.

#14 Autosol Metal Polish

Royal Enfield accessories

Royal Enfield Metal Cleanser

It’s been a while riding your bullet. Slowly the glow and shine start fading away. Even after washing some spots can be very hard to get off. We have found this product to be really amazing.
Autosol Polish can literally sparkle your bike into a new one. From chrome, body to the engine, this award-winning product has become one of the important Royal Enfield accessory across the country.

#15 Fog Lamps

Royal Enfield accessories

Fog Lamps

Its no doubt that if you own a Royal Enfield, You probably take it for long rides. Facing different weather conditions, rough terrains, etc. The particular accessory can assist you to get a clear bright view.
Its low beam light gives you a clear vision especially when it’s raining or to peek through the extreme foggy weather.


#16 Custom Exhaust

Royal Enfield accessories

Royal Enfield Custom Exhausts

We really don’t have much to say about this. As you definitely would have come across different exhausts types accustomed to Royal Enfield bikes thundering in your city. Though there is a wide variety to choose from just make sure you keep traffic rules in mind before buying one. As nowadays the cops are getting hold of bikes with loud custom exhausts.


#17 Saddle Bags

Royal Enfield accessories

Royal Enfield Accessories: Saddle Bags

Long rides generally come with luggage and the necessary things to keep us moving. Now you can find saddlebags exclusively made for Enfield bikes. Found in various shapes and sizes. Just look out for a good quality and strictly go for water resistant.

#18 Tank Cover

Royal Enfield accessories

Tank Pad/Cover

Another Enfield accessory which gives a new detailed look and serves a purpose to carry your important things with you as well. Mainly used for keeping documents, gadgets, etc. You can get your own custom-tailored tank cover made. While there is a selection of varieties available in the market.

#19 Leather Key Cases

Royal Enfield accessories

Leather Cases: Royal Enfield Accessories

This particular accessory is kinda unique from all. The leather key cases are made by a Thailand firm “Vitme Handcraft”. Which means that the leather case is flawlessly handcrafted. Protecting your keys from dirt while providing an additional attractive look.

#20 Exhaust Wrap

Royal Enfield accessories

Royal Enfield Exhaust Wrap

Our last list of Royal Enfield accessories includes wraps. Exhaust wraps are used to shield the heat from the exhaust pipe connecting the engine. It further helps to reduce temperature which results in cooler air intake for enhanced performance. The silencer wrap also helps to protect the rider and pillion rider from accidental leg burn from exhaust pipes.

Tell us your favourite Royal Enfield accessory in the comment section below.

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