As the fuel price is going high day by day. It has become a matter of concern for every rider. Especially the ones who use their ride to commute daily.
Getting the best out of our bike is something every rider craves. Since this is about how to increase bike mileage, we have listed every single tweak which you can do to punch up the performance of your bike with enhanced mileage.

How to Increase Bike Mileage?

#1. Get the best quality fuel from your trusted station. It’s never a good idea to get fuel from unauthorized dealers. I have heard that they contaminate the fuel with other solvents which might rupture your engine.

#2. Next time you go to fuel your bike. Make it a point to get a full tank refill, rather than refilling it often. Opening the fuel lid frequently may result in loss of fuel as vapour.

#3. It is advised to fuel the bike in the early mornings or late at night. During the hot time of the day. the fuel remains warm. Remember Fuel burns faster when it is hot.

#4. In my experience, it is one of the most neglected factors to improve the bike’s mileage. Correct tire pressure lets your bike set free. Thus, resulting in less power used by the engine. Get your tire pressure checked every week.

#5. Always keep an eye on your motorcycle’s chain. Frequent cleaning and lubricating of the chain would keep the bike’s performance top-notch. Also, it helps to keep your gearbox free of dirt deposits so you can do smooth gear clicks.

#6. Keep in mind the chain should remain tight and not slack down. Or else it would result in a loss of power.

#7. When it comes to pick-up the carburettor plays a very vital role. Cleaning the carburettor will get the bike its peak performance and pickup. Make sure you clean the carbon deposits thoroughly.

#8. One of the important aspects of how to increase bike mileage is to avoid quick acceleration from 0 to 60. Sudden acceleration tends to put more pressure on the engine and will pull more fuel. You should do a smooth and steady pickup that puts minimal pressure on the engine.

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#9. How you use the brakes reflects a lot about the bike mileage. Never perform unwanted harsh braking as long as you don’t have to stop. Know the streets well to avoid traffic, and potholes and use minimum brakes.

#10. Never ride for long on high RPM. Ride at a uniform speed. Maintain your speed between 40-60 kmph which is also known as the economy speed.

#11. Getting your bike serviced on time as recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer is a must. Get your air filter cleaned, engine oil changed, coolant level checked, and loose parts tightened.

#12. How fast you can ride depends on How you switch between gears. The best way to push your mileage is by riding at high gears. A vehicle consumes more fuel in low gears. Avoid shifting gears at high RPM.

#13. Smooth-shifting of gear below 4000 RPM is suggested. A good practice is to avoid constant shifting of gear which puts a heavy load on the clutch.

#14. Go for the best quality engine oil for your bike. Every bike is different so choose the Best Engine Oil for your Bike. Change the engine oil on time to prevent engine corrosion. Also never overfill the motor oil.


#15. Timely cleaning of the Spark Plug and air filter needs to be checked, to get the best performance and unwanted engine noise.

#16. Though it does not impact directly. But parking the bike under direct sunlight for long hours is something which should be prevented.

#17. More load on the bike means more fuel to be burnt. If you want added mileage never have a pillion rider.

#18. Don’t make unnecessary modifications as long as it does not enhance the performance of the bike. Keep your bike free from unwanted weights and leave it like factory standards.

#19. Never change the tire to a bigger size other than the recommended size. As it will reduce your pick-up and would make a huge impact on your mileage.

Following these tips on how to increase bike mileage will help you push the mileage and save you some gas money. If you are looking to get a mileage bike check out the 17 Best Mileage Bikes In India.