The Best Motorcycle Jacks for all types of Motorcycles

The Best Motorcycle Jacks for all types of Motorcycles

The Best Motorcycle Jack is a tool that lifts a motorcycle from its resting position to a raised position; these tools use compressed air, a hydraulic system or perhaps a combination of both.

There are various types of jacks and lifts that are designed for specific weight ranges. Some are easily movable with attached wheels and others are fixed.

Motorcycle Jack usually consist of a base with wheels, a flat platform that moves up and down, and a hydraulic system that is normally operated with a hand bar.

Why Use A Lift Or A Motorcycle Jack?

The elevators/plugs repair, service and all types of motorcycles repair. When you raise the height of a motorcycle, it is much easier to work.

In wheeled lifts, you can easily lift a bike and move it around the garage for easy storage.

Why should you have your own Motorcycle Jack? The answer is simple. Whether you start riding or an experienced veteran, you can save a lot of money on your own work.

Best Motorcycle Jack

When using a motorcycle lift, adequate safety must be ensured. When we say important, we are referring to life. There is a serious risk of injury if you don’t pay attention to the details. Always use common sense as well as make sure:

  • You should know how much your bike weighs and select a motorcycle lift that is suitable for the load.
  • Never overload the motorcycle jack.
  • Raise a motorcycle and employ the appropriate lifting points.
  • You want to keep your feet and hands away from nips.
  • Use security locks (if available).
  • You want to know your surroundings.
  • Make sure your bike is stable when sitting down on the motorcycle jack before work.

Once you find out what kind of capacity you need, you can start shopping for your motorcycle lift! To help you get started, here are our reviews of the three best motorcycle lifts on the market:

#1. Extreme Max Jack

best-motorcycle-jack-1 (2)

This Extreme Max motorcycle Jack is a scissors connector designed for simplicity and affordability.

In fact, this low-cost motorbike lift is also very easy to use and durable, and its frame is made of steel, which guarantees it’s a durable fit for motorcycles.

The best thing is that the seat is provided with rubber stuffing so as never to dent your bike all through the lifting procedure. Lifting your bike lift itself is indeed easy by turning to the right of the handle.

When not in use, the Extreme Max becomes an unobtrusive motorcycle connector that can easily be stowed away.

And best of all, even the design is quite simple, it has an excellent carrying capacity of about 1100 pounds, so you can lift almost all motorcycles

Lifting range: 3,625 to 14 inches
Material: Steel


  • Affordable value for money.
  • The flat inlet for motorcycles can be easily stored when not in use.
  • The platform of the seat is covered with a rubber material so as not to damage your motorcycle.
  • Durable as well as strong with a steel frame.


  • Components such as screws could have been of better quality.


#2. Black widow Motorcycle Jack

best-motorcycle-jack-1 (2)

As the name implies, the Black Widow motorcycle jack is a black steel motorcycle lift. In fact, this is a very durable and strong motorcycle jack with a decent weight capacity of 1100 pounds.

With this carrying capacity, this bike jack can lift almost all types of motorcycles with exceptional ease. It uses a scissor design, which makes this model quite cheap and easy to use.

In addition, the base is quite large and is also secured with two protruding brackets that make them even safer and more stable.

And again, this model uses a double saddle system with a rubber lining that would protect your motorcycle during jacking.

Best of all, this very black widow motorcycle jack boasts a great bendy as well as flexible reef range from 3.80 inches to 16.25 inches. That allows you to actually work with your very own motorcycle at different heights for different types of repairs.

Also, the Black Widow Motorcycle lift has a one-year warranty that gives you peace of mind. This is a purchase you will not regret!

Lifting range: 3.75 to 16.25 inches.
Load capacity: 1100 lbs.
Material: steel.


  • Steel structure for Durability and stronghold.
  • Double saddle system for a secure hold of your motorcycle.


  • The price could have been a bit more competitive.


#3. PowerZone 380047 Jack

best-motorcycle-jack-1 (2)

This very product can easily lift all kinds of motorcycles as well because the jack is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, you can lift this motorcycle lift easily and quickly.

This model is equipped with a pedal that couples the hydraulics system. Therefore, you can operate this hydraulic jack without hands.

The best part is that the frame is gummed so your motorcycle will not be damaged. The use of this motorcycle jack is quite simple. All you have to do is pump the handle up and down to activate the hydraulic system and lift the motorcycle out there.

In addition, this model is equipped with 2 front wheels and rear wheels, so you can move it comfortably in the garage or workshop.

A lot of people love this very motorbike jack for its style, convenient and easy to use when compared to the rest out there.

Lifting range: 4.5 to 14.5 inches.
Carrying capacity: 1700 lbs.
Material: Steel.


  • A fast and efficient hydraulic system.
  • Equipped with 2 front wheels and 2 rear wheels so you can move it easily.
  • Not necessary to use your hands to activate the hydraulic system.


  • The price is slightly higher than other models.



Another note is that motorcycle lifts are not brand specific for certain motorcycles, nor are they style specific.

Therefore, you can usually use the same jack for different motorcycle brands and types. A good motorbike jack works for Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley, Honda and BMW without having to look for another motorbike jack!

You can also use the same jack for your normal and sports bike without worrying about it.

The Best 4 Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

The Best 4 Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

Sometimes we know that super Bikes are not available to all of us, those with limited budgets and so on. Just because you cannot get the new 20k+ motorcycle does not mean you have no options. Here You can find the best motorcycle helmet under 200 USD as per our expert research and feedback from our community riders.

The same applies to motorcycle helmets and equipment. We all love light, expensive helmets with many features, but sometimes these technologies and materials bring the price of a helmet through the roof.

Cheap helmets are typically made from great materials, don’t have that many features, but still meet the same standards required for legal US sales.

The most expensive helmet is not the safest helmet for every situation, whereas the best motorcycle helmet under 200 would be the best choice under your budget.

List of Top 4 best motorcycle helmets under 200 USD

#1. Modular Helmet HJC CL-Max 2 – under $ 200

best motorcycle helmet under 200

The HJC CL-Max 2 for $190 is very good. What I love about CL-Max 2 is that it cuts the right corners.

Without an extendable umbrella, this saves weight and means that the liner and the EPS housing need not leave room for the extra lens!

We also have very little ventilation: small active ventilation grilles on the chin bar and forehead, with a small passive exhaust vent in the back. This, in turn, helps the sheath to stay soft and flat.

The result is that this extra large reaches 1.700 Kg, which is very lightweight for a modular polycarbonate. I also suspect that the CL-Max 2 is safest thanks to the unitary design of the case.

I noticed some highlights that I did not expect a budget option. For one thing, there’s a screwdriver in the box. We also have a chin bar that works with a glove and this quick release shield.

The CL-Max 2 has this Bluetooth connection for a Chatterbox XBi2-H intercom system, but to be honest, I think Chatterbox is a horrible communication system. I would prefer to forget this connection and just place a SENA.

As I said, at the beginning I would not buy a cheap module. But if I had to, Cl-Max 2 is the best option for me. It’s a great round helmet, by the way, but my noggin fits well

#2. The GMax GM11D helmet under $200

best motorcycle helmet under 200 $

Next: an adventure helmet. This is the GM11 GMax and it really is a four-station multi-purpose lid.

For a summer adventure trip and snowmobiling in the winter, I was skeptical at first, because it’s a $ 150 item on the work of two helmets. But as far as I can tell, GMax has done it.

In that case, it will take a while for the credits to be awarded.

Detachable sunscreen, removable face shield, anti-fog dual lens, speaker pockets, removable and washable lining, chin curtain, respirator, 6 chin bar openings, 2 chimneys, 2 frontal openings, and 6 vents escape.

One thing you will not find in the statistics: This face shield opens very wide, so I can use almost any pair of glasses here, whether I remove the face shield or not.

The weight is also impressive: 1.83 kg for this size, which is light enough for a plastic case with full sight and extended chin bar.

Of course, I have some complaints. I wish GMax would give us screws instead of Philips heads as the sun tip is not very aerodynamic and I’ll probably remove them often.

In addition, the helmet has only the DOT rating, and I personally have more peace in an ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) or perhaps Snell cover.

But hey, it’s a 50-50 functional adventure helmet that also works on a snowmobile. It’s a medium head shape that can be adapted to many people, including me.

And it only costs $ 150. My only objection to them is to provide a few screws and a safety sticker, else I should not complain at all.

#3. The bell Custom 500 under $200

best motorcycle helmet under 200

Well, my first choice for a helmet is easy. The Bell Custom 500 is my favorite open face on the market and fortunately, it’s under one of the best motorcycle helmet below 200 USD.

Bell loves this helmet especially. Probably because the 500 was the first one, which was formed by the company founder Roy Richter.

As in 1954, this is a simple cube made of fiberglass. No ventilation, no removable lining, nothing.

The Custom 500 is the minimum, and minimalism is what it does best. This size is a featherweight of 1.1 kg and is incredibly thin.

Bell offers five different case and EPS sizes throughout the range to ensure my head has the lowest profile of the helmet. By the way, it fits better with the shape of the intermediate head.

What else do I have to know? It is approved by DOT and ECE, so my really covered head is pretty safe. The Custom 500 is available in a million colors and this label will even decrease if I want to work with a blank canvas.

These are compatible with a large number of shields and visors from Biltwell or, of course, Bell. And finally, the interior is upholstered.

#4. Bell Pit Boss Helmet – under $200

best motorcycle helmet under 200

When it comes to the very top helmets, the king of the hills also registers a price below $ 200. Of course, I mean the Bell Pit Boss. Everything you need to know about this helmet can be counted on your fingers.

Easy Select System- It is stolen directly from the world of the bike: just turn this wheel and the inside of the helmet will be adjusted to create an individual fit with the noggin.

That’s why the Bell Pit Boss is usually the helmet I recommend to people with round and oval heads and is just $130.


Some helmets can cost as much as the bike you wear them with, but it does not have to be that way. You can find safe helmets at reasonable prices. That’s why we’re releasing this post so you can find a great helmet within your budget.

How Can You buy the best motorcycle cover?

How Can You buy the best motorcycle cover?

Why you must have a motorcycle cover?

It is very important to have a motorcycle cover for your bike due to many reasons. The first important reason is that it provides the protection to your motorcycle.
Another most important reason is that it also provides the security to your bike from evil eyes i.e. from a thief. Furthermore, your bike would stay safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun or sun heat.
It would also protect your bike from the rain and water or any other harsh weather conditions. Thus, due to all these reasons, it becomes very important to have a motorcycle cover.

How to choose the best motorcycle cover?

To buy the best motorcycle cover for you, it is very important to consider specific features of it.
If you go to the market and buy a random cover, it may not meet the actual purpose behind it. So, it is very important to look for the following things before buying one.
  • UV Protection/Heat Protection
It is very important for all motorcycle riders to keep special care of their motorbike from Sun-rays.
Ultraviolet rays and solar heat are the rivals for your motorcycle and can damage your motorcycle.
Just like the ultraviolet rays of the sun are damaging for our skin, they are harmful to motorcycles as well. They do not only affect the shine and finishing of your motorcycle but they also impact the leather of your motorcycle-seat.
So, it becomes very important to buy such a cover for your motorcycle that is UV resistant or heat protective.
  • Weather or Rain Resistant
When it rains, the constant exposure of rainwater to the motorcycle may negatively impact your motorcycle. Protecting your motorcycle from water and even moisture is very important for the durability of your ride.
Therefore, always try to buy a motorcycle cover that it completely rain-resistant or weather resistant. Being waterproof means that the cover would be able to keep your motorcycle safe from water and moisture.
There are so many motorcycle covers available in the market that provide full protection against the rainwater. Make sure to buy a cover like that from a good brand.
best cover for motorcycles
  • Security
The best thing about using a motorcycle cover is that it provides your motorcycle complete protection and security. It provides the security from all the evil eyes and from the eyes of the thief.
For example, you bought a new and lavish motorcycle and park it somewhere. It would look more appealing to the thieves and the people around by.
There are more chances that if a thief comes there to steal a motorcycle, he would come to your bike first. But, if you put a motorcycle cover over your bike, the thieves or anyone would just ignore your motorcycle.
They wouldn’t be able to see whether it is a new and lavish bike under a cover or not. In this way, your motorcycle would be protected against thieves’ eyes or evil eyes.
  • Motorcycle Cover Size
Buy a cover for your motorcycle that would be completely adjustable and fit to the body of your motorcycle. The sizes of the motorcycle covers may vary according to different models of the motorcycles.
Make sure you tell the seller about the particular model of your motorcycle and then see the variety of covers in that size. In this way, the cover would fit and would completely cover your motorcycle.
  • Cover Material
Make sure you choose a motorcycle cover that is made up of soft and durable material. Most of the motorcycle covers come in the polyester-mix or cotton-mix material.
Make a point to buy a cover that is made of either polyester or nylon mix fabric. This is important because these types of materials are waterproof materials.
Being waterproof, it would keep your bike safe from rainwater or moisture. Furthermore, some of the motorcycle covers also have an inner soft lining which ensures maximum protection.
best cover for motorcycles

Sports Bike Cover

  • Price concerns
Before going to market for buying a motorcycle cover, do set a maximum budget limit for it. In this way, you would be clear about how much you can spend over it and would be able to make a right purchase.
As you don’t need to buy the motorcycle cover, again and again, make sure you buy a good-quality motorcycle cover. A good quality motorcycle cover would give your motorcycle complete protection over the long run.
On the other hand, a low-quality cover would tear down soon and cost you extra in buying a new cover.
Therefore, always make a flexible budget for buying a high-quality motorcycle cover and keep enjoying it in long run.

# Best Motorcycle Cover Reviews


 #1. Nelson-Rigg Deluxe Motorcycle Cover
 motorcycle cover
This is made up of the best ever material that is polyester and the best thing about it is that this is waterproof. Another best thing about this cover is that the cover is available in five colors.
Furthermore, it is also available in different sizes so that you can choose any one of them based on your motorcycle size.
#2. Guardian Weatherall Plus By Dowco

best motorcycle cover 
This is the best heavy duty cover for motorcycles. The best thing about this motorcycle cover is that it is completely waterproof and heat-shielded.
It provides the protection to your motorcycle from harmful ultraviolet rays, sun heat, and rainwater or moisture. Another wonderful thing about this motorcycle cover is that it involves an inner soft cotton lining.
This lining helps in protecting the sensitive or vulnerable parts or your motorcycle. However, this motorcycle cover is slightly costly considering its features it’s worth it.   
#3. XYZCTEM Motorcycle cover
 motorcycle cover

When we talk about the best motorcycle covers, XYZCTEM Motorcycle cover comes in the list of best covers
. First of all, it is very beautiful and aesthetically very charming as it comes in dual colors.
Some part of this cover is in black color while the rest of it is in orange. It is made up of a breathable fabric that allows ventilation to the motorcycle parts even when they are packed with the cover.
Furthermore, it also protects your motorcycle from damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Further protects it from moisture and rainwater and thus, it is highly recommended.
#4. XYZCTEM All-Season Waterproof Motorcycle Cover
best motorcycle cover 
Among all other motorcycle covers, this one comes at a more affordable price. However, it doesn’t mean that it is lower in quality and features than the other ones.
This motorcycle cover is also great when it comes to providing protection to your motorcycle. It secures your motorcycle from the harmful effects of UV rays and rainwater or moisture.
Along with giving protection, it is also designed in a beautiful way with a lightweight material. Due to this reason, you can easily carry it from one place to another in any of your bags.
It has two aluminum grommets to assist in locking it down so that high winds may not pull it up.
Best Motorcycle Lock for Ultimate Security of 2019

Best Motorcycle Lock for Ultimate Security of 2019

Do you know what hurts the most? Getting your dream motorbike stolen. So, it is always good to not let a single chance away from your hand by securing your motorcycle with the best motorcycle lock ever or also by putting other good security measures.
Thieves are always on the urge of stealing your motorcycle whenever they get a chance. So, it is important that you have put enough security measures on your bike.
That if any thief got a chance to put their hands on your bike, your security system would give them a tough time to steal.

Why buying the Best Motorcycle lock is Important?

Do you know? Every 3-5 hours one bike gets stolen every day. Most of the thieves are joy riders and usually, they steal for breaking down the parts of your bike to sell them out of the country.
Before you know where your bike is, the parts of your bike are sold and export out of the country. But despite this fact, half of the bikes are protected by some kind of locks.
But an unprotected bike can never be secured. An unsecured and unlocked bike is the number one target of thieves. The more you put security measures on your motorbike, the more it is protected.
Locking devices can help you preventing your motorbike of being stolen. There are certain Motorcycle locks that are ideal for your motorbike security.
Traditionally there are three types of bike locks that are used in almost all motorbike security systems.

Types of Motorcycle Locks

There are particularly three types of locks. U-locks, Cable locks and Chain locks. Each has its own feature. Let’s take a look upon them
  • U-locks
 U-locks are widely used by bikers. It is an excellent deterrent. The heavy mechanism makes it resistible against chisels, hammers and things like that.
This lock reduces the space that can be used by any thief to insert a hammer, leverage, and crowbar to poop the lock apart.
Also, the horseshoe-shaped do not make it to oversize for motorcycles. U-locks are available in various sizes.
Large model locks both the wheels and the frame bike into a fixed object and small to medium models lock the frame and one wheel into a fixed object.
  • Cable locks

Cable locks are designed to be versatile but they are do not offer as much deterrence as U-locks offer.
Because bolt cutters can easily cut cable locks. Yet, they are good to use with a U-lock as the second lock to provide extra security to your motorcycle.
You can never go wrong by using a cable lock with a u-lock.
  • Chain locks

Chain locks are highly recommended for high crime locations. These locks use a special kind of chain link that does not allow any chisels, hacksaws to break through it.
The chain is made up of heavy metal that provides enough resistant for a thief to break through it. Just like cable locks, chain locks also work along with padlocks that make it hard resistant to any criminal activity.
It is very important that you invest your money within such locks that give you the best security.
There are multiple motorcycle locks available in the market that sometimes it’s overwhelming for so many people to choose the best out of them.
Are you also considering buying a motorcycle lock but unsure which one should you choose for your bike security? Well, we heard you.
We have picked some of the best motorcycle locks for you that are available in the market to secure your motorcycles from thieves. Let’s take a look down below.
  • Kryptonite Evolution Series 4
best motorcycle lock 
Kryptonite evolution series 4 is the best lock that assures you to secure your bike at the place you put it. This lock comes with three keys which are stainless.
One of these keys is equipped with a bulb of high intensity. This lock is well designed and easy to install and use. This lock is made up of heavy material which ensures the good holding power.
The holding power of this lock’s double deadbolt mechanism gives a tough time to the criminals.
  • Kryptonite 000884


If you are looking for quality of locks for your motorbike in a less expensive budget then believe us, Kryptonite 000884 is best out there.
Kryptonite 000884 is an efficient alternative to any expensive high-security lock. The diameter of the pin approximately measures about 5mm.
Thus it could be a perfect fit for bikes that are in smaller size. This lock comes with two keys that are made up of steel. The ergonomic design of this lock reduce the amount of torque and hence keep it prevent from breaking or bending.
The lock is weightless and weatherproof, and you can carry this lock easily in your backpack. This lock is best for those who do not remember to start the engine without unlocking the dis lock.
This lock uses a cable which is a reminder usually in the orange color. This feature prevents the rider of the bike from starting the bike when the disc lock is engaged. The kryptonite 000884 is good quality and budget-friendly lock.
  • TCMT disc brake lock
 best motorcycle lock

If you are looking for a good security lock on a budget then TCMT disc brake lock will be the best choice for you to choose.
This lock is made up of the high quality of metal and steel. This lock is indestructible. TCMT disc brake lock comes with an electronic alarm which is waterproof and can work in any weather condition.
 TCMT brake lock is not only used for a motorcycle but it can be utilized for many other vehicles and bikes as well.
The detector which is a part of the design of this lock is sensitive enough to prevent any kind of criminal activity. The volume of the alarm is high enough to make you alert.
By having this lock on your motorcycle, you can freely go anywhere without having any fear of your motorcycle get stolen.
  • BigPantha Handlebar

For those motorcycles whose diameter is of up to 1.5”, then the feature of this product would go best for that motorcycle
This incredibly convenient design takes you only a few seconds to get installed. The design of this lock is adjustable so that you can use not only this single lock for your motorcycle but you can also use it on your bicycle as well.
The material of this lock is highly resilient and makes it indestructible. Its weight is less than one pound. It is highly convenient. The compact feature allows you to carry it to anywhere inside your backpack or pocket.
The versatility and durability that this lock offer makes it perfect security for your motorcycle or bicycle.
  • The Club UTL810
You can never go wrong with either a disc lock or a lock for your handlebar on your motorcycle. But having both will take the security of your motorcycle to the next level.
The club utl810 is brilliantly designed for making your motorcycle extra secure. The heavy material that is used in its design makes incredibly hard for thieves to cut it.
This utility lock is specially designed to take pressure more than of 1,500 pounds. This lock has a vinyl coating which makes it scratch resistant and waterproof as well.
Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

Using the Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers?

Are you a music lover?  Are you looking for some outstanding best motorcycle handlebar speakers for your ride? You will come across many friends and speaker-manufacturing companies that claim they sell the best speakers.
We are here you to provide a detailed guide about what you should look while buying the best motorbike handlebar speakers. You will also find the reviews of some efficient handlebar speakers.

Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers Buying Guide

When you are paying enough amount or your savings on buying the handlebar speakers, do not hurry in making the decision.
First, decide that what features matter you the most and what should the speakers include to stand as a number one or reliable. The primary thing to look at is:
  •    Construction and Material
The first thing is the material that used in their manufacturing. The material is something that provides the durability and enhances the lifeline.
You will find motorcycle handlebar speakers in various materials like aluminum, steel or metal. The best to choose is the one, which is light in weight because they have to attach on bike front handle.
If the speakers are heavy, they may disturb the bike movement while riding. The material must be strong enough that it can face harsh weather condition like snow or rain.
So, always try to buy those handlebar speakers, which are made up of good material. Because when you are paying enough amount, then this buy should prove to be fruitful.
  •    Dimensions and Mounting System
After looking up to the good material manufacturer in handlebar speakers for your motorcycle, the next thing to look at up is dimensions and mounting system.
Are you confused that how dimensions are important to consider? What if you buy your favorite speakers, but they do not fit according to your bike model.
That is something serious to consider so do not forgot to check the measurements as the company mentioned on the device.
If you find that its contract with the dimensions written on the paper and the original dimension, get back to the company and return it.
The other thing is the mounting system because this can also create problems for you. So check whether its mounting system is working efficiently or not.
The manufacturer includes all the accessories that one required in the mounting system. After receiving your parcel, check that it comes with all the accessories or there are some missing parts.

If there is any missing nuts or something, buy it on your own or return it to the company and request for all necessities.


  •    Sound Volume
How one can forget about its main purpose of buying handlebar speakers, i.e., for amazing sound. You must want to listen your favorite sound while riding on a road to enjoy that lock up all the traffic noise around you.
Even you want to enjoy loud, clear sound when you are riding at a very fast speed. Thus, when you are buying your favorite handlebar speakers must check its volume and amplifier that helps to turn the volume at high.
There are always double speakers to manage the sound so check whether the two of these are working or just one of them is playing its role.
You can look for the manufacturer’s recommendations and precaution before operating the sound system. Quality of sound is essential, and it should be clear; otherwise, the purpose of purchasing handlebar speakers will be useless.
  •    Cost Comparisons
The most important thing to consider is the cost. Set up your budget and try to find out those that meet your finances. Speakers with more specifications and features will always cost you much.
Also, research about all the handlebar speakers and make a cost comparison. Compare different companies, their prices, specifications, and features they are offering.
You can find the best speakers at a reasonable price too if you take your time in research. There is no bargaining concept in buying handlebar speakers.
If you can get the best speakers by adding some more money then, the wait is better than buying the cheap one.
  • Connectivity
What will you do if your speakers do not connect to your playlist on your mobile phone?
Always look for those handlebar speakers that comes with extra Bluetooth speakers so you can attach your smartphone and speakers through Bluetooth and can enjoy your favorite track.

Reviews of Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

Here are some reviews about the top handlebar speakers, which assist you in finalizing your decision and paying for the best of them for your motorbike.
  • Kicker 40PSM34
Are you riding in snow or rain? Kicker 40PSM34 will be the best option for you because they are waterproof and give protection from harsh conditions.
These mini, nicely built and loud in volume speakers provide the music lover the best, quality sound on a bike ride. The material used in their manufacturing is durable because of chrome enclosure.
You can mount them by yourself with simple tools because it did not require some professional work. So if you want to listen to powerful and clear sound music than go for these amazing Kicker 40PSM34 speakers.
The best thing about these is the high pitch sound, which will impress them all outside on the road. If you cannot listen to music at 50 mph, then you have to buy an additional amplifier with them.
  • Pyle PLMCS62
If you want to purchase some amazing and stylish speakers for your bike to impressive friends, then Pyle PLMCS62 prove to be the perfect option for you.
The chrome-aluminum material used in its manufacturing gives it an impressive look. They are specially designed according to the weather condition to prevent them from damage.
The outer coating helps to work best against rain, snow, winds, storm and other mechanical faults. It has the power of 600 watts to give high pitch sound.
There is no need to worry about the mounting system because it comes with all mounting accessories in the pack.
You will enjoy listening to your favorite song while riding on your motorbike.  Also, it comes with additional lifeline and durability.
  • Boss Audio MC720 B
What about Bluetooth handlebar speakers to make your ride fantastic and memorable? Try out Boss Audio MC720B Bluetooth handlebar speakers and listen to your favorite track while connecting with your phone or tablet.
Not just smartphones, it comes with the additional feature of connectivity with iPod and iPhone.
Another amazing thing about Boss Audio MC720B is the mounting brakes, which you will find in the packaging so one can adjust or move it on handle easily.
There is no need to use extra speakers with these Bluetooth speakers. Mounting is so simple and quick that you did not need professional tools. The Bluetooth feature helps a user to control the music and volume.
  • Kicker PXiBT 100.2
best-motorcycle-handlebar-speakers (7) 
Kicker PXiBT 100.2 is an excellent sound speaker set that is waterproof and durable in use. Chrome coating helps it to stand fine in rains, snow, and prevent from mechanical faults during riding.
The amazing thing about Kicker PXiBT 100.2 speakers is that you can control your songs or volume via Bluetooth or the panel that comes with the speakers to pause, play, volume up and down feasibility.
Best Motorcycle Chain Lube You Can Ever Buy

Best Motorcycle Chain Lube You Can Ever Buy

Just like changing the motorcycle oil is necessary, lubing the motorcycle chain is also equally important and necessary. Having an in-depth knowledge about the best motorcycle chain lube as well as how to apply it is very important.

Whether you are an experienced motorcycle rider or just a new rider, you must be well aware of it. This article is specially written for you so that you can learn about motorcycle chain lube in great detail.

What is Motorcycle Chain Lube?


If you are new in this industry, you must be wondering about what is the motorcycle chain lube. In simple words, it is just like an oil or grease that you thoroughly apply all over the chain of your motorcycle.

It is applied so that your chain would be able to work properly equipping your bike with smooth gear shifts.

Why It is Important to Lube a Motorcycle Chain?

It is a necessity to lube your motorcycle chain with a lube of good brand and quality. It is important due to a number of reasons.

First of all, it is essential because when you lube your motorcycle chain, it results in reducing the resistance between chain and cogs.

It is also important because it results in greater ease in grading your motorcycle while riding. Furthermore, it would properly lubricate your motorcycle, it would help in keeping your motorcycle chain rust free.

Weather is the biggest enemy of motorcycle chain. In case, your motorcycle chain is not properly lubricated, it will result in getting rust.

As a result, its performance would be affected and the resistance would create among chain and other adjacent parts such as the gearbox.   

How to Properly Lube Your Motorcycle Chain?

best motorcycle chain lube

There are many motorcycle riders who really don’t know how to properly lube their motorcycle chain. As a result, their motorcycle chain starts getting rust and ultimately goes out of the function.

Therefore, it is important that you must know the procedure of properly lubricating your motorcycle chain. Just follow this simple and easiest step-by-step procedure to lubricate your motorcycle chain.


  • Determine the type of your chain

The first step in this process is to figure out the type of chain in your motorcycle. The motorcycle may have the plain chain or it may have the sealed chain.

The first one consists of the metal-on-metal links while the other one consists of rubber seals. These rubber seals help the road dirt to stay out while allows the grease to stay in over the chain.

Whatever chain your motorcycle has, you would need to apply the lube over it for its durability and better-performance.

However, if you have sealed motorcycle chain, make sure you apply the next steps with greater care in order to avoid damaging the sealing.


  • Stand the Bike on the Center Stand

It becomes difficult to lube the chain properly if the bike is standing on the side stand. This is because in such condition, the rear or back wheel of the bike could not move freely.

In order to lube the chain properly, it is important that the back wheel of your bike could move freely. Therefore, stand your bike on the center stand to make a position in which the back wheel could move properly and freely.


  • Check Current State of Motorcycle Chain & Sprockets

best motorcycle chain lube

It is important to look at your motorcycle chain and sprockets for their current condition. Check if there is any rust, dirt or dust particles or any residue. Take a soft cloth and clean the chain and sprockets so that the excess dirt could be removed.


  • Pick up Chain Cleaner and Spray it all over the Chain

After that, pick up a good cleaner and thoroughly spray it all over the chain. Make sure to keep running the rear wheel to keep moving the chain so that its every part could be sprayed.


  • Scrub the Chain Properly

best motorcycle chain lube

Once you are done with spraying the motorcycle chain with chain cleaner, now is the time to scrub it.  In order to scrub the chain, never use your hands or fingers because they will get all the grease and dirt.

Always use a good brush that is used for scrubbing the motorcycle chain. You can easily get one from the market or from a workshop.

Scrub the chain to pull out all of the dust particles, grease, and any other residue. After that, clean your chain properly in order to leave it clean and dust free.


  • Respray and then Let It Dry

Once you are done, respray the motorcycle chain again and apply the same above procedure. Then clean it with a good, clean, and soft cloth so that any left-over impurities could also be cleaned.

Once done, let your motorcycle chain to dry properly because the lube cannot be applied over the moist or wet motorcycle-chain.


  • Apply a Good Chain Lube over the Chain

Once the chain is cleaned and dried, apply a good quality lube on the motorcycle chain from a good company. Make sure it goes to every single or every little part of the chain and grease it well.


  • Clean the Excess of it and Start Riding Again

Once you lube the motorcycle chain, now is the time to wipe out the excess lube. You may use a clean but soft cloth for this purpose.

Let your motorcycle stand as it is for some period of time. After that, you can start riding again with a highly smoother and high performing motorcycling experience.

Best Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews

Here are some of the best and top-selling motorcycle chain lube reviews.


  • Dupont Teflon Chain-Saver

best motorcycle chain lube

Dupont is the world’s most selling and top-rated motorcycle chain lube with outstanding performance. It is famous for being highly dirt resistant and water resistant.

Whether you are riding a motorbike in extremely hot or very cold weather, it would give maximum protection to your motorcycle chai from weather effects.

It would keep your chain protected from road dirt and also from water on roads or rainwater. Furthermore, it comes with a price of just $6.20 which is highly affordable for everyone.


  • Lucas Oil Chain Lube

best motorcycle chain lube

Another top-selling motorcycle chain lube is the Lucas Oil Chain Lube which deeply penetrates into chain and pins. It is also greater water resistant, dirt resistant, and weather shielded.

It protects your motorcycle chain from all the negative impacts of weather, i.e. the initiation of rust on the chain.

It keeps your motorcycle chain free from dust, dirt, and corrosion. It comes in a container of 11 oz. lube at a price of $8.23 which is not very expensive.


  • PJ1 Motorcycle Chain Lube

best motorcycle chain lube

PJ1 is also popular among the best motorcycle chain lubes and one of the most selling motorcycle chain lubes. It comes in a container of 13 oz.

And its price is a bit higher than the other lubes, i.e. for $12.95. However, this lube really worth this price because of its excellent performance and additional quantity in one bottle.

Just like of top-rated motorcycle chain lubes, it is also completely water resistant. Not only this, but it also provides complete protection against dirt and weather impact, such as rust.

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