The Best bikes under 80000 rupees in India come under the segment of 100cc to 125cc. These bikes generally fall into the category of commuter bikes that are used on a daily basis.

On researching the Indian market I have gathered all the information and prepared a list of bikes under 80000 in 2021. With the budget in mind, I have selected bikes with regards to best in BS6 standard performance, mileage, comfort, and maintenance.  

 15 Best Bikes under 80000

Bajaj CT11080 kmpl₹53,156
Hero HF Deluxe80 kmpl₹68,160
TVS Sport70 kmpl₹60,190
Honda CD110 Dream65 kmpl₹65,996
Splendor iSmart11065 kmpl₹77,500
TVS Radeon65 kmpl₹77,680
Hero Passion Pro70 kmpl₹79,962
Bajaj Platina H-Gear70 kmpl₹76,735
TVS Star City Plus75 kmpl₹74,850
Super Splendor70 kmpl₹80,645
Honda Livo75 kmpl₹83,320
Hero Glamour65 kmpl₹81,975
Honda Shine65 kmpl₹81,645
Honda SP 12570 kmpl₹88,140
Pulsar 12560 kmpl₹86,935

1. Bajaj CT110


115cc/ BS6/80kmph/ Rs-53,156

The release of the BS6 version on the Bajaj CT110 has slightly increased the price of the bike. Yet the bike gets praised for its excellent mileage and low maintenance service. The CT110 comes with a 115cc engine which is super refined with its BS6 lineup.

The bike feels smooth while riding, thanks to its low noise exhaust. Bajaj claims that the CT110 would give a mileage of 80+ kilometers whereas the reviews from the riders state that you can get anywhere between 60-70 kmpl.

Talking about technical aspects the CT110 is integrated with a 4-speed gearbox and dual shock absorbers at the rear which does a good job to keep you comfortable. With the drum brakes on both the front and rear of the bike.

  • The design of the bike could be much better.
  • Lacks front disc brake.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Smooth Engine. 

2. Hero HF Deluxe


i3S /97.3cc/BS6/80kmph/Rs-68,160

Hero Bikes are well known for their build quality and reliability. Likewise, the HF Deluxe is a robust bike with the latest technology and new looks starting from Rs. 68,160. The bike is equipped with a 100cc engine which produces a power of 7.91 bhp.

The i3S Xsens technology cuts off the engine at fall and saves petrol which gives a mileage between 70 to 80 kmpl. The bike gained instant fame among bikers for the best bike to avoid back pain.

With the help of its suspension, the Deluxe is very comfortable which makes it suitable to ride on village roads as well as urban cities.  

The HF Deluxe also features a throttle position sensor for instant pickup, an engine oil temperature sensor for high-temperature control, a manifold absolute pressure sensor for an easier uphill climb, and an intake air temperature sensor for high altitude riding.

  • Comfortable and avoids back pain.
  • Great built quality with low maintenance.
  • Multiple sensors for a better riding experience.

3. TVS Sport 

best bikes under 80000


The TVS Sport is a 110cc bike that produces a power of 8.18 bhp. The bike comes in two variants which are kick start and self start priced at Rs. 63,960 and Rs. 72,844. With the ETFi (Ecothrust Fuel Injection) technology TVS claims that the bike gives 15% more mileage than its previous model bikes.

The Sport gives a mileage between 65 to 75kmpl depending on the riding conditions. With a longer seat and telescopic suspension, the bike ensures fine riding comfort for both rider and pillion.

While the bike does not have any disc brakes the performance of the bike is quite impressive. TVS Sports is an attention-seeking ride that requires low maintenance.

  • Improved Mileage.
  • Low maintenance. 
  • Lack of disk brakes.

4. Honda CD 110 Dream



Powered with a 110cc engine the Honda CD 110 dream produces a power of 8.67 bhp serving a smooth riding experience. If you’re a fan of Honda this is the most affordable bike in the Honda segment.

With no disc brakes, the CD 110 Dream features a combined braking system to the front and rear wheel.

The company claims the bike mileage to be 70 kmpl whereas it may differ anywhere between 60 to 70 kmpl considering your riding style and conditions. The build quality of the bike is tough while some may feel that the design could be a little better.

  • Combined Braking System.
  • Smooth riding experience.
  • Punchy Engine Power.
  • The design could be better.

5. Hero Splendor iSmart 

best bikes under 80000


While every one of us has seen the legendary Splendor rocking the streets for the past 20 years. The new Hero Splendor comes with the iSmart Sense System (i3S) which switches off the engine if it’s left idle for a few seconds and again fires up when you press the clutch.

This can be quite helpful in traffic and makes the bike more fuel-efficient giving you mileage up to 65kmpl. On the other hand, the new Hero Splendor gets a sporty look with better handling and comfortability.

The 113.2cc engine generates a power of 9 bhp and comes in two variants, with front disc brakes at Rs. 79,800 and the standard version with dual drum brakes at Rs. 77,500. 

  • iSmart Sense System.
  • Sporty looks.
  • Semi Digital Instrument Cluster.

6. TVS Radeon 

best bikes under 80000


With a starting price of Rs. 77,680 for the disc brake version the TVS Radeon is also available in the drum brake version with a price tag of Rs. 74,386. The Radeon was meant to compete with Hero Splendor 110 iSmart and Honda CD 110 Dream.

And with features like a side stand indicator, USB charging port and the chrome finish on the body makes the bike eye-catching for many riders.

The bike holds a 110cc engine which produces a power of 8 bhp with a combined braking system on both wheels. What’s best about the Radeon is the overall low maintenance of the bike and superb mileage between 60-65kmpl.

  • Low Maintenance.
  • Stylish Chrome Design.
  • Brakes could be more effective. 

7. Hero Passion Pro 

best bikes under 80000


Following the list of best bikes under 80000 rupees is the Hero Passion Pro with Xsens with programmed Fuel Injected technology which increases fuel efficiency and performance on all riding conditions.

The Passion Pro features a 110cc engine which revs a power of 9.02 bhp. Hero has made a lot of changes from the previous model such as replacing carburettor with FI, a semi-digital speedometer that shows you real-time mileage info, revised front suspension for better comfortability, and a sportier design.

With two variants the Passion Pro has a price tag of Rs. 79,962 for the disc brake version and Rs. 77,562 for the drum brake version. The bike delivers a mileage between 60 to 70 kmpl.

  • Real-time mileage info.
  • Cheap maintenance.
  • Revised comfort and design.

8. Bajaj Platina 110 H-Gear



The new Bajaj Platina packs a lot of upgrades such as the H-Gear technology which is an intelligent system that assists you to ride on traffic without shifting gears often and also helps to maintain a smooth ride on highways.

The bike is powered by a 115.45cc engine which produces a power of 8.44 bhp. With features such as a semi-digital instrument cluster with a gear shift indicator and a 5-speed gearbox for smoother highway rides.

The nitro suspension serves a comfortable ride on rough roads for both rider and pillion. With a mileage of 70 kmpl, the bike is available at a starting price of Rs. 76,735.

  • 5 Speed Gearbox.
  • Gear Shift Indicator.
  • Smooth Engine.
  • H-Gear Technology.

9. TVS Star City Plus

best bikes under 80000


TVS has made a couple of changes to the Star City Plus and also revised the pricing to be budget-friendly. The bike features a 109.7cc engine that produces a power of 8.08 bhp while giving a 15% increase in fuel efficiency that results in mileage between 65 to 75 kmpl.

The Star City Plus features Ecothrust Fuel Injection for better start-ability in all conditions. The engine has been refined to deliver a smooth experience, and the design and fairings have been improved.

With tubules tires and a price tag of Rs. 74,950 the Star City Plus is one of the best commuter bikes under 80,000.

  • Good Mileage.
  • Tubeless tires.
  • USB mobile charger port.

10. Hero Super Splendor

best bikes under 80000


The Super Splendor is another best bike under 80,000 by Hero MotoCorp. With a starting price of Rs. 80,645 while the top disc brake variant goes for Rs. 84,560. The bike boasts a 124.7cc engine that produces a power of 10.72 bhp. As compared to its previous model the company has replaced the double-cradle frame with diamond chassis for enhanced strength.

Restyled the bike giving it a more attractive look, used dual shock absorbers and telescopic forks for better comfort and handling. The Hero Super Splendor has always been people’s choice for one of the best commuter motorcycles while delivering a mileage between 65-70 kmpl.

  • Upgraded from its previous models.
  • Wide service network.
  • Refined engine.

Following the list of best bikes under 80000 rupees in India, if you can push your budget a little bit higher you should check out these bikes.

11. Honda Livo

best bikes under 80000


The Honda Livo is set to be priced at Rs. 83,320 for its drum brake variant while the disc brake variant costs Rs. 87,890. Featuring a 110cc engine the Livo delivers a power of 8.67 bhp.

Honda has integrated its ECO Technology into the bike which helps to deliver an improved fuel efficiency between 65-75 kmpl. The seating position of the bike is comfortable for both rider and pillion. The Honda Livo is truly an urban commuter bike with soft suspension and a quiet engine.

  • One of the best 110cc bike.
  • Super smooth ride.
  • Outdated Speedometer.

12. Hero Glamour

best bikes under 80000


From style, features, to frame, engine refinement Hero has done a lot of changes to the new Glamour. Delivering a power of 10.72 bhp the Honda Glamour comes with a 125cc engine that has a starting price of Rs. 81,975 while the top disc brake variant costs around Rs. 89,790.

The bike handles bad roads firmly keeping you comfortable on rough terrains and avoids back pain. With refined engine and performance, the bike gives a mileage between 55 to 65 kmpl.

  • Handles bad roads firmly. 
  • Reliable bike for long term use.
  • Low maintenance costs.

13. Honda Shine

best bikes under 80000


The Honda shine has always been known for its butter smooth engine and feather touch 5-speed gear transmission. The bike features a 125cc engine that produces a power of 10.59 bhp.

No matter if you are in city traffic or on a highway you will never get disappointed with its performance and efficiency. The Honda Shine has a starting price of Rs. 81,645 for its drum brake variant while the disc brake variant costs Rs. 87,780.

With a mileage between 55 to 65 kmpl, the Shine is one of the best 125cc segment bikes.

  • All-rounder 125cc bike.
  • Butter Smooth Engine.
  • Great performance

14. Honda SP 125

best bikes under 80000


If you are looking for a stylish bike the Honda SP 125 will just kill the streets. Along with the sporty look, the SP 125 has a bag full of features such as a digital instrument cluster with real-time mileage info, gear shift indicator, Eco indicator, and a service reminder.

Integrated with an ACG starter for a smoother engine the 125cc engine delivers a power of 10.5 bhp with a mileage between 60 to 70 kmpl. The bike has a starting price of Rs. 88,140 for its drum brake variant while the disc brake variant is Rs. 92,740.

  • Sporty looks.
  • Lots of helpful features like real-time mileage, gear shift indicator, etc.
  • Fuel efficient.

15. Bajaj Pulsar 125



The Bajaj Pulsar 125 comes with a starting price of Rs. 86,935 with the top version costing up to Rs. 95,460. Powered with a 125cc engine the bike produces a power of 11.64 bhp.

Being one the cheapest bike in the Bajaj pulsar segment the pulsar 125 uses similar brakes, chassis, tires, and wheelbases from the Pulsar Neon 150. The bike has a low maintenance value and gives a mileage between 55-60kmpl.

  • Engine delivers punchy torque.
  • Sportiest 125cc commuter bike.
  • Cheap to maintain. 

Which is the best Sports bike under 80000?

  1. Hero Passion Pro
  2. Hero Glamour
  3. Honda SP 125
  4. Pulsar 125

Best Hero Bikes under 80000 in India

  1. Hero Super Splendor
  2. Hero Glamour
  3. Hero Passion Pro

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