Performance Bikes Under 80000

The more mileage a two-wheeler supplies, the more individuals will save on their fuel costs. Amongst all two-wheeler categories in India. We’ve noticed that bikes under 80000 are some of the most popular and best-selling as well.

What are the best bikes under 80000?

  • Pulsar 180
  • Honda CB Trigger
  • Pulsar 150 ABS
  • Hero X-Treme
  • Hero GlamourvFI
  • Honda Dazzler
  • Suzuki Gixxer
  • Apache RTR 160
  • Yamaha FZ-S
  • Yamaha SZ-RR

Here We have analyzed the ten most fuel-efficient and performance bikes available under 80,000 rupees in India.

Pulsar 180

Bikes under 80000
Mileage: 45kmpl

Understated is a word which most defines the Pulsar 180 DTS-I.  Even though it gives a healthy mix of functionality and efficacy, the bundle feels outdated, particularly in comparison with the current crop of performance bikes.

If you are seeking a bike that also provides a decent mileage, then the Pulsar 180 is a bike you should take a closer look at. This is to be the first on our list of best bikes under 80000.


Honda CB Trigger

The CB Trigger is essentially the infallible Honda Unicorn snazzier outfit, made to appeal to the style-conscious. It’s a terrific commuter, with a comfortable ride and a tractable engine.

Oh, and the brakes on the CBS (Combi-Braking System) variant are the very best in its category. No wonder this had to hit our list of good bikes under 80000.

Mileage: 60 kmpl

There are a few niggles though — the plastics and finish levels are not the quality you’d expect on a premium commuter, and the CBS variant is priced quite large.

Nevertheless, if you are scouting for a bike in this price bracket, the CB Trigger is a bike that you cannot overlook.


Pulsar 150 ABS

The Pulsar 150 DTS-I is among India’s best-selling bikes of all-time. It caught the hearts and minds of the consumers by bringing onto their plates a more capable mix of functionality, fashion, and high-tech features. In the current scenario, however, the Pulsar 150 fails behind its modern rivals.

Bikes under 80000
Mileage: 52.7kmpl

The current generation Pulsar has been in production for nearly six decades now, and besides a small hike in power and fresh colour schemes, it has seen no major upgrades whatsoever.

It may be powerful to get a 150cc bike, but it’s heavy, low in your comfort, and seems outdated. The Pulsar 150 is a tad fuel-efficient though and can also be priced on the side in its own class.


Hero X-treme

Continuing our list of best bikes under 80000, The Xtreme is among Hero MotoCorp’s best-selling bikes in India, also for good reason.  It’s a quick and stylish bike with attractive styling and great fuel-efficiency.

Bikes under 80000
Mileage: 50kmpl

The Xtreme comes equipped with a multitude of features such as a digital data display, an engine immobilizer, side-stand engine cut-off, and also an under-seat mobile charging slot.

At Rs 66,275 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Hero Xtreme presents fantastic value for money proposal.


Hero Glamour FI

Yes, the Hero Glamour FI is quite pricey for a 125cc motorcycle, but we state it’s justified. The bike delivers a leading mileage amount, comparable to that of a 100cc bike, without compromising on power.

Bikes under 80000
Mileage: 85.8kmpl

It also provides a smooth and instantaneous throttle response that is hard for a carburetted bike to match.

If you have a tendency to travel a lot over the city, then you will enjoy the Glamour FI’s smoothness and the fact that it can travel much farther to a tankful than other bikes in this range. Due to its shocking mileage of 85.8 kilometers per liter.

Honda CB Unicorn 160 Dazzler

If it’s a no-nonsense bike that you are after, we suggest you take a look at the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler. It’s USP a gem of a 160cc motor that is best defined as bulletproof.

Bikes under 80000

Mileage: 71.2kmpl

It might not be outright powerful, but it’s creamy smooth and is very efficient. No surprise that it was Honda’s bestselling bike for quite a while.

There have been no major styling or mechanical changes in a long time, and rivalry is getting better each passing year. A replacement is expected this year.

Suzuki Gixxer

The latest Suzuki bike within this line-up can be arguably among the best motorcycles launched in India in recent times. The Gixxer is a rip-snorting performance bike that is giving the Yamaha FZ a run for its money.

bikes-under-80000Mileage: 63.5kmpl

It looks stunning, accelerates rapidly, handles great, and can be supremely comfortable. What’s more, it’s got a high-tech instrument console with loads of features and is built exceptionally nicely with high-quality substances.

Surprisingly, it provides a fantastic mileage amount and is priced well to boot. Because of its mileage and dashing look, this hits our list of best bikes under 80000.

TVS Apache RTR 160

The TVS Apache RTR 160 is the sportiest offering in this section. There is a lot to enjoy about this bike, it seems striking, packs quite a punch in its own rev-happy 160cc motor, and manages corners very well.

Bikes under 80000Mileage: 60.1 kmpl

It also provides a mileage rated mileage amount of 60.1 kilometers per liter to boot. On the flip side, it vibrates quite a lot, particularly at high revs, and the ergonomics are a little towards the side.

Still, if you would like a sporty motorcycle for your daily commute, do check out the Apache RTR 160.

Yamaha FZ-S FI

The latest iteration of this popular road bike from Yamaha might have lost power, but it has improved inefficiency. The fuel-Injected FZ-S FI provides a claimed mileage between 58 to 60 kmpl.

Bikes under 80000Mileage: 58kmpl

Which is slightly higher than what the carburetted FZ 16 could achieve. It looks great, is quite smooth, very comfy, and really is a nimble handler.

The Yamaha FZ S-FI is a fantastic option if you are trying to purchase a premium bike for your daily grind.

Yamaha SZ-RR

Bikes under 80000
Mileage: 55kmpl

Call it a sobered-down version of the FZ-FI, also you won’t be incorrect. The Yamaha SZ-RR sports the same 149cc engine, albeit minus the carburetor.

The Bike offers a Sleek design for clean cuts in the city rush. It’s fairly affordable too. If you want a good, value for money 150cc bike, do take a look at the Yamaha SZ-RR.

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