With so many options available by different motorcycle manufacturers choosing the best bike under 70000 rupees could be quite overwhelming.  Two Wheeler companies are competing with each other to manufacture bikes under every budget with lots of features.

I have researched through all the bikes under 70000 rupees and selected the best bikes with mileage, features, performance, and comfort. Not to forget the reliability and after-sales serve as the bikes in this segment fall into the category of commuter bikes, which are used on a daily basis. So let’s get started.

Best Bikes under 70000

Best BikesMileagePrice
Hero Splendor Plus70 kmpl₹70,460
TVS Victor--
TVS Sport80 kmpl₹63,890
Bajaj CT10080 kmpl₹54,720
Hero HF Deluxe75 kmpl₹57,160
Bajaj CT11075 kmpl₹64,286
TVS Radeon70 kmpl₹67,088
Star City Plus75 kmpl₹66,496
Bajaj 110 HGear75 kmpl₹66,685
Passion Pro65 kmpl₹67,520
Bajaj Platina75 kmpl₹61,900
Splendor iSmart11065 kmpl₹69,980


1. Hero Splendor Plus

best bikes under 70000

With a starting price of Rs. 70,460 the Hero Splendor Plus has always been people’s choice as the most reliable bike. The 100cc engine generates a power of 7.91 bhp and features a combined braking system on both the front and rear wheel.

The fuel injection (FI) system is integrated with X-Sens Technology that sports a back angle sensor to cut off the engine at fall, a throttle position sensor for an instant pick up, and i3s Sensor that enhances less fuel consumption. While the top variant costs Rs. 77,320 the Splendour Plus gives a mileage between 65-70 kmpl.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Wide service network.
  • The design could be better.

2. TVS Victor

best bikes under 70000

The new Victor is set to launch in March 2021 and the expected price is between 56,000 to 60,000 Rupees. The company has made numerous changes to the new Victor. The bike has a 110cc engine that generates a power of 9.46 bhp while the mileage of the bike could be anywhere between 60 to 70 kmpl.

As compared to its older model the bike gets a better design that looks stylish, improved comfort, and features a semi-digital speedometer.

  • Updated model with new looks.
  • Enhanced comfort.
  • Digital display.

3. TVS Sport

best bikes under 70000


The TVS Sport starts from Rs. 63,890 for the kick start variant while the self starts version goes for Rs. 72,270. The bike holds a 110cc engine that fires a power of 8.18 bhp and a top speed of 90 km/hour.

TVS Sport is one of the low maintenance bikes under 70000 rupees. With great comfort, the bike is able to deliver a mileage of 80 kmpl on highways. The performance of the bike is amazing considering the 110cc segment giving a mileage between 70 to 80 kmpl.

  • Cheap maintenance.
  • Great mileage.
  • Comfortable.

4. Hero HF Deluxe


i3S /97.3cc/BS6/80kmph

Hero has been integrating X-sens Technology on all of its bikes, and the HF Deluxe is no exception. The technology improves fuel efficiency and smooth engine performance with the help of 10 different sensors.

The HF Deluxe has a 100cc engine that generates a power of 7.91 bhp. With a starting price of Rs. 57,160 for the kick start version, the top electric start variant is priced at Rs. 68,460. The HF Deluxe gives a mileage of anywhere between 65 to 75 kmpl.

  • Super Comfortable – Avoids back pain.
  • Great service network.
  • Everyday bike.

5. Bajaj CT 110

best bikes under 70000

With a more refined and powerful engine, the Bajaj CT 110 was introduced in the market to compete with Splendor iSmart 110. Powering a 115cc engine the bike develops a power of 8.6 bhp with dual drum brakes.

The CT 100 has a starting price of Rs. 64,286 for its top variant. While the design could be improved the bike has a great fuel efficiency that gives a mileage between 65 to 75 kmpl.

  • Fuel efficient.
  • Good Performance.
  • Reliable.

6. TVS Radeon

best bikes under 70000


The TVS Radeon is geared with a 110cc fuel-injected engine that generates a power of 8.08 bhp. What makes the bike stand out is its upright riding position that gets you comfortable in city traffic.

The Radeon comes with a led headlight, side stand indicator and unique style with chrome touches. The maintenance cost of the bike is low and the mileage ranges between 60 to 70 kmpl. The TVS Radeon starts from Rs. 67,088 whereas the top variants costs Rs. 74,660.

  • Chrome touch design.
  • Great Riding Position.
  • Led Headlight with side stand indicator.

7. TVS Star City Plus

best bikes under 70000

TVS Star City Plus is one of the best bikes under 70,000 with a ton of features. The 110cc fuel-injected engine delivers improved performance with a power of 8.08 bhp. The City Plus comes with led headlamps, a dual-tone seat, an adjustable shock absorber, a USB mobile charger, and a semi-digital instrument cluster.

The bike has a starting price of Rs. 66,495 whereas the top variant starts from Rs. 70,860. With the new FI engine, the bike saves 15% more fuel giving a mileage between 65 to 75 kmpl.

  • Fuel efficient.
  • USB Mobile charger.
  • Good looks.

8. Bajaj Platina 110 H-Gear


The motorcycle is powered by a 115cc fuel-injected (FI) engine that generates a power of 8.44 bhp. The Platina 110 has great manoeuvrability in city traffic and serves a smooth ride on highways.

The H-Gear technology accommodates a feather touch gear shift mechanism, a highway gear, and a gear shift guide that assists you to change gears at various conditions. The Bajaj Platina 110 H-Gear starts at a price of Rs. 66,475 giving a mileage between 65 to 75 kmpl.

  • H-Gear Technology.
  • Great mileage.
  • Refined engine.

9. Bajaj CT 100


115cc/ BS6/80kmph

Fused with a 102cc engine the Bajaj CT100 delivers a power of 7.79 bhp with a starting price of Rs. 63,245 for its top variant while the standard version starts from Rs. 54,720.

The CT100 is titled the most affordable bike under 70,000 in India and is cheaper to maintain. The bike features a combined braking system on both wheel and is BS6 compliant. Being fuel-efficient the CT100 gives a mileage between 70 to 80 kmpl.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Most affordable bike.
  • Great mileage.

10. Hero Passion Pro

best bikes under 70000


Overall these years a lot has changed on the Hero Passion Pro. The stylish rugged look makes the bike more attractive now. Hero has improved the comfort of the bike with its suspension setup, along with an “AutoSail” feature that assists you in easier riding in traffic.

The 110cc fuel-injected BS6 engine generates a power of 9.02 bhp with a mileage between 55 to 65 kmpl. The Passion pro features a semi-digital instrument cluster that shows real-time mileage info. The Passion Pro starts at a price of Rs. 67,520.

  • Economical Bike.
  • AutoSail feature.
  • Stylish looks.

11. Bajaj Platina

best bikes under 70000

Powering a 102cc BS6 engine the bike generates a power of 7.79 bhp. The Bajaj Platina is the smoothest bike under 70,000 in India. To further improve the ride quality, Bajaj has set up the bike with their Comfortec upgrades such as long travel fronts forks and rear springs.

The Platina has a starting price of Rs. 61,900 for the standard variant while the top variant starts from Rs. 74,985. The bike is cheap to maintain and gives a mileage between 65 to 75 kmpl.

  • Comfortable Riding.
  • Smooth Engine.
  • Fuel efficient.

12. Hero Splendor iSmart 110

best bikes under 70000


If you can push your budget a little bit higher you should take a look at the Splendour iSmart. A 110cc BS6 engine that generates a power of 9 bhp and a top speed of 90 mph.

The Bike is integrated with i3s technology that helps in increasing fuel efficiency. The Hero Splendor iSmart 110 starts at a price of Rs. 69,980 while the top disc brake variant starts from Rs. 78,745. The bike delivers a mileage between 55 to 65 kmpl.

  • Great riding experience.
  • I3s Technology.
  • Comfortable.

Top 3 best bikes under 70000 Rupees?

  1. Hero Splendor Plus
  2. TVS Star City
  3. Bajaj CT 110

All the Upcoming bikes under 70,000 rupees are updated frequently on this post. The reviews are based on opinions of bike owners, digital consumer platforms, and personal experience. If you can spare a couple of thousands you should check out the Best performance bikes under Rs. 80,000.