Getting your bike repainted includes two things labour and material. So you could land up anywhere between 7000 to 25000. But if you go with good quality paint and a professional painter you would hardly spend less than 15000.

Getting a paint job on your bike is one of the best feelings ever for a bike rider. A whole lot of factors need to be looked at when getting into the game of paint. So how much does bike painting cost in India?

I would rather say it depends on what the rider wants. The cost of bike paint would depend on the paint quality chosen and where you want to get it done; either at a Paint store or to your nearby motorcycle dealer.

Types of Bike Painting

There are two types of paint used on a motorcycle. The first way is to paint it using a Spray Can and the second type is by using an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Paint Sprayer. 

Painting a bike is no big deal unless you know some of the basic guidelines before you get started. The majority of people think rattle sprays can lead to low-quality outcomes but that depends on how it is applied to the motorcycle body.

Spray Cans

Nowadays Spray cans are available in a wide variety mostly because of the better quality of products available in the market. A good quality spray can cost you starting from hundreds to thousands.

For the DIY community, if you are doing it yourself make sure to check that you get a wide spray that helps you to avoid paint lines.

A good Brand of Spray Can when applied will have a smooth flow on the surface, will have better coverage, and will dry quickly.

Spray cans are cheaper as compared to paint sprayers. But there are lots of quality variants you can find in the market. Make sure to use the best quality spray cans.

HVLP Paint Spray

If you know how to use a paint sprayer or have seen it at the Paint shop you would probably know about the use of HVLP Paint Spray.

When you look at Spray Can, the HVLP Paint Sprayer is a very expensive tool to buy for one-time use. You could easily spend up to around 30000 and still get a bad result.

If you are dead serious about getting your bike repainted with a paint sprayer. Then it’s always better to go to a paint shop. The use of Paint Sprayer needs the hands of a professional.

bike painting

Alternative to Bike Painting

If you think bike paint would not be the best option for you then you can go for an alternative way called Bike Wrapping. This process of bike wrap is performed by sticking printed vinyl wraps with a heat gun. So how much does wrapping a bike cost?

Well if you go for good quality material and professional person to do it for you. It would cost you below 8000. Remember all depends on the quality of the desired finish on the motorcycle body. Bike wrapping is the best option if you want to change the look of the bike frequently with the option of going back to the stock paint anytime. 

Benefits of Bike Wrapping

  • Unlike Bike Paint which is a permanent mark. Wrapping is temporary, you can change the design and graphics of your bike every 6 months or a year depending upon you.
  • Bike Wrap keeps your stock paint safe and covered. Giving you the option to switch at any time.
  • Allows you to use your creativity to design your motorcycle.
  • Wrapping a bike may feel lighter in your pockets as you don’t have to go through layers and layers of expensive paint.

Bike Paint Protection

Use good quality authentic Shampoo and Polish for Bikes.

Even before applying the first coat, one should clean the surface. As dust particles may end up sticking with the paint and cause later to peel off.

Never wash your bike with detergent water. Use less chlorinated water for a longer shine and gloss. Always use a soft cloth to wipe the body. Try to get rid of the scratches and dents on the body. 

If you have money to spend you can get a layer of Teflon coating also called lamination by some riders. A coat of added layer will protect the motorcycle from scratches and minor dents, and would also protect the colour from fading away.

bike painting

Bike Wax OR Bike Polish?

Here’s a thumb rule, never use bike polish on a fairly new bike meaning still donning the gloss & shine. Bike polish is an abrasive substance that oxidizes your top layer and brings you a brand-new layer of paint below.

Instead, you can use Bike Wax which is a better protection agent. Bike Wax usually covers all your minor scratches and dents adding an extra layer of protection. 

Bike wax adds an extra gloss like your motorcycle is just out of the showroom now. Some bikers believe too much bike wax will lead to slight discoloration of the paint. Therefore it is suggested to use it once a month after washing your bike.

Bike Painting Tips

  1. The first word “Practice” means a hell of a lot of practice. To paint a motorcycle you need some serious skills to do it. A lot of times you have to practice maybe on cardboard, metal cans, etc. But to give it the top-notch look that you desire will require some time.
  2. Even before jumping straight to hold the paint gun, there are several steps to take. You have to clean the body surface of the motorcycle you want to get painted. Whether it is a plastic body, aluminum, or a metal frame the portion needs to be thoroughly cleaned for the paint to stick in longer.
  3. Does not matter if you pick up a spray can or a paint sprayer but make sure that the paint is of high quality. One should never compromise on the quality of the paint. There are many trusted Bike Paint brands in the market you can get from.
  4. Set your motorcycle free from all directions so that you don’t have to touch it while painting the bike. For separate parts, you can hang them to reach from all directions for a better layer of coat.
  5. It is recommended to shake the paint can or sprayer for at least 3-4 minutes. Then take a good distance to spray. Moving the spray steadily will result in an even coating of the motorcycle surface.


It takes some thought before you decide on a bike painting. But a whole story awaits right after you get your motorcycle painted. The new shine & colour will make you feel so special. You feel brand new once again with your new ride. If you have ever painted your motorbike do share your pics on our Instagram handle.