Are you looking for buying the best women’s motorcycle helmets but confused about which one to buy? Don’t worry! This article would help you choose the best motorcycle helmet for women.

You will also read about the best women’s motorcycle helmets in this article that have been selling till now. Let’s go through the details to learn more about this gear.

3 Best women’s motorcycle helmets

Now that you know how you can select the best women’s motorcycle helmet, just look up the following top-selling women’s motorcycle helmets.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Helmet

best womens motorcycle helmets

This helmet is considered the most solid helmet for women and usually comes in black colour. Along with being solid, this helmet is highly affordable for every woman and not a burden on your budget.

It has a composite shell that fits your head in a perfect way. It also meets the criteria of being comfortable and light-weight. The best thing about this helmet is that it comes in various sizes so that you can choose anyone according to your head size or age.

Japanese Style Gloss Pink Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet DOT

best womens motorcycle helmets

It is another top-selling motorcycle helmet for women and is being sold on a larger scale. One of the most important features of this helmet is that it has an impact on the absorbent lining and is greatly comfortable.

Another best thing about these helmets is that they are very lighter in weight. The buyers have reported that it is the lightest and most comfortable while riding that you almost forget that you are wearing a helmet.

It is made up of stainless steel material and is particularly best for women with longer hair.

Shoei Women Helmets

best womens motorcycle helmets

If we make a comparison among the best helmet companies for women helmets, the name Shoei would be on top. Its helmets usually come in black colour and are highly demanded and top-selling.

Their helmets come at varying prices so that you can choose one according to your budget. Different colours and sizes are also available based on the customer’s demands.

Another best thing about the Shoei helmets for women is that they reduce road noise to a greater extent.

This makes your travel more relaxing and enjoyable due to the absence of any interruptions and noises. Furthermore, they are so much lighter in weight and highly comfortable for all ages.

Choosing the best women’s motorcycle helmets

If you are going to buy a helmet for yourself, it is important that you consider the following things before making an actual purchase.

best womens motorcycle helmets

Make sure it is comfortable

When we talk about women’s helmets, being comfortable is the most demanded feature. This is because women usually have long hair and maybe hair accessories on their heads.

With long hair and hair accessories, putting them on inside the helmet may be irritating for most women. Therefore, your helmet must be comfortable in a way that it effectively covers your hair and hair accessories.

In most cases, the helmets with higher prices are more comfortable as compared to those which are cheaper. This is because of the price worth of the helmet.

If you have a flexible budget, go for buying a high-quality helmet so that it would provide you with more comfort. If you cannot afford to buy a high-priced helmet, make sure you try wearing the helmet on your head to see if it is comfortable.

If you are ok with it, then buy it for yourself, otherwise, look for some other helmets.

Decide a maximum budget limit

The prices of men’s and women’s helmets vary greatly according to their designs and features. Make sure you buy a helmet that would be within your budget. Buying a helmet that is too costly, would only put up pressure on your budget.

Decide first how much you can spend on buying a female helmet, then go for buying within this range. It is helpful to conduct a little search on various types of female helmets within your range.

After that, you would be able to choose the best one for you within your budget.

● Must be light in weight

Another important thing that must be kept in mind is that a helmet must be lighter in weight. Mostly, women are not used to wearing helmets, so it becomes difficult for them to put an extra burden on their heads while riding.

In such cases, a lightweight helmet would be the best option for you. Putting on a lightweight helmet would also make you feel lighter and easier just like you are wearing nothing.

Furthermore, it would be easy for you to carry your helmet with you if you need to and this would not put an extra burden on your hands as well.

Choose the right size

It is very important for women too to buy the right size. Make sure you buy a helmet that fits your hair size and hair volume.

Some women may have shorter hair and the size of their helmet fits on their head accordingly. Some women may have long hair and make a bun of their hair while riding.

In these cases, the helmet must have enough space to cover the hair bun or hair accessories too. The sizes of these helmets also vary according to your age.

If you are a teenage girl, buy a helmet for that age range. If you are an elder woman, buy a helmet for your age category.  

Must be able to reduce road noise

It is the most important feature of a helmet that it must be able to reduce the intensity of road noise. If your helmet is capable of reducing road noise, you would have a more pleasing riding experience.

In contrast, if your helmet fails to reduce the road noise, you may end up having a constant headache. Therefore, one must buy a helmet based on its capacity to reduce road noise.

Must be durable and ensure safety

The helmet should not only focus on its aesthetics, but it should also provide you with safety. Along with providing safety to you from road accidents, it must able to be more durable.

If you buy a good women’s helmet, it would be more durable and can withstand any outside weather conditions.

Why should women use motorcycle helmets?

It is highly recommended that women use motorcycle helmets just like men. This is because the safety of life is important for everyone regardless of their gender.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet would keep you safe from head injuries in case of road accidents.

best womens motorcycle helmets

Motorcycle riders, whether women or men, Without helmet protection, usually, suffer the most from traumatic brain injuries. No one knows what is going to happen in the next second, therefore be prepared for every situation.

These 3 helmets are our top Editor’s Picks based on the feedback and reviews of women who use them on a daily basis.

But there are a number of women motorcycle helmets selling companies that are providing the best ever helmets. If you are a motorcycle rider, then you must go buying a women’s motorcycle helmet for your safety and protection.