With the increase in demand for helmets, the open face helmet type is one of the most preferred gears among motorcycle riders. Mostly because these helmets are quite comfortable especially during summer when you just can’t stand the heat.

Some may still argue with the safety these helmets provide but needless to say open face helmets do pass with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification and other international standards worldwide.

Here I have sorted the best helmets according to the top brands available in India.

23 Best Open Face Helmets

Vega Lark

open face helmets

The vega lark is the cheapest open face helmet under ₹1000. Although it would be wrong to assume that the helmet lacks quality for the price. The helmet is built with a high impact ABS material shell whereas the visor is built with an optical polycarbonate.

The visor is scratch and UV resistant and is available in four different shades. For better airflow, there are two top and two back air vents.

Vega Atom

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With a unique and comfortable style, the vega atom is super lightweight and strong. Built with high-impact ABS material the atom comes with a quick-release metallic buckle.

The visor is made up of optical polycarbonate which facilitates smooth visor changes. Also to mention the visor is scratch and UV resistant. The only downfall of the vega atom is the lining which is non-removable so you cannot wash it.

Vega Crux open face helmets

Another great design by Vega is equipped with a stylish sun peak. The Vega Crux customs a high-impact ABS shell with scratch and UV resistant visor built with optical polycarbonate.

Apart from that, you can customize the fit by removing and replacing the interior pads according to your comfortability. The interesting part of the vega crux is the odour-resistant feature which helps to keep your helmet fresh on long hours of rides and usage.

Vega Jet

best open face helmets

Built with an impact-absorbing ABS material the Vega Jet is one of the most popular helmets you get to see on the streets. The visor mechanism is quite smooth and is made up of optical polycarbonate with scratch and UV resistance.

The Vega Jet also comes with an odour resistance for fresher and longer use. The interior linings are all removable and washable.

Vega Verve best open face helmets

Specially built for the ladies the Vega Verve comes with multiple shades of colour with ponytail space. Built with an impact-resistant ABS material shell the helmet is ISI approved. The chin strap has a safety lock feature to keep the helmet secure. The vega verge is quite lightweight making it convenient for women to carry.

Steelbird R2K

best open face helmets

With an Italian design, the R2K is built with a high-impact ABS material shell. The helmet features breathable padding and a neck protector for extra comfort. The interior paddings have multi pores in them to provide better airflow. A quick-release micrometric buckle is integrated to secure the helmet.

Steelbird SB27

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The SB27 is a compact helmet built with a special high-grade composite material shell. Featuring a dynamic ventilation system for increased airflow and comfort. The SB27 comes with a polycarbonate anti-scratch coated visor with a removable neck protector. An added safety of regulated density EPS concussion padding is provided.

Steelbird SBH-10 open face helmet

A great choice for riders with cruiser motorcycles as the Steelbird SBH-10 is designed to match with the cruiser bike style. The main highlight of this open face helmet is the antibacterial coating in the interior which does not impact your hair growth.

Built with impact-proof ABS material and an anti-scratch coated visor. The interior of the helmet is replaceable and washable with multi-pored breathable padding with a neck protector for additional comfort.

Steelbird Air

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The unique selling point of the steel bird air is the longest visor in the helmet industry. The helmet also features an advanced air ventilation system for better airflow to keep your head cool.

The Steelbird air is designed in Italy which matches international safety standards. The interior paddings of the helmet are replaceable and washable. The visor has a locking system and is Iridium coated which adds a unique gloss to the look.

Steelbird SB-33

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The SB-33 from the steel bird is another stylish-looking helmet with an Italian design. The helmet is built from a high-impact ABS material shell. Along with breathable padding with a neck protector for extra comfort on long usage.

For better ventilation, the helmet features a muli pore interior padding. With a quick-release micrometric buckle, the helmet is super easy to lock and unlock.

Royal Enfield MLG

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The stealth-looking open-face helmet from Royal Enfield is built from a high-impact grade thermoplastic shell. The long visor is made from optical grade polycarbonate and hard coated for scratch resistance.

For impact protection, the MLG helmet features an expanded polystyrene liner that absorbs impact better. The comfort liner is removable and washable. While the chin strap is adjustable and cushioned for comfort.

Royal Enfield Bobber

best open face helmet

Being one of my favourite motorcycle helmets with superior protection. The Bobber helmet is built with fiberglass composite material. Anytime during an impact, the force is distributed across the entire surface area.

For better impact protection a high-density expanded polystyrene liner is used. The interior padding of the helmet is all removable and washable. The Bobber helmet is both ISI and DOT certified.

Royal Enfield Peak

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With a lightweight of 850 grams, the exquisite helmet from the royal Enfield is built from a fiberglass composite material shell. The impact protection is built with a high-density EPS liner for better impact absorption. Removable and washable liners are provided which are made with a combination of knits, mesh, and polyester.

Royal Enfield MLG

best open face helmet

The MLG is one of the best helmets in India in terms of comfortability. Built with a single fiberglass composite material shell. The visor is made up of polycarbonate material and coated with UV for scratch resistance properties.

The inner lining is expanded polystyrene for additional protection. The chin strap is made of nylon with a micrometric lock.

Royal Enfield Marble

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Built with fusing a black and white ABS material, each Royal Enfield open face helmet is molded with a unique design. With a weight of 850 grams, the helmet is both ISI and DOT certified. The Royal Enfield marble boasts an aerodynamic design with an internal expanded polystyrene liner for safety and comfort.

Studds Urban

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The outer shell of Studds urban is built from a special high-impact grade of engineering thermoplastic. On the interior, the padding is a high-density EPS concussion with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen. The visor is an optical polycarbonate built with a hard coat for scratch resistance.

Studds Marshall best open face helmet

What credits the Studds marshall is the dynamic ventilation system for increased airflow providing maximum comfort and coolness to the rider. The marshall is built from a high-impact grade thermoplastic.

Whereas the optical polycarbonate visor with a hard coat provides scratch resistance properties. The interior is padded with a high-density EPS concussion with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen.

Studds Cub07

best open face helmet

The Cub 07 is the classiest looking best open face helmet from studds. Built with a high impact outer shell and UV resistant paint which protects the look and shine of the helmet. Also, the liners are anti-allergic and replaceable. For ease of use, the cub 07 is integrated with a quick-release chin strap.

Studds Dane

best open face helmet

The best open face helmet for women was designed by Studds with extra space for women’s ponytails. The helmet features removable cheek pads which can be removed during summer and reused in winter.

With a high-grade thermoplastic outer shell, the long visor is polycarbonate built with a UV coat for scratch resistance. The studds dame has a quick-release mechanism on its chin strap.

Studds JetStar

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The Studds Jetstar has awesome graphics giving it a premium look. The helmet does not include a visor since it is worn along with sunglasses or motorcycle goggles. The interior padding of the helmet is thick which makes you feel ultra-secure. The outer shell is built with a high-impact grade thermoplastic material.

LS2 359 Open Face Helmet

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When style meets quality LS2 open face helmets are born. The LS2 359 is an ECE-certified open face helmet that has an inarguably robust build quality. The outer shell is lightweight built with kinetic polymer alloy which surpasses both DOT and ISI standards.

Built with 3D optically correct polycarbonate the helmet features a dual visor drop down where the secondary visor acts as a sun shield. Also, these visors are highly resistant to impact and are UV, fog, and scratch-resistant.

LS2 Bagger

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The LS2 bagger comes with multiple features to attract your attention. What’s special about the Bagger is the pockets at the neck liner for the mp3 player and a hidden pocket to hide the wire going around your neck.

The shell of the helmet is built with a high-performance fiberglass composite (HPFC) which is ultra-lightweight and tough. On the front, adjustable vents are provided to keep you cool on hot days. The comfort liners are completely removable and washable. The LS2 Bagger open face helmet is DOT certified.

LS2 Rebellion

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The LS2 Rebellion is a Bluetooth-ready open-face helmet for installing LS2’s rider to a rider communication system. Built with high-performance lightweight kinetic polymer alloy the rebellion stands out quite stylishly.

The sun shield has a two-stage lockability, one which locks at halfway for eyeshade and the other is a full-face protection lock. The micrometric quick chin strap is DOT approved which helps the helmet to stay secure on your head.