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The 5 Best Motorcycles For Short Riders

It’s not always easy to find the bike you like. A task that can be even more complicated when one does not enter the standards of size and that one must contend while choosing their best motorcycles for short riders.

Height and width of saddle associated with the weight can, in particular, make things hard for short riders; the maneuvers with low speed and other half-turns in do not put in confidence.

Some manufacturers, including Suzuki, offer low seat motorcycles for short riders.

It hurts the heart to make a pose of the bike, even if it’s equipped with crankcases. However, this is not an impossible mission and it isn’t necessary to be satisfied with the small engine.

Especially since some motorcycles offer lowered versions, even if it is often at the expense of thickness saddle and comfort.

Best motorcycles for Short Riders

The accessibility for the short riders is not just a seat height. The width of the seat and the angle at which he rests his legs are also an important factor.

With reduced leverage, weight and center of gravity are also a problem. So you want a short, thin, lightweight and centralized bike.

5 Best Motorcycles for Short Riders

#1. Suzuki SV650 / S

Smaller than the TL1000, classical worship, the SV has long since conquered an admiring audience – and with good reason. The Suzuki V-Twin Engine is so flexible that it can be tamed by novice drivers or tormented by experienced riders as well.

The maneuverability is so good that it started an entire race at the beginning of the season with the Minitwins class Century.

Available as a Careen (S) machine or as a blank machine, there’s an SV for all, with good first models as cheap as a few hundred pounds for the more angular model.

Suzuki stopped producing the SV and launched the Gladius in 2009. The Gladius was much better than the previous, but it was not as popular as the SV and urged Suzuki to bring the SV back again.

Whether you are looking for a new or used Street or Sportster bike, with its low, slim fit, the SV is a great choice for the short riders.

#2. Harley-Davidson Sportster

If you’re more interested in cruise bikes, no brand has more gravity than Harley-Davidson. The Harley Sportster has been around since the late ’50s and is widely known as the entry point to the Harley-Davidson lineup.

Both in terms of price and ease of use for new riders. The Iron 883 is one of the newest Sportsters, and we believe the Black Denim version with its matte black stealth look and details is one of the coolest yet.

The engine is soft and agile with this Harley exhaust note. The driving position is more conventional than many cruise motorcycle with average controls instead of advanced controls.

Your feet are therefore more aligned than your knees and not stretched forward, which makes handling much easier for men and smaller girls.

#3. Honda CB600F / S Hornet

The hornet may have changed slightly over the years, but it has not lost the characters that have made it so popular with a wide range of bikers – and even the saddle height of less than 800 mm does make them a favourite choice among few short riders.

A new CBR600 engine and first-class ergonomics and handling make the Hornet as fun on the track as it does through traffic.

The design quality is as good as possible and the very reliable four-cylinder engine, which has been developed for many years, offers a wide performance.

The name Hornet is no longer there, but the rumour continues: The CB650F enters the last row of Honda, although the seat height is slightly higher than 810 mm.

#4. Triumph Bonneville T100

This very Bonneville T100 is indeed the entry point to one of the great emblematic names in the motorcycle industry: the T100. With a seat height of 790 mm, it is just the ideal bike for short riders.

The Bonneville, however, is one of the best beautiful traditional motorcycles. The Bonneville is spiced up with full of characteristics.

The 900 cc twin-cylinder engine delivers 55 horsepower and a quick but very relaxed ride thanks to a 90-nm pair that forgives the lazy left foot.

The flight note (even better with the accessory whistles that are included in the wide range of Triumph products) and the driving feel will make the older pilots feel nostalgic for a time when the British were the best in the world.

I hope that the production of bikes in England will win the World Cup. However, we never believe they are too disturbed by modern handling and efficient braking.

#5. Ducati Monster

Like the Suzuki, the Ducati is a V-twin. It also has a seat height of less than 800 mm and a narrow waist, making it ideal for people who don’t have enough limbs.

The engine sizes vary from the old air-cooled 600 cc and 900 cc machines to the latest modern monsters, which benefit from the filtering technology of the exotic bikes in Bologna.

The range is pretty confusing, but the engine sizes vary from 696 to 1200 cc, which means there is something for most users.

The first models did not withstand very well and can work hard in the city with bumpy fuel at low speeds and heavy claws.

Later models are much more versatile and easier to manage. So if you can extend the budget to a newer model, it will be well rewarded.


While many motorcycles are suitable for short riders, these are the motorcycles of the world that attract riders of all skill levels, which are suitable for short spears.

It’s important to focus on yourself and your driving skills rather than constantly thinking about what you need to do to change everything on your bike to handle it better.

This is the reason why motorcycles for shorter riders like us are indeed popular.

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