Since the ease of motorcycle wheel chock is known, manufacturers are encouraged to create lots more. Fortunately for you, we have already created a list of the best motorcycle wheel chock on the market. Make your choice now!

Although, a motorcycle wheel chock remains one of the most overlooked tools. While a lot of people would rely on their very own emergency brakes, the safety and protection that these chocks offer are matchless.

Let’s take a close look at the importance of wheel chocks.

The Chocks Prevent Any Movement Of Your Motorcycle. You never know when something bad can happen. Motorcycle wheel chocks are designed to completely hold motorcycles in place.

They have a stronghold on the ground. This way, you can make sure your motorcycle stays in place until it is removed.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Well-known products are always a superior choice for anonymous or mismatched brands, as these motorcycle Chocks are backed by extensive testing, continuous innovation, stringent compliance regulations and more.

Taking into account all the above qualities, a motorcycle chock can be selected and properly implemented to prevent almost any motorcycle from moving.

After choosing the right chocks, it’s important to know how to use them safely, but that is reserved for another post.

5 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

#1. Maxx haul 70271 Wheel Wedge

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Maxx Haul 70271 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

This motorcycle wheel chock has a sturdy design and a solid stainless steel frame. The bars also benefit from powder coatings, so you can rest assured that they will work well in any weather.

Thanks to the rotating base, you can easily lock your motorcycle simply by pushing the wheel inwards. This self-locking mechanism uses the weight of your motorcycle to keep it upright.

Its stability is guaranteed by the fact that this product is made of durable steel and a coating resistant to corrosion and rust. This is a practical and smart option for those looking to own a hold that they could use for a variety of motorcycle sizes.


  • This Motorcycle wheel chock is made of sturdy steel for maximum strength.
  • Has a maximum capacity of 1,800 pounds.
  • This unit resists corrosion as well as rust.


  • The mounting of the hold can be an issue to some.


#2. Pit Posse PP2900 Wheel Chock

The Pit Posse PP2900 chock secures your motorcycle upright with one person. Drive your bike on the cradle and it’s over! You could as well adjust this Motorcycle wheel chocks frame to match almost all the front wheels of your bike.

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Pit Posse PP2900 Universal Motorcycle Wheel Chock

In addition, you can straightforwardly take away the hardware to use your space for other purposes. With this thick steel wheel chock and zinc plated cradle material, you are assured that the product will last a long time.

If it is the fault of the manufacturer that concerns you, think about the guarantee of 5 years that accompanies it. You have everything you want from this gem!


  • Manufactured in the galvanized cradle and thick steel
  • Adjustable for almost all motorcycles
  • Easily removable to use the floor for other purposes
  • The manufacturer grants a limited warranty of 5 years

  • The configuration can be a bit difficult for a newbie.


#3. Maxx Haul Wheel Spacer 70075

Some great features any motorcycle wheel chock needs to have are indeed the ability to adapt to different wheel sizes. This great quality is apparent in MaxxHaul’s 70075 motorcycle wheel chock.

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Maxx haul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

In particular, this wedge is equipped with adjustable 3-position supports that can fit most standard motorcycle wheels.
The wedge robotically locks the wheel of your motorcycle as soon as it truly rolled on the chock.

You only need one person to complete the task. Its physical characteristic still intact, simply because it’s created from strong powder paint, which is able to oppose corrosion as well as rust!


  • This Motorcycle wheel chock is made of durable steel wedge for maximum strength.
  • Durable powder finish.
  • Resistant to rust and even corrosion.
  • With easy to install hardware that can be mounted on any flat surface.


  • A few users complained about the stability and width of the product.


#4. Extreme Max Wheel Wedge For Motorcycle

This chock is indeed a trouble-free to lock wedge with a slim look. It automatically locks the front wheel as the wheel is pulled over it. Durable steel material and a matte black coating add to the appeal of the product.


Extreme Max Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock / Tie-Down Kit

Foreseeing the likelihood of transporting the Motorcycle with numerous others out there, this motorcycle wheel chock is actually calculated to take only very little space.
You are assured of the stability of your bike during transport, lifting or storage with this motorcycle wheel chock efficiency.


  • Made to occupy a minimum of space for transporting multiple Motorcycles.
  • The cradle of the rear wheels automatically locks the bike wheel in place.
  • Also available in luxury offer with fasteners and ratchets.


  • It May not work as effectively on low fender bikes.


#5. Lock’N Load motorcycle wheel chock

This very mounting chock can be swiftly connected and also disconnected. This makes Lock’N Load the best choice for people who frequently transport motorcycles using trailers.

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Lock N Load Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock

This motorcycle wheel chock can be fixed to the platform of a trailer with some high strength screws. The chock is made of high-strength steel, so you can benefit from stable and lasting support that provides you with many years of excellent service.

Due to the self-locking wheel holder, this motorcycle wheel chock is extremely easy to use. Simply drive or turn the motorcycle with the very front wheel and the weight of the vehicle will actually secure it.

It is not actually bad to use extra securing straps if you are transporting your motorcycle in a truck or trailer over long distances.


  • This very Motorcycle wheel chock comes with ratchet closures on the back and a front strap for the tire.
  • Steel front-wheel wedge lock
  • Secure the bike through bumps, potholes, donkeys and other features
  • The combination kit is cheaper than buying items separately.


  • We have not received any strong bad feedback for this.


Experts recommend that motorcycle owners choose the right equipment to avoid accidents. One of the best prevention tools is a wheel chock.

These wheel chocks keep your motorcycle in position, thus avoiding an accident or unnecessary movement when repaired or parked.

This is definitely a necessary safety feature that any motorcyclist should possess. After learning the importance and some valuable tips for purchasing a wheel chock, we bet you are now ready to buy one.