Whether you are new to this industry or not, it is very important for you to have in-depth knowledge about motorcycle oils. This article will help you in learning from A to Z about the motorcycle oils, types and which would be the best motorcycle oil for your ride. Let’s explore the details with us.

4 Best Motorcycle Oil

Castrol 4T Motorcycle Oil


The top feature of this motorcycle oil is that it is fully synthetic oil. Another best thing about this oil is that it meets all the standards of the American Petroleum Association (API), SL and JASO.

It ensures smooth acceleration and smooth transmission. This type of oil is the best one for those motorcycles or vehicles which are 4-strokes. In situations of mechanical shear, they also resist the change in viscosity. 

Mobil V-Twin

best motorcycle oil

It is the most popular motorcycle oil which is famous for racing and the best quality. It completely protects your motorcycle oil from all sorts of dirt deposits.

If dirt particles get accumulated into your engine, they would badly affect the performance of your engine. However, this motorcycle oil completely makes you tension free in this regard. It also greatly helps your engine in minimizing or controlling its noise and also ensures smooth transmission.

Another best thing about this oil is that it can easily withstand any extreme hot weather. The price of Mobil oil is not very high but slightly higher than Castrol oil. However, its price is worth its quality and its features and benefits make this price completely relevant. 

Motul 7100 4T Synthetic Oil

best motorcycle oil

The best thing about this type of oil is that it offers a smooth transmission for your motorcycle engine. It works great in cleaning the dirt and fibers or any residual material from engine parts.

The motor oil smoothly reaches towards every part and lubricates them in a perfect manner. The amazing thing about this oil is that it meets all the standards of the American Petroleum Association (API), SG, SH, and SL.

However, the bad thing about this motorcycle oil is that this oil is very costly for a common man. It is overpriced and you cannot afford it for heavy use if you are an average-income person.

Lucas Oil 10702-PK6 Motorcycle Oil

best motorcycle oil

It is also one of the best oils for motorcycles. The best thing about this oil is that it provides maximum protection to the motorcycle engine. Besides other oils, this motorcycle oil is also fairly priced and affordable for everyone.

It is famous for fluent transmission and well known as true racing oil. It also works best at reducing noise while improving the performance of the engine.

However, it must be kept in mind that the Lucas oil may negatively impact your engine if you put it in the wrong engine. If it is not suitable for your motorcycle type, then it may result in creating loud noise while decreased performance.

Choosing the Best motorcycle oil

Choosing the right motorcycle oil is sometimes difficult for most people. Therefore, the best thing is to check your motorcycle manufacturer’s manual for your ride.

In the manual, the manufacturers have usually recommended the best oil weight for your motorcycle. You can simply adjust this weight on the basis of weather conditions.

After that, choose the best oil based on these values while making sure that your selected oil would be approved by API standards. The API stands for the American Petroleum Institute and all of the best motorcycle oils must meet its standards. Furthermore, it is also important to carefully check the viscosity and choose the oil whose viscosity or thickness suits your vehicle.

The viscosity of the motorcycle oil must be compatible with the weather conditions in which your vehicle operates.

You will find the complete details about the link between oil viscosity and weather in the later section of this article. You will also come across more details about choosing the best motorcycle oil for your bike.

Viscosity of Motorcycle Oil

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In simple words, the term viscosity means the thickness or the tendency of the fluid to flow at some rate. In oil bottles/containers for motorcycles, you may find the figure written as “10W-30”.

This figure actually shows the viscosity of the motorcycle oil. Most of you don’t know how to read this figure.

Don’t worry! Because now you will learn about how to read this for the sake of choosing the right motorcycle oil.

In this figure (10W-30), the W stand for Winters. The number before the alphabet ‘W’ is the viscosity of the oil in cold weather or how it will flow in colder temperatures.

The second number is the viscosity of the oil in hot temperature, i.e. how it will flow in hot weather.

The viscosity of the thin motorcycle oils is usually lower while the thicker motorcycle oils have more viscosity. However, it is said that a little thicker oil is usually best for motorcycles.

The reason behind it is that the thicker oil would ensure good lubrication among moving parts. In this way, it would save the motorcycle parts from friction or any damage as a result of friction.

On the other side, it is also said that the viscosity of the motorcycle oil should not be higher. This is because, in case of cold temperatures, the thicker oil would fail to reach every part of the machinery.

As a result, it may cause damage to the motorcycle engine as most of the parts would not be lubricated properly.

They would not be lubricated properly due to the poor flow of thicker oil. When we start the motorcycle, the oil begins to heat up and gets a bit thinner.

In cold weather, it would cause issues with thicker oils as they wouldn’t get thinner beyond their limit. Due to cold weather, it wouldn’t get thinner and fail to flow in the required amount to every part of the engine.     

Types of Motorcycle Oil

● Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

These oils are considered the best motorcycle oils in the world. They are the best quality oils and they never degrade. Fully Synthetic oils are the best ones to enhance the performance of the engine of the motorcycles. They are made up of the refinement or processing or man-made chemicals.

● Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Synthetic or semi-synthetic oils are basically a mixture of synthetic and mineral oils. Both of these oils have been processed together in order to achieve the maximum benefits both.

They are also the best oils for increasing the performance of the motorcycle engine. Furthermore, they also help greatly in reducing the dirt particles from the engine.

There are many other best motorcycle oils that you can buy but make sure to read the above details first. However, whenever you go for buying your motorcycle oil, make sure you check your motorcycle’s instruction manual.

In this, you would find the necessary details that would help you in choosing the best engine oil for your motorcycle. In this way, you would be able to choose the right oil for your vehicle.

As choosing the wrong oil may harm your engine or your vehicle, it is always recommended to choose your motorcycle oil wisely.