Do you know what hurts the most? Getting your dream motorbike stolen. So, it is always good to not let a single chance away from your hand by securing your motorcycle with the best motorcycle lock ever or also by putting other good security measures.
Thieves are always on the urge of stealing your motorcycle whenever they get a chance. So, it is important that you have put enough security measures on your bike.
That if any thief got a chance to put their hands on your bike, your security system would give them a tough time to steal.

Buying the Best Motorcycle lock

Do you know? Every 3-5 hours one bike gets stolen every day. Most of the thieves are joyriders and usually, they steal for breaking down the parts of your bike to sell them out of the country.
Before you know where your bike is, the parts of your bike are sold and export out of the country. But despite this fact, half of the bikes are protected by some kind of locks.
But an unprotected bike can never be secured. An unsecured and unlocked bike is the number one target of thieves. The more you put security measures on your motorbike, the more it is protected.
Locking devices can help you preventing your motorbike from being stolen. There are certain Motorcycle locks that are ideal for your motorbike security.
Traditionally there are three types of bike locks that are used in almost all motorbike security systems. We have picked some of the best motorcycle locks for you that are available in the market to secure your motorcycles from thieves. Let’s take a look down below.

5 Best Motorcycle Lock

  • Kryptonite Evolution Series 4
best motorcycle lock 
Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 is the best lock that assures you to secure your bike at the place you put it. This lock comes with three keys which are stainless.
One of these keys is equipped with a bulb of high intensity. This lock is well designed and easy to install and use. This lock is made up of heavy material which ensures good holding power.
The holding power of this lock’s double deadbolt mechanism gives a tough time to the criminals.
  • Kryptonite 000884


If you are looking for quality locks for your motorbike on a less expensive budget then believe us, Kryptonite 000884 is the best out there. Kryptonite 000884 is an efficient alternative to any expensive high-security lock. The diameter of the pin approximately measures about 5mm. Thus it could be a perfect fit for bikes that are in a smaller size.
This lock comes with two keys that are made up of steel. The ergonomic design of this lock reduces the amount of torque and hence keep it prevent from breaking or bending. The lock is weightless and weatherproof, and you can carry this lock easily in your backpack. This lock is best for those who do not remember to start the engine without unlocking the dis lock.
This lock uses a cable which is a reminder usually in the orange colour. This feature prevents the rider of the bike from starting the bike when the disc lock is engaged. The kryptonite 000884 is good quality and budget-friendly lock.
  • TCMT disc brake lock
 best motorcycle lock

If you are looking for a good security lock on a budget then TCMT disc brake lock will be the best choice for you to choose.
This lock is made up of high-quality metal and steel. This lock is indestructible. TCMT disc brake lock comes with an electronic alarm that is waterproof and can work in any weather condition.
 TCMT brake lock is not only used for a motorcycle but it can be utilized for many other vehicles and bikes as well.
The detector which is a part of the design of this lock is sensitive enough to prevent any kind of criminal activity. The volume of the alarm is high enough to make you alert.
By having this lock on your motorcycle, you can freely go anywhere without having any fear of your motorcycle get stolen.
  • BigPantha Handlebar

For those motorcycles whose diameter is up to 1.5”, then the feature of this product would go best for that motorcycle
This incredibly convenient design takes you only a few seconds to get installed. The design of this lock is adjustable so that you can use not only this single lock for your motorcycle but you can also use it on your bicycle as well.
The material of this lock is highly resilient and makes it indestructible. Its weight is less than one pound. It is highly convenient. The compact feature allows you to carry it anywhere inside your backpack or pocket.
The versatility and durability that this lock offer makes it perfect for security for your motorcycle.
  • The Club UTL810
You can never go wrong with either a disc lock or a lock for your handlebar on your motorcycle. But having both will take the security of your motorcycle to the next level.
The club utl810 is brilliantly designed for making your motorcycle extra secure. The heavy material that is used in its design makes it incredibly hard for thieves to cut it.
This utility lock is specially designed to take pressure more than 1,500 pounds. This lock has a vinyl coating which makes it scratch resistant and waterproof as well.


Types of Motorcycle Locks

There are particularly three types of locks. U-locks, Cable locks, and Chain locks. Each has its own feature. Let’s take a look at them
  • U-locks
 U-locks are widely used by bikers. It is an excellent deterrent. The heavy mechanism makes it resistible against chisels, hammers, and things like that.
This lock reduces the space that can be used by any thief to insert a hammer, leverage, and crowbar to pop the lock apart.
Also, the horseshoe-shaped do not make it to oversize for motorcycles. U-locks are available in various sizes.
The large model locks both the wheels and the frame bike into a fixed object and small to medium models lock the frame and one wheel into a fixed object.
  • Cable locks

Cable locks are designed to be versatile but they are do not offer as much deterrence as U-locks offer.
Because bolt cutters can easily cut cable locks. Yet, they are good to use with a U-lock as the second lock to provide extra security to your motorcycle.
You can never go wrong by using a cable lock with a u-lock.
  • Chain locks

Chain locks are highly recommended for high crime locations. These locks use a special kind of chain link that does not allow any chisels, hacksaws to break through them.
The chain is made up of heavy metal that provides enough resistance for a thief to break through it. Just like cable locks, chain locks also work along with padlocks that make them hard resistant to any criminal activity.
It is very important that you invest your money within such locks that give you the best security.
There are multiple motorcycle locks available in the market that sometimes it’s overwhelming for so many people to choose the best out of them.
Are you also considering buying a motorcycle lock but unsure which one should you choose for your bike security? Well, we hear you.