Do you know every 3-5 hours, one motorcycle gets stolen? Most of the thieves steal for breaking down the parts of your bike. Before you know where your bike is, the parts of your bike are already sold and exported out of the states.

What you do should make it tough to maneuver the bike. The best deterrent is to make it difficult and time-consuming for a thief to steal your motorcycle. We will outline a number of those highest-rated Best motorcycle locks that have seen themselves at the forefront of two-wheeled deterrence.

Types of Motorcycle Locks


Such a lock is used to the handlebars and is particularly called a throttle lock, clutch lock, brake lock, or handlebar lock. It fastens your clutch or brake lever, making it unmoveable. Such a lock is small, easy to use, and is intended to fit many unique types of motorcycles.


This type of lock moves through the pockets of disc brakes. It prevents the motorcycle from rolling significantly higher than just a couple of inches forward or backward.

A burglar can remove this type of security lock just by cutting out the steel with heavy equipment, which is challenging and noisy. Even the best motorcycle disc locks really are a major hindrance, and so they can be put on either the front or rear wheel. Some motorcycles such as vintage bikes might well not have disc brakes for this sort of lock.


Chain locks are typically bigger and thicker than other sorts of locks. The best motorcycle chain lock with another disc lock is more equally advantageous if you look for additional security. It is possible to lock the bike to an immovable object such as a light post and use a utility or bar lock through the motorcycle’s rims.

10 Best Motorcycle Lock

#1. Grip-Lock

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Grip Lock contains hardened steel sticks for maximum protection. It’s lightweight, compact, and also the nylon casing protects the lock from corrosion. This lock fits 95 percent of most motorcycles and its turn grip range in size from 27-38 millimeters. The grip lock can either be used to lock the brake lever or throttle grip.

The bike cannot be moved at all as the lock holds the brake down tightly. It’s solid, easy to work with, and is available in bright, visible colors, making it a deterrent.

Above all, you will always remember whether it’s locked or not when you put both hands on the handlebars; therefore, there is no danger of ruining your bike.

#2. Kryptonite Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock


The Keeper 5s is super lightweight and streamlined. The lock is weatherproof, which makes it perfect for securing your motorbike in virtually any weather condition. It has a pin diameter of 5mm that matches smaller portholes. The application is designed to immobilize your motorcycle, making it difficult to ride or roll away.

It features a contemporary and extremely durable design. This device is quite small, and it could fit in your handlebar pouch or coat pocket. It is also highly visible, rendering it a great deterrent. You cannot take away the key from the device unless locked, which means you can’t leave it unlocked by chance.

It is constructed from metal. This unit also features a bright orange reminder cape to protect against riding away while the disc lock has been engaged.

It is sold with two stainless steel keys. Therefore, you can always leave one at home and walk around with one. The locking mechanism of this lock is smooth, and it seems solid. However, you need to lube this technique frequently to prevent jamming the keys.

#3. Yohoolyo Alarm Disc Lock

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With a glistening black shade, the YOHOOLYO motorcycle disc lock is made from high-quality and durable aluminum material, making it quite resistant to rust.

An exceptional characteristic of this motorcycle lock that makes clients or bike owners fall in love is a simple fact that it adapts to fit any disc brake bike. Additionally, this disc brake lock also has a waterproof design that protects it from damages caused by rain.

It comes with a 7mm long pin, which is also the ideal pin length to fit motorcycle disc brakes, unlike other locks with a complex structure. This motorcycle lock comes with two keys, and it’s capable of creating a loud sound and attracting attention. The alarm can be only deactivated by slotting the key to the lock.

#4. Kryptonite Kryptolok

Best Motorcycle locks

Kryptolok is another product from Kryptonite that’s worth your consideration. It’s a U lock built to secure your motorcycle and lasts for quite some time. Along with being fortified for more safety and durability, the lock is lightweight and compact. You will find a way to carry it around and fasten your motorcycle wherever you’re.

This specific lock comes with a steel shackle with extra hardened double-deadbolts. The hardened steel resists tool impacts, and also the exceptional crossbar with anti-rotation features helps against cuts and twists. For additional reassurance, you can also have two stainless steel keys and a lifetime warranty.

#5. MYSBiker Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

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This security lock might not seem very impressive initially; however, it also has many amazing features to keep your motorbike secure and safe. Every single element with this lock is all about security.

This unit includes a 110dB alarm shock and vibration system. And is impossible to remove the screws to cut the wires of the alert when the lock is activated. This means thieves cannot remove the batteries and kill the electronic alarm. It uses six coin batteries, and there are additional six bits upon purchase.

This unit is sold with three keys, which is very good as you do not need to go through the bother of getting beyond this security system when you lose one. It is intended to fit almost all sorts of bikes with disc vent holes.

This 6mm pin brake disc wheel lock has a 6-foot lock cable that you can attach to your bike’s clutch or brake lever. The cable is intended to remind you to simply take the lock to prevent potential damage to your motorbike.

It’s very simple to lock, thanks to its one-press functionality. The manufacturer designed the lock with forged stainless steel secured with a carbide-reinforced, double-locking tempered steel locking pin. This unit is totally watertight, so it functions on rainy days and never gets corroded.

#6. Club UTL810 Utility Lock

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The length adjusts from 8.5 inches upward to 11.5 inches and is 6.25 inches wide on the inside. Its extra heavy-duty structure withstands a lot greater than 1,500 lbs of pressure. The vinyl coating tempered steel safeguards your motorcycle from scratches and scrapes.

The lock is large, and it has an extensive reach, making it convenient to lock awkward positions. The locking mechanism is very smooth and hardy. It’s lasting and difficult to crack, yet perhaps not difficult for an owner to use. It works well in various conditions, is simple to work with, and includes a ratcheting mechanism that allows one to lock your bike tightly.

It comes with four keys, which means you’ll have tons of spares. The biggest drawback of the lock is it’s thick and bulky (almost 3.5 pounds), helping to make it hard to carry. Furthermore, it can become harder to lock and unlock after a few months of use when exposed to lots of moisture.

#7. Big Pantha Lock

best security locks for motorcycleThe lock easily clamps over your handlebar and keeps your front brake unhappy, maintaining your bike set up and preventing movement. A lifetime warranty and protection from the weather ensures your investment is sure to survive.

The application has a holster, which you can fix on your jeans for simple storage when the lock isn’t being used. You can make use of the lock on any handle with a diameter of up to 1.5 inches.

It is constructed of aluminum, and it is a lightweight and extremely durable material. This unit includes universal performance, which means that you may use it on all types of motorcycles, for example, sportbikes, cruisers, scooters, and more.

#8. Kryptonite New York Chain Lock

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Suppose you’re searching for extra security to reassure you to park your motorbike outside. In that case, the Kryptonite New York is actually the best option for you.

This is a universal chain lock since it’s possible to use it on all sorts of motorbikes. We love this unit because it is only going to require a determined thief, with more time and also super heavy tools to cope with it.

One of the very intriguing things about the particular unit is that one could use it to lock more than 1 motorcycle. If you want to secure your motorcycle and your buddy’s bike, this could be actually the best lock to elect for.

The chain has a full-sized cover to keep it from scratching the paint. You may even have the chain at two lengths — 60 inches and 39 inches. If you wish to use it to lock down more than 1 thing, you should go to your more easy option.

It includes a U-lock locking mechanism, and be confident your bike is always safe with this tool. Additionally, it consists of an oval-tempered steel crossbar for added security. This unit has a high-security disc-style canister having a reinforced pull-resistant and drill-resistant security system.

It comes with three stainless keys, together with one using a High-Intensity bulb and a rechargeable battery. This thick lock is highly durable and resistant to rust.

#9. Trimax X5060

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It’s compact, lightweight, and mobile. Because of the unique and convenient design, you’re able to put this inside the bag and keep it within hand’s reach, knowing you can always keep your motorcycle safe. Even though cheap, the item features high-quality materials resistant to cuts, drills, and intense pressures.

The hardened metal keeps its shape despite outdoor conditions and keeps the lock stable on the motorcycle. In addition to three keys and a reminder cable, the package also includes a carry pouch for simple transportation.

The thing which may bother you with this particular unit is the installation. Although the lock is fairly easy, it’s at times tricky to mount it to the motorcycle. Yet another minor annoyance originates from the flimsy designed keys. They get stuck at the lock opening every once in a while, making the locking and unlocking process harder.

#10. Fubozone Heavy-duty Bike Chain

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Next up, we have the FUBOZONE heavy-duty Chain Lock that has been among the best motorcycle chain locks available on the market. If you seek a cut-resistant long-lasting safety for the motorbike, that really is just one great option to think about.

This heavy-duty lock is made from high-strength manganese steel, which is an extremely durable material. The thickness of the unit is 9.5millimeters, and it is 95cm long. It has a lock cylinder and a dustproof, waterproof cover.

It is also designed to protect against scratches on your ride since the buckle enclosing the chain is wrapped in non-invasive nylon. It includes a very simple design which makes it straightforward to make use of. The machine delivers an excellent degree of protection, and it’s by far the most inexpensive motorcycle lock on the list.

Each chain lock also comes with a pleasant and durable carrying case. This unit is highly versatile since it is possible to use it on motorbikes, sports equipment, bikes, garage, toolboxes, and more.

In addition, you get a 100 percent money-back guarantee with this lock if you aren’t happy with it for some reason. The lock is anti-drill along with anti-saw, which means thieves can’t get beyond it readily.

Buying the Best Motorcycle Lock


There are various sorts of locks available, and they have been made with different materials. Multiple brands use different materials to provide maximum protection. Some of the materials used include steel, metal, and aluminum.

While specific substances tend to offer desired and special possessions to a lock, we highly recommend selecting materials like carbon steel and manganese steel. Steel can be great since it includes more strength to the lock.


Any motorcycle lock should be portable and incredibly simple to carry. You need to take it along whenever you are stepping outside along with your motorbike since you usually do not know when you may want it.

Most locks on this guide are so mobile they could fit in your jacket pocket. In case the system is too thick and bulky, odds are you may not use it often, as you’ll see it hard to move around with it.


One of the best approaches to deter a would-be thief will be to invest in an extremely observable lock. An extremely visible and brightly colored motorbike lock will put off burglars and ensure they do not come near your bike, particularly when you park the bike in a crowded place.


There are various sorts of motorcycle locks on the marketplace, and picking a suitable choice for your bike is quite essential. For most bikes, an easy disc lock will burst. We advise that you employ two or more locks to get tighter security for individuals living in high-crime areas.

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