Sometimes we know that super Bikes are not available to all of us, those with limited budgets, and so on. Just because you cannot get the new 20k+ motorcycle does not mean you have no options. Here You can find the best motorcycle helmet under 200 USD as per our expert research and feedback from our community riders.

The same applies to motorcycle helmets and equipment. We all love light, expensive helmets with many features, but sometimes these technologies and materials bring the price of a helmet through the roof.

Cheap helmets are typically made from great materials, don’t have that many features, but still meet the same standards required for legal US sales.

The most expensive helmet is not the safest helmet for every situation, whereas the best motorcycle helmet under 200 would be the best choice under your budget.

Best motorcycle helmets under 200

#1. Modular Helmet HJC CL-Max 2

best motorcycle helmet under 200

The HJC CL-Max 2 for $190 is very good. What I love about CL-Max 2 is that it cuts the right corners.

Without an extendable umbrella, this saves weight and means that the liner and the EPS housing need not leave room for the extra lens!

We also have very little ventilation: small active ventilation grilles on the chin bar and forehead, with a small passive exhaust vent in the back. This, in turn, helps the sheath to stay soft and flat.

The result is that this extra-large reaches 1.700 Kg, which is very lightweight for a modular polycarbonate. I also suspect that the CL-Max 2 is the safest thanks to the unitary design of the case.

I noticed some highlights that I did not expect a budget option. For one thing, there’s a screwdriver in the box. We also have a chin bar that works with a glove and this quick-release shield.

This Bluetooth Helmet has a Chatterbox XBi2-H intercom system, but to be honest, I think Chatterbox is a horrible communication system. I would prefer to forget this connection and just place a SENA.

As I said, at the beginning I would not buy a cheap module. But if I had to, Cl-Max 2 is the best option for me. It’s a great round helmet, by the way, but my noggin fits well

#2. The GMax GM11D

best motorcycle helmet under 200

Next: an adventure helmet. This is the GM11 GMax and it really is a four-station multi-purpose lid.

For a summer adventure trip and snowmobiling in the winter, I was skeptical at first, because it’s a $ 150 item on the work of two helmets. But as far as I can tell, GMax has done it.

In that case, it will take a while for the credits to be awarded.

Detachable sunscreen, removable face shield, anti-fog dual lens, speaker pockets, removable and washable lining, chin curtain, respirator, 6 chin bar openings, 2 chimneys, 2 frontal openings, and 6 vents escape.

One thing you will not find in the statistics: This face shield opens very wide, so I can use almost any pair of glasses here, whether I remove the face shield or not.

The weight is also impressive: 1.83 kg for this size, which is light enough for a plastic case with full sight and an extended chin bar.

Of course, I have some complaints. I wish GMax would give us screws instead of Philip’s heads as the sun tip is not very aerodynamic and I’ll probably remove them often.

In addition, the helmet has only the DOT rating, and I personally have more peace in an ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) or perhaps Snell cover.

But hey, it’s a 50-50 functional adventure helmet that also works on a snowmobile. It’s a medium head shape that can be adapted to many people, including me.

And it only costs $ 150. My only objection to them is to provide a few screws and a safety sticker, else I should not complain at all.

#3. The bell Custom 500

best motorcycle helmet under 200

Well, my first choice for a helmet is easy. The Bell Custom 500 is my favorite open face on the market and fortunately, it’s one of the best motorcycle helmets below 200 USD.

Bell loves this helmet especially. Probably because the 500 was the first one, which was formed by the company founder Roy Richter.

As in 1954, this is a simple cube made of fiberglass. No ventilation, no removable lining, nothing. This helmet has a featherweight of 1.1 kg and is incredibly thin.

Bell offers five different cases and EPS sizes throughout the range to ensure my head has the lowest profile of the helmet. By the way, it fits better with the shape of the intermediate head.

What else do I have to know? It is approved by DOT and ECE, so my really covered head is pretty safe. The Custom 500 is available in a million colours and this label will even decrease if I want to work with a blank canvas.

These are compatible with a large number of shields and visors from Biltwell or, of course, Bell. And finally, the interior is upholstered.

#4. Bell Pit Boss Helmet

best motorcycle helmet under 200

When it comes to the very top helmets, the king of the hills also registers a price below $ 200. Of course, I mean the Bell Pit Boss. Everything you need to know about this helmet can be counted on your fingers.

Easy Select System- It is stolen directly from the world of the bike: just turn this wheel and the inside of the helmet will be adjusted to create an individual fit with the noggin.

That’s why the Bell Pit Boss is usually the helmet I recommend to people with round and oval heads and is just $130.


Some helmets can cost as much as the bike you wear them with, but it does not have to be that way. You can find safe helmets at reasonable prices. That’s why we have done our research and brought you this post so you can find a great helmet within your budget.

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