Just like changing the motorcycle oil is necessary, lubing the motorcycle chain is also equally important and necessary. Having in-depth knowledge about the best motorcycle chain lube as well as how to apply it is very important.

Whether you are an experienced motorcycle rider or just a new rider, you must be well aware of it. This article is specially written for you so that you can learn about motorcycle chain lube in great detail.

3 Best Motorcycle Chain Lube 

  • Dupont Teflon Chain-Saver

best motorcycle chain lube

Dupont is the world’s most selling and top-rated motorcycle chain lube with outstanding performance. It is famous for being highly dirt-resistant and water-resistant.

Whether you are riding a motorbike in extremely hot or very cold weather, it would give maximum protection to your motorcycle chai from weather effects.

It would keep your chain protected from road dirt and also from the water on roads or rainwater. Furthermore, it comes with a price of just $6.20 which is highly affordable for everyone.

  • Lucas Oil Chain Lube

best motorcycle chain lube

Another top-selling motorcycle chain lube is the Lucas Oil Chain Lube which deeply penetrates into chain and pins. It is also greater water-resistant, dirt-resistant, and weather shield.

It protects your motorcycle chain from all the negative impacts of weather, i.e. the initiation of rust on the chain.

It keeps your motorcycle chain free from dust, dirt, and corrosion. It comes in a container of 11 oz. lube at a price of $8.23 which is not very expensive.

  • PJ1 Motorcycle Chain Lube

best motorcycle chain lube

PJ1 is also popular among the best motorcycle chain lubes and one of the most selling motorcycle chain lubes. It comes in a container of 13 oz.

And its price is a bit higher than the other lubes, i.e. for $12.95. However, this lube really worth this price because of its excellent performance and additional quantity in one bottle.

Just like top-rated motorcycle chain lubes, it is also completely water-resistant. Not only this, but it also provides complete protection against dirt and weather impact, such as rust.

How to Properly lube a motorcycle chain?

best motorcycle chain lube

There are many motorcycle riders who really don’t know how to properly lube their motorcycle chain. As a result, their motorcycle chain starts getting rust and ultimately goes out of function.

Therefore, it is important that you must know the procedure of properly lubricating your motorcycle chain. Just follow this simple and easiest step-by-step procedure to lubricate your motorcycle chain.

  • Determine the type of your chain

The first step in this process is to figure out the type of chain in your motorcycle. The motorcycle may have a plain chain or it may have a sealed chain.

The first one consists of the metal-on-metal links while the other one consists of rubber seals. These rubber seals help the road dirt to stay out while allows the grease to stay in over the chain.

Whatever chain your motorcycle has, you would need to apply the lube over it for its durability and better-performance.

However, if you have a sealed motorcycle chain, make sure you apply the next steps with greater care in order to avoid damaging the sealing.

  • Stand the Bike on the Center Stand

It becomes difficult to lube the chain properly if the bike is standing on the side stand. This is because, in such a condition, the rear or back wheel of the bike could not move freely.

In order to lube the chain properly, it is important that the back wheel of your bike could move freely. Therefore, stand your bike on the center stand to make a position in which the back wheel could move properly and freely.

  • Check Current State of Motorcycle Chain & Sprockets

best motorcycle chain lube

It is important to look at your motorcycle chain and sprockets for their current condition. Check if there is any rust, dirt or dust particles or any residue. Take a soft cloth and clean the chain and sprockets so that the excess dirt could be removed.

  • Pick up Chain Cleaner and Spray it all over the Chain

After that, pick up a good cleaner and thoroughly spray it all over the chain. Make sure to keep running the rear wheel to keep moving the chain so that every part could be sprayed.

  • Scrub the Chain Properly

best motorcycle chain lube

Once you are done spraying the motorcycle chain with chain cleaner, now is the time to scrub it.  In order to scrub the chain, never use your hands or fingers because they will get all the grease and dirt.

Always use a good brush that is used for scrubbing the motorcycle chain. You can easily get one from the market or from a workshop.

Scrub the chain to pull out all of the dust particles, grease, and any other residue. After that, clean your chain properly in order to leave it clean and dust-free.

  • Respray and then Let It Dry

Once you are done, respray the motorcycle chain again and apply the same procedure. Then clean it with a good, clean, and soft cloth so that any left-over impurities could also be cleaned.

Once done, let your motorcycle chain to dry properly because the lube cannot be applied over the moist or wet motorcycle-chain.

  • Apply a Good Chain Lube over the Chain

Once the chain is cleaned and dried, apply a good quality lube on the motorcycle chain from a good company. Make sure it goes to every single or every little part of the chain and grease it well.

  • Clean the Excess of it and Start Riding Again

Once you lube the motorcycle chain, now is the time to wipe out the excess lube. You may use a clean but soft cloth for this purpose.

Let your motorcycle stand as it is for some period of time. After that, you can start riding again with a highly smoother and high performing motorcycling experience.

What is Motorcycle Chain Lube?

If you are new in this industry, you must be wondering about what is the motorcycle chain lube. In simple words, it is just like an oil or grease that you thoroughly apply all over the chain of your motorcycle.

It is applied so that your chain would be able to work properly equipping your bike with smooth gear shifts.

Why It is Important to Lube a Motorcycle Chain?

It is a necessity to lube your motorcycle chain with lube of good brand and quality. It is important due to a number of reasons.

First of all, it is essential because when you lube your motorcycle chain, it results in reducing the resistance between chain and cogs.

It is also important because it results in greater ease in grading your motorcycle while riding. Furthermore, it would properly lubricate your motorcycle, it would help in keeping your motorcycle chain rust free.

Weather is the biggest enemy of the motorcycle chain. In case, your motorcycle chain is not properly lubricated, it will result in getting rust.

As a result, its performance would be affected and the resistance would create among the chain and other adjacent parts such as the gearbox.