Cleaning and lubing your chain and sprockets can be just a dirty job but it has to be accomplished. You can’t quit cleaning a motorcycle chain if you would like to run wild with the motorbike. That is why you need the best motorcycle chain cleaner that will allow you to get rid of the grime and dirt. And allow you to enjoy a ceaseless trip.

Types of Motorcycle Chain Cleaners

Solvent-Based Cleaner

A solvent-based cleaner can work just a bit like a brake cleaner, a very thin exceptionally potent solvent. The pressure of this spray combined with solvent helps it strip the dirt out of the chain as you spray it onto. It evaporates fast.

Water-Based Cleaner

Water-Based Cleaners have foaming properties when they are sprayed. They cling to the chain where the clear solution eats into the grease followed by washing it off after a couple of minutes.

Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaners

#1. Motul C-1 Chain Cleaner

Motul c1 chain cleaner for motorcycle

The Motul chain cleaner would be your best sportbike chain cleaner from the brand line. Motul is a brand that is famous worldwide because of its variety of motor oils and lubricating products. The spray formula is easy to use. All you need to scatter the liquid formula on the chains, and it will begin to dissolve the dirt and other substances that are blocking the movement of the string.

The formula utilized on the Motul is chlorine-free. So, it is helpful to drive out the rusting on the chain, sprockets, and other parts managing the situation. Additionally, it is quite versatile. You can put it to use on all types of vehicles. Additionally, it de-greases better than most. It draws all that sticky chain lube off to give you a smooth working chain.

#2. WD-40 Multi-use

WD-40 best chain cleaner for motorcycle

WD took a great solution and made it even better with a simple alteration. It included a long straw with the can. Now, you are able to spray it like the normal ones. And when you have to get more precise, only talk about the smart straw. But that’s not the only basis for this to be predicted smarter.

That one WD formula does five tasks alone. So, it doesn’t just clean up the mud sticking on the chains. Nonetheless, it also lubricates the chain. Drives out the extra moisture. In addition, it frees up the sticky mechanics.

In a single simple application, you receive all these benefits. And that’s not it. You may put it to use on additional tools such as your nuts, bolts, and much more. This versatile WD-40 is much more than only a motorcycle chain cleaning kit.

#3. Dupont Motorcycle Degreaser

dupont best motorcycle chain cleaner

In contrast with all the other best motorcycle chain cleaners, DuPont is quite different. That’s because it does not utilize any harmful chemical that hurts the atmosphere. The formula gets made with bio-degradable ingredients such as soy-expressed esters. So, it’s eco-friendly. Also, it doesn’t have any toxic fume.

The reduced VOC solvents in the formulation do not cause any hassle once you use them. In addition to all that, it is super simple to use. The fast-acting formula requires only spraying–no need to rinse it off as though others. All you’ll need is always to wipe off it and re-lubricate and you’re good to go.

However, like the others, the formula is strong enough to remove the grease, dirt, wax & grime of the chains along with other bike parts.

#4. Bel Ray Dirt & Grime Remover

bel ray motorcycle chain cleaner

Off-roader bikers grab more dirt grime and dirt inside their bike chain compared to regular bikers. This is exactly why they want the motorcycle chain cleaner to remove the stubborn sand out of the chains and wash it all clean. The aerosol spray is the perfect choice to connect with all the parts with accuracy.

It covers all areas quickly without creating a wreck. Also, it is not merely just getting rid of the grime and dirt. The formula produces a long-lasting protective coating on the chains to prevent rusting. Its special anti-wear additives ensure protection against metal-to-metal touch and add more life span to the bike chains.

Also, it leaves your chains having a brand new factory appearance. It’s the ultimate motorcycle chain cleaning system that you can not miss out on.

#5. Muc-off Bio-Degradable Chain Cleaner

muc-off chain cleaner

Yes, it’s a pricey product for spiffing up a chain, however, that’s literally the only disadvantage to Muc-Off’s cleaner. A focused stream is spattered from the short straw cap into the links to knock off dust and grime.

Also, the solution is thin enough to be used as a rinse in case you don’t have a hose. Muc-Off Cleaner is tough on crud but gentle enough to be used on rubber, plastic, and also carbon-fiber. The formula can is biodegradable.

#6. Maxima Chain Cleaner

maxima motorcycle chain cleaner

Maxima chain cleaner offers an easy-to-use cleaning method. All you have to do is spray it at the chain as well as other parts where the grime builds up. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes. The heavy-duty, emulsion cleaner helps to dissolve the clot rapidly.

Then all you need to do is wash away the dirt with water. It’s that easy. And contrary to other emulsion cleaners, it will not harm the metal surfaces or even the interior parts of the bike. It works best on aluminum. However, the formula is strong enough to purify the paint onto the bike.

You should, therefore, carefully spray it at the bike chains avoiding any painted parts. Thus, in case you require a spotless bike chain that enables you to clean the chain fast, go for Maxima.

#7. WD-40 Chain Cleaner

wd-40 chain cleaner and degreaser for motorcycles

The foam formula of WD-40 sticks into the chains and gets into it to remove the dirt and grime that builds up inside it. Which is not only for your bike chains. You may apply it upon swingarms, drivetrains, and other intricate parts at which the dirt spores. Unlike a few additional formulations, it isn’t merely a regular type of ring chain.

WD-40 is suitable to be used on X, Z, and O ring chains. And the best part, it will not get under the seals. If you don’t have a bike, you may still use it to clean out the garage doors, door hinges, as well because it has multiple applications.

It is a much superior and longer-lasting lubrication that remains in the chain for quite a while. So, your bike chain goes smoothly for long hours until you’ve to use it again.

Motorcycle Chain-cleaning brushes

Motorcycle chain cleaning brushes play a major role in cleaning your chain precisely clean. No motorcycle chain cleaner will make your chain pristine on its own, whatever the label claims.

Needless to say, an old toothbrush works at a pinch, but why not add a specialty brush into your toolbox? These brushes perform a thorough job in less time simply because they hit the chain from more than one side.

#Grunge Brush

grunge brush for motorcycle chain cleaning

This funky-looking brush has existed for a long time and it is a favorite option for justification. The Grunge Brush scrubs your chain from three sides at a time using durable nylon bristles, which makes quick work of grimey links.

The brush at the end of the grip is excellent for cleaning sprockets, wheels, nooks, and crannies around your bike. There are lots of similar products on the current marketplace, however, none of them offer adjustable (for different chain sizes) or replaceable brushes.

#Tirox 360 Brush

tirox 360 motorcycle chain cleaning brush

No brush can scrubs links from all possible angles better than the Tirox 360 Brush, which spins on the chain such as a corkscrew and uses stiff nylon bristles to remove even the most stubborn crud from between both sides and around the rollers.

You’ll want to wear nitrile gloves while using this brush as the hands will likely end up in the mess, but the effects are worth every penny. Combine the Tirox brush with some of the cleaners listed above, follow it up with a plain water rinse, and you will have a spotless chain that’s ready for one of the subsequent lubes.

How to clean a motorcycle chain?

  1. For those who have a center-stand or a paddock stand, then get your bike upon that and put it in neutral. If you don’t have the ability to lift your rear wheel, then you might grab super-handy wheel spinners, which are easy to use single-handedly and work well with a side rack.
  2. Spin your rear wheel and examine the chain as you go. Look for links that are tight, damaged, or even some rust. Check out the wear in your sprockets too. Maintain a mental note to check again after you’ve cleaned the chain.
  3. Do not spray it just like the sandpaper onto the MotoGP podium. Spin the chain across one entire revolution leading the cleaning spray into the middle of the link.
  4. Subsequently, catch a motorcycle chain cleaning brush and then work the chain section at one time. Even though you want to find the chain looking fine, do not neglect the links at the expense of plates that are polished.
  5. Offer your cleaning brush a good hosing off, then direct the nozzle at the chain, rinse it off then srub the hyperlinks with the brush. If the chain isn’t free from road crap, give it another round using the chain cleaner and replicate the process.
  6. Dry the chain away. Use some fabric (avoid microfibre cloth ) or leave it dry and tap it down with a workshop-grade paper towel. Then apply the best motorcycle chain lube or wax and you’re good to go.


There is certainly a good deal of merchandise out there to clean your motorcycle chain plus it may be hard to choose. At the end of the day, nevertheless, which cleaner, brush, or even lube you use is significantly less important than ensuring you clean it regularly.