I say buying a motorcycle is not a problem, the problem is with maintaining it. For which fuel plays a major role. For my daily commute, I wanted a fuel-efficient bike for which I was wandering the best mileage bikes in India. 

After thorough research, I have compiled a list of the best mileage bikes in India according to their price and performance. Also, you need to understand that the mileage of each bike may vary according to riding habits and conditions.

Bajaj CT 11098 kmpl110cc
TVS Sport95 kmpl100cc
Bajaj CT 10094 kmpl100cc
TVS Star City Plus86 kmpl110cc
Mahindra Centuro60 kmpl106.7cc
Bajaj Platina H Gear84 kmpl110cc
Hero Glamour FI71 kmpl125cc
Bajaj Discover 11070 kmpl110cc
Bajaj Discover 12582.4 kmpl125cc
Hero Splendour Plus81 kmpl100cc
Hero Passion Pro84 kmpl100cc
Hero HF Deluxe82 kmpl100cc
Yamaha Saluto RX82 kmpl110cc
TVS Victor72 kmpl110cc
TVS Radeon69.3 kmpl110cc
Honda Dream Yuga72 kmpl110cc
Honda Liva74 kmpl110cc

17 Best Mileage Bikes In India 

#1. Bajaj CT 110

best mileage bikes in india

Bajaj has always taken care of the mindset of Indian riders. With building many fuel-efficient bikes. CT 110 is the best mileage bike by the bajaj reaching 98 kmpl. The bike comes with a 115cc Electronic Injected engine with a power of 8.6 PS and 9.81Nm of torque. Bajaj CT 110 is priced at Rs. 50,196.

#2. TVS Sport

best mileage bikes

TVS being the second-best manufacturer of building the best mileage bikes in India has presented the TVS Sport which holds a 110cc air-cooled spark-ignition engine. The bike’s mileage of 95 kmpl and power at 8.1 bhp comes from its Ecothrust fuel Injection engine technology which enhances driveability and fuel economy. TVS Sport is priced at Rs. 55,025.

#3. Bajaj CT100

Another best mileage bike from Bajaj is the CT100 which moves up to 94kmpl. Since anyone can say it is the predecessor of the CT110. The bike is powered with a 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder 102cc engine. Which churns out a max power of 7.9 bhp and a max torque of 8.4 Nm. It is therefore priced at Rs. 48,858.

#4. TVS Star City Plus

best mileage bikes

The Star City Plus is equipped with a 109.7cc Ecothrust Fuel Injection engine. Which produces a maximum power of 8.8 bhp. TVS has made further refinements to the engine which gives 15% better fuel economy. Currently, TVS Star City Plus gives about 86 kmpl and is priced around Rs. 65,798.

#5. Mahindra Centuro 

Centuro Rockstar bikes under 70000

The Centuro Series is the first-ever low displacement motorcycle by Mahindra. Available in four variants Centuro NXT, Centuro Rockstar, Centuro Disc Brake, and Centuro Rockstar Kick Alloy. Mahindra presents the bike with a 106.7cc air-cooled Mci-5 engine. Which generates a maximum power of 8.5 bhp. The bike delivers a mileage of 60 kmpl with a price starting from Rs.55,285. 

#6. Bajaj Platina H Gear

best mileage bikes in india

The Platina H Gear by Bajaj comes with the H Gear system. The technology is equipped with highway gear and an advanced gear shift guide which ensures a comfortable ride and a mileage of 84kmpl. The 115cc H Gear engine produces a power of 8.6 bhp costing around Rs. 56,875.

#7. Hero Glamour FI

bikes under 70000

The Hero Glamour FI is voted as the best mileage bike by Hero. The Bike is equipped with a 124cc air-cooled, 4 stroke FI engine. With a power of 10.73 bhp, it delivers a mileage of 71 kmpl. The Glamour FI is priced at Rs. 71,150.

#8. Bajaj Discover 125

best mileage bikes in india

Bajaj Discover 125 is powered by a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine which produces a power of 11 bhp. Though the bike comes with traditional styling. It gives a great mileage of 82.4 kmpl with a price tag of Rs.59,136.

#9. Bajaj Discover 110

The Bajaj Discover 110 is another great bike from the Discover series. The bike holds a 115cc single-cylinder engine which blows a power of 8.6 bhp. The Discover 110 gives a mileage of 70 kmpl with a price tag of around Rs.53,811. 

#10. Hero Splendour Plus

best mileage bikes

Being one of the most reliable bikes of Hero Motocorp. The Splendour Plus now comes with a Programmed Fuel Injection to its 97cc engine which gives a max power of 7.9 bhp. Priced starting from Rs. 57,560 the splendour plus gives a mileage of 81 kmpl. 

#11. Hero Passion Pro

best mileage bikes

Starting from Rs. 55,200 the all-new Passion Pro is a 110 cc air cooled 4 stroke engine. With the new Xsens Programmed FI technology, the bike produces a power of 8.2bhp and a mileage of 84 kmpl.

#12. Hero HF Deluxe

best mileage bikes in india

Like most Hero Commuter bikes. The HF Deluxe also holds the same Programmed FI technology on its 97 cc engine. Producing a power of 7.9 bhp and a mileage of 82 kmpl. The Hero HF deluxe starts from Rs. 56,025.

#13. Yamaha Saluto RX

best mileage bikes

The Saluto RX is the first entry-level bike from Yamaha. The bike features a 110cc engine with BlueCore technology which produces a max power of 7.4bhp. The Yamaha Saluto RX gives a mileage of around 82 kmpl and has a base price of Rs. 52,380.

#14. TVS Victor

best mileage bikes

Powering the TVS Victor is the powerful 3V Ecothrust 110cc engine which produces a max power of 9.4 bhp. The bike is priced around Rs. 59,857 gives a mileage of around 72 kmpl. 

#15. TVS Radeon

best mileage bikes

TVS Radeon is another bike from TVS which features the Ecothrust FI technology to its 109cc Duralife engine. The bike churns a power of 8.8 bhp with a mileage of 69.3 kmpl. The Radeon is priced around Rs. 66,492.

#16. Honda Dream Yuga

best mileage bikes

The Honda Dream Yuga is a 109cc motorcycle that has a maximum power of 8.2 bhp and mileage of around 72kmpl. The bike is featured with tubeless tires and a maintenance-free battery with a price starting from Rs. 55,116.

#17. Honda Livo

best mileage bikes

With two variants the Honda Livo starts with a price tag of Rs. 60,413. The livo is powered by a 109cc engine that generates a maximum power of 8.3 bhp. The Honda livo gives a mileage of 74kmpl.


Top 125cc Best Mileage Bikes In India

Following a list of the best 125cc mileage bikes in India. We have shortlisted 5 bikes that deliver great power and performance under the 125cc segment.

Bajaj Discover 12582.4 kmpl₹58,136
Yamaha Saluto RX52 kmpl₹52,136
Hero Splendour Plus81 kmpl₹60,118
Hero Glamour FI71 kmpl₹71,150
Honda CB Shine65 kmpl₹65,688

Best 150cc Mileage Bikes In India

The best 150cc mileage bikes in India are the Suzuki Gixxer 155, Yamaha FZ-S FI, Hero Xtreme Sports, TVS Radeon, Honda Dream Yuga and Honda Livo.

Suzuki Gixxer 15551 kmpl13.9 BHP₹1,00,212
Yamaha Fz-S FI53 kmpl12.2 BHP₹1,02,700
Hero Xtreme Sports48 kmpl15.6 BHP₹79,200
TVS Radeon51 kmpl13.9 BHP₹1,09,870
Honda Dream Yuga65 kmpl13.8 BHP₹85,958
Honda Livo60 kmpl12.7 BHP₹80,741

Best 200cc Mileage Bikes In India

The best 200cc mileage bikes in India 2020 are from Bajaj, Hero, TVS, and Duke. We have covered all bikes from sports to naked bikes which gives a powerful performance along with great mileage.

Pulsar NS 20040 kmpl23.5 BHP₹99,283
Pulsar RS 20035 kmpl24.5 BHP₹1,26,678
KTM RC 20035 kmpl25.4 BHP₹1.9L
KTM Duke 20035 kmpl25.4 BHP₹1.6L
Apache RTR 200 4V40 kmpl19.9 BHP₹1.2L
Hero Xpulse 200T42 kmpl18.1 BHP₹94,500
Hero Xpulse 20040 kmpl18.1 BHP₹98,000
Hero Xtreme 20054 kmpl18.1 BHP₹1.01L

How To Increase Bike Mileage?

Bike mileage depends on many factors like:

  1. Cleaning the carburettor from time to time.
  2. Checking Tire Pressure more frequently.
  3. Inspecting Fuel Quality.
  4. Lubricating Chain.
  5. Riding habits.

Also, I have written a detailed post about 18 tips on How to increase bike mileage.

We see that each bike has it’s own benefits apart from the mileage. Before going for any bike, it’s always a good idea to know about other features such as comfortability, power, etc. As each rider is different, there is always a good ride made for each one of us. Let us know as to which is your best mileage bike in the comments below.