Many of us wish to own the best quality and perfectly styled helmets that are present out there in the market but only if there was a world where the word “budget” did not exist. But hey! No more worries, we finally have brought you a list of the best helmets under 3000 Rupees. Well, that’s a dream come true without an ache in the pocket right?

If you are searching for the right helmet under 3000 INR, there are hundreds of choices available on the market, and choosing one of them is not an easy job. We have done great research based on the best helmet brands, user experience, and customer reviews to help you pick the right helmet from the rest.

6 best helmets under 3000 INR

  1. Steelbird Air SBA-2
  2. Studds Ninja 3G
  3. 1 Storm Dual Sport
  4. Vega DV Secret
  5. Royal Enfield Open Face
  6. Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator

1. Steelbird Air SBA-2

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SteetBird Full Face Helmet

Steelbird AIR SBA-2-Strength  is one of the best choices for its premium style and mercury visor. Due to its excellent build quality, it gives you great protection, and not just that, you will also feel very comfortable while wearing this helmet due to its awesome cushioning.

It comes in various colours, hence you get an option to choose from while still staying within your budget. If there’s a helmet under 3000, no helmet can top it.

If you are a fan of both protection and style then this helmet is made for you. Looking at the build quality, looks, and reliability, this is a well-fitted helmet with ISI certification.


  • The helmet is ISI-approved.
  • It comes with various layers of low-density EPS as well as with a high density of great quality ABS for better safety.
  • The interior of this helmet is very hygienic and it is designed in Italian style.
  • It comes with a polycarbonate-coated visor that is scratched-proof.
  • It has got a micrometric lock in the chin strap.


  • It does not have night viewers in the current single visor.
  • Initially, the fittings of the helmet may feel a bit tight on the head.

2. Studds Ninja 3G SUS

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This helmet comes within an outward shell injection which is made from top-notch engineering-grade thermoplastic that is capable of providing great stiffness resistance from heat and impact.

Optically true visor made of injected polycarbonate and hard-coated silicon with scratch-resistant properties.

The viewfinder is designed to be wide enough to convey an increased vision and not obstruct side vision. The helmet has the best flip-up mechanism, and the quality of its design is awesome. If you’re looking for high quality and safe helmet, you should feel free to wear this helmet.


  • Concussion padding provides further protection.
  • Airflow ventilation.
  • Scratch-resistant viewfinder.
  • Removable and washable liners.


  • If only it could have come with an ISI certification, people could have placed a higher trust in the product.

3. 1 Storm Dual Sport Helmet

best helmets under 3000 INR

This full-face helmet is a total fit for Motocross and off-road usage. It boasts a lightweight aerodynamic build and a highly padded interior for maximum comfort and safety when you’re on demanding terrain. The aesthetics of this helmet is glossy which gives it a shiny look.

The paint of the helmet shall not fade with time as it comes with a high gloss finishing along with a UV coat on it. This is precisely the sort of full-face helmet you need while you’re setting out on some serious off-road, but unlike rival off-road helmets, this style focuses on both safety and comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Model Aerodynamics
  • Dual viewfinders
  • High-gloss finishing
  • UV safety coating
  • Removable lining


  • Helmet peaks may have a detrimental effect on aerodynamic architecture.
  • Due to the dual visors, you will only be able to wear certain limited kinds of goggles while riding.

4. Vega DV Secret

helmets under 3000 in india

It comes with a double layer of eye protection by an integral guard and an exterior viewfinder. Having a transparent viewfinder looks higher on the Vega DV Code.

All the reasons you need in a helmet and trust Vega DV helmets that have built-in over 100 years by having a high-quality helmet making it one of the best helmets under 3000 in India.


  • ISI affirmed.
  • Aerodynamic.
  • Silent metallic shipping clasp.
  • Advanced innovation in CAD.
  • The interior is removable and washable.

5. Royal Enfield Urban Bobber 

best helmets under 3000

In contrast to other helmet producers known for their consistency and durability, Royal Enfield is exceptional. It is built with an exceptional open surface, coated with hard polish, making the surface of the shell stronger.

Its look is a pilot-style face mask, optically accurate and treated with UV, with a clear view and scratch resistance properties. With a good helmet protector, it has all the variables that you need in a helmet. It is the best half-face helmet below 3000.


  • Assertion: ISI and DOT
  • Fiberglass Shell Single Unit
  • Style of the visor: Aviator optically correct
  • Interior EPS liner: Foam polystyrene
  • UV-treated rough-coated visor surface.
  • Micro-metric lock: Jawline strap detention

6. SBA-17 Terminator

best helmets under 3000 in india

Steelbird is a renowned maker of automotive parts in the industry and has been committed to pursuing success in its area of work for more than five decades. This helmet is ISI approved which means that it will be able to protect your head well, even in cases of major accidents.

Also, aerodynamics has been allowed for a smooth ride and safety. If you’re looking for a helmet that looks trendy and offers protection at the same time, this is the best-looking helmet under 3000.

Which is the best helmet for women under 3000?

  • T-314 Military

helmets under 3000

The T-314 Military is considered to be one of the best helmets under 3000 for girls. The safety head is lightweight and accompanies the elite-sensitive coating for optimum consumer convenience. It assists a partner in the protection of the eye.

It is a half-face helmet that comes with a sleek look. The outer part of this helmet is made up of Cabrio Carbon material which means you can expect to be a lot safer while riding if you are wearing this helmet.

Buyers Guide

  • Budget: It is the most significant aspect that eventually decides what helmet to purchase.
  • Safety Standards: In India, the government has made it mandatory for helmets to have ISI certification. You can also look for global certifications such as DOT, ECE along with ISI.
  • Construction Of Shell: The outer shell must be secured and hard as that will determine whether the helmet will be strong enough or not.
  • Construction Of Visor: A good visor gives you the aid of clear vision, along with durability. Look for good build quality along with scratch-proof resistance.
  • UV Coating: If you are looking for a helmet that can resist scratch, you must make sure that it has a UV coating on it as that would also help you to get a more clear vision.

Which is the best helmet for a sports bike?

The Steelbird SBA-2 is one of the most perfect helmets under 3000 in regards to sports bikes. If both protection and style are your bae, then you can consider getting engaged in this helmet.

Which is the best helmet for Scooty?

The Royal Enfield HES16014 off-white helmet is the best bike helmet under 3000 in India. It has a typical appearance because of its open plan.

This cap’s visor style is treated by UV against scratches and has an optically correct pilot-style facial shield. The safe helmet offers a very good picture

Which is the best full-face helmet?

Steelbird SBA-2 iridium blue visor is regarded as Steel feathered creature. It is planned in full-face style and is equipped with a High Impact ABS Material Shell that is sure to give you better protection as compared to various head guards when riding your bike.

Which is the best half-face helmet?

The best half-face safety helmet is the illustrious Royal Enfield Off White Open Face with the Visor Helmet. It is exemplarily open-face, with a rough viewing surface. The viewing style is optically accurate and is UV-treated for a strong vision and scratch opposition.

Which is the best open-face helmet?

The best open face security cap for under 3000 is the Royal Enfield Gray Open Face with Visor Helmet. It has an outstanding face open, the hard polished configuration that strengthens the shell surface.

Which is the best lightweight helmet under 3000?

The Vega OR-D/V-DK_M  Off-Road Helmet is the best lightweight head guard under 3000. It is easy to use and contains a good froth coiling inside for the padding of your head with neck problems.

Which is the best helmet for men?

Hidden Dull Anthracite Black Helmet is the perfect head shield for men under 3000. The Vega DV Secret is a cross-country head helmet that includes four air vents and an ISID affirmation. The diagrams, glow and matt paint decisions will be thoroughly described.


We hope you found this article regarding the best helmets under 3000 helpful. Before you go and spend out your money on a helmet try to set a proper and practical budget, do make sure it is certified by ISI.

Keep a proper eye on the shell quality and the visor construction. Also always try to get a helmet that comes with a UV treatment.