Bike riding is one of the most prominent, thrilling, and adventurous sports across the world. It’s marvellous while meandering on two wheels over the road yet down to earth. But its disadvantages should not be ignored.

Bike riding also comes along with unpredictable accidents bringing out a misadventure. It is nonetheless the rider’s responsibility to have a safe ride. In such cases, riders must always wear a good quality helmet from the best helmet brands in India.

12 Best Helmet Brands

  1. Vega
  2. Steelbird
  3. Studds
  4. LS2
  5. HJC
  6. AGV
  7. MT
  8. Shoei
  9. Bell
  10. Shark
  11. Arai
  12. Royal Enfield

At the hour of a mishap, the plan and underlying uprightness of your helmet would conclude that you will remain alive or not. The suggested helmet brands are based on Universal safety regulations and biker’s reviews about their user experience.

1) Vega

best helmet brand

Vega Moto Cross Helmet

This ISI certified helmet is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It looks beautiful and also fits well. Since it is lightweight, it doesn’t burden your head with its weight.

Vega’s cliff visor is made of polycarbonate and it is scratch proof. It has 1 front vent and 2 back vents for ventilation. Their full-face helmets keep the rider free from any harm during accidents.

The hard ABS external shell guarantees the item’s toughness and stands the effect of high blasts as well. The helmet is a perfect mix of style, solace, and wellbeing.

Vega probably makes the least expensive helmets as compared to any other high-quality brand. This Karnataka-based organization was established in 1982, and thanks to its wide item range, it is one of the biggest selling helmet manufacturers in India.

The organization has extended its item variations in the long run and it sells extras like motocross goggles, side boxes, and scarves. Vega produces the toughest and the slickest helmets in its industrial facility.


  • Built with solid durable material.
  • Offers Great ventilation.


  • Their chin straps are a bit uncomfortable.

2) Steel Bird

best helmet brand

SteetBird Full Face Helmet

This helmet brand gives an energetic look and is best for young riders. Their helmets are mostly made of excellent ABS material. The ventilation works through an air-sponsor framework in the upper part of the helmets.

The additional cushioning makes the helmets incredibly comfortable to wear. The two back extractors reuse the air inside the helmets.

Steel bird items are viewed as vigorous, solid, and cost-efficient. They were the ones behind the exemplary golf-ball-formed helmets we see a ton of seniors wearing today.

The brand has four product offerings – Steel bird, Steel bird Air, Ares, and Ignyte. Steel bird is the base brand and makes reasonable protective helmets of half-face, full-face, and secluded plan.


  • Trendy looking.
  • Built with strong materials.
  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Offers great ventilation.


  • The inner surface gets scratched.

3) Studds

best helmet brands

Studds Open Face Helmet

Studds is an exceptionally presumed brand that has been making headgears for quite a while now. The helmet’s external shells are made of high-quality thermoplastic.

They are scratch proof. They have polycarbonate visors with a hard silicone covering. Their inner covering is made of plush. These helmets come with an additional pair of visors that are accessible in clear, smoke, mirror, and rainbow colour options.

Studds is one of the most seasoned bike helmet makers in India. This organization sells helmets in more than 35 nations. Their best two product offerings are the base Studds and the more top-notch’ SMK.

Studds helmets are available in half-face, full-face, and flip-up options.


  • Built with high-quality thermoplastic.
  • Visors are available in different styles.
  • Dynamic Design.
  • Vaporous and comfortable.


  • Sometimes the ventilation doesn’t work appropriately.

4) LS2

best helmet brand in India

LS2 is one of the most stylish helmet brands. Their helmets are solid and lightweight. Their outer shells are made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) which is very solid and light.

They have wide visors that help in wide and comfortable vision. The chinstraps are simple and average. It is simple to drive even during a hazy and foggy climate by wearing their helmets as some of them come with fog clearing visors.

Their specialized texture makes the inner liner super comfortable, removable, and washable. It accompanies a two-fold visor.

Purchasing an LS2 helmet is a bit tough because the helmet market is loaded with its copies. But this simply demonstrates how mainstream the brand is in India.

LS2 has been around for a long while, and throughout the whole time, the organization has made an amazing record of making intense, comfortable, and safety helmets. Riders always praise the comfortable liners, the simple two-work locking systems, and the construction of LS2.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Stylish looks.
  • Twofold visor.
  • KPA shell.
  • Launderable and comfortable internal padding.


  • Suits just young riders for its looks.

5) HJC



HJC (Hong Jin Crown) helmets have represented considerable authority for more than 45 years and are still doing so. HJC is just one of the not many helmet brands. It has it’s personal testing and research center to test for optimal design, ventilation, commotion, and so on.

HJC has collaborated with probably the greatest brands on the planet to deliver the most breathtaking helmets. It officially licensed Marvel and Star Wars motorcycle Helmets.

HJC continues to prove itself as a brand that is well-disposed to motorcyclists all around the globe by providing the best quality, jazzy, and comfortable helmets.

HJC is one of the top vendors of helmets for the last 50 years in the worldwide market. Each model has a different assortment of plans. If someone is searching for comfort with class in a helmet, then this brand is for them.


  • They’re known for delivering great quality, low, and mid-valued helmets that offer some creative and helpful highlights.
  • Owning the market for the last 50 years.


  • If you wear these helmets for a long time, they may cause sweating.

6) AGV



AGV helmets come with a better and stronger shell construction as compared to other helmets in this price range, and that is a great thing for those riders who are on a bit tighter budget.

They are made from a combination of carbon and fiberglass and hence are more grounded, tougher, and lighter than most other conventional helmets.

The interior of the shell is made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene like most bike helmets). But like a few of the more costly helmets, it has diverse densities of froth to add more protection.

It conveys everything you need and conveys it well. It’s one among the very few helmet brands that haven’t had any genuine negative surveys. However it is an imperfect world, hence you may face a bit of issue here and there, but it again depends on how you use it.


  • Carbon fiberglass shell.
  • Built-in sun visor.
  • Pinlock ready visor and an insert included.
  • Integrated ventilation system with 5 ventilation openings and 2 extraction openings.
  • Pressure-free fit on the inside and cheek pads.
  • Washable lining.


  • Expensive.

7) MT



Their helmets are produced using an assortment of items such as thermoplastic, carbon-composites, etc. MT helmets have a huge frontal zone and a strengthened jawline, loaning it a sharp, oval, dashing look that is very different from most other helmets.

These helmets are made in Spain and have been utilized generally in a wide range of motorsports events everywhere in the world. Clients have lauded the built quality and comfort levels of MT products.


  • They provide some of the most incredible full-face helmets at a low cost.
  • They are comfortable.


  • Some models are a bit massive.

8) Shoei



Shoei’s unwavering quality is genuinely remarkable. The helmet’s external shell is extremely strong. They are also of very low weight when compared to helmets of other brands.

Shoei offers the sleekest and premium helmets for bikers. It is a Japan-based company. Shoei helmets are well-known for their classy looks and great quality.

Shoei was the first brand during the 1970s to produce carbon fiber helmets. Shoei makes different variations. Shoei helmets can be utilized by anyone as they are unisexual.

Out of every one of the 13 Shoei helmets tested ever, they’ve scored an average of 4.5/5, and their most late tried helmets, the X-Spirit III and Ryd scored maximums.”


  • Pin lock Anti-Fog System.
  • Great Shell Design.
  • Great Ventilation Performance.
  • Completely Removable Interior.


  • Costly.

9) Bell



Bell has an extraordinary collection of protective helmets that look incredible, have strong highlights, and are DOT and SNELL certified.

Bell has scored a monstrous 4.4/5 across each of the 14 tested protective helmets, which is the most noteworthy rating compared to any other helmet brand.

But since we weigh late surveys all the more strenuously, that was sufficient to push Bell down the rankings. The shell of these is built with very high-quality materials.

Bell helmets are widely known because of their built quality and classy looks.


  • Brisk Release Buckles.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Comes with Sun Visor.


  • Congested.

10) Shark



Owning the tenth rank in this list of the best helmet brands is none other than a quality French producer, Shark Helmets.

7 different helmets produced by Shark in the last four years has scored an average of 4/5 stars.

It is not a matter of surprise as no matter which material the helmet is made up of or what its style is like, every helmet that has been tested by SHARP got an amazing score of 5 stars and that is something truly magnificent.


  • A solid mix of quality materials
  • French-styled.


  • Expensive.

11) Arai

best helmet brands in India


Arai is an old brand that started its venture in 1926. These helmets are tested at each phase of production.

The helmets are expensive because of intense R&D, better materials, and unrivalled paint that goes into them. With regards to its fitting standards, it is certainly a champ. It uses the traditionalist methodology.

Arai’s certification score has ascended from 4.4/5 to 4.5/5 throughout 2019 putting them at the highest point of the heap for 2020.


  • Launch Helmet Removal System.
  • Breathe Deflector.


  • Bulky.

12) Royal Enfield

best helmet brands in India

Regal Enfield helmets are neither very costly nor very heavy as their bikes, and they look very cool. They come with thick internal padding.

It pays off when it comes to warm protection. RE helmets are all-climate friendly and unisexual. It gives a very tasteful look if worn while riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

They only produce open face helmets. In expansion, it is exceptionally strong due to the vigorous material from which it is composed. In case you’re seeking out a mid-range helmet, typically Royal Enfield helmets are best for you.

They come with an ISI and Dot certification. The helmet is very light and scratch proof. These helmets have an inner ESP liner that keeps you secure, an inside jaw protect for the consolation of your jaws and a UV-treated outer shell.


  • UV treated shell.
  • ISI and Dab certified.


Face area not covered.


So that was our rundown for the best helmet brands and we trust you thought that it was useful. For the person who loves to ride their bikes as an everyday worker, utilizing a helmet is as vital as some other frill or part of a bike. One can ride without it yet can’t be protected without it.

The correct protective helmet will spare you from the greater part of the outrageous conditions in a viable way and some unacceptable ones will cause you to feel hopeless on even a 10-minute ride.

It is suggested that one should purchase the helmet with the most extreme care and should zero-in on some significant factors, for example, their head size and shape, maintenance, visor, appropriate padding, brand unwavering quality, and so on.