So, if you consider your Enfield as a piece of your heart then we are sure that you take every measure to maintain it excellently hence in this article we have mentioned the name of some of the best engine oils for Royal Enfield so that you never put any trashy oil in your Bullet ever again!

But the question that could strike your mind is that “which is the best engine oil for Royal Enfield?” So, good quality oil results in the excellent running of an engine which can lead to greater efficiency.

The engine is the backbone of any vehicle. Hence every bike needs good engine oil so that it can run smoothly. Similarly, for the smooth running of Royal Enfield, its engine must work efficiently, and for the efficient functioning of the engine, the engine oil must be of excellent quality.

5 Best Engine Oil For Royal Enfield

  1. MOTUL 3100 4T PLUS
  5. Motul 7100 4T

But just names can never be enough right? Everyone looks for a good reason behind spending their money on anything. Therefore, further, in this article, we have mentioned the reasons why these oils are considered the best engine oils for Royal Enfield. 

1. MOTUL 3100 4T PLUS 


MOTUL 3100 protects the engine because it contains a converter more effectively called a catalytic converter which can enhance the working and efficiency of the engine by providing excellent lubrication to the clutch and the engine.

It has a very high resistance against heat. So it can be very effective for those riders who love long rides or participate in long journeys.

In short, MOTUL provides very excellent performance for long rides. This engine oil also acts as a cleanser as it cleans the engine and protects the engine from damage.

If the bike’s oil is changed at regular intervals it can act as an additive that would clean the engine very efficiently and make it more effective for long rides by protecting the engine from different types of damage. 

MOTUL 3100 fulfills all the international standards that make it a perfect oil for all types of Royal Enfield Motorcycles. It can make your engine run smoothly for multiple months. You can change the oil after every 4 to 5 months. But it should be kept in mind that this oil can not work for more than 8 to 10 months. So you must replace the oil with a fresh one at regular intervals.


  • It cleans your engine and protects your bike.
  • It can make your engine very smooth and efficient which can lead provide a longer life to your engine. 


  • They can be considered ideal for a high-capacity engine but cannot be used on low-displacement bikes. 
  • The cost of this oil is a bit high which is of course because of its multiple positive sides. 

Who should use MOTUL 3100?

This engine oil is preferable for those riders who love long drive. It is the best engine oil for Royal Enfield Classic 350. 


best engine oil for royal enfield

If you are looking for an oil that causes less noise and provides high performance then you must use SHELL ADVANCE AX7. If the bike oil is changed at regular intervals with this oil then your engine shall become less noisy and highly effective.

The most important feature of this oil is that it has a technology called active cleansing technology which prevents specks of dirt, mud, and many other harmful agents from depositing into the engine as that can affect the efficiency and life span of the engine.

Because of the specific dust-free properties of this oil SHELL ADVANCE -AX7 makes the engine run smoothly and reduces friction between different components of the engine which can lead to greater efficiency, less noise production, and less vibration of the engine and vehicle.

It can make your bike’s engine smooth, vibrationless, and quieter which shall result in energy conservation. SHELL ADVANCE AX7 satisfies all the standards of cruiser bikes. This engine oil contains several types of additives that can prolong the life of your engine to make it cost-effective,  highly efficient, and pollution-free. It will also improve the working and running capacity of your engine.


  • Enhances the performance of your engine.
  • Prevents deposits like mud & dust from getting stuck into your engine.
  • Owing to its excellent quality, the oil can even improve the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine. 


  • It takes time to get cold. 
  • The engine takes time to cool down.


If you want to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your engine and reduce power losses due to frictional forces and reduce noise production then you should try and use this oil for once. Ideal for Royal Enfield Himalayan, Continental GT, Interceptor.


best engine oil for royal enfield bikes

MOBIL SUPER MOTO provides about 57% more protection as compared to regular oil. This is because it has different mechanisms that can add a protective layer of covering over the different parts of the engine which can lead to extra protection for the engine.

Another good feature of this engine oil is that it can lubricate the engines so well that the clutch plates of the engine move in an extraordinarily smooth manner and it provides a transmission that is free of the hustle and that can prevent power losses the engine thus making it effective and results in less consumption of fuel.

As it can form a protective layer over different components of the engine it also protects the engine components from different fits and joys and prevents extra wear and tears of the engine.

The train cable and bearing component life is longer which can provide excellent protection that protects the engine from corrosion and increase the lifetime of the engine

The SAE rating of this oil is extraordinary which makes it an ideal oil for harshly cold regions. In general, at low-temperature viscosity of many engine oils make them non-ideal for use. But the viscosity of MOBIL SUPER MOTO remains low at low temperatures which makes it ideal for a smooth bike start and keeps it running.


  • Efficient lubrication for clutch plates.
  • Protection of engine from different harmful factors.


  • Not ideal for hot regions or places with high temperatures.


For the protection of engine in extremely cold weather. If you belong or riding at cold region Mobil Super Moto would be an ideal choice.


best engine oil for royal enfield bikes

Castrol Power 1 Cruise is an efficient oil for heavy-duty vehicles in both terms either they are used as a function for fuel injection or carburetors. Another important feature of CASTROL POWER 1 is that it can be used in hot weather or hot places because it has a rapid cooling property which can make it more effective and weather oriented.

A bike oil change at regular intervals with CASTROL POWER 1 engine oil lessens the risk of charcoal deposition and lessens the chances of the release of harmful gases because of their cleansing properties and protects them from fits and joys because of their protective properties.

CASTROL POWER 1 fulfills all the international standards for being used as an efficient engine oil for Royal Enfield.


  • Increases the efficiency of both Fuel Injection systems as well as carburetors.
  • Makes the engine cool quickly therefore it becomes an efficient oil for use in hot weather and hot places.
  • Reduces the release of harmful gases into the air.
  • Lessens the chances of charcoal deposits in the engine.
  • Does not cause noise so we can say that it is environmentally friendly.


  • None.

Why use CASTROL POWER 1 Cruise?

Users who want to increase their engine life and those who want their engine to work efficiently and effectively. Ideal for hot places or hot weather.

5. Motul 7100 4T

best engine oil for royal enfield

The 4T protective properties of Motul Engine oil are one of its most praiseworthy features. Most of the oils protect the running of the engine while others protect the wearing and tearing of the engine. But Motul 7100 4T provides overall protection from engine start to the excellent running condition of the motorcycle.

Motul 7100 4T along with their associated substances like bonds provide excellent protection again dangerous harmful deposits so we can protect our vehicle from dirt deposits. Another important feature that can be used as an effective oil in areas with low temperatures. This property is because of the high viscosity of this oil.


  • Engine safety from almost every angle.
  • Lessens the workload on the engine.
  • There are fewer chances of the engine being contaminated with dust and other depositions.


  • It does not help lessen noise.
  • Its price is high compared to other fuels.

Why use Motul 7100 4T?

Great for Royal Enfield Classic 500, Interceptor or Continental GT. Motul 7100 4T is ideal for bikes for long rides.

Tips to buy Best Engine Oil for Royal Enfield

To buy the best engine oil one must follow the parameters in his/her mind-

  • Oil viscosityFor effective working of engine oil high viscosity is required. There is a simplified principle kept in mind related to viscosity while buying the best engine oil “More viscous the engine oil there is more protection to the engine from wear and tear. And less viscous the engine oil there is less protection to the engine from wear and tear”.
  • The old Royal Enfield engine requires oil with a viscosity of 20W50 while the new Enfield engine requires oil with a viscosity of 15W50.
  • Cooling Mechanism – In many engines, fuel becomes very warm within the engine while it cools rapidly when coming out of the Engine. It is very necessary for the effective running of the engine. It is also an important feature of a good engine.
  • Cleansing abilityEngine oil is composed of additives and oil. Additives do the cleansing of the engine and its protection from wear and tear while the role of oil is to provide lubrication to the engine and clutch bath and make it run smoothly.
  • If the oil has high-quality additives and high-quality base oil it is considered a good oil. 10% to 25 % of additives are required for the cleansing, protection, and smooth effective running of the engine.

Types of Engine Oil for Royal Enfield Bikes

There are three different types of oils. However, fully synthetic oils are always considered to be the best for modern bikes. Three different types of oils are as follows:

  • Mineral oils: Their prices are low but they have less efficiency as compared to other oils.
  • Semi-synthetic oils: such oils are synthesized in the laboratory and have comparatively greater efficiency as compared to mineral oil.
  • Fully synthetic oils: It is a highly effective oil with almost 100% efficiency. It proves an ideal combination for your vehicle.

What is Viscosity?

Viscosity is the main factor that determines the effectiveness of the oil. Viscosity is the rate of flow of the fluid, the greater the viscosity of the engine greater will be the efficiency of engine. Mostly high viscosity oil is used in heavy vehicles and low-viscosity oil is used in light vehicles.

Properties to look for when searching for the Best engine oil for Royal Enfield:

  1. Causeless pollution i.e it must be eco-friendly.
  2. Prevent the deposition of different types of charcoals such as mud, dirt, etc.
  3. It is crucial to lessen the friction between various components of the bike. Reduced friction results in less power loss in the form of sound, heat, etc.
  4. It must be weather-friendly which means that it can cool quickly in hot weather and doesn’t absorb much heat.
  5. It must be cost-effective. An oil with an intermediate price and high efficiency can be an ideal one.
  6. It should not cause corrosion of the engine.


So from all the above discussion, we can conclude that the quality of the engine oil is the main factor that is responsible for the smooth running and high efficiency of the engine.

If one uses oil of poor quality it can reduce the life span of a vehicle. We can also conclude that different type of engine oil is needed for different bikes.