In this post, we guide you on choosing the Best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth can be seen as an intercom system for your trip. They perform all the basic functions of protecting you while offering a way to communicate with other riders.

Communicating with your fellow travelers on the road can be very difficult and dangerous if you do not do it the right way. The use of cell phones as support in such situations can cause accidents. What else can you expect when your hand is busy holding the phone instead of the handlebar?

Buying the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

It is very necessary that whenever you go to buy a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, it is very important to consider its Intercom range. You can find Bluetooth helmets that are used for longer distances/ranges.

On the other hand, the range of other Bluetooth helmets is relatively shorter and they can be used for communication at shorter distances.

Different companies are manufacturing different Bluetooth helmets with different Intercom ranges. In this article, you will learn about the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets with a higher Bluetooth Intercom range in the later section.

# 1. HAWK H-500 

best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

HAWK H-500 FULL FACE Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The Hawk H-500 is an excellent option to show the idea. That it takes a lot of money to get much, and the construction is first class even at a reduced price.

A continuous flow ventilation system prevents riders from getting too hot. If excessive sweating produces an odor, the liner can be removed to wash it.

As with most helmets, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and wide-field visors are included. Turning on and off helmet is easy thanks to the quick opening chin strap.

With Bluetooth 2.0 technology, the helmet offers up to eight hours of talk time. There are also 110 hours or approximately four and a half days of standby time.

The connection to Bluetooth is treated like any other Bluetooth connection, the configuration takes only a few seconds.

The helmet is dedicated to voice calls since music via Bluetooth also works. All compatible MP3 players are synchronized immediately. Dedicated Bluetooth-enabled GPS products provide commands through the two stereo helmet speakers.


best bluetooth motorcycle helmet

HJC IS-MAX II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet features a single button to release the chin bar and face shield. Interestingly, the company used CAD technology. To find out what fit and convenience would be ideal for customers and integrate them into the device.

In case the sun becomes a problem, you can quickly turn on the smoke-colored sign-incorporated visor.

The HJC also comes with Bluetooth 4.1 support and can easily operate at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. The helmet has a built-in FM radio function, HD audio, and advanced noise reduction.

So you can reduce the background noise when you talk to family and friends.

The Bluetooth works with a range of up to 30 meters and can be recharged for up to 15 hours before it has to be charged again. It is based on micro USB for power and connectivity.

#3. ILM Modular 

best bluetooth motorcycle helmet

ILM Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

ILM has managed to offer its users what they most want in a Bluetooth helmet: long-range. It has a range of 300 m and lives up to this claim.

It has its limitations, such as those derived from changes in the line of sight or elevation. Even with all these boundaries, the fact is that your intercom structure is utilizable over great long distances.

The manufacturers have ensured users get the maximum benefit from the helmet and, therefore, have made sure that the helmet has 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby before requiring a recharge.

The microfiber lining inside the helmet is also washable so the odor does not persist. The adjustable ventilation grilles allow modifying the ventilation system according to the needs of the moment.


  • It fits perfectly.
  • The quality is up to it.
  • The audio system manages to dominate the noise and is excellent even at high speed.


  • The inner filling is not enough.

#4. BILT Techno 2.0 

best bluetooth motorcycle helmet

BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

BILT Techno is accompanied by a bidirectional intercom system. You can use the helmet to communicate with other riders or with a passenger.

This communication is possible up to 390 meters, from rider to rider, which is simply great. One of the features of BILT 2.0 is that it incorporates the universal intercommunication protocol, which means that it will work with any Bluetooth device in the current market.

The included Bluetooth DWO-3 system makes the helmet to be used to make phone calls along with listening to music from your phone. It also comes with GPS.

When it comes to helmet quality, BILT does not disappoint. The insertion of polycarbonate stuff in the production of this very integral helmet has truly played an important role in ensuring that the product does not overheat out there.


  • A wide range of intercoms
  • The padding is removable and easily replaceable.
  • The lightweight helmet makes it comfortable to wear for long trips.


  • No serious issue with this.

#5. IV2 953 Dual Visor 

best motorcycle helmets

IV2 953 Dual Visor Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

With a receiver, a microphone, and a very powerful optional Bluetooth system, the Dual Viewers offer everything and also provide a comprehensive answer to all motorcycle riders.

The lining is perfect in every way. Whether it’s EPS shock absorption or soft padding, the IV2 953 Dual Viewers has it all. IV2 has a modular system, which allows you to remove the helmet with one hand.

This push-button technology is a great source of comfort for every individual that is struggling to turn a closed-face Bluetooth helmet into an open-face Bluetooth helmet.

Visibility is ensured by the addition of a visor and a fog-resistant screen. It is also resistant to scratches, which increases its longevity.

The helmet is capable of supporting Bluetooth 3.0 technology. This means that you can communicate with four other riders simultaneously if they are within a range of 350 meters.

Although this distance in itself is impressive, what is even more admirable is that while most other products can connect with a single phone call, this unit can do so with two.


  • A high-quality helmet and great protective equipment
  • The Bluetooth unit is equipped with added-value functions.
  • It’s a helmet with style.


  • It is quite heavy.

# 6. TORC T15B 

best motorcycle helmets

TORC T15B Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet offers comfort both inside and out. On the outside, a built-in spoiler helps prevent gusts of wind and adds additional stability.

While the advanced thermal polymer alloy ensures ventilation. The fall parasol locks quickly and easily. The user is interchangeable, resistant to scratches, and free of fog.

Torc T15 B’s built-in Bluetooth technology works like any other Bluetooth device and connects in seconds. Riders discover up to 24 hours of talk time. For average use, the waiting time of 600 hours means charging once a week.

Beyond the battery life, the T15B adds call rejection/disconnection at the touch of a button. The double stereo helmet speakers are indeed clear and also crisp; it makes every voice easy to read out there, even at very high speeds.

The control of the MP3 player is available, as well as special GPS units for instructions.


  • Comfort and fit: The helmet corresponds to its size.
  • The operation is smooth and easy to use.
  • It locks in the upper and lower position.


  • There is no such issue with this helmet.

#7. FreedConn 

best bluetooth motorcycle helmet

FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The device has an integrated Bluetooth Intercom System that allows you to talk to two people at a distance of up to 500 meters while riding.

With the help of Bluetooth 3.0, the helmet can also be connected to your Smartphone. This allows you to listen to music, retrieve GPS instructions from a mapping application, and make calls.

To make things a little easier while traveling, the helmet has a single button that lets you do everything quickly, from answering calls, and communicating with friends, to FM radio.

The helmet has a great design, which meets as well as exceeds the authority safety standards. The FreedConn is also called a lightweight cover with integrated ventilation to make your trip more enjoyable. And at just four pounds it should not be too heavy for the head for a long time.


  • Light shell
  • Wide field of view
  • Bluetooth system easy to use


  • A bit noisy at high speeds


Choosing the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Which motorcycle helmet is the best for you will depend on what you want to get from it. To begin, define how many motorcyclists want to stay in touch on the road. This decision must be made before buying since different headsets allow you to connect to a variable number of units.

You never want to stay with a product that only allows you to connect to a pilot when you need three. When we talk about motorcycle Bluetooth helmets, we are talking about any one of the two different types of it.

Types of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets

  • Pre-installed Bluetooth System

Pre-installed Bluetooth system helmets are those in which the Bluetooth function is already in-built. If you buy this type of Bluetooth helmet, you wouldn’t have to install the Bluetooth feature in it by yourself.

This in-built Bluetooth system makes this type of helmet very handy and efficient to use for new riders. This is because it removes the hassle of installing the Bluetooth system by itself.

Whether you have any knowledge about Bluetooth installation and configuration or not, you can buy it from the market and start using it. Furthermore, the in-built Bluetooth system also makes the helmet free of any visible Bluetooth devices/parts.

As everything is already built-in into the helmet body, the design and appearance of Bluetooth helmets are more appealing. The cost of these Bluetooth helmets is a bit higher than the other types of Bluetooth helmets.

  • Helmet-capable Bluetooth system

Unlike the in-built Bluetooth system, this type of helmet comes with the proper installation or fitting of Bluetooth devices. In this type of helmet, the fitting of Bluetooth devices can be either easier or more difficult. It depends on the type of helmet and the type of Bluetooth device.

In some types of helmets, you can attach a Bluetooth clip to your helmet and start using it. For the other type of helmet, you may need to fit it through screwing holes or so.

As a result of fitting the Bluetooth devices over your helmet, the appearance or beauty of your helmet may decline. Sometimes, the extra extensions over the helmet don’t look good and charming.

Additionally, there is a higher chance that these extra Bluetooth extensions may be affected as a result of heavier rain or harsh weather conditions. In contrast, the other type of in-built Bluetooth system helmets is more durable and long-lasting.

Benefits of the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

  • Establish a secure connection

Their topmost benefit is that they ensure a secure connection between you and the other riders. Suppose that you are riding a bike and using your mobile phone on it. There are higher chances of an accident because your attention is divided between bike riding and mobile phone usage.

Due to this issue, Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth have been manufactured that reduce the number of accidents. By wearing a Bluetooth helmet, you can engage with other riders without the need of leaving the bike handles, as in the case of mobile conversation.

  • Ability to stay involved during riding

Using a Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth allows you to stay involved with others during motorcycle riding. You have to start your Bluetooth connection and connect with any other rider or passenger through Bluetooth.

You can stay connected as long as you want for hours while still riding your motorcycle. In contrast, you would fail to stay connected through mobile phones because you also have to ride.

Are Motorcycle Bluetooth helmets safe to use?

The majority of the new users question the safety of wearing Bluetooth helmets. We say that wearing a Bluetooth helmet is completely safe for you. Many people argue that continuous rays might damage the brain cells as they are so close to the head in Bluetooth-helmet.

Yet, this is a myth and there is no evidence behind it. The reality is that the Bluetooth helmet emits a very small number of wave signals to connect to other Bluetooth devices.

These types of very minor wave signals are completely safe for our bodies and brain. Doctors and researchers have shown that there is no harm in wearing the Bluetooth helmets


There is an arsenal of Bluetooth Motorcycle helmets on the market. Most of them differ from each other depending on the extra features they provide. Not everyone sees the use of all available functions.

Instead of investing in a premium product with features, you do not need, make a list of all the accessories you would like your helmet to have.

And again, any good helmet could protect you from hurt when a tragedy occurs, Bluetooth helmets offer much more than their very protective function. You can communicate with your road companions without having to divert your attention from riding.