It becomes quite a risky job to communicate with others on the phone while riding a motorbike. Trying to do so even leads to accidents and that is obvious because it is generally very tough to manage both, the handle and the mobile phone together.

But this does not mean that one cannot attend phone calls while riding without the risk of accidents. To solve this problem, Bluetooth helmets come to the rescue.

It is different than any regular helmet, due to its various special features. These helmets are the most innovative helmets that are available in the current market. They are not just special because of their technological features but also because they provide excellent comfort and safety. Due to their wireless features and rechargeable batteries, they are a must-have for every rider.

It can be a quite challenging task to choose the best Bluetooth helmet for yourself as there are tons of companies that are selling them. Hence we did thorough research and found out the top 5 Bluetooth helmets that are available in the market.


1. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet

best bluetooth helmet

It is not comfortable to wear heavy helmets during long trips. Hence TORC had come up with this lightweight Bluetooth helmet which is super comfortable. It is a modular helmet that provides full-face coverage.

The helmet is made up of lightweight but strong material and hence it ensures both durability and comfort. It provides excellent stability, and as a result, no matter how windy the surrounding gets, the helmet never comes out of its place.

It has Bluetooth technology 2.0 which allows users to make and receive calls along with listening to music.

In regards to the feature of visibility, TORC T27 took several steps to ensure clear vision irrespective of how lengthy the trip be. The visor can resist scratch as well as fog.

The unit of Bluetooth is covered by the helmet padding.


  • The helmet is made up of alloy and thus it is very tough. This is why it is good for safety purposes.
  • It has an absorbing impact.
  • The ventilation system in the helmet is quite standard.
  • The Bluetooth system works greatly during lesser speeds.


  • The Bluetooth doesn’t function properly when the speed is too high.

2. FreedConn

best bluetooth helmet

Starting from a helmet mic to a receiver, FreedConn that has a built-in intercom of Bluetooth has proven to be the go-to choice of the bikers.

Out of all the helmets in this list, this particular helmet has the best interior. It has an extremely good lining. It comes with an ABS shell that is super lightweight and has excellent ventilation.

The helmet comes in a modular design which makes it easy to remove it with only one hand. It has a push-button which can lift the glass of the helmet up and as well as shut it down with just one push.

FreedConn is integrated with a Bluetooth 3.0 version. It means that the rider can communicate with 4 other riders at the same time if they are in a range of 1600+ ft. Even though the distance feature seems to be the most impressive one, there is another feature in this helmet that is even more attractive, that is this helmet can connect with two phones at the same time.

The microphone of the helmet is built with a noise cancellation feature for clear-com


  • It comes with a shell that is extremely lightweight and has good ventilation.
  • There is a feature of value-adding in the Bluetooth unit.
  • It provides a stylish look.


  • It does not have very good audio quality.

3. O’Neal Commander

best bluetooth helmet

This helmet is one of a kind and there are very few helmets in the market that can compete with the O’Neal Commander Helmet. It is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 technology. The helmet offers a talk time of 10 hours and provides a standby of 130 hours. This allows the riders to cover long distances without worrying about battery recharging.

The helmet offers a mind-blowing Bluetooth range. It provides a range of 118 feet for rider-to-rider communication. One can make use of the Bluetooth feature for navigation and calling purposes alongside enjoying the music as well.

The makers of this helmet have put the concentration of a lot on its looks. They seem to understand that bikers look for something that would provide them with a style statement, even when it comes to something as basic as a helmet.

As a result, the helmets successfully provide a very stunning look because of their colour combination which is black and yellow. To make sure that the gorgeous look remains intact in the long run, they make the helmets scratch proof.

Besides, the addition of the sun visor that is inbuilt, which gives the riders a feeling of comfort. The helmet also features removable liners as well as cheek pads. 


  • The helmet is quite economical.
  • They provide really good customer support
  • It has excellent battery longevity.


  • The makers could work on the ventilation to make it better as it often becomes quite foggy.

4. BILT Techno 2.0

best bluetooth helmet

This helmet is for all those riders who have a short budget but are also looking for something strong and standard. It comes at a comparatively lower price but at the same time offers nice features.

It offers a communication range of up to 430 yards which is around a quarter-mile. What I personally like about this helmet is that it is compatible with literally every Bluetooth device which is currently available in the market.

The system of DWO-3 Bluetooth which is included in the helmet makes it possible for the riders to make phone calls simultaneously while listening to music. In addition to that, the helmet also comprises a GPS feature.

BILT has never let its customers down in regards to quality expectations. Polycarbonate is included in the making of this helmet. It plays a very important part in assuring the fact that no issues of overheating arises in the helmet.

Every rider wishes to own such a helmet that would fit them perfectly. This is because everyone knows that their helmets must be stable as an unstable one causes discomfort and can even be very dangerous. To provide a secure feeling to the riders, the helmet comes along with a safety fastener to ensure that it doesn’t fly off the head.

The helmet also has proven to be comfortable when worn even for extended periods. The helmets are padded on the inside with a material that is of very high quality. As a result, it makes sure that the riders do not feel uncomfortable in any way due to the helmet when they are on road. Other than this, there is also a sun shield which is included in the helmet to ensure that the vision of the riders does not get impaired because of the sunlight.

The Bilt Techno features a noise cancellation feature that eliminates any sort of external noise providing you with excellent music quality and communication.


  • The range of the intercom is huge.
  • A lot of colour options are available in this helmet.
  • It comes with a replaceable and removal padding.
  • This helmet can be worn during long journeys without any discomfort due to its lightweight.


  • It does not have any con.

5. ILM Modular Flip-Up

best bluetooth helmet

This helmet comes with a feature that the riders consider to be most vital when it comes to Bluetooth helmets and that is huge range capacity. It has a built-in Bluetooth technology of version 3.0.

The makers of the helmet want to make sure that the users of the helmets get to make out the most of these helmets and hence have crafted the helmet in such a manner that it provides a talk time of 8 hours and standby of 110 hours.

On the interior of the helmet, there is a lining of microfiber that is washable and adjustable as well, as a result, the riders can always choose to maintain good hygiene inside the helmet, keeping bad odours at bay. The modifiable vents let the rider change the system of ventilation from time to time, whenever necessary.

This helmet tends to make sure that the riders do not move away from their hands from the handle. They do so by offering control of one-touch which makes answering and making calls a doable and easy job at the time of riding the bike.

Moreover, the feature of echo cancellation and the capability of the helmet of noise suppression ensures that the riders get to have very satisfactory sound quality.


  • This helmet fits very perfectly.
  • The quality is truly great.
  • The helmet can suppress noise.
  • Even during high speeds, it works great.


  • It does not have enough padding on the inside.
  • It has limited size options.

5 Reasons to Go for Best Bluetooth Helmets

1) Communication

One of the reasons for bike accidents is riding with a distracted mind. Bluetooth helmets let the rider attend phone calls in a hands-free manner.

The system of voice-command makes the experience even better. To have communications without any obstructions, the mobile phone must be kept at a particular distance so that it doesn’t go out of the range of the Bluetooth which is present in the helmet.

2) Protection

Most of the accidents on the national highways occur due to drunk driving and over speeding. These sorts of unfortunate incidents are avoidable only if the riders care to go for strong and good quality helmets.

Helmets are the most important protective gear that a biker can own. The Bluetooth helmets are super sturdy and can be useful when it comes to head protection. They are durable and lightweight as well, hence it is a must-have helmet for all bikers.

3) GPS

Voice Control Bluetooth Helmets because of its System of Gps Navigation, permits the rider to find out correct directions easily without wasting time and fuel. Riders don’t even have to balance their phones while riding to view the directions.

4) Comfort

One of the most vital features of any helmet is its comfort. Mostly bikers tend to avoid helmets as sometimes they feel very uncomfortable wearing them. Branded Bluetooth helmets offer various sizes and incredible comfort, hence the riders will not try to avoid wearing them.

5) Music

It is very easy to listen to music in Bluetooth helmets. One can connect their mobiles to the Bluetooth helmets to listen to music in a hassle-free manner. These helmets are crafted to ensure that the music from the mobile or the music player doesn’t stop the noises which come from the road such as horns honking.


All the helmets that are mentioned in the above list, have their pros and cons and it is hard to decide that which is better than the other. Thus, look for the best Bluetooth helmet which suits your need the most.