Are you looking for buying the Bluetooth helmet speakers but confused about how to buy the best one for you? Are you looking for a list of best features that a Bluetooth helmet speaker must-have?

You are just in the right place because this article is going to help you in this aspect.

You will learn about how to choose the best Bluetooth helmet speaker for you in this article. Along with it, this article will also tell you about the best and Top-selling Bluetooth helmet speakers.

Let’s go through the following details in order to have a clear idea about it.

Things to consider for buying the best Bluetooth helmet speakers

Before you go to buy the Bluetooth helmet speakers for you, make sure you look for the following things in your helmet.


  • Specify your budget


It is important to specify your budget before you go to buy any Bluetooth helmet speakers. There are available in the market in a wide range of prices. There are a number of helmet brands that are offering different Bluetooth helmet speakers at different prices.

Whenever you are going to make a purchase, keep in mind that it must be within your specified budget. Although most of the Bluetooth helmet speakers are not much costly, still it is important to set a maximum limit under which you would buy one for you.


  • Multi-device supporting capability


It is very important that a Bluetooth helmet speaker must support the multiple devices. It must be capable of supporting different models of mobile phones and allow you to easily switch between them.

The Bluetooth helmet speakers that allow switching between multi-devices are the more demanding and top-selling.


  • Durability


It is also important that the Bluetooth helmet speakers must be highly durable. Being durable means that they can easily bear or withstand with hard-wearing, pressure or any damage.

Almost all the good brands and high-end companies are manufacturing the Bluetooth helmet speakers with more durability feature. In this way, the demand as well as worth of their Bluetooth helmet speakers greatly increases.


  • Ergonomics


It is recommended to buy the Bluetooth helmet speakers from a company that focuses on its ergonomics and layout design.

There are a number of such speakers available in the market, but when it comes to ergonomics, almost half of them fail to meet this criterion. Therefore, it is recommended to pay special attention to it to make the best purchase.


  • Aesthetics and style


Not only on the above-discussed features but also focus on their aesthetics and style. Along with their functional capabilities, your Bluetooth helmet speakers must also look adorable and classy.

Buy those that you like the most and those which are beautifully designed.


  • Battery Life


Considering the battery life of Bluetooth helmet speakers is the thing that most of the people ignore and then regret. Although there are a great variety of these speakers, when it comes to their battery life, most of them fail to meet this feature.

The battery time for the Bluetooth helmet speakers must be longer than usual. This is because you may have to use them during riding for hours. Even if you have little stays during riding your motorcycle, you may not always find the time to recharge them.

In such cases, you must have those Bluetooth helmet speakers that have extended battery timings. In this way, you would be able to use them for hours without worrying about recharging them.


  • Volume controls


Another most important feature of the Bluetooth helmet speakers is that they must have volume controls. This is very important because they may be so much road noise that you fail to clearly hear the voice from speakers.

In such cases, you must have the option to turn up the volume high in order to listen to the voice. Almost every Bluetooth helmet speaker offers this feature but most of them only allow limited volume controls.

Prefer to buy those Bluetooth helmet speakers that have more-louder volume options along with an embedded buffer system.

By paying special attention to all these features, you would be able to choose the best Bluetooth helmet speakers for you. Make sure to analyze various models of these speakers and compare them against these above-discussed features.

Then, buy one that would meet your desired criteria and the one that would meet with almost all of the above requirements. In this way, you wouldn’t end up wasting your money, but you would be happier to make the right purchase.

Top-selling Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

Now that you are aware of how to choose the best Bluetooth helmet speakers for you. Make sure you also know about the top-selling Bluetooth helmet speakers. Some of them are as follows as:

  • Sena 20S-01
best bluetooth helmet speakers

Sena Helmet Speakers

They are among the best and top-selling Bluetooth helmet speakers which allow Bluetooth communication with as more as 8 people at a time. They can easily be paired with more than one mobile phone at the same time.

For example, you can pair up two mobile phones at the same time and enjoy listening up to the music or calls etc. their audio range is about 2 kilometers. Another best thing about these speakers is that they effectively block out the noise of the ambience.


  • Cardo PackTalk Duo
best bluetooth helmet speakers

Cardo Duo Bluetooth Speakers

They are also top-selling and offer amazing features to its users. For example, by using this type of Bluetooth helmet speakers, you can easily connect to almost 15 people at a time.

They also offer parallel audio streaming and supports the communication range up to a distance of 8 kilometers. They also offer you the choice for self-adjusting radio feature and handles voice commands and voice recognition features.


  • UCLEAR Digital HBC200
best bluetooth helmet speakers

Uclear Digital HBC 200

They are also most selling Bluetooth helmet speakers in which allows an unlimited number of communications. Their duplex intercom works effectively in minimizing all the noises from the environment and thus makes the hearing more effectively.

Their stereo speakers are of very high quality and have a very long standby time, around 400 hours. If you can have a continuous talk over them, their battery would last till approximately 10 hours which is great.

Due to these enhanced features, these Bluetooth helmet speakers are expensive than others.


  • Heneng LF-HY
best bluetooth helmet speakers

Heneng Bluetooth Speakers

They are also widely selling and highly demanded Bluetooth helmet speakers which are being sold all over the world. There most important feature is that they come up with a warranty of around 1 year. They are also highly compatible with almost all of the Bluetooth devices.

They also allow you to control them through the wristwatch controls and also the finger remote controls. Their battery can last up to straight 6 hours if you involve in continuous talk through them.

However, the disadvantage of using this type of Bluetooth helmet speakers is that they can be used with only those helmets which are full-faced.

There are a number of Other Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet speakers that you can buy from the market. Not only the above-discussed ones, but there are many others which are the best selling, highly demanding and provide amazing quality and features.  

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