Finally, after so many months we are getting back to our normal lives which were put at a halt by the not so dear “Covid-19”. Colleges are opening up as well, so we thought to make up a list, mentioning the best bikes for college students.

It is for all those freshers who are going to college for the first time in their lives as well as for those seniors who are going back there after long and just want to upgrade or buy a motorcycle!

Apart from good mobility and convenience two-wheelers performs an important part in the lives of college students.

No.BikesBest For
1.Yamaha R15 V3Stylish
2.KTM RC 125Super Sport
3.Yamaha MT 15Best Naked Bike
4.Suzuki Gixxer SFSporty MotoGP Looks
5.KTM Duke 125Powerful Engine
6.Pulsar NS 200Budget 200cc Bike
7.Apache RTR 200 4VRacing
8.Suzuki GixxerGreat Handling
9.Avenger 160 StreetComfortable
10.Pulsar 180Wide Service Network
11.Yamaha FZ 25Great Suspension

So if you are someone who’s already going to college or maybe you will soon start going there and are looking forward to making a great first impression, then you can swear by this article as you will get to have a vast idea about some of the best bikes for college students.

The list of best bikes is based on certain research factors such as best in mileage bikes, great power, and performance, low maintenance costs, budget-friendly for college students.

11 Best Bikes for College Students


best bikes for college students

One of the most popular among youngsters is Yamaha YZF V3 (155cc), which counts as the most stylish sportbike on the list.

The tail of this bike is super edgy, it has an aerodynamic front, comes with super aggressive and sharp eyes, and has a hulk-like muscular tank. This bike is indubitably one of the best bikes for college students.

It’s not just a “good looking” thing with its sporty look, but the bike gets a huge round of applause from owners for its overall performance. It has all liquid-cooled single overhead camshaft fuel injection engine that provides 14.1 Nm of torque at 8500 RPM and 18.6 PS of power at 10000 RPM.

This bike is packed with the VVA system that gives it torque which makes it easy to use even when the RPM is low. With its 6 speed transmission, it lets the rider cruise around when the RPM is low even in higher gears. Therefore, the riders can enjoy the thrill as well as save a lot of fuel.

Yamaha YZF V3 does it very well with its Dual-channel ABS(Anti-lock Braking System) which prevents the bike from skidding at high-speed braking, which ensures a confidence-inspiring ride.

We can never say it is the best bike for college students until and unless it’s affordable and provides good mileage. Here Yamaha YZF V3 surprises us again with its 40 km/l mileage and Ex-showroom price starting at 1.46 Lakh.

Yamaha YZF V3 is one of the few bikes that provide Assist & Slipper Clutch at this price point.

2. KTM RC 125

best bikes for college students

Speaking of affordable sports bikes as the best bike for college students how can we forget about KTM RC 125. Sharing the same looks from its elder sibling RC 390. KTM RC variant has gained more attraction in recent years.

Its looks are the main selling point in the market but even having a 125 cc single-cylinder engine the bike is capable of generating 15 Bhp power and 12 nm of torque. It has an ABS braking system which is safe to have as it helps in an effective braking performance at high speed.

This motorcycle comes with an aggressive look and aggressive riding posture which look great. Well KTM RC 125 starts at 1.59 lakh in India with a mileage of 40 km/l.

Even some cuts from its elder sibling RC 125 have created its place in eyes of youngsters. The appealing looks, the graphic work, the aerodynamic framework makes it the most demanding bikes for college students.


best bikes for college students

One of the most Pure-breed hyper naked bikes in the market. You will surely fall in love with its design, looks, and its muscular frame.

The Yamaha MT-15 comes with a wide handlebar, agile handling, and is only 138 kgs which means it is super light in terms of weight.

In other words, we can say that it has almost all the qualities of a naked sports bike. If you are looking for the best bikes for college students in the naked version the Yamaha MT-15 is for you.

It shares certain similar features from the Yamaha YZF V3 such as having the VVA system which helps by providing torque when the RPM is low making it easy to ride at start-stop traffic and crowded areas.

Just like Yamaha YZF R15 V3, the MT-15 has the same 6-speed transmission gearbox with great fuel efficiency.

Yamaha MT-15 has only single-channel ABS which works fine with the bodyweight of the bike. This bike has a 155 cc engine through which it can generate 18.23 bhp of power and 13.9 nm of torque.

The ex-showroom price of this bike stands at 1.36 lakh.


best bikes for college students

Sharing the looks from its predecessor GXR 1000, the Gixxer SF 155 has broken all the records. The sharp graphics, sporty looks, LED head and tail lamps, aggressive fairings make Gixxer SF one of its kind.

Its looks are eye-catchy, Suzuki has done huge changes to the new Gixxer SF in terms of design and looks and has introduced this beauty. Suzuki Gixxer SF comes in two variants 155cc and the other is 250cc both share the same look same graphics just a difference in the colour scheme.

From its 155 cc engine, this bike generates a power of 13.4 bhp and a torque of 13.8 nm.

Suzuki Gixxer SF comes with a single-cylinder engine while the braking department has a single-channel ABS and a 5-speed manual gearbox. The starting price of the Gixxer SF is around 1.26 lakhs.

Suzuki Gixxer SF 150 has many colour options but one of the most attractive variants is its MOTO GP variant which would give it a nice sporty look.

5. KTM DUKE 125

best bikes for college students

Known as baby Duke, the popular KTM Duke 125 shares all the looks and graphics from its biggest sibling Duke 250 variant.

Duke has been a popular name among the youths of India for its chiselled looks, design,  agronomics which has set an appeal in the Indian market for quite a long time.

It comes with radially mounted front brake callipers that have four opposing pistons. It also includes upside-down front forks and a trellis frame.

This bike contains a 6-speed gearbox as well as completely digital instrumental clusters that can show tons of information.

It has a single ABS braking system. Currently, the bike is offering dual-tone colours to choose from, i.e, black and orange along with black and white. The KTM Duke 125 is set to cost 1.42 lakh (ex-showroom price).


best bikes for college students

When it comes to trustworthy bikes, bajaj pulsar is always there. Pulsar NS200 had second come back in the market due to its high demand in the naked street version being one the oldest and trustworthy motorcycle. This time the brand new Bajaj NS200 was higher than people’s expectations.

Starting with the price of 1.30 lakh it quickly became one of the most affordable bikes for college students.

The bike comes with a 199.5 cc engine and produces a torque of 18.5 nm and a power of 24.13 bhp. The single-cylinder engine of this bike has a 6-speed manual gearbox along with a dual-channel ABS system.

Pulsar NS200 comes with a different colour scheme which makes it more popular among the youngster and college students. The mileage department is quite decent that can provide up to 35kmp/l. Pulsar bike series holds its own swag when it comes to the best bikes for college students.


best bikes for college students

A reasonable choice to pick the best bike for college is the TVS Apache RTR 200 that has been for a long run in the market and the company now has done some serious work on the looks of the bike.

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V has sharp looks and graphics which gives this bike its own space. It is available in three variants and three colours which gives anyone more room to fall for its killer looks.

This bike comes with a 198cc BS6 engine that produces 16.8 nm of torque and 20.2 bhp of power.

Apache RTR 4V has dual-channel ABS in the braking department, it weighs about 152 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 12 liters with a mileage of 40 kmp/l. The starting price of TVS Apache RTR 4V starts from 1.32 lakh.


best bikes for college students

We cannot keep Suzuki Gixxer out of the game. Suzuki Gixxer’s naked version holds the same fan following as its other version. Coming from the Naked sports category Suzuki Gixxer is a quite lightweight motorcycle, weighing only 141 kg which gives Gixxer an edge in terms of handling.

Suzuki Gixxer shares the same engine as its other version, i.e, 155 cc single-cylinder engine which provides 13.4 bhp of power and 13.8 nm of torque in addition to that Gixxer is having a single ABS braking system.

Gixxer provides various choices of colours including the traditional MOTO GP edition which is again quite popular. Gixxer has overall an edge when it comes to styling as it looks far better than the previous model.

The LED head and tail lamps are quite attractive. SUZUKI Gixxer has made its place when it comes to the naked version of a sports bike at the price of 1.16 lakh, this fits the Suzuki Gixxer in a sweet spot as a budget 150 cc bike on our list of best bikes for college students.


best bikes for college students

Avenger 160 Street holds a unique position in our list as it is the only cruiser that is affordable and has an appealing design. The Bajaj avenger 160 street is a durable bike for long rides and adventure trips.

The single-cylinder engine can generate 14.8 bhp of power and 13.7 nm of torque. Also, it does have a single-channel ABS in the braking department.

Coming to the price, the Bajaj Avenger starts from only 1 lakh rupees. The avenger comes in different variants and different colours depending upon your taste and style. If comfort is what you demand You can surely go for one.

10. BAJAJ PULSAR 180 Neon

best bikes for college students

Bajaj’s Pulsar 180 is one of the most popular bikes produced by the company in India. Pulsar 180 has gone some serious changes over the past few years and now it’s more attractive than ever sharing the looks of Bajaj’s pulsar 220, pulsar 180 has conquered its place in the market with a starting price of 85,523 rupees.

The matte finish of the bikes looks too good when combined with its orange editing graphics. The bike is powered by a 178 cc engine, featuring DTS-SI technology which in turn makes it perform well.

The fuel economy of this bike is quite decent as well. The engine of Bajaj’s pulsar generates about 16.78 bhp of power and 14.22 nm of torque. The weight of the bike is about 147 kg which makes it ideal on our list of best bikes for college use.

11. YAMAHA FZ 25

best bikes for college students

The original FZ bike having similar styling to its elder brother but the new muscular and attractive LED headlamp adds the bike more sporty looks.

It’s purely a street fight with sharp looks having 249 cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine, fine-tuned, and optimized for every condition.

The new Yamaha FZ 25 comes with an advanced version of a 4-row oil cooler which saves the engine from the trouble of getting too much heat even during the hottest days. This bike is one of the best bikes for college students at this moment.

At 6000 RPM the bike is capable of producing a torque of 20.1 nm and at 8000 RPM the bike is capable of producing a power of 20.5 bhp.

It’s a perfect fit for the times when you want to commute around the city as it is equipped with a refined and smooth engine that has great low-end torque.

The engine of the bike is completely free from vibration and it stays quite relaxed even if you are cruising around at a speed of 100 km/h. The mileage of this bike is quite decent, i.e, 39 km/l.

The starting price of this bike is 1.52 lakhs and it comes in various colour choices such as as patina green, racing blue metallic black, etc.


The future of two-wheelers is wide-open with the addition of electric motorcycles many companies have to buckle up for future expectations. And with an increase in demand companies must understand the need of customers at a different level.

For a simple commuter, having feedback from customers will be viable for both. Finding the best bike for college students is not that complicated if a bike manufacturer keeps the important points in mind about their customers and their needs according to time and demand.