Who doesn’t like to get compliments on their bikes? We spend huge amounts to get the most perfect looking bikes but after a few months of usage, it seems that the bike which once brought us all the compliments from our friends and relatives, slowly starts to lose its charm due to its dullness. 

To rescue our bikes from such dullness, it is very necessary to make sure that we use the best bike polish that is available out there.

We have created a list of all those bike polishes that receive compliments from almost everyone who uses them. Hope these recommendations help you to find what you need!


1. Sheeba SCAI007

best bike polish

It’s potentially the most mainstream bike cleaning brand in India. It accompanies an excellent formula that makes a fantastic effort to please a bike when used regularly. 

You should add it straight to the surface by spraying it from the nozzle which is on top of the container. Best of all, it is a multipurpose fluid clean that can be utilized on bicycles as well as on your other vehicles. 

You can add it to rubber, polycarbonate, aluminium, powder-coated surfaces, etc. This costs around 142 rupees, making it one of the cheapest yet best quality options possible.

Details and Features-

  • Comes with a formula that can provide a fresh look and extra shine and brightness to your bike.
  • Provides an outstanding combination of fixings that offer extra sparkles and assurances.
  • Quick and easy to apply, as well as easy to buff without any extra effort.
  • Leaves a long-lasting defensive layer that protects and persists for a long time.
  • Multipurpose bike polish that can be used on Cars, Bikes & Scooters (Plastic, Leather, Vinyl, Rexene, Surface, etc.).

2. 3M All-in-One Shiner

bike polish

This is another great bike polish that can be used on various surfaces, like rubber, calfskin, elastic, vinyl, and also tires and curved guards. This item is indeed accessible at a very low cost, i.e, around 200 rupees. 

Undoubtedly, this item would give you an enduring attempt to please your bike in a way that you always wanted! 3M Shiner is a common thing that is used for fast application on bikes, cars, and bicycles. 

Details and Features-

  • The 3M All-In-One Shiner can be added to various surfaces of a bike for a new look.
  • It’s a non-tacky product and is very easy to use.
  • If you wish to sparkle up your bike then this could be your best mate.
  • It decreases dust collection, UV damage, and blurring.

3. Wavex MTFF350

best bike polish

If you’re looking for a bike polish that brings shine to your bike or vehicle, this isn’t the perfect product. However, if you are looking for the right quality solution not only to cover the surface of your bike but also to clean and improve it, without giving any shine to it, this is the perfect product. It’s the best bike polish for a matte finish. 

Details and Features-

  • This substance is made from a wide variety of silicone, wax, and rare solvents.
  • It protects the paint from destructive contaminants and UV beams on the exterior of the bike.
  • There is no sprayer or nozzle. It has to be applied directly to the surface.

4) Motomax Shiner

best bike polish

This is an all-purpose polish that guarantees a flawless and great finish. It can be used on various types of surfaces, for instance- on rubber, metal, plastic, etc. It is reliable and truly economical, hence this can be a good option.

Details and Features-

  • Not just on bikes rather you can even use it on cars and bicycles.
  • It provides an outstanding combination of fixings that offer extra sparkles and assurances.
  • It is quick and easy to apply, as well as easy to buff without any extra effort.
  • It leaves a long-lasting defensive layer that protects and persists for a long time.

NOTE: If the color is in decent form, and the problem is minor then you can use a polish but major ones require more aggressive methods – may be a repaint too. Polish is meant for the correction of color, wax is intended for safety.


No matter which type of bike you bought or how long ago you bought it, you should still try to make it look bright every once in a while. Yeah, it’s possible to bring back the same shine of the bike by putting in some effort.

There are two ways to bring back the shine on your bike – one is to hire a skilled cleaner, the other is to do it yourself. If you want to hire a specialist, you’re going to have to spend a lot of money to have the same showroom-based shine.

However, if you prefer to buy your bike polish and do it yourself, you’re not only going to get the shine back, you’re going to save your money as well.

Cleaning the motorcycle at home requires some care and measures.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to clean a motorcycle to get a showroom like shine –

  • Step1: The first phase starts with a good clean wash. Just spray down the bike with water and clean it with some bike shampoos that are available in the market. These shampoos remove all the grimes and dust that have been sitting on the paint for a long time, without putting in much effort.
  • Use a sheet of foam or a fluffy cloth to clean the bike. Do not splash much water on the areas where electrical equipment is placed as the water may ruin them.
  • Step 2: After you are done with the washing part, your next job would be wiping out all the extra water that is still dripping from the bike. Take a soft and dry cloth to do that part, we recommend that you should go for a microfiber cloth.
  • One of the most important things to do is blow-drying those areas where there is a possibility of water accumulation and those are – the spark plug area, the battery terminals, the fuel lid, etc.
  • Step 3: After we are done with the washing, we get to the polishing part with the help of good bike polishes. There are several common products available in the form of wax polish or standard polish.
  • Standard polish is easier to use. Apply to a sheet of foam and apply it to the bike in a circular motion. After applying it uniformly on the bike, leave it untouched for at least 30 minutes.
  • Step 4: In the last step of the procedure, you need to make use of a fluffy and fresh piece of fabric to wipe out the polish haze. It could be a bit extra titring to wipe off the haze when you use a wax polish, but if you want to wipe it away effortlessly, then go for a standard polish.
  • Standard polishes help in achieving a shiny, smooth, and squeaky finish. Once it’s done, everything will look pristine, the aluminium will have the perfect shine, the tires will be free from gravel and road litter, and the seat will be asking for a rider.
  • After all of these, your motorcycle will look like it’s just bought out of the showroom.

bike polish


Depending on the budget, there are a lot of paint care options available in the market.

Some of the best bike polishes that can you can choose from are- Meguiar’s Gold Class, Poorboy’s Natty, and 3M cream, but if you are someone who wants to get things done faster or are simply feeling too lazy to put efforts then liquid waxes are perfect for you.

We would like to share with you some tips to save you from a significant degradation in the colour of your bike.

Apart from accidents, bike scratches and fading of paint happens due to the following factors-

  • The soil from the road
  • The wiping of harsh (non-soft) garments
  • Hot weather conditions
  • Use of detergent powder to disinfect the bike
  • Use salt or water with more chlorine to disinfect the bike
  • Covering the bike with tight jackets

 To stop that from happening, you need to follow two main steps that are mentioned below:

  • Wrap it up Use a plastic sheet and always park your bike under it, if you want to keep its shine intact for a long time. Especially if you are someone who parks their bikes in small lanes or in open spaces where there is always a crowd.
  • Use wax polish- If a Teflon cover is not there in your motorcycle then make sure that all of its parts or painted panels are polished with wax.


This may be the worst part of all. If, after all the steps you have taken, you somehow find that your precious ride needs a rigorous cleaning procedure, then do not hesitate to wash it with gentle soap and water as soon as you can.

This will work especially well if you had already taken any of the precautions about waxing and polishing with the right bike polish as described above.

Avoid the use of strong detergents or dishwashing liquids as they are rough on the paint and can strip your ride of its initial brilliance.

If you ever notice paint stains after washing, we suggest that you use the automotive rubbing compounds that are available in the market. If the cleaning is done, make sure you shine the bike to restore the paint gloss and keep it secured.


In the last few years, the number of bike owners has grown exponentially, and so did, the market for bike polishes and waxing kits. Just giving a thorough cleaning makes a lot of difference.

We hope that now you will be able to maintain the colour of your gorgeous bikes with the help of the bike polishes that are described above.