In this article, we are going to introduce to you 8 of the best 600cc bikes in India that bikers can easily get on the Indian market. 

In very simple words, CC in a motorcycle is nothing but the Cubic Capacity of a bike. The power generation in bikes is done by the CC. Bikes having more CC demands more fuel and air consumption. 

Best 600cc Bikes 

  1. Kawasaki Ninja 650
  2. Honda CBR 650R 
  3. Kawasaki Z650
  4. Benelli TNT 600i
  5. Royal Enfield Continental GT 650
  6. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
  7. Suzuki Vstrom 650XT
  8. Kawasaki Versys 650 BS6

In this article, we have revealed the names and features of some of the best 600cc bikes. Besides, we also have a list of bikes from the 400-600 cc segment.

Generally speaking, every rider carries a dream of going on at least one trip, riding their favourite bike. A very common issue that arises regarding these bikes is their pace and their connection to one of the most popular words in terms of bikes- “Cc & Power”. 

When we think about purchasing a standard bike, many of us do not seem to care much about the CC. But speaking very logically, this is a very inappropriate idea. 

Before we purchase any motorcycle we need to have a basic understanding of CC. We should not make any transaction without complete knowledge about it. 

Several outputs of the engine such as as- mileage, torque, and power are measured with the help of engine capacity. When the engine is said to be in a superior division, it means that there would be more capacity inside the cylinder.

The power output of the engine increases if the fuel amount inside the tank which is burning also increases. Let’s dive into the main article to know about the whole details of the best 600cc bikes in India.

8 Best 600cc Bikes in India

1. Kawasaki Ninja 650

best 600cc bikes in india

In the 600 CC bikes segment, Kawasaki Ninja 650 is one of the most outstanding sport-touring bikes. The bike runs with BS6 compliant engine. The latest model includes fresh paint schemes. Moreover, the company offers 2 colours for their customers. The price range of Kawasaki Ninja 650 is Rs 6.24 Lakhs Approx.

2. Honda CBR 650R

best 600cc bikes in India

Honda CBR 650F

One of the assured motorcycles that are ruling the youth market is the Honda CBR 650R. This bike is best suited for sport-touring and provides two paint choices to choose from. 

The Honda CBR is BS6 compliant and about 7.70 Lakhs INR is the estimated price.

3. Kawasaki Z650

best 600cc bikes in india

Kawasaki Z650 is another unique model that has been enlisted on the list of best 600 CC bikes. The bike has a BS6 compliant engine. 

This awesome model comes only with a metallic spark black and white colour. The bikers who want aggressive styling with great performance and comfortable riding can go for Kawasaki Z650. Kawasaki Z650 costs Rs 5.94 Lakhs Ex-showroom.

4. Benelli TNT 600i

best 600cc bikes in india

Benelli 600 TNT 2020

Benelli TNT 600i is another hyped model in the 600 CC bike segment. The naked style of the bike is more preferred. Considering all its specs, the Benelli TNT 600i is the most reasonable bike in the series of naked sports segments. 

An updated version of the BS6 engine is being expected in India. And it is assumed that soon the bike will be spotted with a new version of Benelli TNT 600i. The price for Benelli TNT 600i starts from 5.78 Lakhs INR Ex-showroom.

5. Royal Enfield Continental

Best 600cc bikes in india

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

This model by Royal Enfield is a cafe racer bike that is one of the best bikes by RE. Continental GT 650 is best because the components and engine have similarities with the interceptor 650. 

The bike comes with BS6 compliant. Besides, customers get 5 variations in its colour scheme. The price of this bike starts from Rs 2.81 Lakhs.

6. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

best 600cc bikes in india

RE Interceptor 650

In the previous point, we discussed one of the best models of Royal Enfield. At this point, we will be exploring another bike of the same Company which is Interceptor 650. 

This bike is another best collection of the Royal Enfield family. This model is included in the list of the best 600 CC bikes in India due to its hardware component. 

The Interceptor 650 is similar to the continental GT 650. The engine of this bike is not much dissimilar to the GT 650. Interceptor 650 comes with 6 variants of colour. 

The Interceptor 650 comes with a starting price of Rs 2.64 Lakhs.

7. Suzuki Vstrom 650XT

best 600cc bikes in india

The Suzuki V-Strom 650 will be next on the list of the upcoming best 600cc bikes on the line. The V-Strom 650 is an adventure touring bike and will soon be available in the BS6 edition, probably. 

The launch of the V-Strom 650XT in India has officially been confirmed by Suzuki.

8. Kawasaki Versys 650 BS6

best 600cc bikes in india

The Kawasaki Versys 650. is another arriving model in the best 600cc bike category. It is a Kawasaki Sport-touring bike. The current version of the Versys 650 only offers one colour option. 

But the best part is that a new template and more painting schemes will be possible for the new BS6 edition.

Best 400 TO 600cc Bikes In India

Seasonal riders prefer 400-600 CC motorcycles. The reason behind the preference within 400-600 CC bikes is because in this segment, the bikers are satisfied with higher power and also in this range the riding capability boosts up which helps to sharpen the riding skill smoothly. Here comes the list of some of the best 400-600 CC bikes in India:

1) Royal Enfield Himalayan

best 600cc bikes

RE Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan, one of the most latest flagship motorcycles on the best mid-segment bikes list. It is considered to be one of Royal Enfield’s best adventure motorcycles ever designed. 

The look of a proper bare-bones machine with its elevated stance, solid frame, long-travel suspension, and off-road tires is owned by the Himalayan. 

It is designed to carry you on certain terrains where the other bikes would not dare to carry you. 

The Himalayan gets its power from a bored-up version of the single-cylinder, air-cooled, 346cc engine of the Classic 350. Because of this, the engine capacity now keeps up at 411cc. And the greatest feature is that this is one of India’s most affordable ways of having a great adventure motorcycle!

2) Royal Enfield Classic 500

best 600cc bikes in india

Classic 500 ABS

There is no other bike in the best 600CC bikes list of middleweight segment that would give you a vintage classic roadster appeal other than the Royal Enfield Classic 500. 

The Bullet 500 has the traditional and simple look of the original Royal Enfield Bullet. It has body panels, which make their way straight into the hearts of every biker. 

It also conserves the very famous pin-striping job that bare hands do. The new Bullet 500 is operated by a refined and returned version of the single-cylinder, air-cooled, carbureted, and 499 CC engine. This engine produces 26.3 PS power with 40.9 Nm of torque. 

5 Things To Take Care of While Choosing Higher CC Motorcycles

  • Cost of maintenance

More cc in a bike means more maintenance cost in that bike. But if you are looking for practicality then the commuters bikes with low cc are something that is made for you. 

The engine does not face much pressure hence the maintenance cost stays low. But when it comes to bikes that have higher CCs, their engine stays under lots of pressure. 

Therefore it is needed to be maintained pretty well or else it would create a problem while running. Spare parts of the bikes with higher CCs are quite expensive, hence maintaining them could turn out to be very costly. 

  • Safety level

No matter which vehicle you drive, safety should be always your priority. But when you drive lower CC bikes there could be days when you can skip the riding shoes, pants, and jackets because you don’t drive them at a very high speed. 

But when it comes to higher CC bikes, you need to be more careful and put on all of your safety gears. This is because you drive these beasts a lot faster, therefore placing yourself into a higher possibility of accidents. 

  • Style of riding

Your riding style largely determines the type of bike you should go for and it also determines how much you need to take care of it. 

If you are someone who rides their bike very roughly, goes for hard braking and acceleration as well as meaningless revving, then you are going to have to put a lot of money on burnt clutch plates, pads of brakes, and cables of accelerators. And I guess you already know that what happens to the tires! 

But if you are a composed and calm rider and you treat your motorcycle with respect then you are going definitely to save a lot of money and your bike’s performance will also stay great for a very long time! 

Though when it comes to smaller CC bikes, they don’t run fast anyway so you don’t have to think much about caring for them. 

  • Fuel Bills

Fuel bills are the primary reason why regular commuters usually opt for such bikes whose mileage is high.

And for those who travel long distances every day, them spending high amounts on fuel is a big matter of concern. So for them, commuter bikes are the best thing. 

But if you are someone who’s a die-hard fan of high CC bikes then you must know that the fuel bills depend on the engine capacity. 

For this reason, the bikes which fall in the 150-200 CC category are considered the most ideal ones because then you get to enjoy great speed without actually hurting your pocket! 

  • Be Smart

It is very common to see people who do not give a damn about their bikes’ maintenance or servicing just to save some money. But as a result, they end paying a lot more money when the bikes finally stop running and they have no choice but to take it to a garage for an expensive repair. 

This is not how it should happen! Also, it is a very common sight to see certain riders, riding their bikes like it’s their last day, but this habit is inappropriate, and not just inappropriate but also extremely dangerous. 

You must always ride your motorcycles with correct precautions. 


Whenever you buy a bike, do consider its CC. This practice will help you to save a lot of money on fuel. The mileage of a bike is also determined by its cubic capacity only. You must know what purpose are you gonna use that bike for as it will help you to make a better choice. We hope that the details that are mentioned above, shall greatly assist you whenever you go for a purchase.