AGV helmets are known and preferred by riders from all over the world because AGV is considered to be one of the best brands in regards to motorcycle helmets. Previously, AGV uses to create bike seats. But later on, they started to manufacture motorcycle helmets as well.

This helmet manufacturing company is situated in Italy and it was first set up in 1946 by Mr Gino Amisano.

Today AGV helmets are trusted by millions of riders all around the world due to their extremely good built quality and other great features.

Further in this article, we have mentioned some of the best AGV helmets that are currently available in the market.

5 Best AGV Helmets

1. AGV K-1

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AGV K1 Helmet

AGV K-1 is one of the top-sold products from AGV. It is a full-face helmet. This helmet comes with a very elegant design. Thermoplastic is used, to create the outer shell of this helmet.

And there are a total of 10 vents in this helmet for air ventilation. It is the successor of other sporty AGV helmets, such as the Corsa R and the Pista GP R. This helmet is available in several different designs.

2. AGV K-6

best agv helmets

AGV K6 Helmet

The AGV K-6 helmet comes with the newest features from the AGV catalogue. In the wide variety of full-face AGV helmets, this one is located between the Corsa R and the K-5 S Max Vision. In comparison, to the other helmets, AGV K-6 weighs very low.

The texture of this helmet is also very smooth as it is made up of carbon & aramid fiber. There are 5 total vents for ventilation. It has a system for Emergency Quick Release (EQRS), which is a must for every motorbike helmet. Its seal is easy to wash and this helmet feels very comfortable.

3. AGV K-3 SV Pinlock MaxVision

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AGV K3 SV Pinlock

Just like the K-1 helmet, the K-3 SV also comes with an outer shell that is made of thermoplastic. However, its design is very much similar to the K-5 S helmet.

Most importantly, it has a nice ventilation set-up and its interior padding is also very soft and comfortable. This helmet comes with a micrometric fastener [which can be opened very easily] instead of a Double D Ring. As its name describes it comes with a MaxVision Pinlock sheet.

4. AGV X3000

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AGV X3000

This helmet is a bit different as compared to the other helmets in this article. It blends retro and vintage design with the most recent technologies. Its outer shell or skull is made up of fiberglass.

The X3000 is also very easy to wash. The interior of this helmet feels and seems high end as it is made with suede fabric and original leather and it is very smooth and comfortable.

5. AGV Pista GP RR

best agv helmets


Now let’s focus on our king, the best helmet in the whole sports helmet category. The one and only AGV Pista! The great rider Valentino Rossi has worn this helmet himself.

This helmet starts where all the technology and experience ends. Its outer shell is made of fiberglass and carbon fiber. It comes with a Double D Ring.

The ventilation system is great. And its liner can be washed and adjusted. It comes with the latest FIM homologation.

5 Cheapest AGV Helmets

1. AGV K1 Pitlane helmet

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AGV K1 Pitlane

It is one of the most perfect helmets for anyone who uses their bike for commuting purposes and faces daily riding challenges. Its costs around 16,000 INR.

K1’s shell is made up of thermoplastic and it comes in 4 different sizes; hence it can fit anyone. You can blindly place your trust in its safety system. It has a great ventilation system and the vents of this helmet are moveable, hence, they can be adjusted at any time.

Its visor allows a view of 190 degrees. You can also replace or change the visor. This helmet is getting a full score due to its comfort. The interior of this helmet can be effortlessly removed.


agv helmets

AGV K1 Solid

The K1 Solid costs 15,499 INR. One thing is to be noted that AGV never compromises with safety. Every AGV helmet comes with extremely high levels of safety. Just like the AGV helmets, this helmet also comes with great safety standards.

It has a Double D Ring system. Thermoplastic is used to craft the outer shell of this helmet. At this moment, you can find this helmet in only 2 different sizes. Soon it will come up with 4 different sizes.

Similar to AGV K1 Pitlane, its vents are also adjustable. There are 5 ports for air streaming in the front and those can even be adjusted with gloves while riding. It comes with a wide 190-degree visor. Hence, it provides a great view. The visor can be replaced and customized as well. It is scratch and fog-resistant.

This helmet gives you a dry-comfort interior. You can even remove and clean the interior of this helmet.

3. AGV K1 Flavum 46 Helmet

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AGV K1 Flavum

This one is a new model from AGV and it costs around 19,999 INR. This helmet’s design looks truly gorgeous. There is a guaranteed safety system in this helmet. It comes with a Double D Ring lock.

Its outer shell is created with thermoplastic. It is available in 2 sizes, and soon it will be available in 4 sizes. It comes with a great ventilation system. There are 5 air streaming ports in its front. The helmet has an extractor as well.

The shape of this helmet is convenient, and it would not hurt your collarbone in any way. It comes with a wide horizontal visor which provides an extremely wide vision. The visor is scratch and fog proof. You can easily replace or customize the visor.

This helmet feels very cosy and it can be washed very easily.

4. AGV K3-SV Solid Black Helmet

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This is a full-face helmet and costs around 18.499 INR. Just like every other AGV helmet, this one too has made it through various safety tests and comes with a safety guarantee.

This K3-SV helmet looks highly attractive and is a perfect fit for all riders who are seeking comfort and safety. This helmet carries all the dreamy characteristics.

Thermoplastic has been used to create its outer shall. This helmet comprises a Double D Ring lock. The ventilation system of this helmet is quite great. It has a 190-degree wide visor which ensures perfect vision. The visor can be removed or changed easily.

5. AGV K1 Dreamtime Helmet

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AGV K1 DreamTime

This is a new model by AGV. Its design is somewhat similar to the Pista GP R. It costs around 19,999 INR. Just like, most other AGV helmets on this list, its outer shell is made up of thermoplastic.

Currently, it offers only two distinct sizes, but very soon it will be available in 4 varying sizes. It comprises of Double D Ring system. The ventilation system of this helmet is excellent, and the vents are completely flexible.

When it comes to visors, we always wish to have a wide one. Thanks to AGV, almost every helmet which belongs to them, comes with a wide visor and this remains unchanged in the case of this helmet as well.

The visor of this helmet can be removed or modified. It is also scratch and fog-resistant. The comfort quality of this helmet is remarkable. Its interior is very soft and cosy and it can be washed very easily.

AGV Helmets’ Price In India

The two-wheeler industry of India is going through a slowdown phase for a long time. However, surprisingly the helmet industry seems to be flourishing well at a regular pace and having a 20% annual growth rate.

This particular industry has evolved a lot in the last 10 years in India and is still undergoing a very fast and positive transformation.

The usage of the helmet has increased among the riders in both, the rural and urban segments of India. This is because over the last few years the private sectors and the government sector jointly brought about a big ideological change in the mind of the customers regarding road safety.

This is one of the reasons that the helmet industry has left the motorcycle industry far behind in terms of growth.

Unlike motorcycles, helmets are to be changed after every 4 to 5 years and this cycle of change helps the helmet industry to grow more.

People in India these days are more aware of the quality of the products which they use and this has helped certain international brands, like AGV to take over the market. The prices of AGV helmets are a bit high in India, but to be honest they are worthy of all those money due to their spectacular features.

Some of the best AGV helmets along with their prices in India are mentioned below:

1. AGV Sportmodular

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AGV Sport Modular

When we talk about AGV helmets in India, AGV Sportmodular comes first in our mind. Premium riders from all over the world use and recommends this helmet.

Its costs around 62,400.12 INR. It is so damn costly for a reason- it comes with high-end characteristics and is of supreme quality.

It is a super lightweight helmet that weighs around 2.85 lbs. It is a convertible helmet that can act as a modular as well as a full-face helmet. It has a 190-degree wide visor and hence provides a very wide vision. It also comes with a waterproof exterior to prevent moisture infiltration.

2. AGV Corsa R

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AGV Corsa R

The AGV Corsa R costs around 73,411.90 INR. The outer cover or the shell of this helmet is crafted with pure carbon fibers.

This helmet is designed for those riders who mostly spend their time on the racetrack. There may be a little difference in features between this helmet and other AGV helmets, but when it comes to the looks of this helmet, you feel like it’s a real treat to spoil yourself with! This helmet is something that every rider dreams to have!

Now let us talk about its comfort. You can spend your whole life within this helmet, it is that comfortable. The ventilation system of the AGV Corsa is also on another level.

Keeping in mind that some riders may need to cover longer distances in one go, AGV has increased the number of vents in this helmet so that the riders face no problem with ventilation even if they wear it throughout the day.

However, the vents can be closed if the riders wish to do so. Another very important thing in any helmet is the visor. The helmet’s visor is unimaginably cooler.

In comparison to other helmets, AGV Corsa’s visor is far wider. Therefore it can give you a great view. You can even remove or change the visor. To make the outer shell of this helmet, 100% pure carbon fiber has been used.

When you wear this helmet, all eyes will be on you!

3. AGV Pista GP RR

best agv helmets


The AGV Pista GP RR is the most expensive helmet on this list and it costs around 1,24,849 INR. Speaking logically, this helmet belongs to the millionaires.

It is used by world champion riders. As it is so costly, it also carries certain high-quality features. And it is certified with all levels of protection.

It is designed very carefully and during its production, the creators put attention to every little detail. Its outer shell is made up of 100% pure carbon fiber.

Its shape and design are different and are a hundred times classier as compared to other helmets. It comes with several vents and ensures great ventilation. It includes a wind-tunnel as well.

The helmet is designed in such a way that it can prevent injuries even in cases of very rough accidents. The helmet comprises a Double D Ring system. It is a limited edition helmet and hence cannot be found everywhere and every time.

Things To Consider Before Buying An AGV Helmet

  • Safety: We all know that the topmost priority must be given to safety whenever it comes to motorcycle helmets. Various organizations are permitted to conduct tests and determine the safety level of any helmet.
  • We have three such international organizations that are meant to ensure and determine safety standards of helmets. They are DOT, ECE, and Snell.
  • Comfort and fit: When we buy a helmet for the first time, due to lack of experience we tend to purchase the cheapest one. We think that buying a low cost, good looking helmet can keep us in a win-win situation. But sometimes in search of looks and budget-friendly helmets, we forget about comfort and fittings.
  • After safety, comfort and fit should be your second most important need. As riding a motorbike can be a bit tiring sometimes, we cannot compromise our comfort. We should always buy a helmet that fits us properly.
  • Features and type: When we are talking about features, the first thing to be highlighted is a proper ventilation system. Sometimes improper ventilation can cause discomfort and even suffocation.
  • While buying a helmet, always make sure that there is a vent at the chin and the crown area and a heat release system on the back of the helmet. The next thing that you need to be concerned about, is the lock system of the helmet. We mainly prefer a double D-ring system.
  • Why we prefer a double D-ring system?- Helmets with the double D-ring system are a lot safer than those with a single buckle. This is because these helmets do not move or slip in case of an accident. They tightly fit on our head and protect our head from injuries.
  • Lastly, one more important feature which you must look for is the visor. The helmet’s visor must be resistant to scratches, fog, and UV sunlight.
  • Style: Our face is one of our most attractive assets. But while riding we have to wear a helmet which completely covers our face, thus our helmet should be an attractive one.
  • Choose a helmet that suits your personality. Many bike riders, always look very attractive just because their helmets suit their personality and body type and it perfectly represents them. And the best thing is AGV helmets come in tons of varying graphics, colours, and designs. Hence, riders can easily select the one which fits their style statement.
  • Price: We all want a perfect helmet. But in search of a perfect helmet, our budget gets imbalanced sometimes. However, according to various surveys, the most expensive helmets are not always necessarily the safest ones.
  • If you are buying a helmet for the first time your main focus should be on safety and fittings, so just try to buy a helmet that falls in a medium price range.


We all know that it is very difficult to find a single most perfect AGV helmet as almost all of them are perfect. There are many choices according to your needs, but all have the same sporty spirit.

While there are still many other AGV helmets available in the market, it is near impossible to cover all of them in a single article.

So we will soon come up with the next part of this article and there we will discuss some more AGV helmets. Until then we hope this piece of writing will give you a vast idea about the best AGV helmets.